Customer Reviews: Clinique 3 Piece Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-Step System Kit
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on May 22, 2015
I bought my Clinique 3 step Acne Solutions from the store at macys. I have had small pimples as a teenager but not a lot. It started to get a lot in my mid 20's'. It just got unbearable. I was getting pimples that left scares almost all the time. I tried a little of a friend's Clinique acne solutions in the past but was not diligent and didn't see much so i stopped and she stopped. Fast forward years later, i had been suffering from pimples for years and had not seen my friend for years too and it's my friends wedding day. I finally see her and her face is totally clear. Like it's clear and her acne was worse than mine. She also is 10 years older than i am. I was shocked, I asked her what she was using and she said it was the acne solution 3 step plus the acne bar soap. she said she started it again after she was advised to use it properly with patience.

So i decided to buy my own. It's not cheap at all for the average person but i was desperate, Now this is the trick, the lady at macys told me to be patient too; there will be some dryness at first but keep using twice a day, reduce to once a day if it is too dry. I did exactly what she said and i experienced bad dryness so i kept using it but stopped using the lotion because i noticed i got more dry using the lotion.

My acne reduced alright but i got a or two pimple popping out like every other day on my face and then it disappears faster. For someone who had pimples that lingered i was excited and invested on just buying the wash foam and solution. I managed. Then one day i spoke to the clinique personnel and she said to remember that the lotion was a different active ingredient to the foam and solution and i need to use the lotion too.

So i started the lotion, i used the complete 3 step system twice a day. I wish i had before and after pictures because my face is clear and wonderful. My fiance used to name my pimples but ha! there isn't any pimples to name. I forgot to mention, the dryness will reduce with time. BE PATIENT. learn from experience. I took this time to write all this because I know someone experiences what i had. Now i don't know if this is for everyone BUT it is worth a try. if you have bad acne, try this before prescription drugs. my one bad thing is that it is a bit pricey. common Clnique!!! give us your loyal customers a break.

I think i'm gonna post this review also directly on the Clinique website. good luck to you.
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on November 9, 2010
I suffer from adult acne since my mid 20s. I have also tried numerous brands such as Murad, Neutrogena, Loreal, Clinique basic 3 steps, Oxy, Clean & clear etc. Nothing works for me except this kit. When I just started to use it, I saw my skin is clearer within 3 days. It tamed down all my bumps, white & black head, redness zit, uneven acne marks. May be it just meant to suit my skin type. I love it. The only thing I would say is that my skin gets a bit drier, but I put on oil free Cetaphil moisturiser and everything still looks good for me.
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on May 8, 2014
The starter kit is $36.00 at all other retailers such as Dillard's, Macy's, Clinique's website and Sephora, so I don't understand how this starter kit is $50! The full kit is $50 at the stores I mentioned and the full kit is $73 on here. So I won't be buying any of the Clinique products from the Amazon because it's way cheaper everywhere else!
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VINE VOICEon June 2, 2013
I'm in my mid-30s with extremely oily, breakout prone skin. I gave this a try last winter and had mixed results.

- Cleanser: The foaming cleaner is pretty nice. It cleanses but you do need a separate step to remove makeup. I found a makeup wipe did the trick. This has salicylic acid in it, but that won't do anything because it just gets washed down the drain. For the price, I won't buy this again. The Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash in the Blue Pump bottle cleanses better and is a third of the price.

- Toner: My experience with this product is poor. It is loaded with alcohol and is VERY drying. It actually left my skin feeling pretty uncomfortable. The pH also isn't right so the salycilic acid in the toner won't exfoliate. Thus, I would not recommend. I prefer the Paula's Choice CLEAR line of exfoliants. The Extra Strength version is really good for acne prone skin, but the Regular strength is good too. Paula's Choice is similarly priced.

- Moisturizer: This is very good. I buy this on its own. It delivers benzoil peroxide without being overly drying.

