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on October 30, 2012
Just got it today, so I am giving it a 4 star (sadly last update Jan 2013, I had to reduce 2 stars from my review) and will update this review as I use it. Here goes...

I was eye balling the new Ipad (yeah, I am all things Mac), but honestly could not justify the $500+ (already have a macbook air that I can slip in my bag) for simply needing a tablet that can stream Netflix and perhaps some kids apps. My daughter loves watching Curious George, hence I needed a reasonable tablet that can keep her busy while visiting my workshop.

I got this after reading the reviews for Coby Kyros MID7015 Coby Kyros MID7015 7-Inch Android Internet Touchscreen Tablet - Black - so I knew many had said no Netflix (because there is no Google Play for this little guy), but I took a gamble (after reading that some people found a way around the no Google Play issue) and ordered the new version (MID7036-4) anyhow.

Connecting to wireless was a breeze, the MID7036-4 comes with an app called GetJar, which will allow you to download many of the apps I was looking for, such as Netflix. However I went ahead and downloaded 1mobile (dot) com and downloaded Netflix, Angry Birds with ease. I used GetJar to download some puzzles and kids educational apps for my daughter.

Netflix has been working without any issues and so did the Angry Birds (ahem, for me!). I have to admit, I was sure it was heading right back, but there is a way around no Google Play.

Wanted to do a quick review for people in my shoes, looking for a compact tablet that was reasonable and was for Netflix etc...

Please note that this is not an Ipad (or similar high end tablet) equivalent as far as resolution goes, but it is perfect for my needs. resolution is good enough, the touch screen is very reactive and functions great, the size is just right and has fit my Kindle Touch cover with ease.

I will post more as I use it. Hope this helps :)

Small Update / Nov 2nd, 2012
1. The battery life is about 2-3 hours while using Netflix.
2. Connects to 2.4G but not to 5G band on my router.
3. Connects to my Macbook Air and allows me to drag and drop music, photos with ease.

Update / Nov 20th, 2012
1. Connects to my Windows (Sony laptop + other desktop) and I can drag movies and photos with ease.
2. Can download Kindle reader from 1mobile(dot)com and read my kindle books (attaching images on the product for you all).
3. GetJar app that this comes w does not have a lot of the apps I can get from Amazon or 1mobile
4. Can add the tablet to my Amazon account and use the Kindle Fire apps.
5. Can set parental control w/ the Android Parental Control app.

Update / Nov 24th 2012
1. Installed Amazon Appstore, nice addition to my Imobile app store.
2. Email set up: Was a breeze, I clicked email icon and entered my gmail address and followed the screen instructions. Email synced and works great.
3. Downloaded Youtube app from Imobile (looked for it under the Amazon Appstore, but could not find it). Installed Youtube and it works great.
4. Can open PDF files w/ Adobe Reader that is already installed in this tablet. There is also Office Suite in this tablet.

Next up, testing the battery life for Kindle books :)

Update / January 4, 2013 (Down 2 stars!)
1. Kindle book battery life time is about 3 hours.
2. The power jack (dc input) socket on the tablet is fragile, awkward and flimsy at best. It needs a light hand to plug the power adaptor (in order to charge). If you allow your youngster they may break this when pushing the power adaptor in. Knowing what I know about this tablet's flimsy power jack socket, I'd not be able to suggest this tablet whole heartedly (unless you have buyers protection w/ your credit card, like I did, and can get an easy refund incase yours breaks under 90 days).

COBY, how could you skimp on the power jack socket? Not cool at all! :/
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 1, 2012
Like the other reviewer, I had been considering the earlier model of this device, but due to the small price difference, it made sense to go or the latest model with the capacitive screen. The unit comes nicely packaged with a printed manual, a slip case, a micro fiber cleaning cloth (small), a USB cable, AC charger, the tablet, and and some other cards, offers, and info. All in all, a good quality box and package making for a nice first impression.

