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on June 18, 2014
I have owned a Citizens watch for over 10 years. It performed beautifully. Alas, my eyes are no longer good enough to use its many features nor are my fingers flexible enough to take advantage of them. While extremely accurate, I had to set it about twice a year and manually switch DST on and off. Furthermore, my smart phone replaced the need for things like timers, etc.

I had been thinking about an "Atomic Watch" for some time. I finally gave myself a Father's Day present, this watch. Like the previous watch, it charges the battery with light. Even better, it sets the time automatically using Atomic Clocks in various locations. It also switches DST automatically.

It arrived with a good charge. I set the time zone, which is easy to do, turned on "manual" signal detection, and placed it in a west facing window. Within about 20 minutes, it had synched with the atomic clock and the time was correct.

I find the dial VERY readable. I don't miss the bells and whistles. If you want them, Citizens makes similar watches with them. I highly recommend this watch.
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on April 6, 2015
I had been searching for months for a radio controlled solar watch. I had been annoyed with my Fossil and the hassle with continually replacing batteries and manually adjusting the time and date. I had searched both online and stores for the right watch and purchased the Citizen CB0020-50E from Amazon. I absolutely love it!

This model has a simple, yet handsome look in comparison to other timepieces in the same category. The time is very easy to read and the radio controlled, Atomic timekeeping has been extremely accurate and works as advertised. The only issue I've experienced was the time had not adjusted for daylight savings. Admittedly this was my error as I didn't have the SMT turned on. I reread through the instructions and made the necessary adjustments. I should not have any issues.

If you are considering a new timepiece, I highly recommend this model! You will not be sorry!!!
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on February 20, 2013
I purchased a very similar Citizen watch a few months ago and was amazed with the split second accuracy. My first one was the AT4007-54E. It was my first Citizen, first Echo Drive, first Perpetual and first atomic timekeeping watch. I own way too many watches of various brand, but I really love these Citizen watches above the others.

Then I saw this model about two weeks ago (the CB0020-50E). My first Citizen is all black with sort of a gun metal finish and of course this one is a completely different look. It also was very well priced on Amazon with a 40% discount. Now that I have it I couldn't be happier. It's a beautiful watch with all the space age features offered on my more expensive original purchase. Having both now, I might start giving some of my other watches to family... because I'm really spoiled by these.

I highly recommend ANY of the Citizen Eco-Drive atomic perpetual watches. Great craftsmanship, great technology and a five year warranty. My first one is several months old now and I've never had to set it. Still perfect time easily to one tenth second.

