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This deal is for 1st-time subscribers. Cancel anytime. Automatically renews at $99.99/year after free trial. Learn more
This deal is for 1st-time subscribers. Cancel anytime. Automatically renews at $9.99/month after free trial. Learn more
Cloud Cam comes with notifications that let you know when activity is detected and watch the last 24 hours of video clips. With a Cloud Cam subscription plan, you can unlock advanced features like Person detection, Zones, and more storage.
Product details
Do more with your Cloud Cam. Cloud Cam subscription plans unlock advanced computer vision algorithms that give Cloud Cam more intelligence. Additionally, Cloud Cam’s intelligence lives in the cloud, so advanced alerts and features are continuously being added.

Cloud Cam subscription plans are eligible for Cloud Cam cameras only. To activate your subscription, set up your camera in the Cloud Cam App. Cloud Cam plans are charged per customer account, not per camera. For example, you can support up to 10 cameras with a single Pro plan. If a camera is already setup, your subscription will automatically be activated after you sign up for a Cloud Cam Plan. Upgrade or change your Cloud Cam subscriptions any time by visiting the Your Memberships and Subscriptions page.

How it works
How it works
Set up your Cloud Cam indoor security camera
Plug in Cloud Cam & download the Cloud Cam App. Learn more
How it works
Pick your plan
Pick a plan that works for you. Your billing period will begin after any eligible free trial period expires.
How it works
Manage your plan
Easily upgrade or manage your Cloud Cam subscription in one place on Your Memberships and Subscriptions
Supported devices
Phones and Tablets
Minimum operating system requirements:
  • Amazon Fire OS (Fire, Fire Phone, Fire HD) 5.0 & higher
  • iOS 9.0 & higher
  • Android Lollipop & higher
  • Android Marshmallow & higher
Laptop and Desktop Computers
Minimum desktop app requirements:
  • OS X Cheetah (10.0) & higher
  • Windows OS 7 & higher
Minimum browser requirements:
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
TVs and Streaming Media Players
  • Fire TV, Fire TV Stick
  • Fire TV Edition Smart TV
Other Devices
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Show

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