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on January 4, 2015
Very comfortable and receives compliments regularly. Only downside is that my daughter's hipster boyfriend owns the exact same pair....and she finds this slightly mortifying.
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on October 5, 2015
I have had the gray suede desert boots for 1.5 years. I would advise a break-in period as others have suggested. I bought these and immediately wore them for work and walked a few miles in the fist day - I had huge blisters on the bottoms of both feet. After breaking them in they are pretty comfortable, although they do not provide much arch support and I still get sore spots in certain areas if I do a ton of walking in them. The leather stretches, so I wouldn't suggest sizing up.

•Great style
•Breathable leather (my feet never smell after wearing these)
•Great color
•Mostly comfortable after breaking in

•The crepe soles are (for me) the most disappointing aspect for a few reasons. First, tripping hazard. I was constantly tripping on both carpet and hard surfaces because the tip of the sole/toe would catch. After about a year, I wore down the tip enough so that it isn't a common issue anymore - although I do still, on occasion, have a near mishap. Second, they attract and absorb dirt, oil, crumbs, hair, you name it. It is disgusting. I often will find myself feeling self conscious because I don't want anyone to see the bottom of my shoes. Third, my guess is that if you don't live in a desert - these boots aren't for you. I live in a very wet environment, and it seems like this may have caused the soles to degrade so there is a bit of cracking and I sometimes notice the bottoms of my feet being a bit damp. If they offered a different sole, I would consider buying a new pair.
•The suede does not hold its shape. After about 2 months I noticed that they seemed a bit frumpy looking. After 1.5 years, they look like something cartoon Goofy would wear - shapeless and sort of lumpy. Don't get me wrong, I still wear them often, but my brother makes fun of me and calls them my Peter Pan shoes. I have the feeling that their regular leather would hold up better than the suede.
•Not much support
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on August 18, 2015
Not sure how I feel about these. I've wanted these for almost two years and finally ordered the oakwood suede. First and foremost, I wear a true 7 and I am SO GLAD that I ordered a 7.5 based on other reviews. The 7.5 fit my size 7 feet perfectly. A 7 would not have fit at all. The oakwood color that is portrayed as a light taupe color is actually quite golden. Almost camel. Not sure how I feel about that. Not the color I wanted. Also, there is some kind of cushion that seems to be heel support, but it hit my very average foot in a weird spot that felt like it was misplaced arch support. Kind of weird. Not sure if that would get better after they are broken in. Not sure if I'll keep these just because of the color.
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on November 29, 2016
I read the reviews on Amazon, and I saw people were saying go up half a size. But I also read reviews on YouTube, and people there said to get true to size because they'll expand once you break them in. I went out on a limp and got true to size. I'm so happy that I did. I was a little worried because my wide are little but wide, and people were also saying that they are thin. But surprisingly, they fit perfectly with regular, non-thick socks.

And they also came with some scratches already on them, so I don't have to do anything to them. If you know anything about Clark Originals Desert Boots, then you know that the older they get and the more minor scratches and scuffs they get, the better they look. The vintage look of these boots looks great with skinny jeans! The price is a little on the expensive side, but these shoes are made very well and will last for years. I strongly recommend them.
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on February 16, 2018
This is my second pair of Clark’s Desert Boots in ~3 months, so clearly I’m a fan. I snagged the light green color on sale for $40 in my size, whereas my first pair I paid around $75 for. These are lower quality, but for a little more than half the price, I’ll take it. There appears to be some kind of manufacturing defect/quality control issue, which I’m guessing is why the price was reduced. The suede on one shoe is rougher and a bit hairier than the other, which is the same smooth suede I’m used to with my other pair. I’ve posted close-up photos, the first is of the “hairy” suede, the second is the normal suede. The interior leather also doesn’t feel quuiiiite as smooth as my first pair. (My other CDBs are navy though, so maybe the dye has something to do with it?) So, if you’re not okay with potentially getting something a little bit lower quality, avoid the too-good-to-be-true sale prices. I took of 1 star for this issue, but CDBs generally get 5/5 from me.

I like the color of these a lot more than I thought I would! Light green would definitely not be my first choice for color, but I couldn’t pass them up at that price. They look great with a pair of dark wash, cuffed jeans and are a fun departure from the more traditional light CDB colors people typically chose (oakwood/taupe/sand).

