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on January 8, 2013
This was bought as a Christmas present for my 4 year old daughter instead of a Innotab 2. I just figured i could download a lot of $2.99 apps for the price of 1 $30 Innotab game. This is true and in that regard it is a better choice. I have Sandbox set up to boot so my daughter has all her apps and can never access any adds or internet without my choosing. (I highly recommend this app) This tablet works great for ever kid game i have installed including Angry Birds. It is a little slow on somethings and does NOT have google play. But iMobile works great but Amazon App Store crashes on mine and only works once after installing it and then I will have to reinstall if I need to use it. This maybe has a solution but needs to be known. Also Netflix does work but it very slow to load on a fast connection. This tablet does offer a lot of Dev options so if that is your intention it would probably be a great tablet. Overall this has been used a lot in the last month and still works great. Battery is probably 3-4 hours of toddler use, leaving on and walking away then coming back later. It is a good alternative to the InnoTab 2 or Leapad 2 if you install SANDBOX and have it boot so the toddler can't defeat it. On the plus side this entire tablet costs the same as 2.5 Leapad games.

EDIT**** After 1 year of use****

My kids 5 & 2 have been using this tablet with Famigo Sandbox set to boot on start-up so its a kid tablet for 1 year and it has outlasted the drops, spills, and bangs for daily use for 1 year!!!! While this tablet may not be offered anymore the basic structure is very tough. That being said it is slow but the battery lasts hours. After 1 year the tablet is broken, NOT by the kids but by me?? The flaw with this tablet is the charging port - it is a very weak female adapter and broke off inside the tablet. So with this in mind I would by this tablet again for my kids to abuse just don't plug it in to charge with any force. Great tablet but weak on the only part used by the adult.
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on June 12, 2013
Hello everyone to those who reads this commentary. First off, I would like to note that this tablet is very, very fragile. The first time we brought one, it was for our son for a Christmas gift. That broke within 2 weeks, because he dropped it from the leather couch to a plush carpet, and then the screen shattered...on a carpet floor. we figured with the second one, it shouldn't be that serious...yeah, right. The second tablet was purchased on February 16th; unfortunately he went on punishment towards the beginning of April, where he wasn't able to use it until yesterday (last day of school). I charged the tablet for him, and he uses it, but once the battery died out, he couldn't charge it on his own charger. I have a secondary charger my own, so I go ahead and charge it in that small pin area overnight. this morning, I go to check it, and the damn charger port has broken inside of the tablet. my teenager hasn't even had a chance to use it within two months, if that. This is ridiculous. There is no way that I would recommend this tablet to anyone who chooses to get a less expensive one for their kids. I work in retail, so when I tell you that you get what you pay for, please believe my words as I am now the victim of those very words: you want a quality electronic product, you better spend that money.

July 15th, 2013:

We ended up giving our son another tablet...The 2nd generation 7" Kindle Fire (SD); yeah, the one we should've just got him in the first place. It was my wife's first tablet, but now she's has the Samsung Galaxy 7" tablet - figured we would be generous and give him her old one - MUCH better quality then those first two we brought him.
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on December 15, 2012
First of all, this unit is very slow. The response time is slower than expected. I can live with that. All I want is to send this to my grandpa, grandpa-in-law as gift. I know most people want to send kids tablet, but in my case, the old folks may want something like this because it is touch screen. Normally, old folks can't type. So, I decided to find a tablet that I can send to them to use as Reading/Listening to Bible (that is major function)

By the way, just found out what resistive screen means, it means you have to hold longer than usual. maybe that is why it is slow in response.

Second, it is getjar instead of google play store. Before I ordered, I did check out getjar, and I thought it would work on this device. But to my disappointment, in, you need to type the device first to have it found if found. Getjar somehow does not find the model, but I used the closer one anyway. However, many applications will not work, for example "Go Keyboard". So, before you order, make sure if it is getjar or google play store. If it is getjar, make sure you go to and type the device name there and see if shows the software you need.

Third, one of the software keeps crashing or stopped after installed. is the software I tried to install. That is the only software that may have audio Cantonese Bible. The other one was Mandarin. Since I only want to give them as Bible reading/listening function. I figure that other functions may not be so important. However, this software does not work at all. Since it does not work with Go keyboard, the default keyboard won't work in Chinese language (more want the handwriting tool for them) either.

Forth, I bought along two micro SD cards (8 gig), they just can't go all the way in. In other words, unable to click into place. I had to hold it to make the device recognize, but after I let go, it will say SD unmounted or removed.

