Customer Reviews: Coby MP620 4 GB Video MP3 Player with FM Radio (Red) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 22, 2010
I received this Coby MP-3 player about a week ago and am completely thrilled with it! This is my 4th MP-3 player, and by far the best I've owned. I hesitate to review it, since there are already so many reviews. But there is also much confusion about it, so I thought I could clear up a few issues for potential buyers.

1. The media manager software that "synchronizes" with you PC and converts media files is located INSIDE the player. When you first attach it via USB to your PC, if you selct "Open with Coby XXXXX" , the software will be installed on your PC. Personally, I have no use for it yet, but may in the future. I hope this clears things up for people who can't find the software for converting files to the correct format.

2. It works just great using your Windows Explorer directly without the media manager software. Simply create folders named any way you choose, in a logical manner so that you can locate your music easily. In operation, choose the "browse" option, and direct the player to the folder containing the music you want to hear. If you shut the player down in this mode, play will resume where you left off if you select the "browse" option after boot, and then accept the defaults.

3. Personally, I will use this player for mp3 audio files only since the display is so small. The screen is big enough to give very easily read menu items and control options.

4. It takes only a few seconds to turn on or off, and a few more to set itself up after changing the on-board files, but takes nowhere near as long as many complain about, as long as you use the "browse" mode, which is the most useful mode anyway.

5. All mp3 players come with poor ear-buds, so just fork over another $5.50 for a really good set of Coby ear-buds, which work great.

6. The design of this player is excellent. It is very thin and light in weight, with very well thought out controls and menu structures and a very easy to read display.

7. The audio socket is very tight with most of my earbuds/earphones, so I will be careful when plugging and unplugging.

8. Durability is not so important when you buy a player that cost so little, and it's too early to know, but my feeling is this is a really good unit. My last one, a $75 RockMee, lasted only a year before it's charging system failed.

My only negative criticism is that it's shape is different from my other players, so I will need to get a new carrying case to fit it. I would have gladly paid a little more if it came with a good carrying case! Buy this mp3 player!
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on September 3, 2010
I have only had this for a few hours, but I believe I can make helpful comments.

First, I did not buy it from Amazon. I trust Amazon, especially with books, but I often find electronics cheaper elsewhere. Since this is Amazon I won't name where I got it ($20 on sale in a store).

First, the sound quality is good. It's better than my 1gb iPod Nano, second generation, in that respect. The headphones that come with it are adequate.

Second, it's easy to install media. First, you'll need to install the software that comes on it, there are no CDs; all you need to do is plug it in with the USB connector that comes with it. Then let the software scan your computer for media, or add specific files and drives. You can then sync the files to your player. All of the files that show up for Itunes does show up for the Coby software. It's not necessarily fast in adding it completely but you can add things simultaneously in each content area; they are separated in the categories, but you can view them other ways as well.

Third, the radio can be slow or choppy, but it will work. If you hit the middle button twice, you can switch it from Manual mode to your presets. It's easy to switch between modes and add to your presets. The presets will jump in the order that you made them, not according to frequency on the scale.

Fourth, the video is, obviously, small but I like it. I don't plan to watch movies on it, just shorter content such as news podcasts. The software will convert the video file from the kind it is in. Watch out, the file converted might end up bigger what the software shows.

Fifth, if you pause the player, or go to another feature and it auto pauses, you can hit Now Playing when back in the area and resume playing whatever you were listening to or watching.

Sixth, the photos are small, and you should really only use it as a place to back them up, if that.

Seventh, I have not tried the text mode, so I cannot comment on that now.

Eight, it charges with the usb, and mine came fully charged out of the box.

Lastly, it has no clip. So if you're running or working out with it, you'll need to have it in your pocket or get an accessory that is compatible.

Overall, if it doesn't get buggy or freeze, it's worth the money. Even if it only lasts a year (dividing the $22 I paid, that's tax added, by 365, would mean I paid 6 cents a day for its use), that'd be worth the price paid.


If you have something that lasts over an hour (I specifically have a NPR All Concerts Considered podcast playing that is that long), for the showing time played and time left featured, you cannot tell your exact time. This is because it shows minutes and seconds but not hours, 59:59, instead of 1:00:00, would be what gets seen. But there is a bar and you can see where you are at in relation to the beginning and end.

You can listen to specific artists or albums, but it's not necessarily intuitive. The first track for A Love Supreme, by John Coltrane, is fourth in the list, and it goes backwards. But, again, it's cheap and worth the price.
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on August 23, 2010
My daughter loves music so I decided an MP3 would be a great gift for vacation trip, but she's only 8 so I didn't want to spend a fortune. You can certainly tell the difference between this and the IPOD. The software was a little annoying to figure out at first, but I figured it out pretty quickly. She's only been using the music feature so I'm not sure how the others work yet. I think though that it is an excellent MP3 especially for the money.
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on December 7, 2010
My 9 year son wants to be like his teenage cousins (i.e. cell phone, computer, etc...)and begged for an IPOD. At first I planned to get him the Shuffle, then I spotted this. Inexpensive, durable, and with surprising sound quality, it definitely fits the bill. (The video imaging isn't that great, but I didn't buy it for that.) For those parents who aren't willing to invest in an IPOD (at least not yet), this is a great pick!
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on January 15, 2011
I usually buy cheap MP3 players because they break or get lost. I wasn't expecting much for $20, but I did like some features. I'm not using the headphones that came with, but they are of better quality than most you find on a cheap MP3 player. The battery life is quite long. This is a problem on some of the cheaper models. Also, on some of the cheaper models, it becomes hard to find a song through scanning. Once you play the song, then you can scan for it. Otherwise, it crashes. I haven't had that problem on this device. The video playback is not that great, but I can watch downloaded lectures on it, which is nice. This is a much better product than I thought it would be, and much better than something less expensive. Well worth the extra money vs. the cheapest you can buy.