I charged the battery and then turned on the tablet. It booted up quickly and I set up my wifi connection with no problems at all. Pretty much like any Android tablet. There are a few basic apps installed (music, video, email, gallery (pics/vid, YouTube, etc.) and the GetJar app market. You can read all about this under the 7015 (Coby Kyros MID7015 7-Inch Android Internet Touchscreen Tablet - Black)reviews, so I won't repeat it here. As others mention, you can use the 1mobile, Amazon or other app stores, and you can also download app packages to your PC and transfer them to the 7036 and run them to install. (I will update once I've had more time to install and test additional apps.)

If you used any of the larger automobile GPS units, this device will look very familiar. The screen quality is similar, but fine for this price point. Viewing angles are acceptable, contrast and black levels are not as good as pricier models, but are acceptable for this price. One plus is that this unit has a USB port (for pc-tablet data transfers) and a micro SD card slot. Many cheaper tablets do not. The screen flips to the proper orientation quickly as needed and as expected. I like having the physical (back) button on the right side (in normal landscape mode). You also have the usual touch screen functions, of course, but this sits right under your thumb and is very convenient.

The 7036-4 has 4 GB internal flash, 512 MB RAM and a decent 1 GHz processor. The screen is not as good as those on higher priced tablets, but it is acceptable. 800x600 would have been better, but 800x480 is good enough for video/photos. Text suffers though. The touch screen works fine and is very responsive. The case is plastic and the unit is fairly light weight, but the quality seems fine for the asking price.

There is no camera in this model (the 7048 includes one for only a few dollars more), however, the thing I really miss is bluetooth. Bluetooth allows the easy connection of external speakers and wireless headphones. You can buy Bluetooth adapters that can plug into the headphone jack, but this is not nearly as convenient, especially since the headphone jack is, unfortunately, located on the bottom, right corner of the unit. Not sure what they were thinking, but it is not a very convenient location, in my opinion. (Well, it's OK if you use this primarily holding it in your hands, but if you put it on a stand as I often do, it's a minor problem.)

The Android 4 ICS OS installed is pretty much vanilla which is fine with me. I felt right at home (I have several other Android devices.) I have both smaller and larger units, this medium size unit is a good size for portable video viewing. The sound is OK, it's mono (only one speaker), but quality is good enough, though most people will probably use headphones. No GPS, but wifi location works as expected.


*** So far, this device is meeting my goal of a smaller, more portable Android tablet. My Thrive is way better, but it's also bigger and heavier. So for "grab and go" trips around town, this is a better choice. Plus if I drop or loose it, less pain than if it were my much more expensive Thrive (which I love, a super tablet). ***

-- 800x480 Screen quality is OK for the price (not great, but acceptable). Videos look pretty good, but text pixels are readily visible (see update below*). Viewing angles acceptable. Black levels adequate. Average quality, but good enough for this price.
-- Performance is snappy overall.
-- Build quality seems OK for the price point.
-- Android OS is great. No proprietary "tweaks" that I noticed.
-- Nicely packaged with slip case, cleaning cloth, USB Cable, charger, etc.
-- Has a USB port and a micro SD card slot (often missing in cheaper tablets)
-- Painless setup right out of box. Booted up and worked fine.
-- No camera, no GPS, no Bluetooth (alas!)
-- Videos played fine and looked good. YouTube HD vids work fine. SD Netflix played fine.
-- Mono speaker, but good enough in a pinch. Headphone jack available, of course, and stereo sound quality was fine when I plugged in my external stereo speaker.
-- Lightweight, portable, feels solid enough.
-- Excellent value for what you get - good bang for the buck.

(*Text: I went into settings and changed the text size from "normal" to "large" which greatly improved the quality. Not that much bigger, really, but better size for this resolution and looks much "smoother" to me.)

Update: I was able to install 1Mobile market (Update: I replaced this with Amazon App store which works better, for me anyway) and then apps like Pandora, Google Maps, App2SD, and so forth.

