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on September 3, 2015
I purchased this watch about five years ago or so. It was a replacement for a $200 Pulsar watch that I had worn daily for 20 years but finally gave up the ghost. As that may tell you I only wear one watch at a time because I get them for the timekeeping and not for the jewelry aspect. This watch is a good bit bigger than the vintage watch -- styles change so it took a day or two to get used to the bigger size. Now the old one looks small. Since I like to keep a watch basically forever I spent three days on every web site I could find checking out every watch I could find. My old watch had a blue face which I thought was unique and this also has a blue face which appealed to me. The radio update from the atomic clock and the Eco-Drive appealed to the techie in me. I purchased this watch (which is fairly expensive) and have been wearing it every day for about five years.

I have never regretted it. I travel all over the world and this watch has a time zone (easy to set) for just about everywhere including Iraq and Afghanistan (KBL). Doing work for the military makes the UTC dial come in really handy. When going home it is so easy to hold both buttons down at the same time to switch from the travel time zone to the home time zone. The glow in the dark numbers and hands glow for many hours at night when you are out in the pitch black. Much longer than any other watch I've ever had. Lights out at 2100 and at 0400 it is no problem to tell the time in the dark.

And you never have to buy a battery!

Plus it has the added attraction of looking great. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone.
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on August 3, 2014
Love this watch. Fairly inexpensive for a dress watch that is atomic and solar and supports three simultaneous time zones.

A must-have for anyone crossing time zones frequently. Just pull out the crown and push the top and bottom simultaneously. The watch will automatically switch your home and travel time zones. There's a separate dial that indicated UTC. This is particularly handy if you're travelling internationally.

Well made and solid design and aesthetics, not one of those functional but funky plastic Casio Pathfinders (which I also have but simply can't wear to work). Looks every bit as class up front as it does in pics.

I should note that, obviously, this watch does not automatically set the time zone; you have to set that manually, which is easy to do. I also have a GPS-based solar watch (Seiko Astron) that syncs by GPS in order to automatically set the time zone. (Obviously, an atomic watch does not do this; it simply syncs to the correct minute and second.) By far, this atomic watch is much quicker with the sync. It picks up atomic clock signals in the remotest areas, unlike my GPS-syncing watch that requires you to stand in an open space outdoors, unobstructed by buildings or windows, sometimes for up to 5 minutes! GPS-based syncing also requires a lot more out of battery life.

Very functional watch, has count-down timer, stopwatch, alarm, and atomic clock sync. Only thing is I haven't figured out how to use the slide rule function, which, I suspect, is more of a design feature than a functional one.

And you never have to worry about replacing batteries or winding the thing! One downside is that it can take quite a while to charge if you store it for an extended period of time in a (dark) drawer or cabinet. I just leave on my dresser top, and the thing stays charged.

Cheap enough to travel with. But classy enough and good-looking enough to wear as an everyday watch to work.
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on May 18, 2015
This is an amazing watch, which I am sure I will enjoy wearing for many years as it is solar powered and keeps perfect time via atomic clock synchronization.

I searched around for the titanium version of the "Blue Angles" Skyhawk, and thankfully found it here on Amazon. The watch came with a mineral crystal, which is my only issue. My plan is to keep the mineral crystal installed until I've worn it out, then send the watch to Citizen to have a Saphire crystal installed, which they're customer support line stated they will happily do.

I recommend storing your watches in a nice leather storage compartment and have bought a couple of "Royce Leather" Travel Rolls to keep them safe. In addition, if I'm working out or doing any kind of work around the house, I opt for my $89.00 Casio G7700.

This is the best dress watch I own. It looks just awesome and functions just as well.
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on January 3, 2011
First off, spring for the titanium version. It is well worth the extra money. I was unsure until I put it on my wrist. Wow, what a difference! At the very last minute, I decided to order the titanium version (mostly because the SS version was not available from Amazon it came from another seller) and am I ever glad I did. I "thought" that I wanted my watches to be heavy and thus would be OK with the stainless version but I was most certainly wrong. The titanium version is so lighteweight it is like nothing else I own. It is a pleasure to wear.

Also, contrary to what has been posted by another reviewer, this watch is totally 100% fine for recreational (aka PADI) diving. I have had it down to 100 feet with no issue what-so-ever. It is rated to 200M (or 600 feet). Most recreational diving is limited to 120 feet so you are well within the boundries of the watch. Anyway, I plan to continue using mine for diving and I do not expect there to be any issue.

The neatest feature of this version (only on the 3rd generation of this model) is the radio self correction. In short, the watch "phones home" to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado every morning at 2AM and self corrects the time to the hundreth of a second. Anytime I have checked, it has never been off by more than 2 seconds, even 23 hours after correction. So the watch is accurate to 2 seconds per day but self adjust every 24 hours to maintain this accuracy.
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on February 18, 2014
It has been a couple of weeks since I bought this watch! It is a great looking watch and I think it is worth spending the extra few dollars for the titanium part. I was originally looking for a watch with a black bracelet. Was very tempted to buy the watch in a stainless steel black. I didn't buy it because they didn't have a black titanium bracelet.

