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on June 6, 2012
The NX602 is a pretty darn good system I only have a few gripes. The touch screen is very responsive; you can drag things around like you do on a smart phone. Bluetooth audio streaming works great, but with my Evo I don't get the track information like you do with an Ipod. The Bluetooth telephone option works really well; whenever I'm having a conversation I have to constantly remind people that they're on speaker phone. That's how great the internal mic works on this thing. Also, you can upload all of your phone contacts including missed/dialed/received calls. The navigation system is pretty amazing. The recalculation of routes happens almost instantaneously a little too quickly for my taste though. There is a day and night view, which changes automatically, since the system knows when the sun is due to set and rise. You can choose from a multitude of route guidance voices some with British accents, over 20 different types of vehicles and so on. Customizing this system to your liking won't be a problem. Another thing I like - if you are watching a DVD (illegal but you know how that goes) the navigation system well briefly interrupt your movie to show the next set of turns and then it will go back to the movie without you having to manually do anything. Griping time: the screen can really get washed out from the sun. Another minor annoyance for some reason this system well forget your music settings for some weird reason, so I always find myself double checking my settings every time I start my car. Also, I cannot figure out how and the hell to update the navigation system. I'm pretty tech savvy and I'm sure I will figure it out sooner or later, but I have feeling you need a masters degree in computer science to get it working right. Overall, I would take the NX602 over any system in the market right now.
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I bought a different Clarion for my other compact car and love it, so I decided to buy this for my SUV. Also, background here is that I'm not a certified installer but I know how to install properly. So here are some of the problems:

1. GPS never worked, even after updating the system, which would defeat a good portion of why this receiver was bought. I'm guessing the sd card is corrupted.
2. For the life of me, there was no Clarion support for US or that I could find. I found a Crutchfield forum that gave a number but I never got a chance to call that number.
3. The interface needs to change because for me to change a bunch of stuff like changing the radio station, I have to look at the screen since the font is small to figure the station.
4. Bluetooth calling needs a little work, but its not too bad

The only thing I really like about this Clarion is that I can link up Bluetooth audio.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 21, 2013
this thing is the most glitchy radio I have ever owned.let me state first. that all the updates from clarion have been successfully applied per clarions instruction. despite this, it rarely shows the MP3 tags like its supposed to. the navigation turns on randomly even when youre not using it. the estimated time of arrival when using the nav is rarely correct. and when I say this I mean hours not minutes. once it had us going in the opposite direction of our destination. when the nav works it works well. but it makes you second guess your route frequently. it would not program with the steering wheel control from axxess. so the steering wheel controls do not work. it freezes up about once per trip. sometimes more. requiring turning it off and turning it back on. the touch display does not work on the first touch more often than not. sometime requiring to back out of what youre trying to do and try again from the beginning. it censors music even though the "Adult" setting is selected. what plays perfectly on my pc is censored in this radio. the one song that jumps to mind is "get low" half the lyrics are blanked out I would NOT recommend this radio especially for the cost.
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on December 8, 2013
This deck is a piece of junk. My review on the seller I stated does not reflect the quality of the deck. At the time I wrote the review, the deck worked in general so we kept the deck. As the months went on it has gotten worse. It has nice features if they worked proper.

First off, you must do the ritual after you start the car, wait for it to boot up, turn it off and back on or you get no volume. If you don’t after about 10 minutes you get a loud full blast static for a split second that about jumps you out of the seat, it’s quite alarming when you are at an intersection looking to head out. The car is kept in a warm garage so it’s not a moisture issue, isolators, additional grounding has been ran, it’s really the deck since it’s worse if the car has been left in the cold and we had no issues with the previous deck.

Second, the time. The nav system has no idea what time it is. On the radio screen or any other screen it will say like 3:00pm but you go to the nav system it will say 2:30am, then 5:00pm, then 1:00am, it will go from night mode to day mode in just seconds. And this is attempting to set the time without using satellite. Using satellite it does the exact same thing.
Third, USB and SD cards. One day everything will be in Asian writing, a few minutes later it will be back in English, then it will be in half English and half Asian or it will just stay in Asian for weeks. The numbers on the songs will just be square blocks. The USB port works, then it doesn’t.

Bluetooth. Also sporadic, one day you can here just fine, then you can’t here nothing.

