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on December 2, 2015
I ordered two pairs of these Beeswax Clark's Original Desert Boots from two different websites for comparison. One from Amazon, and one from the Clark's website. There are noticeable differences between the two. (SEE PHOTOS)
The pair I ordered through Amazon (on the left) are made of thinner, less quality leather. The ones from Clark's (on the right) are a much beefier, thicker leather with a higher quality grain and have more of a "real leather boot" feel. Whereas the ones from Amazon feel somewhat like cheap knockoffs in comparison. They are still a decent shoe for the price. But compared to the ones from Clark's they seem much flimsier.
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on October 23, 2017
Please read this before ordering! I've actually updated this review after wearing these shoes for several months.

I'm leaving this feedback in the hopes that it spares you the troubles I've had with wearing Clarks.

1.) You have to order at least half a size down. I tried Clarks in my go-to size of 10.5 and they were absolutely massive...even with thick, high quality hiking socks. After having them for a couple months, I might have been smarter to go down a full size to 9.5.

2.) These soles are marginally more comfortable than the bushacre soles, but these shoes are absolute murder on the feet. I've read reviews about these shoes molding to fit the contour of your feet after being broken in, but I haven't found that to be true. I've worn these shoes almost everyday for a few months and they just don't have any cushion or support. I had to break down and buy some insoles to help my aching feet.

3.) These shoes are not waterproof at all. I've tried several shoe weatherproofing methods such as beeswax and mink oil. In my opinion, mink oil has been by far the best. Not only does it help to soften the leather, it doesn't seem to leave your leather super dark for long.
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on June 24, 2017
Update: after having these for a couple of months I can safely say these are knockoffs. They feel different, and the color is even different than when I bought my last ones from the Clarks website. Pay the extra money and get real ones from the original website. I'm so darn disappointed. Won't buy these again.

The damn best boots ever made. My second time buying the Clarks Desert Boot in beeswax. My last pair lasted me 4 years. They look so go and I always get complimented on them. Also, best part is that the more you wear them the more you beat them up and the better they look. Like a fine wine, as long as they keep making them, I'll keep buying them.
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on March 27, 2018
Clark’s Desert Boot is a “must have” boot & all should own at least 1 pair, in my opinion. They never go out of style & are versatile enough to be worn for many occasions. I have been wearing another pair, in the taupe brushed/distressed suede, for 7 years & they are still a good boot I will continue to wear. Despite what some may assume or say, the crepe sole last a long time & are more durable than you would expect. They are extremely comfortable, especially after you break in. I’ve wanted the Beeswax Desert Boot for a while ,so finally ordered & received them. The shipping was slow , even for free shipping, but well worth the wait. They have a very nice & unique finish, quality leather & have a somewhat worn or distressed look after wearing them just the first time. You have to expect that look with the type of leather the beeswax Desert Boot has & is part of the appeal of them. These seem to require a little more time to break in compared to the suede, but expected w/ a firmer leather. The light crepe sole will get dirty immediately but it doesn’t look bad or noticeable to anyone. I did have a little concern bc every pair I’ve owned had “Clark’s Originals Desert Boot” printed on the insole. These just have “Clark’s “ in plain black lettering. A few other buyers confirmed that theirs had the same “Clark’s” lettering so that put me at ease. They are authentic so no concerns there. As others say, order 1/2 to a full size smaller than you wear in other shoes. I normally wear an 11.5 & have to go with 10.5 with Clark’s. I love the beeswax finish & will enjoy them for years to come. I didn’t give 5 stars bc the seller did not address my concern & if I could just rate them, I would give less stars but I don’t want their lack of customer service to reflect on Clark’s or the Desert Boot. If you don’t own a pair of any color of Clark’s Desert Boots... order some now!
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on November 30, 2017
I originally bought this boot in a size 10.5, as that's what I normally get in every other shoe. I should've read the reviews closer, as most people said to go a 1/2 size down. I ended up reordering a size 10, and they fit great.

Similar to other reviewers, these are taking a bit of time to break in. I experienced the slipping heel, but that seems to have gone away, or I've grown used to it. At any rate, it's not causing any discomfort or causing any issues. I'm about one week into wearing these every day to work, and each day they get more comfortable and broken in. The top of the left boot is digging in right above my ankle, but this too is getting better with each passing day and isn't leaving me hobbled or scarred.