Pros: Cheap!

Cons: There are no clips or anywhere to put a strap or something to hold onto it. Hope you have pockets.
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on June 1, 2012
For the price, this is a very fine little player. Important features (for me) are that it will remember where it left off when turned off, it will play files in alpha-numeric order, and I can fast forward or fast reverse through a file. It also has an equalizer for setting the tone. You can choose to have it play files in random order and to repeat files also.

It does have a software peculiarity, but once you understand it, it isn't a problem: There is an option to go into "Browser" where you would expect to see a menu of the folders which you have loaded. Instead you are taken immediately into the first folder and you must then back out using the little menu (M) button to see the menu of other folders. We use this for audio Spanish lessons and have 3 different courses, each in its own folder, so I need to know this oddity in order to navigate into one course or another. The main button is the pause / play button (as well as the OK button for settings) and is large and easy to hit for stopping and starting the Spanish lessons.

If you visit the Coby site, you can download a PDF manual before you buy. They seem like a nice company. We like these little players so much, we bought 2 (different colors, of course). We were surprised at how small they were - good looking too. Gracias, Coby, por un excelente producto.
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on October 13, 2011
Sound quality is good. Controls are intuitive. Download via USB is seamless. Battery life is good. I like to listen to lectures while I hike and have only one complaint: it's not possible to back up if you miss a word or phrase -- when you hit the 'back' button, it takes you to the beginning.
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on June 22, 2013
I have had this player for about a year now and I couldn't be happier with it. Dropped it a few times. No problem. The navigation is simple (not true of all players!). When I first bought the Coby I had to spend a few minutes figuring out how to drag music from iTunes to the Coby. Here's how I do it. After connecting the Coby to my Windows7 laptop, I create a new folder under the Coby's Music folder. I double-click this new folder to open it, which at this point just shows an empty space. I use the Albums view with iTunes. I drag the album I want into this empty space. In a few seconds, you will see all the tracks copied over, and in the correct order! Couldn't be simpler. There are probably fancier ways to load music to the Coby player, but I'm a low-tech guy and my way is just fine with me :-)

I don't need a fancy (and expensive!) Apple device. Why buy a Lexus or Acura when a simple Corolla or Civic will do just as well?

AMENDED COMMENT: I have found that the method I describe above for dragging albums from iTunes to the Coby does not always work. Sometimes, the track are not copied over in the correct order. So I ended up buying a 7th gen iPod. I hate paying Apple's inflated prices (they know they've got the world by the short hairs) but Oh it is so easy to "sync" from iTunes to the iPod!
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on October 7, 2010
Purchased for my Dad & he loves it. Would be good if they included a wall charger for this device, instead of keeping it charged through your CPU.(Which only charges when the CPU is on)
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I just bought a COBY, based on what I assumed were pretty good reviews. I received it, and programmed it. However, the songs I loaded, about 800 of them, do NOT list under the ARTIST, ALBUM or GENRE headings. What this means, is in order to listen to an album, somewhere in the middle of the song list of 800 songs, you need to SCROLL THRU about 400 songs, in order to find the album. You are suppose to go to the MENU, select MUSIC, then select ALBUM, and then listen to your album. Also, when in "Genre" mode, you should be able to select JAZZ, or CLASSICAL, and listen to JUST THOSE SONGS. But that doesn't work either, with this device. What a disappointment! In fact, this unit DID NOT WORK out of the box. I even DELETED ALL THE SONGS the first time I programed music into it, and started again, believing that perhaps I put too many songs on in the flash drive, for the unit to have memory to spare for the catagories. However, that was NOT the case. Both times I programmed this, the categories did NOT work

Even tho this is a cheap unit, it SHOULD have functioning software included, so the COBY works the way its advertised to work. It SHOULD allow you to access your music, in such a way, that you don't spend more time locating the songs you wish to play in a list of 800 songs, then you do LISTENING to the song. (And if you want to hear a song, in the middle of the 800 song list, its almost certain that it will take MORE TIME to located the song, than it does to PLACE the song. I had the same problem, with the ECLIPSE. Perhaps this is because in the cheapest MP3 units, you cant put the songs in WMP format, without screwing up the way the software allocates the subtitles, and catagories, pinned on the music. A good unit for a cheap MP3, is the PYRUS touch screen. Its a little more money (tho obviously not as much as a iPod, or SONY Walkman MP3), but it does the job, plus it also has an input for a mini-chip, that lets you add on a 4 gig, or 8 gig chip, to extend your memory beyond flash drive. "May All Your Media Devices Function the Way they Claim!"--ancient UFO saying.
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