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on February 26, 2015
I wanted to like these boots. I really did. I have been looking for boots like these for awhile and I just couldn't get super excited about what was offered. Then I saw these. I thought "Those are the ones! They have many different colors, the leather looks super good, the price is competitive, the reviews are stellar!!"

My first pair were a half size too large. It seemed a lot of people had that. No problem, I used Amazon's free returns to exchange for a half size smaller. As an aside, if you are worried about the return policy on items like this, don't! Amazon is excellent at exchanges and returns. Anyway the boots themselves looked great, leather was same color as I ordered from amazon, seemed comfy for the half day I wore them albeit large and prone to slip off my heel.

So I got my next size, and i was really digging the boots. "Yeah, i found the best pair for the money!" I thought to myself. I took them to work the next day, and around 11:00 i noticed the sole was separating. "What the heck!" I looked at amazon and saw reviews stating this was happening to them also. Then I looked around online and noticed many people saying the same thing, talking about Clarks' quality decline. Granted it seems like you can find that for any shoe manufacturer these days so take that with a grain of salt. Regardless I wasn't happy. But I wanted to like these boots SOOOOO much. They looked stunning with a nice pair of dark denim, or khakis. So i decided to exchange them and try one more pair.

So my third pair comes in the mail. I took one shoe out of the box. I didn't even put it on. I simulated walking in them. I bent the toe ONE time. Not a heavy bend that would make it touch the laces. No, just a normal bend you would occur when walking. The sole separated. I heard the glue let go. These shoes hadn't even been put on! I ended up returning them for a refund. I have to hand it to Amazon, they really know how to do customer service. I haven't paid for any of the three return shipping or subsequent shipping to send them to me. And me having Amazon Prime, they sent all three with two day shipping!

Clarks, if you're reading this, you might want to do some QC before you let your shoes leave the factory...
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on November 20, 2013
ATTENTION MEN: I have done all the work for you.

I know what you're looking for.

You are looking for a boot that looks manly, both rugged and refined. You want to wear it to the office with khakis, and you also want to wear it with your jeans to chop wood in. You definitely don't want to worry about it in the snow, and you need it to keep your feet dry. Men don't like wet feet.

You're not a cowboy in Montana so you can't buy cowboy boots without being a dork, and they can't be too heavy because you need to outrun wild animals if necessary. It can't be too tall or too low because you need it to be versatile for in-and-out-of-office use, and it absolutely has to have a low profile with clean, simple lines and stitching, because that's what gentlemen wear. And of course it can't have too tall of a heel because women wear high heels. Men just have heels on our boots and we don't talk about them.

Also, because men like leathery things, you need them to be leather, and not shiny or too clean looking...but a sweet looking, aged, broken-in, badass man leather. Suede can be appropriate in certain occasions, but you want real deal leather. After years of searching, I have found the perfect leather man boot.

The dark brown leather chukka Clarks Bushacre 2 Boot is the same shoe as the Desert Boot, but has a much more durable synthetic sole. It's not as springy as the Desert Boot, so some might say they're not as comfortable. I disagree and literally wear these every day. I've had the Clarks Desert Trek before (not the Desert Boot, but with the same crepe sole) and sure they were comfortable. However - the soles started to wear down pretty quickly, and they literally melted - MELTED - to the seat of my car on a hot day. That's not happening with these babies. The Bushacre is durable as crap and I love them.

I sprayed my dark brown version of the boot with a waterproofing agent from Target that makes these repel water beautifully, and the spray made the boots look darker, more aged and like I've had them for a long time. I also put mink oil on them ever 3 months or so. I've had them nearly 12 months but they were wonderfully broken-in like a glove after a few weeks of regular wear. The boot has only has 4 total eyelets so this helps with comfort, as does the nicely placed reinforcement in the heel which guides the break-in process.

One thing to note regarding size - these guys run big. For example: I wear a 9.5 in Nike for workout shoes. I ordered an 8 in these and they were a bit snug, but have broken in beautifully.

I'm about to say something that maybe I shouldn't because it might be premature to make predictions for 30 years down the road. I will be wearing these boots 30 years from now. They probably won't be the ones on my feet at the moment and I'll probably be on my 3rd or 4th pair then. But they'll be the Bushacre.

I like to wear things until they wear out, and if I find something good and quality I like to make the original last as long as humanly possible. Therefore, I'll continue to wear these every day, I'll get them resoled every so often, and plan on them lasting 10 years. Then I'll buy another pair.

Clarks, please never stop making these boots. If you do I'll have to swim to England and protest at your front gates. Then I'll have to buy 4 more pairs so I can have them for the rest of my life. Thank you for making a rugged yet refined boot that looks good in any occasion, and one that kicks every other boot to the curb with its durability, agility and versatility.

Dudes. Quit researching and buy the best man boot out there for the price. And don't forget to take the cowboy boots off your Amazon Wish List.

P.S. These have very poor traction on snow/ice...I fell last winter cartoon-style with my feet above my head. My shoulder and ego both suffered minor bruises.
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on November 10, 2014

I am a 21yo 5'8 male who normally wears US 9's on vans, chucks, running shoes, nike sneakers.

CON: My military boot sizes were always US 8.5 so i ordered an 8.5 bushacre. Wasn't "too" loose, but it bothered me because i had to tie the laces so tight in order for my heels to not feel like they are sliding up. I could fit my fingers inside my shoe between my heel and the heel of the shoe.

Returned it (free) online on amazon via UPS ground, amazon gave me a label print out to stick on the box. I am currently awaiting full refund tomorrow 11 Nov.

