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on June 28, 2011
I recently bought a pair of these Cobra MicroTalk CXR925 two-way radios to use as 'test' replacement radios for our 6.5 acre, 4 building mini-campus (mostly we purchased based on various strong customer reviews and the longer charge life of lithium batteries, which we need for a full 8 Hr workday's usage.) Five years ago, we purchased several pairs of earlier Cobra MicroTalk LI 6000 WX two-way radios, which were perfect for our facilities; they are durable, and perform wonderfully for our day-to-day staff operations purposes. Unfortunately, a couple of them have begun to fail due to almost 5 years of hard, daily usage and normal wear and tear ... but they were a great investment during their working lives and some are still working like champs. Disappointingly, our 2 newer and more expensive 'test' Cobra MicroTalk CXR925 replacements have proven to be an unsuccessful replacement of our older Cobra LI 6000 WX models. The only problem (but a major one) is that at the highest volume setting of '8' on these CXR925s, these 2 new radios are barely audible and my maintenance and janitorial employees have complained that they often have to place the units right up to their ears to clearly hear transmissions. We now only use these 2 newer CXR925 units with office personnel and with earpieces. Wish Cobra still made the LI 6000 WX model.

IMPORTANT REVIEW NOTE / CUSTOMER FOLLOW-UP FOR THE ABOVE REVIEW: This is a follow-up to the above review by the myself, the author. I sent the above mentioned 2 radios back to Cobra's factory repair services per instructions from their repair department shortly after writing this review. Within a couple of weeks, my 2 radios (the same ones I sent back) were returned to me and the previous volume issue with both units was completely corrected. Both units are now working perfectly and at volume levels that are more than acceptable. Great customer support!

THANKS COBRA for standing behind your product and repairing these radios to my satisfaction!
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on July 10, 2016
Bought these to use on our acreage. They work great, even in our tin shed (where our cell phones don't work at all). I bought this set because of the large batteries and so far the battery life has been good. We have used them for 12+ hours at a time and when I throw them on the charger they might charge for a couple minutes and are full again, though we don't talk much so they are in power save mode most of the time. They flop onto the charge dock very well, you don't have to fuss with it. A couple drawbacks that I have noticed:
There aren't small (they have a smaller model, though smaller battery as well).
The voice activated feature could do with a more sensitive setting.
No battery level display.
They are a bit quiet even at full volume, though you will almost always hear (and feel the vibration) when someone uses the call button.
Build quality isn't great.
The belt clips are fixed. They do not swivel nor are they spring loaded. With such a large radio I would swivel it sideways on my hip to keep the antenna out of your way, but with these you get what you see, that's it.
They will stand up on their own if there is no wind and the world stops spinning but otherwise forget about it, the radio base is too curved.

Overall I gave it four stars because they didn't amaze me, but were good enough to keep. I think we could have gotten by with a cheaper set (paid $60 for these), but was going for the large li-ion batteries because I wanted to know they would last all day at least. I expect these to last about as long as the battery pack life, so around 3 years or so. If they do better than that i'll be impressed because we use them daily. This is probably the best set you'll find in this price range with the li-ion batteries. If you need better you'll have to spend much more and probably go for a GMRS setup with a license.
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on May 2, 2017
I'm on Amazon Prime but didn't get this in 2 days, it took just over a week. I charged the Talkies up for 15 hours, set them up and tried them out. I drove away from the house with one and my wife had the other one at home. I live in flat open country US west plains. I did a commo check about every half mile. All was well up to about 2 miles then all I got was my roger peep. I got them to drive two vehicles across the country and they will work just fine for that. They are a long way from the 43 kilometer rang advertised.
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on June 22, 2017
The thing I don't like about them is the talk button. It's a microswitch under a cushy pad that looks like a full button instead of a full button. So, you feel around the cushy pad until you feel the switch.

Wife and I have only used these a couple weeks for the three floor house and 10 acres. I have keyed in numerous times I can hear her mumbling better down the stairs than over the radio - she's not pressing the switch under the fake button. Then again, as long as she thinks she's talking to me - maybe that's not so bad.

That's my only beef and it makes me want to change to a different radio. I want to push a button and talk - not spend three seconds finding the microswitch.

Other than that, our property is 10 fully wooded and these cover it all, end to end, corner to corner.
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on April 9, 2015
Quite impressive little radio. I live in West Virginia with lots of hills and trees. I am shocked at how far these radios go, considering the terrain. The volume is excellent! I highly recommend these radios.

I have an addition to this comment. My son lost, or thought he lost 1 of these radios. I ordered another set, and the new set was the 27 mile range Walkie Talkies. Contrary to the comments from others, there is a difference! These radios cost more and they transmit further! FACT!!

3/3/2017 and we still love these little radios. Awesome!

5/11/2017 and I am confused about one thing. Do you or don't you need a license to use these radios legally. There are hundreds of answers. The instruction manual used -27 font, so you need a literal microscope to read it. I can not find the exact mz. these things run on. They are awesome, but not worth an FCC fine.
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on February 26, 2017
I bought these to replace my old top-of-the-line Midlands, which were very good. The first pair of Cobras I received had one defective (low volume on receive.) The second pair are working properly.
These Cobras have better sound from the speakers than my old radios, nice and crisp. The Rewind feature is going to be very handy for me. The controls are easy to use; all the functions that I will use regularly have their own buttons, so I will rarely need to go into the menus, unlike my old radios. And in one test of a difficult location, these got through where the old radios didn't. The only things I would like different so far would be (1) have the rewind function work when the lock function is engaged, and (2) better belt clips. I trusted the belt clips on my old radios most of the time, except when I was stooping down, but with these I am going to carry the radio in my front pants pocket most of the time. That said, the control buttons require enough force that I don't expect to need the lock function. I've already carried it in my pocket quite a bit, and no buttons have been activated unintentionally.
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on March 6, 2014
I was a little afraid of this radio because i had my first pair of cobra's (not this model) fail on me... but i gave these a shot because cobra is the only company that sells these radios at this size and price range with lithium ion batteries. for snowboarding and cold weather activities, this is a must.

