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Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection
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Price:$67.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 16, 2017
It works great until you grow completely numb to the detection beeps due to the hundreds of false alarms you will get for every 1 correct reading. If you're a heavy speeder, you won't be after you buy this thing and trust in its readings for a week. Great for training yourself out of speeding but okay at best when it comes to actual readings.

Just hope that your local PD, Sheriffs, and State Troopers don't wise up to their use and start almost exclusively clocking people with lasers.

Yes this thing CAN detect lasers if it is pointed directly at the device but by the time this thing traumatizes you with its heart-attack inducing laser detection siren, the officer will have already gotten an accurate reading of your speed and begun to engage you in pursuit.

I'm just glad I had a good lawyer.

WITH THAT SAID I have been spared by the ticket gods once or twice by this thing. Some cops leave their radars on constantly and therefore are detectable in advance. This thing works best in rural areas with lazy cops who don't get out of their vehicles to use their fancy laser guns. Motorcycle cops will become your worst enemies (because they favor lasers and only shooting the radar guns when needed).

Does in fact detect radar potentially before it's being used on you
Keeps you on your toes while driving for a good long while
Has the ability to turn off voice mode (because you will get sick of her)
Is legal in most states

Useless against laser guns
Useless in cities with more interference than you're willing to put up with
Useless once you grow completely numb to the warning siren. It eventually just becomes a sound your car makes in your mind.

Full disclosure, I still use mine to this day. I've had it for three years and I don't feel right driving without it.
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on May 16, 2016
The Cobra XRS9570 is a good radar detector, especially for the money. It detects several bands, including X, K, Ka, and POP. It detected a radar the first time I used it and sure enough, there was a cop shooting radar behind me. This unit, when properly mounted has 360 degree detection.

The unit is easy to use with very clear and understandable instructions. I programed it to my liking in just a couple of minutes.

My only complaint is the mounting system. The suction cups do not hold the unit to the windshield very long. After a few minutes of driving, the unit is no longer attached to the windshield and falling on the floor. The Velcro adhesive is even worse. I cleaned a spot on my dash but the Velcro will still not stick to it.

I have ordered some industrial strength Velcro and will use that to mount the detector to the dashboard.

The unit is great, but the mounting system is not, therefore I only gave it 4 stars.
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on June 24, 2017
I do not usually write product reviews but this radar detector is just awful. It produces false alarms all the time even though I turned off detection for the X and K bands and put it into City mode. It will randomly spaz out when you are driving with no cops near by, sporadically blipping from 5 (meaning strongest signal) to 1 (weakest) and back and forth, or just going full out spaz-mode beeping at a "5" signal strength until it suddenly stops. Because apparently you can go from having a radar right next to you to there being no signal at all in a matter of a 5 yard radius - yeah, that totally makes sense.

But I'm generally a pretty patient person and the false alarms would be tolerable IF the radar detector also captured real occurrences at a high, or at least reasonable, rate. But out of the 7 or 8 times I've driven right past radar-equipped police vehicles since I've had this detector, it has detected exactly ZERO of them. That is pretty lame.

tl;dr the product does exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to - it constantly detects non-radars and never detects actual radars
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on September 25, 2017
I've had a couple of radar detectors in my life and I love this cobra detector! It will detect a cop using their radar gun as they are parked hiding or coming up on the freeway searching for speeders. I've literally gotten out of about 5 or 6 potential tickets cause I was going above the speed limit and it warmed me way before the police/ highway patrol caught me.
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on September 6, 2015
I bought this over a year ago and was initially pretty happy with my purchase once I worked out which bands to turn off to avoid false alarms (K band detection is almost unusable because of the number of false alarms). However, recently I have been less satisfied with my purchase. My largest complaint is that this does not work that well. While it can pick up most KA band signals, it barely works with lasers. In fact, every time I had been pulled over, the radar detector was silent, which really defeats it's purpose. The other day I went through two speed traps where I actually saw the officer take my speed and the detector did not go off. Also, the mode on this detector that is meant to detect railroad crossings has a false alarm every time I am near a Chevy SUV and this feature cannot be disabled. While it is possible that the KA band detection got me out of a few tickets, the laser detection has done me no favors, and the train detection is driving me insane. The bottom line is that i do not recommend this model and i would not purchase it again if given the chance.
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on April 27, 2017
Its really compact. Looks nice, i got this because it had the basic features that i was looking for..
but i bought mine defective with a fried screen and possibly bad circuit board. no bueno.
review image
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on July 13, 2016
I debated the purpose and value of purchasing a Radar Detector for years but after my last trip to Pennsylvania from Florida I got a speeding ticket and finally decided it would be worth wild to make the investment.
So after reviewing this model and the model below it, i decided to go with this model since it had the alleged "Voice". So the first time i used it was to travel from South Florida to Pennsylvania and then back for a total of 2400 miles. It worked well for me and the voice alert is definitely worth the extra 20 bucks over the model below this one. I still need to understand all the alerts so i can be better informed on the false alerts but for the most part this item performed to my expectations and I would recommend this.
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on January 4, 2014
As with all electronics of this nature, you must read the fine manual prior to getting good results. POP mode seems to false-alert a great deal - so I turned it off, as I did with x-band. After figuring out what was falsing and only triggering on the rest - I was able to obtain good results ~ that is, alerts only when needed/ warranted.

I used a long road trip (3.5 hours one-way) to calibrate the detector. This means I was hit with a good mix of signals. The most frequent false alert was the POP/Instant-on warning. This is understandable if one takes into account that the alarm seems to be triggered by a CHANGE in RF strength rather than a specific frequency. In short, I heard the detector way more than I wanted to going to my destination.

On the way back - I adjusted my settings and viola! No false alerts! I got three (3) triggered alerts and three very real sources of RF detection - including VG-2. Overall, very happy with this purchase. Updates to follow...
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This radar detector is top - notch. For the price, I would highly recommend it. It has a city/highway feature that helps to filter out signals. This radar picks up every signal that exists from police, etc. I own a Porsche Cayenne Twin Turbo and needles to say, ITS FAST. It is the most fun car to drive if you enjoy the driving experience. Therefore, I MUST have a radar detector to protect myself (and my wallet:)) I researched and researched and found this Cobra 9370 model. For the price, this Cobra was perfect for what I needed. It is so accurate that every time I drive by a police sub-gas station where there is always at least one county cop, Cobra chirps accordingly. Its like clock work that it goes off every time in the exact same location and distance from this cop sub station. I have done other tests to confirm this particular Cobras accuracy and I have never been disappointed. It is reliable, a safe haven, accurate, and contains several features that help me adjust its usage. For example, sound, brightness in daytime versus nighttime, mutes itself after a first loud alert and many more.
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on May 22, 2015
Does not give 360 degree radar protection!
Yellow lights DO NOT SHINE bright enough to be seen in sunny weather. (Note sunny at 60 degrees in Shitcago, IL.)
Volume at max can NOT BE HEARD if window is open or radio is on.

Can only detect radar head on.
Many false signals at x and k band

Wish I kept my whistler cr 90 detector. Beats this hands down
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