I am giving this watch a four star review for a few of the small quirks this watch has. One of them that really bothers me is the calendar. The calendar always displays the date of the second time zone instead of the primary time zone which is not such a handy feature. Other than that I love the watch. I might even write a edit of this review after a few months of use when I discover more about the watch.
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on December 1, 2016
This is an excellent watch. I wish I had this watch years ago when I was still flying. The instructions are okay, but I was able to setup the watch the way I wanted it. I like the various bits of information on the face so there is no button pushing to get information. If you are hi-tech you will like this watch even if you are not a pilot.
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on January 17, 2013
This watch has every feature you may want to have in a watch. Very light due to Titanium. Viewing multiple time zone is easy. Automatic time setup using radio signal from atomic clock is just so cool and it really works. The only thing that you miss a bit is date but that is no big deal. This is an awesome watch at a very good price. You cannot to go wrong with it.
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on December 2, 2010
All in all I am very happy with this elegant timepiece.! This really is a beautiful wathc. I'm hooked on atomic-solar and have owned several Casio G-Shock's and If you've had one of those, you know how complicated a multifunction watch can be to set and use.
*It came with a mini-CD that walks you through the initial setup up - really easy, really cool!

*Titanium - quite light. I don't know how much the steel one weighs, but this is a big, thick watch, I think it's worth the extra $150.

*Easy to read Analog, back-light for digital displays in the dark

*Very easy to cycle through the time zones - there are 43 plus one custom. The really, really nice thing is that you can easily Hide the cities you don't use to make the list really short. unlike the Casio, hands move in both directions very quickly when changing time zones.

*Digital display for Two time zones plus UTC on the top dial. You can easily swap the digital time zones by pressing both the set buttons simultaneously - extremely useful for travel

*Very easy to cycle through the functions, from Time, Calendar, chronograph, countdown timer, world time and two alarms, plus the atomic receive mode by rotating the crown.

*Atomic-solar, of course.

*Many more custom features, for instance you can zero the analog hands - I hope they never get misaligned, but if they do, hey.

* Digital displays are tiny, and I expect most buyers will be over 45 and have trouble focusing on them. I Have to use the back-light even in daylight, but I just use the calendar anyway, so it's fine, but if you want to refer to it a lot in the dark, may be a problem.

* The hands cover the digital displays as they turn. Real nuisance, because I can't see the displays at an angle, have to wait `til the hands move.

* It is big and you'll likely have to remove links - I wear Large size gloves and I still had to remove 3 links.

*It is a bit tough to pull out the crown to the first stop, not the second and you really have to take the watch off to do it. Not a problem if you don't set it much, which you shouldn't need to unless you are a pilot.

Amazon got it here 2 days early even with Supersaver Shipping.
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on May 28, 2014
I've now owned the watch for a year and a half. There are things I like about it, but a few too many things not to my taste.

The good:
(1) The overall look of the face reminds me of an airplane cockpit (after all, it is a Blue Angles watch). I enjoy people seeing it and exclaiming, "Wow, I can't imagine how many functions that thing must have." Very complex looking (that I like).
(2) Owing to the titanium, it is a surprisingly light watch. I forget that I am wearing it.
(3) The solar cells keep the watch fully charged. I like not having to worry about using the background light or the alarm. My last citizen watch was always getting its alarm spring screwed up by the jeweler replacing the battery. Never having to change batteries -- that's great.
(4) I travel a lot, and the ability to change time zones easily is very useful to me.
(5) Automatic time setting via radio to the atomic clock is a nice feature. It's great knowing that even the second hand is at the right time.

The bad:
(1) This is one thick watch. To me, it looks unnecessarily thick to the point of not being an attractive piece of jewelry. I have to be careful that it doesn't bang into things.
(2) The two LCD screens are almost impossible to read except in bright light. It is dark letters against a dark background. And that's when they are not being hidden by the watch hands that is often the case.
(3) All those dials are for show. In fact, the actual watch functions (stop watch, two alarms, timer) are no more than you'd find on a cheap throw-away LCD watch. The dials themselves mostly have useless functions like a tiny watch face showing the time in GMT and a miniature 24-hour clock only an hour hand.
(4) The actual functions (stop watch, alarms, timer) are operated on the tiny, hard-to-read, LCD screen, Again, these are no more functions than you'd get with a $15 LCD watch except at least there you'd have an LCD screen you could actually read.
(5) The atomic clock receiver is hit-and-miss at best. I've never been able to get it to work out of the country (it has three world zones) and it rarely works when I'm on business trips in the U.S. More recently, I'm having trouble getting it to work here in North Carolina. I understand that Citizen was reluctant to add the feature to a watch knowing the weak signals would be hard to receive. To me, that was the principal feature of this watch for which I paid a lot (and suffered a hugely think watch to fit in the feature) only to have it not work.
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on December 10, 2011
This is my fifth Citizen Skyhawk, and it is the best yet. All four others are very much functional and still in use, but this version is so eye-catching I couldn't resist adding to the collection. Within the Citizen lineup one can buy the same functionality and quality for a few dollars less, but this Blue Angels version is--at least to my eyes--the classiest and most attractive of the bunch. It is a large watch, but the titanium case cuts weight to the point that it barely is noticeable on the wrist. The settings can be a bit confusing at first, but the instructions are clear and easily followed, resulting in easy operation after initial setup. If one wants to drive nails with a watch, buy a quality-built Casio. But if class--as well as quality and functionality--are the objectives, this is the one.
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