Customer Reviews: Clockwork Angels Tour
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on November 18, 2013
Wow, so many reviews of this already, I almost feel a little out of place doing a write-up now that I have seen the entire DVD (I got mine a day early, thank my lucky stars).

Set One was awesome, as I expected. I admit, beforehand when I saw the setlist I was a little skeptical about some of the rarely played songs from "Power Windows" but all that went away when I actually saw them performed. Grand Designs and Territories rocked and the extra from Disc 2, Middletown Dreams was also very good.

Subdivisions is my favorite Rush song so it's always welcome in the live set & The Analog Kid really did move me. Still trying to decide which "The Big Money" I like better, this one or the one from Rush in Rio. And I love when Rush pulls something rare out, in this case "The Body Electric" which puts the studio version to shame.

Set Two is where the band experiments by having a string ensemble accompany them on the stage & I guess not everyone will be wowed by it, but it's hard to imagine some of the new material from "Clockwork Angels" without them, particularly a song like "The Garden."

If I had to quibble with the string section for anything, it might be that they get a little too loud during Alex's solo on Dreamline, but they are fantastic during Red Sector A, YYZ and Manhattan Project, so overall I would say the string section did nothing to take away from Geddy, Alex and Neil.

Of course it will be interesting to see what Rush does with the Clockwork Angels material on their next tour & here I am thinking way too far ahead when Rush just wrapped up Clockwork Angels & just blessed us fans with this terrific DVD.

I'll just wrap this by saying Rush definitely delivers the goods with this concert. Not quite as great as "Snakes and Arrows" but definitely a step up from "Time Machine Tour."
5 stars
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on December 8, 2013
I have ALL the Rush videos. I was at the Dallas concert. That the Bluray is awful I cannot oversell. I am not even going to go into audio. IMO, the video alone is dizzying and really unwatchable. Who did Rush use to record this? What lamebrain thought it would be cool to change the viewing on the concert ever 3.5 seconds including view from looking between heads, arm waves, and the back of the floor and arena. Here's some basic advice: for most of concert videos, people want a centering, close to front 5-10 rows view. Especially with Rush's visual show, we want to see the lighting, video backdrop, special effects. Yes, you can pan from SOME different perspectives. Changing views and angles ever 3.5 seconds from every distance, angle, from bad seating views to showing them walking up to the stage while the video is playing. MASSIVE over edit. I have no feel for even being at this concert. It's a video disaster. Try to put this video back together, please. It looks like the high school video department filmed the event.
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on December 22, 2013
Finally got to watch this on Palladia. Absolutely painful to watch this production. Constant camera cuts (like every 1-3 seconds) are the worst. If Alex is playing an extended solo, just show him playing. Don't show 1.5 seconds of it up close, then cut away and zoom in real fast, and then show the crowd for 2 seconds and then Neil hit the crash for 1 second, then back to Alex for another 1.5 seconds. This is all made worse by the fast zooming, shaky hand held cameras, and poor video quality in general. At some points they literally change the camera on every crash/musical hit no matter how fast they are in the music. What a let down.
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on December 8, 2013
What a let down, the weakest of Rush's concert DVD's by far. The sound quality is horrible and the visual quality is not up to snuff for HD widescreens, it's like they filmed this with really cheap hand-held digital cameras. A lot of the shots need to be de-interlaced, there's so much wobbly artifacts from camera movement. Really a bummer, this one.
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on November 26, 2013
LOVE the Video but hate the Audio. It seems as if the wrong mix (rear tracks instead of front left / right) was used on the pressing of the Blu-ray. Audio is loud but everything seems to be lumped into one wall of sound. I could not hear any separation between vocals and drums (something is really wrong if you try to listen to the first drum solo and can not hear individual drums). I think this blu-ray should be evaluated & recalled and a proper audio mix offered. Time Machine & Snakes + Arrows DO NOT sound like this blu-ray release. Otherwise the video presentation is beautiful. I only watched the first set and turned off the disc before the 2nd set was performed. I listened to this on a 5.1 surround system. I immediately put in my brand new George Thorogood blu-ray and was blown away how crystal clear the audio separation and balance was presented on that disc.

Edit: Just revisited this Blu-Ray tonight. I just switched/changed some of my receiver settings, mainly I had something called Cinema EQ turned on and decided to turn it off and... WOW!!! I can now hear everything crystal clear and separated. For some reason (I assume) this setting must be cancelling this particular audio mix out or possibly compressing it to the point where everything had this muffled sound to it. It might explain some of the other conflicting reviewers issues with bad audio as opposed to the exact opposite Rave reviews regarding the Audio Mix. I also switched out my optical cable for a coaxial type which (i doubt since it is digital anyway) maybe helped my particular situation.

Try tweaking any EQ settings that may needlessly be activated and see if it helps any.
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VINE VOICEon June 16, 2015
My favorite Rush concert, captured for posterity with skill and care. The addition of strings makes the concert special, and I think "Clockwork Angels," performed in its entirety, is among Rush's top-tier albums. Besides "Angels," the concert contains all of the most vital canonical works, and the requisite Peart drum solos. This is a concert video to own and visit often.
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on November 21, 2013
Great video. Couldn't wait for it to come out. Saw the show In Las Vegas. Life long Rush fan. Own all the CD, DVD and Blu Ray releases. The audio on this is horrible! Neil's drums are lost and the mix is downright muddy throughout. Major letdown!
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on September 22, 2015
I'm a HUGE RUSH FAN ever since 1978 A Farewell to Kings Tour. This Blu-Ray contains their live show with something they have never done before... the members of RUSH toured with a string ensemble. Fantastic. The music from this tour was written by Niel Peart to tell a story and was written into a book. Never heard RUSH before or seen them - they put on a quite a show.
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on November 27, 2013
I am a life-long Rush fan. They are my favorite live band. How a Blu-ray with this poor of audio mix got approved by them is beyond me. Absolutely disappointing. I stopped listening after 3 songs and I'll never watch it again.

Hopefully they can fix the mix and re-release the Blu-ray. Right now, I want my money back.
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on March 28, 2014
I made the mistake of not buying this on Amazon so I'm stuck with it. The DVD case is marked DVD audio/video. I was really excited to get Rush on DVD audio and unless I'm doing something wrong my player can't find it. Also the DVD is marked DTS-HD which I found suspicious when I was in the store and debated on whether or not to buy it. I've only seen DTS-HD on blu-ray. Screwed again, when I play it there is no DTS-HD audio. False advertising. Forget the 2 channel option, stereo audio on this sounds worse than a fading radio station. On the bright side it does have dolby digital 5.1 which sounds decent but still below average compared to other DVD concerts I have. I'm glad I didn't pay extra for the blu-ray version because from the sound of other reviews it isn't much better. Before you argue with me on this - yes my blu-ray player is compatible, it has all the audio codecs and can play DVD-A. It does all the decoding and has 7.1 direct output so it's not a problem with the preamp either. If you had to adjust everything on your stereo to make this sound better then you didn't have your stereo setup correctly in the first place.
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