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on April 5, 2014
The last great claymation film, and yes it looks funny today but back then before CGI and digital enhancement this was the way to go. Harry Hamlin was a super hottie and the film is filled with great actors who could act, this has always been one of my favorite movies and several months ago I had made the purchase on regular Blu-Ray and then when I saw that it was available in Blu-Ray book it was a must have so I gave away the Regular Blu-Ray, you get so much more with the book, it just that all the info that you use to get with DVD that they short changed us with when we upgraded to better quality. Most books have actor interviews and story line twist and turns that you won't see in the film. I wish every Blu-Ray was in Book format I would rather have that than all the extra disc, it should be an option.
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on December 15, 2016
First the Movie is great. I always liked it. The Blu-ray transfer now..not so much.It suffers from some serious noise in a few scenes. At least that's the way it looks here. Conversely, I have an HD version taped on my DVR from TCM and it actually looks better. Go figure. It probably didn't undergo restoration either. Some movie classics have but it's expensive and the studio isn't going to spend that kind of money for this. Some just get up-converted. Patton and Gladiator had bad transfer too..and people complained. They both were re-done and came out great !
Anyway, this is still a fun movie.
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I remember watching this film as a kid back in the 80s. My entire family loves mythology, especially Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, so over the years, I've watched this classic many times. Lately, my nine-year-old has been caught up in the Percy Jackson series of books and film adaptations, and as much as they are fun and based on elements of Greek mythology, I wanted my daughter to have a more in-depth knowledge of Greek mythology, so we've been reading books on the subject and of course, I had to show her this film.

The film itself is a classic and although grossly outdated by today's standards, it holds its own, imbuing a sense of nostalgia (for those of us who grew up watching this film) and also a sense of wonder for how wonderfully the film brings to life stories from Greek mythology. It features a wonderful cast of characters starring some big names such as Sir Laurence Olivier as supreme Greek god Zeus who casts a benevolent eye upon his demigod son Perseus, conceived with a mortal woman (Zeus had impregnated Perseus' mom, Danae by visiting her in the form of a shower of gold. Those Greek gods had their way with mortal women in various guises, and were quite creative in going about it too!). Perseus is portrayed by Harry Hamlin, who looks the part although his acting leaves much to be desired. There's Maggie Smith who plays Goddess Thetis, goddess of water (although by some accounts she is a sea nymph), who is enraged at Zeus' kindness towards Perseus when her own son, Calibos was cursed to become a monster when he crossed the gods.

The story follows Perseus' journey to seek his destiny, which he finds in battling various monsters such as the Gorgon Medusa, Calibos, and the Kraken, among others, in order to secure the hand of Andromeda, daughter of Queen Cassiopeia.

There's lots of monsters, and dramatic scenes here that make these tales of mythology come alive and my daughter was riveted from beginning till end. She did comment on how some of the effects seemed rather strange, for example, she felt the vulture depicted carrying off Andromeda's soul to Calibos was not very authentic. Oh well, at least she enjoyed the story. Truth be told, I have watched the 2010 version of Clash of the Titans and was completely underwhelmed. It was just lots of CGI and not much storytelling, and I have always preferred the latter.

