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on February 7, 2017
These controls suck. D pad is scetchy and makes controlling a nightmare. Bought two and is the same for both.
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on March 21, 2015
These controllers do work well but I had to take both of mine apart to sand down all the burs from the molding process. These aren't built anywhere near as good as the OEM SNES controllers but they do work and they work well. The buttons have good feedback and these are responsive. I was playing Smash TV, Super R-type, SMB All Stars and Zombies Ate my Neighbors for hours with these. The d-pad is great on these controllers. The A B X Y buttons are good to but they have some slop. The Shoulder buttons also feel good.

Gtron needs to work on quality control more. But other then that these do work well and are better then the NES controllers they make.

Update 3/25/15 So I ordered the Tomee branded controllers since some blogs and youtube reviews said the Tomee branded SNES controllers are well made........Well lets just say that these Gtron controllers absolutely blow the Tomee controllers out of the water in every aspect.

I have nothing good to say about the Tomee brand. They should pull their NES and SNES controllers from the market. Out of the box I was disappointed. The Tomee controllers have a sticker label on the A B X Y buttons. That sticker wasn't centered properly and was coming off. These Gtron controllers have a thick plastic plate almost like the original SNES controllers. The A B X Y buttons are also smaller on the tomee controllers while on the Gtron controllers they are just about the same size as the OEM SNES controllers. The Dpad on the Gtron SNES controllers is great. Its responsive and feels almost like a real SNES controller. The Dpad on the Tomee controllers is larger for some reason which is okay. But it simply doesn't work. Pushing left or right also presses up or down no mater what you do. Thats a deal breaker which means the tomee controllers are useless.

Finally the cord. The cord on the Gtron controllers is long and about the same thickness as the model 2 SNES controllers ( the controllers that came with the SNES Mini) its also very long which is great for my HTPC. The cord on the tomee controllers is very thin and cheap. It seems like it could break easily. Its also very short.

So my final verdict is that these Gtron SNES USB controllers are the way to go if your looking for low priced USB SNES controllers. They work and simply do everything they are supposed to do. I wold recommend them.
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on October 14, 2015
The Gtron SNES controller gets the job done, but just barely...

What's GOOD:
• All the buttons seem to function properly, but I haven't yet tested it on any games that require extreme precision.
• My Win7 & Win8 computers recognized the controller right away.
• No problem mapping buttons for ZSNES.

What's BAD:
• The cord is not secured where it comes out of the controller. The hole's too big and there's no gasket or anything else attaching it, except for the solder points. You don't even have to tug - just gently move the cord and it comes right out, exposing the wires inside. Both controllers I ordered are identical in this regard, so I used some superglue gel and filled up the space around the cord. The glue worked like a charm, but that's a terrible place to cut corners!
• The controller is light as a feather, and feels fragile - the plastic is way too thin, and the backplate bends with mild pressure. I've considered opening it up and adding weights to make it feel more substantial.
• Shoulder buttons feel nice and durable, but all the others feel delicate. At least the Dpad isn't overly stiff like some other controllers, instead it feels too squishy. I doubt that it will tolerate much button mashing, and I make a conscious effort not to press too hard.

I would not recommend this product. Overall, it's functional but not pleasant to use, and is a waste of money in the long run. When this inevitably breaks (and it will) I'm just going to buy an old used SNES controller and a USB adapter for it.
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VINE VOICEon April 16, 2017
Using this with windows 10 (and raspberry pi3) it has been working well.
Construction reminds me of the original snes controllers, buttons feel and function really well (as compared to some other 'clones' I have used).
Button presses feel crisp and clean. The shoulder buttons and ABXY work great. Directional pad works just like the original controllers.
The button presses are a tad bit stiffer than 'original' snes controllers, however is most likely due to the age and usage of my originals.
I would include pictures, but it looks just like their images.
I plan on picking some more of these up, for two player games.
I would not hesitate to purchase this controller if you wish to have a simple controller for games (or retro emu).
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on September 12, 2016
Didn't work for me but maybe with a better emulator? I'm not really advanced at that sort of thing
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on December 14, 2017
First off the cord isn't 9ft it's 5.5ft, it's not a white cord it's a black cord, different color around the Y X B A buttons it's like a navy blue instead of gray. The controller doesn't come in a box it was just wrapped up, other than that the controller works fine. I bought a Gtron SNES controller from Fry's a year ago and I don't live near one anymore so I decided to buy one on Amazon I thought this was a real Gtron controller but it's not as you could see in the picture I posted. I bought this as a gift I'm very disappointed.
review imagereview image
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on March 31, 2015
I bought one of these about two weeks ago. It arrived within five days. At first when I plugged it in to my laptop, I couldn't get it to do anything. It didn't register (but I'm not sure if it was the controller's or my port's fault). I plugged it in to another laptop, and it worked just fine. I tried it in my laptop again and it worked fine then as well. It feels cheap, and the cord coming out of the controller is loose and gets pulled out to expose the wires pretty easily. Super long cord, though. I keep mine bundled up. So far it's done what it's supposed to, except for that first try. It works well with my emulator and I've been able to play all my old nes and snes games. I just ordered a second one for my sister. If you're looking for a cheap controller to get the job done, then this should work pretty well for you. If you want something that will last a while, then I might spend a little more money to get a real snes controller.
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on July 10, 2017
This is not a good controller. While the cord is really long on this one, the buttons were EXTREMELY stiff. They were so stiff I had to switch to a different one. That being said, that one main thing was the only thing wrong with it - the computer picked it up just fine and I configured it with XPadder. The D-Pad is picked up as four individual buttons rather than a D-Pad, but for the purposes of mapping the controls that's fine.
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on December 29, 2016
Works perfect on a Mac and OpenEmu, also works on Raspberry Pi. I opened upon receiving to check the inside and the board was clean and the cable is properly threaded through anti-pull posts inside the controller (to keep it from pulling out). A little lightweight (I glued pennies inside to match the weight of the SNES official controller). I didn't have any issues with the D-pad.
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on January 5, 2013
The first thing I noticed was the D-pad would activate multiple directions when pressing only in one. There was also sometimes input lag where Mario would keep going after I've let go of the button (confirmed in Windows game controller properties).

Then, I took it apart to see why this was happening and the build quality is atrocious. The circuit board wasn't cut the right size so someone just took pliers and broke the edges off. The entire circuit board is mounted with one screw (the case back isn't keyed to the board) and can rotate around and make the rubber dome buttons mis-aligned against the circuit board. Soldering was horrendous with less than 1mm between two bare tinned wires that were cut too long.

-I glued a thin round piece of cardstock on the circuit board behind the D-pad's round bump to make the D-Pad stand up a little higher to prevent multiple buttons activating. Next, I glued a ring piece of cardstock behind the D-Pad button to let the rubber dome still come in good contact with the circuit board. This fixed the multiple button being pushed at a time issue.

-Input lag: It seemed to go away somewhat on its own after I fixed the D-pad. Still happens time to time and kills Mario.

-B and A buttons sometimes not responsive due to mis-alignment. Play with the location of the rubber dome pad against the circuit board. Consider hot gluing it onto the circuit board after locating correct position with a bright light.

All in all, I had more fun fixing this controller than playing Mario. Maybe Super Mario World would be more enjoyable if the controller didn't have lag. I never had any video game systems as a kid so maybe this makes me more forgiving of this controller.
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