Based on my usage so far, it appears battery life will be between 4-6 hours. Best guess is 5 1/2. Will update once I can confirm. (Confirmed that I am getting roughly 5 hours of battery life, more or less, depending on use. Can get 6-7 hours or more with light use, turn screen/wifi off while playing music, but 5-6 hours seems reasonable. Will be less if streaming video full time, of course. Lara in her review indicates 2-3 hours.)

Update: Was able to install Amazon App store and installed Netflix which works fine. Amazon app store seems a bit better and more reliable than 1mobile. Both work. To use Amazon you must have an Amazon account and register your device (email). You get an email with the apk which you can then install easily. The email has step by step instructions. Works much better for me than 1mobile.

I've had a few minor issues with the touch screen, but mostly me getting used to it. Have to go a bit slower and more carefully than on my Thrive. Size difference of course. Have installed a bunch more apps from Amazon store and they have all worked fine, no problems at all.

Update 11-19-2012: This has actually dropped in price recently. Mine is still working great and I am very happy with it. An even better value now.

Update 2013 Mar 07 -- still working fine and no complaints. This is my "backup" tablet -- but I often grab it first for trips where I don't want to risk my "good" more expensive tablet and it always gets the job done.
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on March 5, 2013
Bought this for my 8 year old after buying his older brother a 4'th gen, 32 gig iPod Touch because he'd been grabbing his brother's iPod on the down low and messing with his apps...lol I didn't want to get him a 'great' tablet like Galaxy Tab or Kindle Fire HD for two reasons, the first is that between he and my 5 year old they'd scratch, ding, dent and eventually break it, the other reason is that I might have taken it as my own, so the Coby Kyros it was. I didn't expect the overall quality to be outstanding but it turned out that the stock operating system is not "sanctioned(?)" by Android and so one can't use Play Store apps. I downloaded a "patch (again...?)" and the "official" Gingerbread OS which has worked really well. I did this a while back but I'll be posting the links & steps later. The screen is just OK, the sound is just OK, the battery life is `meh and the entire thing feels flimsy BUT!... I only paid like $90 for an Android wi-fi tablet for an 8 year old child so I'm content even with all the "flaws" I pointed out.
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"I Had This Item For Only 2 Days And It Completely Fell Apart USB Port Fell Out Of Item Locked Up And Would Not Let Me Factory Reset When Ever I Tried To Click On An App This Item Kept Makeing Double Icons Of the Same App When I Got This Item It Looked Like It Had Been Thrown Up Against A Wall Had Scratches and Gashes All Over Their Website For Customer Help Is Just A Page With Colby Written On It" Their Phone Numbers For Help Are Bogus Numbers, Website With Just Name Colby On It. Nothing Else.
I Finally Sent This Back For A Full Refund And Now I Am Going To Buy A Kindle Fire 7 HD. I Own A 8.9. Never In My Life Of Dealing with Electronics Did I Ever See Such A Piece Of Junk. Do Your Selves A Favor A Buy A Kindle. You Will thank Yourself For That Decision Later. What A PIECE OF JUNK !! Can't Stress This Enough !!Actually This Item Doesn't Rate Even One Star, But I Put It There And Can't Remove It Now. So I Rate This Item With A ZERO STAR !!
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on December 12, 2012
I bought this tablet after seeing it in a local market where I live, but not being quick enough to get one before the stock ran out. Finding it on Amazon for only $3 more, I quickly snatched it up!

First of all, I knew that with buying a cheap tablet that I was going to get a "cheap" tablet, but I do have to say that this tablet turned out way better than I expected. Of course, it doesn't come with the Google Play Store by default, but if you're tech savvy enough you can work your way around this (like I did). The resolution is a little watered down, but it still looks good for a 7" screen. The touch part is quite responsive and I've yet to have any real issues with the touch screen. It's a snappy, good-looking tablet for $83. The sound is a little lacking as well, having only a single speaker on the device. But for me, this is not a problem as I rarely ever use my tablet without headphones.

My only real complaint I have with this tablet is the battery life. I use my devices pretty regularly, and heavily, so my experience might be different from yours. But the life I've gotten out of it so far is around 4 hours, and that's with heavy gaming, web surfing and the screen brightness set to max.