I have attempted to contact Clarion numerous times with no results. I have updated all the firmware, updated back to defaults, same results. Since the day I put the deck in I have had issues from broken and missing hardware and the problem I had is I took the deck out of the car it was in, put it in another car and didn’t want a gaping hole dealing with attempting replacing and returning items that was intentionally shipped to me opened, used, and broken. Amazon did offer a return. I made the mistake and did not return it because I didn’t want a hole with wires hanging everywhere.
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on June 23, 2012
Bluetooth works well with good sound quality. The GPS is accurate and reasonably fast when it comes to loading maps. It has a feature that is on by default that tells you when you are going over the speed limit, but that can be disabled in the gps settings. Everything it does, it does, very, very well. I'd say that this unit is worth every penny!

As far as gripes go, setting favorite radio stations can sometimes be a little annoying, particularly when setting the favorites on the bottom of the screen near the back arrow. Be careful where you point on the touch screen. It also comes with a control if you don't like touch screens.
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on December 28, 2013
Very responsive screen (Not like a cell phone where you can click and before you finger leaves the screen your there) Keep in mind cell phones have almost computer quality processors, dedicated RAM and "Hard Drive" or Storage space. This is an in-dash Unit. That being said. Touchscreen is pretty responsive. Everything works really well. Bluetooth quality is really good. Call quality is really good. I have a refurbished unit (because of price) and everything is awesome. The few problems I have is that the time doesn't seem to update correctly all the time. For example it will sometimes say it is 3:00 and then I will arrive my destination (20 minutes away) at 6:20. And then it will switch back to 3:20. I think I need to update the GPS but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. The lights on it are adjustable so you can pick what light you want it to shine and if you want them to switch between colors. (Cool feature - I matched mine to the color of the lights in my car). Also there is a GPS specific touch button right over the volume knob. Great feature but I keep pressing it when I want to raise or lower my volume. Kind of a nuisance but not enough to not get this. I would defiantly recommend this. Great unit and I thought it was going to look to high tech in my 2004 Mercedes C240 but with the Mounting bracket (which you will need to get BTW) it is basically a Big screen with a few buttons. It doesn't look overly high tech because of its lack of buttons. BTW - A GPS antenna is included and t works spectacularly (a summing you pace it correctly) and its ability to reroute is insanely quick.
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on April 13, 2014
Thought I'd save quite a few bucks buying refurbished, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Before the "review" starts, I'd like to clarify I have updated the device to the latest firmware, OS and all drivers are updated (bluetooth, etc).

While the stereo was in good condition, and only missing two unimportant items (though if I had a Nissan/Toyota, I'd be mad the specific brackets for those brands were gone) that is about as far as I can praise.

The interface is acceptable for a 2012 model electronic. It takes awhile to get used to what EXACTLY constitutes for "more than a touch" for dragging/moving things, but it's not unintelligently setup.

The sound output is acceptable, quality is good and volume is pretty sturdy for not having an amplifier. I installed this in a 2005 Saturn Vue with the premium sound equipment, and I could just barely tell a difference between the original hook-up and when I corrected some wiring (the harness I bought for the car was horrible) so that the stock car amplifier and extended speakers (e.g. subwoofer) kicked in.

However, tuning the sound to what you desire is a joke. You have to live in the audiophile world or have some sort of acoustics degree to figure out how their non-visual equalizer works (which is, in my opinion, ridiculous for a device with a screen this large). I absolutely deplore this fact.

Also, you CANNOT BLUETOOTH SYNC AN IPHONE 5S. It just doesn't happen, this thing is either too old or only remembers one phone at a time. And this brings me to the fact that some electronics just shouldn't be bought refurbished.

A refurb job should clear all memory and restore settings. I have restored this device to default settings too many times to count...my iPhone sees the device and tries to pair, however it won't pair. My Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 will not pair either, nor will my iPad. I even tried my laptop for a laugh; both my MacBook and my HP Elitebook 6740W from work will not pair.

This is a huge downer for me, as I did primarily purchase this for two reasons: bluetooth pairing and the backup camera feature.

I have yet to pick out a backup camera that I think will last, however I have faith that will at least work well as it's not primarily software-driven like bluetooth data-transfer is. If I had a phone that was dated by 5 years, I'd probably have better luck but I'm doubting it, as it's still telling me it's looking for a Samsung Galaxy S2 (which I've never owned).

Also, the Navigation SD card was not included, instead a blank SD card was, so using the GPS option is a no-go. So unless this device is bought new, you cannot place a safe bet that everything will work as advertised. I hope this warning isn't wasted on anyone else.
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on May 28, 2013
I’m disappointed in how user unfriendly it is. The deep level of menu-tree options is frustrating. I bought this player for my car a few months ago. After two software updates it still has a few annoying and unnecessary issues. Every time a software update comes out it erases all your customized features, settings and saved songs. I assume a new update will be coming since it the apps crash so frequently on this unit. Clarion customer service actually called me back to let me know a new update was available.