One complain I have about this DVD edition is that the sound quality leaves much to be desired. I had to turn up the volume on my TV almost to the max to be able to listen to the dialogue. The picture quality too was merely serviceable, but I guess for 5 dollars, I shouldn't expect too much. Overall though, it got a thumbs up from my daughter, hence the five stars!
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on May 22, 2017
Classic Movie. I remember my grandmother watching this movie and then I with her as a child. I know the script by heart and remember my grandmother fondly when watching the beginning of this movie. Me and my mother still recite lines in a playful way such as the scene with the witches where they "must have the eye" while we are searching for our glasses or
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on July 6, 2017
Still great to watch this and recall the story. It is my opinion that when an ancient story is made/shown and produced by Hollywood, it should not be over-done with special effects. That makes it seem fake. When the film is a little degraded (or use CGI to downgrade) it makes it seem like you are watching from then. Like the 300 movie was special effects but the final rendering made it seem like it may have been from the time. the newer Clash movie is so clear and way-over done with effects (plus lame story and acting) it was a shame to watch. So I came back to this and enjoyed. The ending is great when they also make reference to the star constellations and how man on earth may not need devise intervention if they are brave and honest and use for the good.
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on March 29, 2016
I was a bit skeptical about the sound with streaming, but I was happily surprised. The new version of the film is really spectacular, but it lacks the small details of this campy version that I love. The newer versions don't waste time on character and the small humor that is always in these classic versions. Too bad you can't have both!
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on June 24, 2017
I used it as an addition to a mythology unit I taught. I liked it better than the update because of its rating, it is rated PG and the 2010 version is rated PG-13. I hadn't seen it for a long time, probably since 1982 or so. I wasn't worried about showing it to my class, but I should have been. twice, we saw the naked backside of a young woman and once the front of a two year old boy. The students didn't overreact to it, but I should have screen it first. They did follow the story of the myths and we studied the constellations that are mentioned at the end of the film.
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on June 2, 2014
I first saw this film when I was about 11 years old and I was really struck by the mythical creatures and special effects that made the story come to life. Having always been drawn to Greek myths, I was very excited to see one presented on the big screen in full color with characters that I had first come to know only in books using my imagination to picture them as vividly as I could. Clash Of The Titans amazed and thrilled my senses as I watched it for the first time in the movie theater and numerous times later on over the years. Of course, film technology has made leaps and bounds since the making of this film--the 2010 remake of Clash Of The Titans is an even greater spectacle with superior effects--but I continue to enjoy watching the original, as I still have a deep appreciation for the film's unique visual style and many talented, veteran actors.
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on November 2, 2007
This movie represents the peak of what can be done with stop motion animation. There are other movies that might be said to be just as good, such as Jason and the Argonauts or the Sinbad movies, but none have been better. In addition, the story line is particularly well developed, being a retelling of one of the less known greek myths, formerly known best by a few classical scholars and not particularly known to the general public.
Watching this movie in the era of computer graphics, I find that it still stands up well. Remember that the purpose of any animation effect is not to make the viewer believe that the creature exists but to show the viewer what it would look like if it did exist. Certainly no sane viewer believes the tyranosaur skeleton in Night in the Museum is real, any more than they believe that the skeletons in Jason and the
argonauts are real. They are simply there to stimulate our imaginations, and the success of the effect is how well they do that and how smoothly they advance the story line. In that regard, stop motion effects may actually be more effective, since they require much more time and labor to produce and thus the director is not going to introduce them unless they are absolutely necessary. CG creatures, on the other hand, are much faster and require less labor to produce (Although they are still not cheap). Thus the temptation exists to introduce CG effects that are not needed and may even impede the progress of the movie.
This movie is an excellent example of the use of special effects to tell a well written and well acted story. If you don't wish to buy it,you should rent it. you won't be sorry
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on January 28, 2014
Straight to the point folks, I would recommend you acquire a copy of this gem. It is a feel good movie, with no CGI.
What's so nice about Titans? It is, good old fashion movie making, people doing it, not computer graphics. CGI has its place in movie productions, computer generated images, but in a Harryhausen production, not so.

The late Mr Harryhausen's legacy of hands on storytelling goes back to Mighty Joe Young, his military short films, and fairy tales he made. I had the good fortune of seeing him in 2008 and his films showcased on TCM turner classic movies. I recorded the entire evening. Clash Of The Titans in my opinion should not be viewed by young children. There are some intense graphic violent scenes, it might give them nightmares. For everyone else, get your popcorn, soft drinks, and settle in for a exciting journey in the world of Greek Mythology and Ray Harryhausen.
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