One wish for is an extra pair of laces or for the laces to be thicker. The ones that come on the boot seem really thin and I feel like I'm going to break them every time I tie them. That, plus the break-in period and the size issue put this at a solid 4 stars. Overall, good comfort and great looks.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2016
When I was a boy, my mother discovered Clark's Desert Boots, somewhere around 1960. She bought a pair for my dad, and one for me. We each loved our new shoes, and Clark's Desert Boots were part of my wardrobe for decades. Then they weren't. I recently bought a pair of Joseph Abboud look-alikes, but the sole almost immediately came loose. So, palm to forehead, what was I thinking? I now own 3 pairs of Clark's, these being the newest. I spend a lot of time working convention booths and standing on concrete. These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Now I look forlornly at the other shoes in my wardrobe...what shall I do with them all? Highly recommended.
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on December 12, 2016
These are alright after some breaking in and slight modification.
When I first got these, they were absolutely killing my feet. There was no arch support, my feet would slide along the heels of the boots, and I was getting horrible blisters. What I found was with just the two pairs of eyelets, there wasn't enough to hold my feet back into the boot, so what I did was take them to a shoe cobbler and had him add a third set of eyelets evenly spaced above the existing eyelets. That made a huge different. As for the flat souls, after wearing these for about 3 days a week for 3 months, the soles get a slight imprint into the crepe below and your feet start to adjust, although I really wished they used a cork insole or added some arch support to them. Just don't plan on walking long distances in them. The Beeswax finish after developing some wear looks fantastic on these. The leather does soften and darken quite a bit if you decide to rub Clarks Weather Guard on them. Overall, I like the style and simplicity of them. I dislike the lack and support and initial comfort before I had to modify them.

For reference: I have medium arches. My feet measure 8 1/2 D on a Brannock device. I wear a size 9 in Nike Free running shoes. I had to order these in a size 7 1/2 for best fit.
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on January 23, 2017
I usually wear a 10.5 and that is what I ordered in these boots. They fit slightly large, especially in the toebox and heel. if I wear thick wool socks they are more comfortable however the heel still moves which can cause some pain. These are not very slim boots; if you are wearing skinnier jeans they may look a little disproportional due to their size and shape. Walking in them is comfortable and they are very light. My pair had significant creasing on the toe and while it does not look bad, the boots will look preworn when you buy them. Another minor issue is that the laces cannot be tied very tightly, exacerbating the issue of loose shoes, and often come undone.
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on April 8, 2016
Hands down my absolute favorite pair of casual shoes. I can wear these to work, out on a date, or to a bar. They look great with all three pairs of my jeans (gray, black, blue) and I receive compliments almost every time I wear them out.

My only issue with the shoe would be the sizing, before I purchased these, I did quite a bit of research and found out that you need to size down quite a bit. I wear a size 10.5 normally when I wear nikes or any other comparable athletic shoe, but with these I ordered a size 9.5. They fit pretty well, and I could probably wear a size 9 and have them be comfortable as well.

For the first few times, I wore the shoe, i was getting some friction between the shoe and my left heel. It has caused me to bleed the first few times I wore the shoes, but since then the issue has gone away (The blood stain on the inside of the shoe hasn't). Now when I wear them they are 100% comfortable. I guess I just had to break them in a little.

Overall I would highly recommend these shoes based on their look and style, but be cautious and do your research on sizing before you make the purchase.
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on January 24, 2016
I have had these for about 3 years. Mine are the suede Oakwood ones. They have treated me well. Quality of materials is fine. Nothing is falling apart. Other than some permanent scuffs and some creases at the joint, they've held up great. There is nothing unexpectedly bad about them.

If you are worried about water getting into them, there are plenty of waterproofing sprays and kits out there. That said, I wouldn't take these in the muck with me, not unless I had some canvas leggings and a thompson, but for a day hike, walking through the desert, and the like, these do fine. I am not worried about them falling apart or being boots only in name like you sometimes see.

The crepe soles are very gummy feeling, but you get used to it, and despite my initial anxiety about it, they won't wear out incredibly fast, or break apart at the edges. They will capture a lot of dirt over time and the bottom of your soles will be really dirty unless you wish to clean them.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these is that there is not a hard thud common to boots or heeled shoes. In fact, this is the most quiet pair of footwear I have ever worn. The loudest sound of you walking is either your sweaty feet inside the boot, or the shoelaces whacking the boot. It is very easy to have a completely silent walk with these boots. A great plus if you are a hitman, ninja, or just want to freak people out when they turn around.
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