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on December 2, 2015
I ordered two pairs of these Beeswax Clark's Original Desert Boots from two different websites for comparison. One from Amazon, and one from the Clark's website. There are noticeable differences between the two. (SEE PHOTOS)
The pair I ordered through Amazon (on the left) are made of thinner, less quality leather. The ones from Clark's (on the right) are a much beefier, thicker leather with a higher quality grain and have more of a "real leather boot" feel. Whereas the ones from Amazon feel somewhat like cheap knockoffs in comparison. They are still a decent shoe for the price. But compared to the ones from Clark's they seem much flimsier.
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on January 23, 2017
I usually wear a 10.5 and that is what I ordered in these boots. They fit slightly large, especially in the toebox and heel. if I wear thick wool socks they are more comfortable however the heel still moves which can cause some pain. These are not very slim boots; if you are wearing skinnier jeans they may look a little disproportional due to their size and shape. Walking in them is comfortable and they are very light. My pair had significant creasing on the toe and while it does not look bad, the boots will look preworn when you buy them. Another minor issue is that the laces cannot be tied very tightly, exacerbating the issue of loose shoes, and often come undone.
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on December 10, 2014
I purchased the Clark's BushAcre 2 boots shortly after Black Friday and got them for a very affordable $72 after shipping via Amazon. I don't know if I will come up as a verified purchase but I did purchase them.

I purchased the BushAcre 2's because I believed in some of the reviews on here that they are essentially the same shoe as the Clarks Desert Boot except for the sole. This is completely false. I own three pairs of the Desert Boot: Grey Suede and Black Leather and wanted to complete my boot collection by purchasing the Beeswax boot. Since the Beeswax BushAcre 2 looks almost identical to the Original Desert Boot, I gambled on the BushAcre 2's due to cost difference. I lost.

When I got the BushAcre 2 from Amazon, I immediately felt a size (cut) difference than the Desert Boot. The Bush Acre 2's are more narrow and far less comfortable than the Original Desert Boot. Both shoes run too big. Original Desert Boot about a size big. BushAcre 2 about .5/.75 size too big.

I went to the Clark's store in attempts to find the BushAcre 2 to confirm the difference but they said they do not carry them in the store and the BushAcre 2's are strictly "outlet" shoes---due to the cost difference. They also said that the quality of the Original Desert Boot is noticeable. At the time, I thought that was just sales speak but when the next day I returned my BushAcre 2's (got a full refund from Amazon!) and obtained the Original Desert Boot in Beeswax, I could definitely see what they were talking about. I immediately felt the size difference (as noted, the Orginal Desert Boot's run a full size bigger and the BushAcre 2's about .5/.75 size too big. I would only get the BushAcre 2's if I was really limited on spending. They are still a good value if you can get them in the $50-$65 range.

In Short:

Original Clark's Desert Boot- 5/5 in style, 5/5 in value, 4/5 in comfort, 4.5/5 in quality. runs a size too big. ($120)
Clark's Bush Acre 2- 5/5 in style, 4/5 in value, 3/5 in comfort, 3/5 in quality. runs a half size/.75 size too big ($80)

I think the BushAcre 2's are a good value if you value style over substance. People could possibly think they are the Original Desert Boots, since they look nearly the same, However, don't be fooled by just the outside of the shoe. After returning the BushAcre 2's I'm so glad I spent the extra $40 on getting the real deal, Original Clark's Desert Boot.
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on January 29, 2017
For some reason, I really wanted a pair of green shoes. But, they had to look nice and not be too flashy or horrendous looking. I found these boots and decided to go for it. The green is beautiful, it catches sunlight very well but stays overall somewhat muted, not glaringly gaudy but more subtly fashionable. I usually wear size 12-12.5, and the 12 fits perfectly.

The laces are a bit weird, seems like there should be an extra set of holes to loops them through, but the shoes stay on fine and don't wobble when walking. Glad that Clark's has so many interesting colors to chose from and I like the quality of the leather, would definitely buy another pair in the future.
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on April 11, 2016
I love these shoes. I wear them almost every day for work. The quality is very high.

The width is great for people with wide feet. Consider getting them a 1/2 size or so smaller. I often wear 13 in sneakers to get enough width. These had plenty and were pretty long, too, for a 12. But it worked out. I like having extra space. You may not.

The leather wears beautifully. The laces died pretty quick, but I found some nice replacement ones on Amazon (OrthoStep Waxed Very Thin Dress Round Classic Brown 27 inch Shoelaces).