Features that work well: DVD player (works even with parking brake bypass), radio, Satellite Radio, customizable menu screen.
I have not used the SD interface yet.

Issues that drive me crazy:
1. The swipe screen requires a thick finger. I have to use my knuckle to select an option or swipe the screen.
2. Ipod attachment randomly plays music at high speeds so it sounds like the Chipmunks album.

Navigation System Issues:
1. There are two navigation menus on the main screen. It’s not user friendly at all and not logically laid out. You have to select four menu items before getting to the screen where you can type in an address.
2. The navigation doesn’t stop a route even when you cancel it. It keeps talking and planning the route as you drive.
3. The navigation route has taken us off the highway only to get us back on it immediately at the next exit in two different states.

Satellite Radio Issues:
3. The menu choices for assigning station links is not user friendly. Again, too many clicks to make a simple channel assignment.
4. The menu choices for saving satellite radio songs in memory are redundant and a waste of time. It takes several clicks of the menu to memo a song. If I click on “Memo” I should not have to then open the new menu, click on the settings, click on song list, then enable the song. Since I put in the effort to memo it in the first place I would think the song should default to “enabled”.
5. You have to enable the alert pop up feature telling you that your song is playing on a different station. The default setting should be “enabled”. Good luck finding that feature.
6. Then it crashes or freezes when you try to delete a song from the memo list. Right now my list of songs has reached the max and I cannot delete them.

Pandora Application Bluetooth doesn’t work with iPhone but the audio Bluetooth works very well after their latest update.

Back up camera feature randomly displays “No Signal Available”.
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on July 20, 2014
Everything worked OK after replacing a bad unit until the touch screen stopped working. Had to send it to repair facility in Pennsylvania. I live in Florida and it cost $28 shipping. It was still under warranty. When it came back , I started getting a loud cracking noise through the speakers after driving for about five minutes. I was told to return it and if they determined it was their fault, they would fix it. However, the warranty had ran out by then and it could have cost me not only shipping and removal charges but maybe repair charges also. Clarion doesn't have many repair facilities to take it to and the cost could be prohibitive. I chose to not take a chance again. Would not buy Clarion again. Not enough repair facilities.
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on December 6, 2012
Video of some issues:

The Goods:
1) GPS works very well. One of the best GPS units I've seen especially for this price.
2) Sound is pretty good on the stereo.
3) Great ability to add different devices (camera, monitors, iPod, MP3 players, etc.)

The Bads:
1) iPhone iPod menu navigation works horribly. If I select a Genre or Album or Playlist to play it will not play songs exclusively from those items. It will play randomly regardless if "Random" is on or not. So with thousands of songs on my iPod or iPhone, playing what I want to hear is nearly impossible. Also, when scrolling through Genre or Album or Playlist when a song is selected you want to hear, it will play a random song, not the one selected. The only way to get the unit to play a song I want to hear, I have to manually type in the name of the song and select it that way. Good luck trying that while driving.
2) SD card interface is absolutely worthless. It just randomizes all the songs no matter if I want to hear a specific song or not. Also, it always plays the same 10-15 songs in different order. Whenever the unit is turned on or off, it plays the same songs again. Making the SD card interface useless for playing music.
3) Bluetooth streaming of audio is not supported in the latest Apple software as of 12/6/2012. Clarion says they are working on a patch. Funny because my 2011 stock system streamed through Bluetooth fine regardless of Apple software updates.
4) Pandora interface won't work unless you hook up your device through a connection (iPhone).
5) About 20% of the time when the car is turned on, the radio will only play on right side of channel. Have to either turn off and on the system or change the input to iPhone/iPod or SD card to get both sides of channels to play and then return to the radio.

Overall, I'm somewhat pleased with the unit. If Clarion gets the updates to stream the Bluetooth corrected, I'm hoping they fix the interfaces menu's. Would I buy this unit again? I'm not sure. Knowing what I know now, before purchasing I would consult with a local installer/retailer to see what products they are installing without any "hiccups".

Clarion updated their software. Now my iPhone streams through Bluetooth. Great. They fixed the popping noise on start up and it now no longer plays on one channel, which happened on occasion during start up. There were some negatives in this update though. Now when playing iPhone or iPod when connected, the volume is incredibly loud. Way to loud to even use even when turned all the way down just above mute. Now I'm just using Bluetooth streaming to listen to music which has normal volume levels. The interface for Bluetooth isn't as robust. Clarion didn't make any changes to the way the USB/Apple interface works which is disappointing to say the least. Trying to select a song, album, genre, playlist, etc. is impossible. It just plays whatever it wants. And when trying to randomize music it seems to follow the same path every time.
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