It might take you a day or two to find the best place in your house to position it at night... to ensure you receive the radio signal that sets the time at 2 AM. Don't be surprised if the "manual" radio sync fails. I get too much interference during the day, but it works flawlessly for me in the 2 AM auto mode.
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on March 8, 2015
great watch with sapphire crystal glass. It really makes a difference with eco drive when compared to other opponents which have the same technology. For example casio and seiko do not have the same light charging performance. Specialy casio protrek series do really sleep even if they rest under sunlight for 1-2 hours but eco drive moves with just a few minutes of daylight or lighting in house. The accuracy is another bonus this perpetual really sync with satellite even if its far from signal or the location is almost out of range. No worries it got signal from germany over athens ! It is a dress watch but it has a sporty look that you can wear it with casual dress like jeans & shirts. The only critic i can make is the weight. Even though the watch itself is not heavy the bracelet makes it a bit heavier that some people may not like. After a few hours you get used to it. The luminant screen is good, you don't need a light. Overall its a great great watch with the price ! I also thank the seller for the quick shipment ! Great seller. So far so good, forget about expensive orient & seiko automatics or light charged models, do not even come close to casio whom fooled people saying that they got the first bluetooth watch with sync cause citizen - suunto already did years ago. Just move with citizen you won't be upset ! Thanks for reading my review.
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on September 14, 2014
Excellent addition to my daily wear collection. Received a compliment on it the within the first week of wearing it. Good quality and very nice features. I have large wrists so I may need to add a couple of links but it's not to snug to be uncomfortable. Not sure of my wrist size but 8.5-9.0" is about the size of a bracket I own. Not too flashy and just enough classy for work or formal engagements. I have another Eco-drive but this is my first AT so I think the other one will be seeing a little less sunlight.
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on August 22, 2016
After trying the Apple Watch and realizing it had more functions I could ever use, I wanted to exchange it for something simpler. This watch is my second Eco-Drive watch--the first still works after about 10 years but the face is pretty scratched up. The reason I didn't get another of the same model is it wasn't self-setting and this is. It's easy to get going and once set, you don't have to ever worry about setting it. The price is a bit high compared to a lot of watches out there but when you figure with normal wear it has the potential to last a decade or more, I think it's worth it.
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on June 7, 2016
After one month's wearing of this watch, this is my review:
The watch is very good for me. For everyday use, punctuality and convenience are quite good enough. The watch is quartz and can check the radio signal every night to adjust the time. The watch is also based on solar power, so that you don't have to worry about the battery or forget to wind your watch crown. Only you should do is to expose to sunlight or fluorescent light a few hours once a month. That is enough for everyday use. I don't think tachymeter and stop watch are practical and they would only increase the cost. But there still are cons: the watch is a little bit heavy (14.1 oz). And the color on the dial is not quite black as you see in the picture. It is more like dark brown when you see in the sun. And it is easy to get heated up in the sunlight. Also the black bezel which indicate city marks seems easy to wear out in the future. Anyway, it is still a good watch for the price.
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on April 19, 2016
I already had two other radio controlled Citizen watches and 3rd eco-drive only watch. One is identical to this one only it is all black so it is a bit more limited in terms of with which suits I can comfortably wear it. I leave the watches sitting out near a window when not being worn and that's enough. They pick up a signal without fail every night and reset themselves and the second hands all move in tandem. Very comfortable on the wrist especially because they are not very thick. Not too many complications which to me is an advantage. I have found the more complications the more difficult the watch is to operate. After all who really uses a stop watch anyway. It has enough going on to make the face interesting. If you need a stop watch use your cellphone! My wife says Citizen has no class, I don't care, it looks and works great is carefree and the engineering makes it keep perfect time, better than any mechanical watch.
Anyway, I digress, it's simply a great watch.
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on December 11, 2015
This is a very simple watch to operate: pull the stem out one click and rotate to make the second hand point to the city/time zone you're in. If the time is off by an hour, pull the stem out two clicks to point the second hand to the other daylight savings time setting. That's it. Thanks to the atomic clock broadcast, you'll never have to fiddle with time or date. The part that really surprised me was that the hands are luminous all night long! I had considered a Luminox watch to get those wonderful glowing hands. But those watches are battery-driven, not solar, and you're back to correcting the date every other month. Plus the tritium glow stops after a dozen years. Though the hands on this watch were labeled as luminous, I figured they would only glow for at most an hour. The first night I woke up at around 3:00 a.m. and looked at my watch, I was amazed to see the hands still glowing. The glow is nowhere near as bright as tritium hands, but they glow enough to be able to easily read it without my reading glasses. Nice!
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on April 22, 2014
I often wear this watch out when I travel out of the country for convenience as it is simple to adjust it another timezone. As I sometimes take very long flights it is very useful to be able to set it to destination time and see how much longer until touchdown. Having a quartz movement, even when it hasn't synchronized with a nearby atomic clock. Also, it has 26 timezones instead of the usual 24, including the Dehli timezone which I find rather useful. Furthermore, the watch has an indicator to let you know whether or not the watch has synchronized to an atomic clock. It automatically tries to synchronize the time at 2 a.m. every day. The bracelet is very solid and the watch has a very nice heft to it that makes it look and feel like a much more expensive watch. Finally, the crystal is sapphire and as such is very scratch resistant (though not shatter resistant) so it can endure the rigors of travel without getting banged up.

However there are a few annoyances with this watch. Depending on where you live, the difficulty of receiving a signal to synchronize the watch varies. For instance if you live in an area surrounded by high rise buildings, it's nearly impossible to sync this watch. In fact WHERE you place this watch in your house also matters. In fact when I place this watch on my desk that has an attached cupboard on it, the watch is no longer able to sync. So sometimes the measures I have to take to obtain a signal can be tedious sometimes. Also, there is a button on the side of this watch that is supposed to ignore daylight savings time when syncing. However if you read the manual, it is stated that the movement used by this watch is such that that function is overridden when it is synchronized. This makes the DST feature rather irrelevant.

So all in all this is a very functional, reliable, and nice looking watch, but not without its issues.
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