Other than that, i could connect wifi, sound seems okay. By the way, there is no youtube application, it went to browser youtube, but it didn't work for me. I finally end up returning this unit right after I tried it.
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on July 19, 2016
The power ports on these stopped working not long after we used them, and now we are left with junk. I got two, and neither will charge anymore. You'd think at least one cord and/or unit would work out of two, but nope - they're just useless junk now. Very unhappy with this purchase. I would not recommend these tablets to anyone. We got very little use out of them before they became completely unusable. The only reason I gave two stars is that we were able to use them for a short time (a month or two?) before they became completely useless JUNK. I would not buy Coby products again, lesson learned.
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on October 21, 2013
This was a great tablet! We could use it to access e-mail, internet, download songs and games. Mostly, the kids used it to play games and to access homework. We bought a "usb to micro-usb" adapter to connect it to a keyboard so we could use it like a little laptop. The first thing to break was the micro-usb port. It broke off inside the tablet, and we can hear it moving around inside. Not a big deal, since we can use it without the keyboard connection. Recently, though, the power connection port has done the same thing. Now we cannot plug it in to recharge the battery. Game over. Useless. The Coby Kyros came with a 1 year warranty, so I should be able to send it back to Coby with $15 for shipping, and have them repair or replace it. However, the phone number to call for warranty service only has a recorded message to visit their website, and the website instructs me to call the number. Luckily, it was only about $70, so that is less than $10/month for the time that we were able to use it. I'm looking now to replace it w/ a Kindle Fire if I can get a good price on it.
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on April 4, 2013
AN UPDATE ON THE COBY TABLETS, AS OF TODAY THEY HAVE HAD MY SONS TABLET FOR 3 MONTHS FOR REPAIR, NOW AFTER 10 DIFFRENT PHONE CALLS, AND MANY BROKEN PROMISSES WE HAVE DISCOVERED THEIR PHONE NUMBERS DO NOT WORK THEY TELL YOU TO GO TO THEIR WEB PAGE WHERE THE LINKS DONT WORK. SO ALL I CAN SAY AT THIS POINT IS I WISH I HAD NEVER SPENT THE MONEY TO BUY 4 OF THESE THINGS, THEY ALSO WANT $15.00 FOR SHIPPING AND HANDELING, GUESS WHAT THEY DID CASH THE MONEY ORDER. SO PLEASE DONT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! The tablet itself is fine, except we bought these for all 4 kids and ALL of them have had problems with the charging port. An update on this product. We had to send one of them back to have it repaired (what a surprise) as of today its been 5 weeks the customer service people are not able to find the return in their system (glad we got a tracking number with the return) they also require $15.00 to handle shipping and handling, hum we spent $5.50 to return the item. both times we have call the service center we were helped by rude or just plain don't care people. the last time the guy sounded stoned (no lie). so if you are thinking on buying one of these think again then RUN AWAY just as fast as
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on January 7, 2013
The coby Kyros 7034Android tablet was something I Had researched over . Actually was looking just at the cheaper tablets in general. After a while decide to read reviews on this site. I read mixed reviews but heard overall this was a pretty decent tablet as gift for my sons birthday.(end of December)I had looked on Amazon &prior to xmas the reviews had been pretty decent. A few rough ones but nothing too bad.In fact it rated pretty good with more4's and much less 1 or 2 ratings So,I bought it here from Amazon-This was after what I thought was decent "research"from me.ha. well, not good enough.When my son opened his coby kyros android tablet he was thrilled.Until he played it for one day. Noticed that it would not plug in correctly from the actual tablet. It was a flimsy sort of plug in, we never thought it would do what it did next and break?! After day 2 of son playing tablet(or trying too because most things just wont work right anyway) We go to plug it in and recharge ,while plugging it into the Tablet, the piece on the actual tablet where you plug things in had broke off. Now the plug in is inside the Andriod tablet and it WONT charge obviously. I am upset more so now after now reading updated reviews on amazon, I see that Tons of people have had this SAME issue with their same Internet tablet from Coby. This was not ever talked of prior to the holidays.Now, after all these poor reviews have shown up .Telling me that this coby was a real crappy batch that was sent out to all of us , If you google this particular tablet it shows people all over with same things going on w/ their tablet. Its junk, and now I have to pray that with cobys 'limited' warranty that they will even let us send it in to get this fixed.I also have to pay a good amount to get something done that should have NEVER happened on my purchase.I am sad for my son.He is autistic and this was such an exciting thing for him to recieve.He thinks he messed up and broke his new toy.And now at least I can show him all the reviews to see that it was NOT him WAS the product =(
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on January 10, 2013
I have to give the product 3 stars because while the look and feel are good, the actual operation of the device is lacking.

The GetJar app (for downloading games, finance, travel apps) has a very poor selection of things.

The YouTube video watcher app really stinks for watching videos, unless you turn down the video quality settings. (not easiest setting to find) If you don't turn it down you will buffer, watch 2 secs, buffer, another 2 secs, etc. On low quality the video almost isnt worth watching. I mention this as it was a main selling point by Coby. It's not my internet as I can download stuff at 1Mbps, wireless or not. (Network admin here with college degree, take my word, its not the internet connection)

Browsing the internet is fine.

Great starter for Kids or those just getting into tablet devices.

Touch screen can be frustrating even after calibration.

Battery life is good. Watching video will drain it in 2-3 hours. Regular internet browsing will use battery less.

Anyone looking to use this as an Ipad alternative will be disappointed.
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on April 28, 2013
Purchased for our 9 Y/O at Christmas. Immediately I realized the ancient version of Android on this would be a problem. The GETJAR app for the marketplace had very limited apps available to entertain a young boy. No Temple Run being the first one missing. Odd my phone can run it but not a new tablet. Now, here we are in April, and the charger plug no longer works. The male pin inside the KYROS has actually fallen inside and you can hear it rattling around.

We purchased the SquareTrade Warranty (An Amazon Company) luckily, however, due to the issue being within the manufacturer's warranty timeframe, we will have to go round and round with COBY first. Not worth the hassle, not worth the cheap price, not worth our time. Next time I will just save a bit more and spring for the Quality Manufacturers.
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on July 3, 2013
It has a custom music and app store on it. It is not the android market (google play) and you cannot install it on this device without rooting it. Search google for "rooting coby kyro". There are a lot of tutorials out there to do this. After rooting it, you can then install google play and then download apps as usual. The touch screen is anoying because you have to push down on it to scroll, not slide your finger like on my phone.I don't know why this thing came with these crappy apps. After rooting and installing the apps, the screen seems to be working better too but you still need to push. I was about to return this until I rooted it. Now I will keep it since it is now what I had expected.
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