These fit like my first pair (I usually wear an 8-8.5, but these run small and I have to buy them in a 9) and the cut/style is the same. Make sure to waterproof with a suede protectant spray - my cat knocked over a glass of water and got little droplets all over these before I had the chance. I was convinced they were ruined, but the water stains came out with some brushing and a rubber gum eraser (that eraser tip is the best I’ve picked up for cleaning suede, fyi). If you’ve never worn Clark’s with the crepe sole before be warned, they’ll pick up a LOT of dirt and ultimately become much darker. I’ve included a pic of the new soles vs. the soles of the boots I’ve been wearing for a few months now, which were he same color as these originally. I wear these to bike almost daily in a city, however, so your filthy-sole mileage may vary.
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on January 23, 2013
I adore literally everything about these boots. They are exactly what I wanted when I typed "old school boots" into the Google search bar. When these arrived, they were perfection. I ordered the beeswax leather and am happy with my choice. They do scuff (sort of) but I think it adds character and makes them even better. They look utterly fabulous with jeans - I've worn them with both boot cut and skinny (with and without a cuff). They also look great with some tights and a skirt. The only thing that you have to watch with every day wear is that the material on the bottom of the shoe is not as 'grippy' as I thought it would be. It's spongy and comfortable, but I've noticed that it doesn't provide very much traction on ice. As for size, I wasn't sure whether to size up or down so I just went with my normal size of 9.5 and they fit very well with comfy socks.

The thing I will tell you is to heed the warnings about breaking these in. When I read the reviews, I didn't think it would be that bad as I've never really had a problem breaking in new shoes before. These were horrific during the first wear despite the fact that I wore very thick socks with them. The back of my heel rubbed painfully almost immediately upon putting the boots on my feet and within an hour, the area above my ankles (where the top of the boot hits your leg) was killing me. When I got home that night the backs of both of my heels were bright red and tender and I had a deep purple indentation around my ankles from the boot tops. I have to say I was terrified to put them back on but they are so dang cute! So I waited about a week before I wore them again. The second wear was ridiculously comfortable and they have been ever since. If you can make it through the initial wear, you're golden and these boots are amazing. I want to order in more colors but I will admit that I'm hesitant to go through the breaking in process again. The pair I have, though, are my favorite shoes now.
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on December 11, 2015
I wear a 7.5 and 8 and my feet are normal-to-narrow. I bought an 8 size shoe in the Beeswax Leather color. I can't believe how uncomfortable these are! After 30 minutes of wearing them, I've put bandages on my toes to avoid blisters. But I'm going to give them a week or two to conform to my foot. The heel area is loose-ish and the toe area is very narrow and tight. The leather is a nice brown but begins to crease immediately upon wearing. But I love how it looks; the leather feels strong and beautiful. The shoe feels like it's made of good-quality materials and the workmanship feels excellent, so I don't regret buying these (yet!). I'll update later on about how well the shoe stretches and feels.

UPDATE six months later: I've added a star because it finally stretched and now I'm able to wear this shoe without discomfort. The leather is hard so it's not as comfortable as my leather shoes that are made of a soft leather. But at the same time, I feel like these will last twenty years. They also feel very durable, which is great. So I guess in the end, I don't regret buying these shoes!
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on September 5, 2017
I love them I wear a half size later in the deserts so I knew to buy a half size larger. They are soft and the distressed taupe is gorgeous.

I own several pairs of the deserts they don't disappoint.

If you don't own these already what are you waiting for?

Shipping was extremely fast.
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on January 14, 2018
I was hesitant in buying this product at first with all the hundreds of reviews I read..

These boots were perfect fit to me, there are several of individuals that tell you to go up a size since it may be a little too tight. No. I got my true size and it worked well. The only problem is I have to squeeze my foot in the shoe and it hurts, but it’s leather and you have to break into them.

Another problem were the soles underneath the shoe. I was expecting for them to be made with better quality, but it is some sort of rubber material that gets dirty easily. These soles looked a bit cheap to me and I can tell that they’ll be worn off without difficulty every time I use these boots.

The quality of the leather is okay, if you were to mark on it, the mark will stay there. I don’t mind this as I like the look of used boots more than if they were to look new. I have the boots in the beeswax color and as I mentioned above I have to squeeze my foot into the shoe everytime I put it on. Once I do this, the ankle section gets creased and it is easily noticeable since the creased section appears lighter than the rest of the shoe.

These boots aren’t as expensive as great quality ones, but they will work for you if you’re on a budget!
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on December 20, 2016
They hurt! It's just my second day wearing them and I'm determined to break them in so I hope they'll get softer and more comfortable. My feet are very thin, top to bottom, but there's not enough room in these for a bulky sock - just in case you want thicker ones for winter. The leather is rather stiff and the upper very-back part hits uncomfortably at the back of my ankle. I want them to work. I got them because I love how they look AND Clarks was recommended by my podiatrist (so I sort of expected them to be more comfortable). I'm thinking about taking them to the shoe shop to see what the guy there says about either stretching them or saddle soap, but do I want spend more money to make them work for me? Aaagh.

(Seems early to give a star rating but this is requiring me to, so for now it's midway there.)

If I end up loving them I'll report back because they sure *look* just right! I'm hoping for the best.
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