The best features:
-Very small - with their size, nobody complains about carrying them around when you hand them out in the morning. If you do want smaller, i guess go with the CXR925, but these are small enough
-Li-Ion battery - lasts all day, and then some. Does not lose noticeable amount in the cold. For ski/snowboard trips, i turn them on during breakfast at 730AM to prep them, and they last the whole ski day (roughly 430pm), even in 0 degree F. One day i couldn't even find one of the radios, and called it at 11PM and found it. Battery was still showing good (not saying they'll last until then with constant use, but also shows the battery save feature keeps them going when not in use).
-Super durable - the radios I have are not handled carefully, more like the opposite. They are thrown around, stuffed in bags and pockets, and get wet in the snow. Never dunked them in water, but they've seen a lot and have had no problems. Also, using them with gloves is very easy with the large rubber buttons.
- Sound is loud and clear, and all of us love the vibrate feature on calls, as we usually snowboard with headphones on and know when someone is trying to reach us.
- Very compact and lightweight charging cradle - other radios i think twice about bringing on a ski trip, since it's an extra hastle to pack. These are so small and light, i bring them even if i dont' anticipate using them.

Aside from that, range is as expected with these radios, along with all radios. You can't complain about range, even if you say you are on the same side of a mountain. A small hill in between means you are trying to communicate between a stone barrier. I was able to communicate at the top of Whistler Blackomb to our base house, 3000 feet elevation below, because I could see it. At some points I couldn't reach someone on the same face and trail as me, if i was on top and they were at the bottom, because there were humps in the trail. This is normal and understandable, and people need to understand any radio won't work in these conditions unless you have repeaters built everywhere.

so between all other radios, i'd pick these mainly for size, durability, and battery life. Operation from there on work like every other brand
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on June 28, 2014
I have several other types of radios in this small/personal radio category, from Kenwood, Motorola, etc, and the while historically I would initially put those on my shopping list before Cobra, once you get into their rechargeable models, you are talking more money, and a much larger profile. This Cobra is barely thicker than the smallest battery powered Motorola units, but it includes a rechargeable lithium battery, and we can easily get a whole 10 - 14 hour day out of them (depending on how chatty you are.)

Purchasing/charging/replacing 6 AAA batteries for 2 radios became tedious, and if you don't do it regularly, it may run out in the middle of the day. Giving them cordless phone-like charging is just a great idea.

These make it SO easy, but without the size or shape penalty of the other brands. Just turn them off, drop them in the charging dock, and then pick them up as needed. Even the footprint of the dock is small; the whole thing is just the size of the radios back to back.

We use these radios (in lieu of a cell phone) to keep track of our daughter playing over at neighbors houses. From living room to living room, through walls, etc, it will easily transmit 1/8 mile or more, going through 4 - 5 houses. Outside more than doubles that range, but you really need to be mountaintop to mountaintop to approach the double digit mile ranges (which we don't care about for our needs.)

I think they are an outstanding value and they are serving our family well.
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on April 2, 2018
Have ordered seven sets of the Cobra Walkie-Talkie microTalk CXR925 35-Mile 22-Channel Two-Way Radio for business use. Got these because of the rewind feature. Its a great feature that other radios do not have.
The problem is we've had a 25% failure rate, all with the same issue. The receiving volume level becomes so low that the radio cannot be readily heard. If it happens during the warranty period Cobra will fix it, but I don't have time to keep sending radios in for repairs and the longer we've had them, the more units fail. We are replacing them with higher quality, lower priced units that do not have the rewind.
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on June 5, 2014
(Update 6-20-14 original rating 2 stars) Upon receiving my replacement set from Amazon (one radio had volume issues. See review below)These radios work great. No problems so far. What you receive is hit or miss but if you get a working pair they are great. Also compatible with other radios.

I got these cobra microtalk CXR925 to replace a set of cobra microtalk LI 6000-2 WX VP that had lasted 8 years before one of the radios just stopped working. I was looking forward to the "updated" version of my old microtalks. First off, these radios aren't so "micro" being a full 2 1/2 inches taller than the old one. These are thinner and taller. (not a deal breaker) 2) construction in much cheaper. Overall feel is very "plasticy" and cheap/light plastic at that. Again, I'm comparing to the old microtalks because that is what I can base my experience on. The clip on the back is a thinner not so clippy piece of plastic whose job seems to hold the battery compartment in place rather than clip to clothing items with any sense of true security. (not really a deal breaker for me either) 3)these radios ARE compatible with my old set. Just tune to the same channel and viola all is good. (this feature moved this review up a star) 4) One of the radios was inaudible. Could not hear when volume on max (which is 8 by the way, 8. Does that seem weird to anyone besides myself? 8 is max? I wish it was 11......insert Spinal Tap joke here... So as other reviewers have stated these seem to be hit or miss. I contacted Amazon who is sending an immediate replacement set. I've read the reviews on other camping/outdoor sites and in comparison to other higher end models these microtalks blew them away as far as functionality in a real world setting and no other battery can match the time between charging as these. I will update this review when my replacement set arrives and I can truly put them through the paces. As of now, cross your fingers and hope you get a good pair.
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