PRO: I ordered a US 8. Just received it 1 hour ago. It is now in the picture provided. They fit just like my 8.5 military boots, but a little snug on the left/right side of my feet. Length wise, i can still move my toes, and i dont have to tie it as tight.
Somehow, the 8.5 I got looked more "used" and light colored. The one i got today is darker, newer looking, and was totally newly packaged. Definitely looked like in better condition than the 8.5 i returned. HOW WEIRD?

ANYWAYS I f***in LOVE THEM. They are very snug but i know something i can break into. I am gonna wear jeans more often now. They also dont look too bad with skinny pants/khaki's.

Might actually buy one for my dad on christmas.

I'll follow up in 1-2 years to see how these boots hold up. Theyre gonna be worn ERRWHERE
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on September 28, 2017
I have the original Clark’s desert boot in tan and wanted the beeswax color as well. I love the ones I have, but didn’t want to spend that much money again. So, I am giving these a try.

The cut and look is nearly identical to the original. The differences are the leather on the Bushacre is much stiffer and so is the sole. These will definitely take some breaking in where the original desert boot leather is soft from day one. The stiffness of the sole is also a bit off putting. I love the super soft gummy sole of the original. I find that sole long lasting and comfortable. I will keep these as I paid around 1/3 the cost of the originals I have and hope they will break in well.

People who can’t tell these from the original just aren’t boot guys. If they were, they could spot the difference instantly. Less premium leather, less premium sole, for a sub-premium price.
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on October 5, 2017
For some reason I haven't bought a pair of Clarks in a decade or so, but I'm glad I got these.

First, the sole. It is both cushioney and extremely hard-wearing. (I've been known to round off a sole in a few weeks.) The stitching appears to have been done well, certainly for a shoe I paid less than $50 for. The leather feels soft but doesn't seem overly susceptible to scratches or scrapes. After wearing them for a few weeks I treated them with Nikwax nubuck protector, which darkened them somewhat and reduced the tendency of the leather to soak up water and develop stains. For me, the fit is great, with a slightly narrow heel compared to most size 13 shoes.

I'm planning on buying a tan pair next. Excellent shoes that go with almost any outfit short of a full-on suit.
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on September 26, 2017
The design or material of the synthetic rubber sole on the Bushacre 2's vs. the Original Desert Boots causes a squeak with every step, every time I walk. I've been wearing these boots at work everyday for months in the hopes of wearing the squeak out but it seems permanent at this point. These are the worst boots I've ever owned. Stick with the Original Desert Boot. The more durable synthetic sole on these is nice but nothing is worth this squeak. I'd give these a negative rating if I could. Money wasted.Found numerous forums of Bushacre 2 owners having the same problems.
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on May 29, 2015
I was looking forward to these ever since I ordered them a week ago, and when they arrived, I was pleased. I took them out of the package and found a piece of plastic was wrapping them, so I unwrapped, saw another piece, tried to let it fall, and found there was a piece of what I thought was tape holding the errant piece of plastic there to the shoe, so I gently pulled at the tape and some coloring came off of the shoe. Just like that. On the one hand, it's a shoe, it's gonna get scuffed as time goes by, but on the other hand, it's a brand new shoe and I should be the one to put scuff marks on it, not someone else with a label (yes, it wasn't tape, it was in fact a label that says "Fabrique En Chine". I looked around for a quick link to let the seller know, but couldn't find one easily, so I'm not gonna bother. I'm gonna write a review and tell my friends what a crummy job was done packing these shoes, and I think I'm gonna blame Clark's on this one, because the other shoe has that label on the sole. For the price, the comfort level ain't great, there isn't any arch support, the new label-etched right triangle floating around my right foot blade will always be something I notice. I immediately regretted spending money on these.
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on October 11, 2017
I love Clarks shoes and boots, and these are no exception.
The only issue I have with them is the opening and the sole (see below) - could do with a little more padding as, after several hours of wear, it can cut a little.
Would also advise using a leather conditioner on these to keep them in good condition.
The down side - almost no grip on the sole of the shoe and, the sole seems 'thin'. After a few months of wear, I can already feel the 'grid' in the heel getting ready to come through.
But overall, these complaints are minor and the boot is great looking and comfortable.
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on September 28, 2017
Really solid shoe but with a very strange fit. I am normally a size 11 but I sized down to a 10 as per the other reviews. The length was perfect but the toe box was EXTREMELY tight (I have normal width feet). Even breaking them in for a week wasn't enough - I had to take them to a cobbler to get stretched and now they fit like a glove. Also, the insole is very firm, unlike the original desert boot; I believe it might be a corkbed insole. Initially I was put off my the stiffness of the shoe but with several weeks of wear, they are becoming more comfortable as the insole conforms to the shape of my feet.

The look and build quality all seem fantastic so far at this price point, hopefully the seams hold up through the winter - will update if anything changes.

All in all - a very solid boot at a great price, but may require some extra love and care in order to make them comfortable.
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on October 8, 2017
This is the third pair of Clark's Desert Boots that I've purchased and I love them all. They're great for casual wear and they look good with a pair of khakis at the office too.

Given that, I knew from my two other pairs, both of which were purchased at a brick and mortar store, that Clark's boots run large. So, even though Amazon's sizing algorithm suggested the size I normally wear, my experience told me to order a half size smaller and the new pair fits perfectly.

Aside from that, being leather rather than the suede of my other two pairs, this version will require a bit more break in. However, I probably walked a mile in them on my first wear and they felt just fine.

Finally, given what I paid for my other two pairs of Clark's boots (one Clark's Original and one Bushacre 2) purchased at a "discount" shoe store and a Clark's Outlet, respectively, getting these for under $50 was an absolute steal.
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