All in all, if you're looking for a tablet to play with and try out but don't want to fork out some serious cash, I'd say definitely get this one. I'm actually thinking about buying a second one for my wife so she'll leave mine alone, haha!

Coby Kyros MID7036-4
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on July 19, 2013
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband in 2012. It was perfect for his limited needs and he loved it. In May, the screen faded out and could not be read. I emailed CobyUSA and was told it was defective. The tablet was still under warranty. I was given an address to return it and told to include the receipt, a detailed list of what was wrong and a $15 money order for return shipping. I did all of that. It is now nearly two months later and I do not have a new tablet. Customer service is non-existent. All I get out of the customer "support" people is that the new tablet is still in the warehouse with no shipping information. I called corporate headquarters and unless you know the person's name, you cannot get anyone. The "operator" did not answer, a recording told me to leave a message, then a recording said there was no space left to record a message. I found a site that listed contacts, directors, CEOs, etc., so I went back to the corporate headquarters phone directory and have now left messages with two people there. We will see if anyone calls me back. I will amend this review if they do something but I doubt I will hear from anyone. Totally disgusted.

July 24, 2013 Update: Called their "support" center again and got a different excuse this time. It is 2 months now since they received my defective tablet. Today I am told that the warehouse is closed for inventory and I should call back August 1, 2013 for the status. Are you kidding? Do not buy anything from Coby Electronics.

August 9, 2013 Update: I have not received the replacement tablet and Coby is no longer answering their support phone number. There is a recording that says go to the web site. There is no way to talk to a person.
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on December 16, 2012
I had purchased this tablet as a Christmas gift for my father, who isn't the most tech savvy person but does like playing computer games like chess and cards. I had opened it and was in the process of loading it up with games and a few useful apps so that it would be ready for him to play with on Christmas morning. Last night I had plugged in the charger and expected it to be charged by morning, but it had only charged about 8%. I thought this was odd, but shrugged it off. I readjusted both ends of the charger, at the wall socket end and into the tablet. Several hours later when I came back to check, it still hadn't charged. Uh oh. I removed the end plugged into the tablet and replaced it, pushing it in until the large 'battery' charging icon flashed briefly.. and then the cord fell out. Apparently the internal part of the DC charger (the little silver stem that goes into the cord) had dislodged itself and fallen back into the case. I can now hear it rattling around in there. Since the micro-usb cord can only be used for transferring files and will not charge that way, the tablet is now completely non-operational. What makes this even worse is that while Amazon will replace the defective item, but it won't arrive until after Christmas - nothing says great gift like an "IOU" because the original item got sent back. :( I very much hope this unit was a fluke and that the new one will hold up, although some of the other reviews about tablets not holding charges or turning on anymore is worrisome. Based on how nice it looks and the reasonable price for a basic tablet (hence the reason for two stars instead of one), I will give Coby a second change and update this review after seeing how the second one performs.
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on November 9, 2012
Nice tablet for the money. There is an error in the product description. It says the Coby Kryos has a USB2 port. It does not; it has a micro USB port and comes with a male/male micro to USB2 cable. If you plan to use it with a keyboard case, I would recommend you buy a male micro USB to female USB2 adapter when you buy the tablet. There are two ways to get that adapter: by purchasing a whole adapter kit from BestBuy for about $15 and end up with a bunch of adapters you may not need, or order it on-line. They typically only run you about $3 if you go the on-line ordering route.

* Intuitive to use. If you've ever used a modern smart phone, even one that is not an Android, you will have no learning curve.
* Decent built-in speaker. I have a Kindle Fire and the speaker on this little $90 tablet is noticeably better.
* nice, responsive touch screen; not too picky but didn't require multiple touches to get it to respond to a finger swipe, either.
* Ran most of my Kindle Fire apps just fine so I didn't have to re-buy many.
* Nice selection of free apps available on the native app center.
* Accepted the 32 gig micro SD card I scavenged out of my old Palm Centro just fine.
* Docked right up to my main computer just fine and transferred file just fine. Downloaded Office Pro quickly and opened the Office docs I transferred to it just fine.
* Light weight so using the on-screen keybord was actually pretty comfortable, unlike the heavier 7" tablets I've used.
* Pretty good speed at web surfing and handled You Tube, Hotmail, and Face Book just fine.


