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on March 18, 2013
The tabs that you use to guide the protector on leave a sticky residue...I tried all three in the pack and they all did the same thing.
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on December 9, 2013
This product is nearly impossible to apply without tons of bubbles or tiny dust particles getting on the sticky side.

However, I found that the sheet of clear plastic backing material, which is cut out exactly like the flimsy 'screen protector', actually works better than the 'protector' itself. I simply inserted the backing sheet between the screen and my leather iPad cover, which has a frame around the screen that holds it in securely in place. It works great. No bobbles, no dust. It protects better than the 'protector,' and seems totally sensitive to the slightest touch.
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on February 28, 2013
The clear protectors are okay. They do fit perfectly for the iPad mini,but once applied ,the screen became very hard to use . The screen became very sticky .
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on December 30, 2016
So i just got this item in the mail and i doubt i will be buying this item again if it was personally for me. I bought this for my kids which is why it wont bother me that much. The first problem was that it did not fit my daughters ipad mini that we just bought for christmas "perfectly" im not sure what gen it was but im sure its the most recent one as we just bought it. As someone with somewhat of an OCD it bothered me. When putting on the screen protector i had to make it to where the hole for the home button would have to be as high up on the button as possible in order for the camera to not be partially covered by the protector. it just barely made it doing what i did. When i applied one to my sons first gen Ipad mini, and i say its first gen because i bought it when ipad minis first came out, it fit great. onto the other problem which is something that i might say is common with alot of cheaper screen protectors. The thing collects dust like crazy. WHen i put my daughters on i did it in the restroom using the steam trick where you make the room steamy in order to prevent dust from being in the air i was able to put it on with probably 2 pieces of dust on it. I put my sons on in the kitchen and man the bubbles are like the spots on a leopard.(Shoulda did his using the steam trick) Also there are no alignment assist stickers to help which is a let down because its pretty hard to align it and sticking and resticking in order to get it on right makes it a pain and causes more time for dust to accumulate on the protector actually once you peel of the stickers on the screen protector dust already accumulates.. someone said that all the screens of ipad minis were the same size so either the protectors werent cut the same or there are actually minute differences in screen sizes or distance between camera and home button. all in all if this item were for kids who dont care about bubbles its not a bad price for a set of three. But if it were for me i would pay more and get a more better protector like my armorsuit screen protector like i did with my psvita. it came with some spray on stuff and a squeegie and when putting it on i was able to slide around the protector till it was perfectly aligned and than squeegie the spray out of between the screen and protector. afterwords it fit PERFECTLY and there was no bubbles or dust caught in between that i can see "at all". i bought these because i wanted added protection for dirt that gets into the otterboxes for the ipads.
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on October 7, 2015
This is the worst screen cover ever. There are three in the package so one should come out ok right? NOPE.

Protector #1: as soon as I too it out of the package it was clear: there were already bubbles I it! Before I even took out either sticker!

Protector #2 had only some minor bubbles at the washer to start with. So I gave it a shot. Clean screen, clean hands, you know the drill. These things are such a pain to align properly. You are supposed to put down one edge and just kind of guess if it's lined up perfectly or not. Well I got it lined up pretty good. Smoothed it out, only one tiny bubble. Pretty good by my standards. Then I go to pull off the outside film and the whole protector lifts up!! Bubbles everywhere! I've done this a dozen times you guys and I've never seen an outside film make the protector come off from the screen like that. I couldn't get all the bubbles put so...trying again.

Protector #3: Same as the others, it was still not bubble free to begin with. And I tried to accommodate the outside film problem this time but pulling at a better angle, but it still pulled up. Luckily this time I got all the bubbles out.

And for all that trouble the rest isn't even good. Visibility is definitely reduced on my screen. And this style is so hard o line up! Mine is not perfect which means it will probably peel up soon.

The worst part: the feel! With the protector my iPad feels tacky. Again, I've used screen protectors before and they as it like this. It is noticeable even when tapping, and forget doing swipes or slides. Ugh.

I got a tempered glass cover for my phone at the same time and it is AWESOME. Great visibility, feels just like the glass iPhone screen, and WAY easier to apply. The plastic film ones like this product are relics, don't bother. Get tempered glass!!
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on August 25, 2014
Fairly difficult to "install". The comments about the bubbles are correct. When you try to use a flat card to get them out you end up scraping up the screen protector so you basically ruin it from the start. I did a little better on the second but I had 2 minis I needed to cover so there was little room for error in a 3 pack.
Second, the little sticker that tells you which side to grab and which side to use etc DOES NOT COME OFF. Both minis have the equivalent of price sticker goo in the corner.
The protectors are doing the job but this isn't the best choice.
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on November 5, 2014
Protects my iPad well. I used a whole 1 on the front then cut up a second one to cover parts in the back (camera, flashlight, Apple logo) to protect it from any damage. This will keep my baby safe...I cut up the third one for the front camera. It doesn't affect the photo quality. A lot of dirt & debris gets in all the little openings so I wanted to keep this as clean as possible like mint condition. Had enough left of the 3rd one that I could use on my dad's touch screen phone. So this would be a 5...but shipping was WAYYYY too long. I had to go 1 1/2 months just to get it thankfully I left the original screen protector on that came with the iPad. So 4 for the longest wait ever
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on August 7, 2015
I love them, and I would buy this product again!
review image
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on May 7, 2014
I have bought more expensive protectors before but the price of this pack was the reason I bought it. I have put these on blackberry and iPhones as well as iPads. I'm glad there were three as the first one had to be trashed during placement as there were too many bubbles. I don't consider myself an expert fitting these things but it was by far the hardest one I had to fit. I would give it a 2.5 score as they are a lot cheaper and you get what you pay for but I couldn't give it more than a 50% score
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on December 24, 2012
To Protect the Screen of Mine and MA Hon's Newly acquired Ipad Minis, I came across this unit. and as it is Multiple Pack, it serves my purpose to the extreem. it may not be a Permanent setup, as the screen protectors need to be changed out runningly every so often, due to wear and tear ... but that is the Purpose of it alone, as it is more ecconomical to change the Screen Protectors than it is to change the SCREEN itself.

The Application is simple and once the alignment is attained, the application is a matter of Seconds, maybe a minute to wipe out any air bubble that may come. it may have a minimal misalignments on the outer corners, but as long as the SCREEN itself is protected, it serve its purpose

Bottom Line : The Product can Be Recommended
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