One downside to all of the thick leather is that they don't breathe well. To mitigate this, I wear Fox River Wick Dry CoolMax Liner Socks under all of my socks. That does the trick. I prefer to take them off for a bit during the day at the office, but I can wear them all day if I need to with the liner socks.

The sole wears better and is more comfortable than I anticipated. The one downside is that it doesn't have good grip in wet conditions. On textured or rough concrete, it's fine. On smooth concrete, it slips every so often.

I also love that I can wear these with any pair of pants, from very casual to dressy (if needed).
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on February 17, 2016
I did a lot of research before buying these so I knew what to expect. They aren't $250+ Goodyear welted boots so don't expect the epitome of comfort. But for the style of construction, I love how they feel after a few weeks of break in. I haven't treated the leather and wouldn't recommend using a harsh protectant such as Obenauf's LP as they tend to kill the patina (again, these aren't high end boots). The leather is a pretty nice full grain and the crepe sole colors nicely as it picks up dirt over time. The laces are pretty thin and low quality but if you can get these at a discount (I wouldn't pay more than $100) the laces can be easily changed. Shoes should always outlast laces anyway.

If you are looking for a stylish boot that's easy to put on/take off and that ranges from the casual to semi-formal (depending on the outfit), buy this boot. You won't regret it.

P.S. they run about half a size large for me. I wear 10.5 usually (11 at Clark's according to their sales person who measured my feet) and I ended up in a 10. I have the beeswax and they should be pretty snug all around the foot. They stretch and form to your foot as they break in.
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on March 31, 2016
Having owned 4 pairs of Clarks Desert Boots before these, I have to say I was very disappointed with these. I ordered Amber Gold, which looks like a nice brown/gold/tanish color. What came were good looking very much just brown boots that turned tan at the slightest of touch/bend to the leather, causing the boot to immediately look very distressed and worn, which was not the look I was going for at all. I've never seen anything like it. I've worn these around the house for maybe 5 minutes and they look about 20 years old. Strange. Also, there's no way this boot is returnable after basically any wear/movement as the color completely changes. I've never seen anything like it. Love Clarks Desert boots but this was a bad move.
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on February 6, 2015
"You purchased this item on April 6, 2014. " Thanks for reminding me, Amazon. :)

So I've been wearing these boots off and on since April 2014. I purchased the Beeswax version, as well as a pair of suede ones (more on that in a sec.) I ordered smaller than normal based on reviews; I have a "semi-wide" foot and they are still plenty wide for me.

Beeswax is standard leather. There is no lining. The leather is hard as a rock when you get them. I have bent and folded the leather around the top ankle portion over and over and over... They still cut into my ankles, even with thick socks. This is the cheapest, hardest leather I have ever seen. I have broken in many a pair of boots in my day and these... Well, they're just not going to break in.

As noted, I purchased them about 9 months ago. I was in agony for the first week, only wore them twice. The second week, they felt awful but I persevered. I've worn them at least once a week since then, I'd estimate a total of over 50 times, conservatively. I go up and down stairs and walk around a fair amount at work going between buildings, so it's not like I sat at a desk for 8 hours.

Let me get to the point... These things still hurt my feet. It's ridiculous how stiff this leather is. The lack of any sort of padding at the ankle combined with that, and these will likely end up in the trash soon, life is too short for uncomfortable (after 50 wearings) boots.

The suede pair is nice and soft right out of the box, but of course, they're not as cool looking as the beeswax. :)
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on November 8, 2014
Clarks Desert Boots are the most versatile pair of shoes I own. I wear them all the time, and they work for almost any casual social gathering. They work with chinos of almost any color, they work with jeans, some people even pull them off with shorts. Eventually we all have to graduate from wearing sneakers everywhere, and this is the pair of shoes to graduate to.

One word of caution, breaking them in will be a process. When I first bought them I wore them for like two days in a row to only moderate discomfort, but I literally bruised my toe in the process from the bend in the leather. I couldn't wear them again for over a week. Eventually, after probably a month of semi-regular usage they were softened up and now they are extremely comfortable. Well worth the pain.

Fit is accurate, might be sliiiightly large. I usually wear between a 12 and 13 depending on the shoes, and these are 12's with a bit of room.
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on May 4, 2015
First time wearing these, I'm very happy look dope ! I went half a size down and fit perfectly, could have possibly gone a whole size down but happy I didn't. The sole feels. But weird to walk on and will take time getting used to but overall so far a great shoe. Will need to wear them more to see how they go.
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