* I really wish it had a USB2 adapter.
* Didn't really match the pictures displayed exactly.
* It's not as fast as my Kindle Fire, so if you are looking for high-end performance, you might be disappointed.
* Picture quality leaves a bit to be desired but is ok for most uses. If you primarily want to watch movies on it, you might be disappointed.


I didn't want yet another gadget but I needed access to Office while my big computer renders 3D animated scenes. Quite frankly, if the Kindle Fire could be docked with an external keyboard, I would not have bought this one. That being said, it's a pretty decent little machine for the money. It's not an iPad, but then again, it didn't cost nearly as much as an iPad, either. If you want a basic tablet PC that won't break the bank, this one is a good choice. I only gave it 4 stars because of the fouled up description.
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on August 23, 2013
Yes, I said it! This tablet is a piece of crap. I bought two of these for two nephews as Christmas presents. The boys loved them while they lasted (except for GetJar, the app program that came loaded on the tablets). One of the tablets lasted until March, the other until June - so I guess they lasted longer than some of the reviewers' tablets on this site. But three months and six months is not much of an endorsement for this type of product. The problem in both cases was the charging port, which came loose inside, and now the tablets can't be charged. I returned the first one on June 3 along with a money order for $15, my receipt, peripherals and original packaging. I have yet to receive a replacement tablet or even acknowledgement of receipt, despite emails to the company. As one reviewer reported, it is impossible to speak to anyone from the company because the customer support line refers you to their website and doesn't give the option of talking to a representative or leaving a message. I just returned the other one and used certified mail in order to at least have someone's name as a reference when checking up on this. Given all the problems that so many people have had, I am contemplating filing a complaint with the Ohio attorney general. I'm also wondering if the company is getting ready to go out of business because of their crummy product and bad customer service. Maybe that is why you can't talk to an actual human being at the company customer service number. If I get any satisfaction, I will update this review.
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on May 5, 2013
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my Mom so she could play solitare on it. She loved it initially, but called me last night and said the screen looked wavey on one side and then the screen mirrored itself. I've tried turning it off completely and resetting it several times. I went into settings (which was not easy to navigate when everything is opposite) and did a factory data reset. Nothing has helped. I can't return it to Amazon.com for a refund so I contacted tech support at Coby to see what I have for options. I will be back to edit this after hearing from tech support.

Edit 5/6/13: I called tech support today and will be shipping this tablet back to Coby to be repaired or replaced. I am disappointed that the instructions ask for a $15 money order for return shipping costs. I also have to pay for the shipping to the Coby repair center in Savannah, Georgia. The whole process takes 4-6 weeks after they receive my tablet.

Edit 6/12/13: Coby received my tablet and $15 money order on May 9. After 4 weeks, I called the customer assistance number to get some information about the status of the tablet. I was told that the repair department is "behind because of a hurricane and the status of returns is usually updated on Mondays and Thursdays." I told the gentleman that I'd call back in a week. So I called today. It's now Week 5 and I was told that they didn't have a status update because "the woman that updates the computer with the repairs is precepting someone this week and the updates are behind." The return instructions stated "Please be advised; the process can be expected to take from 4-6 weeks total. Take note of the date that your package arrives in Savannah; 4 weeks from that date is the earliest date to start calling to get the return tracking number for the package coming back to you." So I guess I'll call next week....week 6. Not happy with the repair center of this company.

Edit 6/24/13: called Coby today about update on my tablet. It's now week 7, still no information on their end about when the tablet will be shipped back. I was told the process takes "6-8 weeks" and I should call back next week. I will never purchase from Coby again!
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