Overall: This system did clear up by skin. I experienced fewer breakouts. However, it is very drying, largely due to the toner. A toner shouldn't dry your skin out like that. Thus, I can't recommend the system. As stated above, however, individual products are good, particularly the moisturizer which is excellent.
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on March 17, 2016
The product works good, I used to work for Clinique. Clears up normal breakouts but not cystic acne. I don't like the 3rd step here, it dries out the skin. There is alcohol in these products, but it's only a cosmetic alcohol so it's not the same component as cleaning alcohol you'd use in kitchens etc. However, I rated it low because it's listed as $48 here... this is a starter size kit that you can buy in stores from a Clinique consultant for $38 with free shipping. It's a bit of a rip off to buy it from another seller for more.
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on March 31, 2015
This product did not work for me. Ever since I turned 20, I started getting all sorts of acne: cystic, blackheads, whiteheads ...
I bought this 3-step acne solutions under false impressions, and after 1 month of use, no results. My face was actually worse off: dry, uneven (rough) texture, no changes in acne, and a acne rash developed on my forehead. The cleansing foam was not all that bad, my favourite from the trio. The clarifying lotion is VERY drying. I have oily skin so that says a lot! The moisturizer did absolutely nothing for me.
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on May 22, 2016
Perfect size! Love the little bottles. The kit is perfect, I'm currently struggling with acne, it comes and goes but this time when it came back, the pimples were much more bigger and stronger! They wouldn't go away and it was starting to affect my self esteem. I decided to go ahead and give this a try again.

I bought the smaller size than the regular because it's a bit pricey but boy I was not disappointed! The bottles are small enough that it's not a hassle lugging around and super convenient for when I need to pack to travel. So far I am remember my prior experience with the product and honestly I noticed that the 3rd step, moisturizer changed in a sense of consistency. The product is thicker and dries quicker than before. I like it! Much lighter than the other one. I'm not sure what they changed but I definitely noticed it and it is a plus for me. The toner and face wash is the same, still effective.

The package arrived on time and I love it! Works as told! And I really like how it only smells at first when you put it on and then the smell goes away. But other than that I do recommend this product! Works for me! Keep improving the product!
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on November 16, 2015
I've never really struggled with acne until I started working a year ago and for some reason I had a HORRIBLE break out on my face, mostly on my cheeks. I tried a lot of acne products, from Neutrogena to Aveeno and nothing worked. I'd read before that Clinique was a really good brand but because I wasn't working I never had money to try them. I'd read some really great reviews their acne solutions and was a bit skeptical about using it, mainly because I have sensitive skin and can't really use too much different types of products (which is why I started using the Aveeno. The brand is good, made my skin feel soft, but did nothing for the acne) Anyway, after some thought, I said nothing beats a try but a failure. I've been using this since summer 2015 (summer gone) and I must say this has done and is doing a great job of clearing up my acne and keeping it away. I do tend to pick at my skin a lot but I'm trying not to do that because that only leads to more acne and scars. It doesn't irritate my skin like other products and the step 3 makes my skin feel soft and smooth.

My tips:
1. Use this along with the Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel 1 Fl Oz / 30 Ml. I've paired it with that and have seen visible improvement in my scarring. I still have scars and dark spots but I plan to get the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for Unisex, All Skin Types, 1.7 Ounce as I've also read reviews on that and heard it works well for scarring. I tend to use a little extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil after I use this though, since it tends to dry my skin a little. However, I only use it on the scarred spots, not my entire face since I only have scarring on my cheeks where my acne was.

2. I use this twice a day, morning and night. It says you can only use it once too if your skin gets really irritated, but I use it twice. I wash my face in the morning and then at night before I go to bed. I have used it once a day before but I find I feel better when I use it twice. It's really up personal prefernce.

3. With Step 2, makes sure you don't have any open cuts or scars (if you're like me, you tend to touch your face or peel at some scars-DO NOT DO THAT!) If you do, when you apply step 2 it will sting a bit.

Other than that, great product, would recommend to others who struggle with acne breakouts.
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on February 22, 2016
This product was one of many that I purchased in the past. Hoping it would help with my acne, but it didn't work at all. It actually made it worse. I know most products take some time to work, and your skin has to adapt. However, after several weeks I gave up on this product. It wasn't doing what it's advertised to do. I have combination skin as well.
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on February 3, 2015
Great for acne, I don't use the peroxide lotion everyday, as it dries my skin out. I only use it for spot treatment before I go to bed, and it usually dries out the acne. Also watch out if you go to bed with it on it will bleach your pillow cases, so make sure you put a crappy one on when you go to bed. But the first two steps are phenomenal, you start to see results in days :D
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