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on June 18, 2015
We bought two of these as a gift for my sister-in-law and her husband who were moving over seas to live abroad for a year. They obviously couldn't take too much with them but we thought they would enjoy having something small that would enable them could carry around a few of their favorite pics from back home with them wherever they go. It was more of a 'thinking of you' kind of give then something practical. The picture quality is obviously not high def but I found it to be much better than what most other reviewers are saying. We pre-loaded pics onto it for them and I thought the software was easy to use. I followed the advice of some other reviews and made sure to read the directions before I got started and did just fine.
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I ordered this for xmas, thought it would make a nice stocking stuffer. Well, i wanted to upload some favorite pics into it, before putting in the stocking & it won't even work on my laptop (I'm running Windows 7) The thing doesn't even show up as being plugged in, there's no software to use because it's supposed to be installed in the keychain but that won't even run when plugged in at all.
Total waste of money. Beware before buying this, when people say it doesn't work, they aren't wrong. It doesn't work at all.
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on December 19, 2014
I bought three of these as Xmas gifts. As part of the gift I was going to download family photos to each one. The instructions say the software needed to add photos will load when the device is plugged into the computer. Well that simply does not work. I tried different devices and different cables. The device simply is not recognized by Windows. There is no source online to download the software and the website you are referred to is dead.

Save your money and buy something else. I rarely give bad reviews ... but in this case it deserves it.
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on January 30, 2009
These devices seem to be everywhere now and lots of different prices.
They are inexpensive and mass produced. These type of electronics will be sold under many different names. I believe you should buy the cheapest you can find. This way if it does stop working you have lost the least amount, because the truth is the there is only pennies different between ones that may be $10.00 different in retail price. The internal workings are basically the same for each. I bought several for my granddaughters for stocking stuffers and they are still working more than a month later. A very good sign for cheap electronic devices. Would recommend the girls loved them.
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on July 24, 2017
Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. This isn't macbook compatible firstly, only works with windows computers, and at that, the software didn't download onto my Windows 8 computer and once I finally plugged the Coby in, it froze on the "USB Connected" screen. I would say this is worth barely $5 at the MOST if you got the software to even work. Coby has definitely lost my business, very sad I wasted even $10 for nothing.
review image
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on July 19, 2017
Installation CD didn't work for my computer, even though it said it was compatible. I ended up returning it.
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on January 4, 2013
Got this as a gift for someone. I took the liberty to open the package and upload some photos before wrapping it up. It was everything I expected exept for the quality of the screen display. FYI: the image quality looks nothing like the photo online or on the package, which looks bright, crisp and clear. The images on the device in person look ok but not great, kind of pixelated. The device itself was really lightweight (I imagine for it's use it doesn't need much material) made out of plastic with a power button on the top next to two directional buttons for navigating through photos etc. The software uploaded easily by just pluggin in the cord and I felt was user friendly when it came to adding/editing photos. Note: make sure you put the photos on in the order you would like them because you cannot rearrange them afterwards. It was easy to use.

All in all I was hoping for the pictures on the display to be a better quality, but I felt it was okay enough to suit it's purpose. I would have tried to find something nicer, but their doesn't seem to be much out there.
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on December 13, 2007
Lots of people will tell you this won't work on XP or Vista or other operating systems. I had so much trouble at first I was going to send it back. I even called tech support and the operator said, "I'm probably not supposed to say this but these are not very working very well."

BUT, I kept trying, and lo and behold--it DID work! First load the software. Then plug it in and select "USB upload." You have to literally keep plugging and unplugging the device until you get that little miracle beep that signifies that your computer found new hardware. Until you hear that, keep plugging and unplugging! The software will NOT work unless it is plugged in and found. But load it anyway, and wait for the lovely beep.

After that it works very easily. And it's beautiful!
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on December 27, 2010
I've read from others that the Coby digital key chain can be difficult to use, but I don't think that's the case. On windows 7, I did have to plug the unit in a couple of times before it was recognized, but after that it always works. There is built in software that allows you to crop images to fit the digital screen, and it is required that you does so, it is unavoidable. This is good, since the screen is so small that minor details can get lost, especially in high contrast images. The photo manager really does not take too long to learn, so it's not a problem. For people not used to exploring programs, possibly in my parents generation, help may be required to get photo's on and off the device.

As a gift idea, filling the device with photo's of family or places is easy, and goes over pretty well (holds about 60 pictures). The battery life is long enough that you can have it go for 3-4 hours, or at least that's my average. The price is good, since it's cheap enough to get a few for people, and also cheap enough that it softens the negatives of the unit. There are also a few options in the key chain, such as auto-scrolling images in a variety of increments, a timer which turns the unit on and off at a specific time of day (in military time), a digital clock feature, and so on. The overall design is pretty clean, which is why I choose this digital keychain over others, since it does not have logos on the front. The buttons on the top of the unit, while sticking out a bit, are not easy to accidentally push.

So, some of the downsides. The device apparently can not be charged without a PC. I have not tried a USB charger, since I can't find mine. The photo manager is some what annoying, but manageable. The design of the unit itself makes it easy for the device to freely flip around while walking, if your keys are worn on a clip, or if you clip the device to your pants (the clip is just big enough to clip onto a jeans belt loop), then the device can end up flipping over and obscure the screen. The back should have been flat, not rounded. A note for people who can not find their photos: Some photo types are not recognized. You may need to use IrfanView or another free program to convert photo types if it's not in JPEG or BMP format. You should also consider making a folder or two in your Documents folder (Windows) just for coby photos, and saved, cropped photos.

Overall, I think that given it's price, I would recommend the Coby digital key chain to others, especially as a quick easy gift if filled with photos.
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on August 31, 2016
OK, I don't normally go back and write a review of something I bought years ago - but I have seen so many bad reviews I decided to. I bought this in 2010, and mine is still working. I have loaded it with XP, Windows 7, and now Windows 10. There seems to be an issue with some of them that the connector does not always make connection, but his was a very inexpensive little photo viewer. Great product for the price.
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