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on May 5, 2016
I bought this for my mom who has Alzheimers. I went to the effort to print, cut and adhere labels for each direct dial button, programmed all the buttons and tried it out. Yes, the direct dial does work but such STATIC! I could hardly hear through the static, which was most evident when the direct dial buttons were used. My elderly mom would not be able to hear though such static. I tested it on two working phone jacks in my home with two different wires that worked perfectly with another land line phone so I know that the static is a defect in this phone. I wasted a lot of time on this defective phone today. Back it goes. I do not recommend.
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on March 16, 2017
Got this for my mother-in-law who has dementia. She couldn't use a cell phone anymore & we thought the familiarity would be helpful. She has problems with it, but it's not because this isn't a great product. The volume can be quite loud both on the ringer & handset. It also flashes. It doesn't have an answering machine, which makes it easier. There is also no calller ID. The one design flaw, in my opinion, is that there is a toggle on the top of the phone that turns the ringer off completely. I wish that was harder to get to. My mother-in-law turns it off, basically just because it's there. However, it still flashes even with the ringer off. Programming the speed dial numbers is easy & buttons are big enough to label in big letters. We didn't use pictures. We really couldn't find a better design for our 89 yr old mother-in-law.
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on October 28, 2015
This phone was ordered as a replacement for a FutureCall FC-1507 ( which didn't work with our StraightTalk Wireless Home Phone unit. The Clarity P300 worked immediately and without problem. I would expect no less from a division of Plantronics (I didn't realize that Clarity was owned by Plantronics when ordered).

Pluses are:
-- Nine one-touch speed dial buttons (whether or not you take time to set up the pictures)
-- Large, high-contrast number buttons (not as large as the FutureCall, but still fairly easily for visually impaired person to use)
-- Slider adjustment for volume boost (many amplified phones just have high/low settings)
-- White case -- visually impaired have hard time using black phones, which seem to be the prevailing fashion
-- Loud ringer plus flashing LED

-- No LED display for caller ID of incoming calls and verification of number being dialed for outgoing calls
-- Controls at bottom of phone are small for visually impaired person to use
-- A louder boost would be desirable (18db amplification is adequate, but not really strong-- FutureCall amplifies 40db)
-- No speakerphone capability

All in all, a good phone for an elderly person. Many people who have hearing impairments also have eyesight limitations, so this phone strikes a reasonable compromise between size of top panel elements and over size of unit. Photos are good for someone with memory problems, but photo sizes are small for a visually limited person to identify. We set up bold initials for the button labels which work better for a visually impaired senior.
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on August 4, 2015
Had an older model of this phone that got the, "buzzing and cracking" bug that many reviewers have experienced. It was not necessarily bothering Mom as much as it was driving anyone that called her crazy. This category of phone is tricky to get right as its, "end user" is most likely going to be older, finicky and challenged when it comes to features. They want what they want, won't use anything that is too complicated and so on. You've probably been down this road so you know what I'm talking about. Expense can be an issue too. I bought a, "better" phone than this one to replace her old one but had to return it because it was just too complicated for Mom. I read reviews and decided to roll the dice with this one even though its made by the same company as the "Buzzer." Big numbers, simple speed dial set up, minimal features and....buzzing gone. We've had this for a while now. Mom is happy, callers are happy. I'm happy.
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on February 21, 2018
Mom is 84 and hard of hearing. I bought her this in the hopes that if I set it on the loudest she would be able to talk. Works like a charm. No more screaming into the phone and having people think I'm a raving lunatic. I don't recall any setting up other than plugging it in. If there was set up it was very easy, so easy I forgot about it. Well worth the money. I did have to buy a replacement after just a few years. I thought it should have lasted a little longer than it did but I bought the same brand (I think this is the replacement)
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on April 2, 2018
The Clarity 300 is designed to help hearing-impaired individuals remain able to use a telephone. I found that it worked quite well for this purpose. The buttons are large and easy to press, and the volume of the ringer and of the headset can be easily and independently adjusted. The phone permits one to store up to 9 numbers for 1-button dialing. I noticed reviews complaining that the memory storage was lost after a power failure. However, I found that the phone was able to store numbers despite being disconnected for over 2 hours (the phone does accept a 9-volt battery, and perhaps this powers the memory, or perhaps the phone uses non-volatile memory. In any event, that prior problem was not seen in my phone. Everything worked well, except that I was unable to disconnect the headset from the coiled phone wire (I had wanted to install a detangler, but was unable to do so). The phone had a good build quality, and worked well.
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on March 18, 2017
DON'T BE FOOLED! This does NOT amplify the LISTENING audio very loud. I tested 3 phones...1 normal, 2 "boosted" audio... with myself and sister (normal hearing) and senior mother (hard of hearing). NO DIFFERENCE or difference is so small it was not worth it. VERY DISAPPOINTED! "Boost" does not sound good at all. It does make it louder but sound is not clear.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2014
I needed one corded phone in our house that I could keep on my desk. I had a jack, so the location was ideal. The buttons are huge, no eyeglasses needed to dial. The amplification and sound quality were excellent at the beginning and the phone flashes red when it rings for those needing an extra bit of help. Now after using it for 1.5 years, I have a constant crackling sound when using this phone and also miss the fact that it doesn't feature a speaker phone.

Naturally, the warranty is expired. Phones used to last for decades. Not now. I rate this JUNK! Their customer service told me to change the cords and if that didn't work to replace the phone. My warranty was over - purchased it at the end of April 2014.
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on April 28, 2016
This phone is nice and loud for my elderly father. The large buttons are easy to push and there is not so many buttons to confuse my father and his extreme lack of understanding for any technology. I love that this phone is very reasonably priced. So many of the phones that are for the hard of hearing are 2 to 3 times the price of this phone but they put out the same! This also has an adapter so you can mount it on the wall if you choose to do so. As my fathers memory is failing I like that I can put in pictures of the family so he will know who he is calling.
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on October 8, 2015
I have no idea if the phone produces sufficiently loud tones for my father to be able to hear. You see, it has only one inlet, for the phone jack, and no other available port for a medical alert system. My father needs the medical alert system, even more than he needs 911, because the medical alert will call the EMTs and my father won't need to be able to talk, a real concern for a man who has had three strokes.
Now, if you don't need a medical alert system, I am pretty sure that you will like it. The buttons are large enough for even a person with arthritis or palsy to use easily. That's the good part. It just doesn't meet my family's needs.
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