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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on September 23, 2014
One can see clearly upon reading this that it was the mangaka, Naoko Takeuchi's, early work. I don't mean that in an overly critical manner. I did rate it 4/5 stars, after all. It's just not the tightly-plotted work of the actual later Sailor Moon series. The artwork is the same high quality though, and it is a fun series of adventures for our heroine, Sailor Venus.

The story begins with an athletic, reasonably popular (a circle of friends, but not the school ojou or anything) girl named Minako Aino, who seems a high achiever in her introduction in her gym class. Then things go downhill from there. Mina is lazy, not stupid, but not bright either, and kinda bumbling. She has a very good heart, however, and is the reincarnation of a cosmic hero.

This combination irks her partner and mentor, the cat Artemis, about as much as it irks Artemis' partner and mate, Luna in her similar situation (later on) with Usagi (Sailor Moon). If anyone has picked up on the obvious parallels for the characters of Venus and Moon, they should. As these Codename: Sailor V chapters came first, Mina is very much the archetype for Usagi. Amusingly and cleverly, Naoko integrated this fact and made it a part of the first arc of the Sailor Moon manga.

I want to reiterate that this isn't a bad collection of tales. They aren't as good as the later Sailor Moon stories, as they have a weaker plot structure, a less impressive villainous group, and kind of a repeating formula of "monster of the week" plots that mimic each other way too much. While it is true this is the case for Sailor Moon as well, that was offset by the above-indicated plot that was very well executed.

A good bit of story-telling that, while not the best work of this terrific mangaka, is still fun, nonetheless.
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on July 30, 2014
I never had the opportunity to read this manga as it was never released in English before. The translations can get a bit awkward, like when Minako refers to Motoki as "Bro", which was translated from Motoki-onii-san. The way she uses "onii-san", which means 'brother" (with the honerific "san" tacked onto the end), refers to how close she feels to Motoki, and how she looks up to him. He is, in no way, her older brother and there is nothing suspicious or morally wrong going on.

Other than that, and a couple other things, I enjoyed reading about Minako and the origins of Sailor V. It's paced differently than the Sailor Moon manga, but that's because the author, Naoko Takeuchi, began writing this first, and then decided to go in a different direction with the story and chose Usagi as the main character.
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on September 16, 2011
Codename Sailor V begins the story of how Minako first meets Artemis and begins to train with her powers. Awakened to stop the enemies from gaining power, Minako quickly finds out that she can transform into Sailor Venus - Codename Sailor V. Unlike Sailor Moon, Sailor V is alone (except for Artemis) in her battles, with no additional Sailor Senshi, or Tuxedo Mask to help her. At 13, Minako is the youngest of the inner senshi, and it is hilarious to watch her goof off while Artemis yells for her to train more seriously.

Volume 1 of Sailor V manga keeps the original Japanese names, maintains honorifics, and the right to left format of the manga as well. It's a wonderful chance to read the manga that inspired the Sailor Moon series, and as such should be read by any Sailor Moon fan. An excellent chance to see what Minako was doing before she joins up with the rest of the Sailor Senshi and has never before been released in the United States.
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on September 20, 2013
This is a must have for all Sailor Moon fans. First time ever, Sailor V manga is being released in the U.S. fully translated... So I had to pick these up.

The translation could have been better honestly. Seems a bit rushed and sloppy at times.. but the artwork is great, the cover pages are excellent in full color/glossy paper.

My only real complaint is that THE WHITE BACK COVER ARRIVED DIRTY AND A BIT GRIMY. It would not come off with water. It sure does make the cover page appear dirtier, takes away from the quality definitely..

I purchased Sailor V#2 from a local bookstore and compared the covers with one I had purchased off amazon.. Amazon's covers arrive very dirty and grimy, you cannot even wipe off the dirt with water.. I'd probably ruin the cover and add even more scratches/blemishes trying to clean it. Luckily, there were no creases (I've had difficulties with damaged slip case covers on previous amazon orders)
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on September 19, 2011
I had been anticipating this release of a long time. I love the artwork and the fact it's finally in the states. I was sad to see SO many typos and awkward wording in the English translation! I am a HUGE Sailor Moon and Sailor V fan but I was expecting so much better. Why so many typos? Did they not proof read or something. The sound effects are strange and some of the wording like calling someone Bro and stuff like that just seems strange. Love that they tried to keep some of the true Japanese in it but they kept it in awkward places. Please Kodansha do better next time. Us fans deserve a PERFECT release. We are grateful for one but typos and odd wording??? Come on!
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on March 8, 2012
It was nice to see Kodansha Comics finally release Codename: Sailor V for English readers after so long. Many Sailor Moon fans have long awaited its release and I, as one of them, was eager to read it.

Now while I still insist that anyone who collects SM stuff should definitely snatch these up, it should be noted that in some portions, the language is a wee bit outdated (but these comics were originally released from 1991-1997), so that doesn't really surprise me. Audiences should also keep in mind that even though the language is clunky in places, the books are still a good read for Sailor Moon fans. However, I personally believe that since Sailor Moon came later (the sequel), it was better constructed and a little more thought out than Codename: Sailor V. That doesn't really surprise me as most artists tend to get better with age and practice.

The villains are just as goofy, if not more so and it's nice to see a little bit of what went on with Minako before she joined the Sailor Scouts as Sailor Venus. The attack names are ridiculous and Minako is well, kind of a flake.. but not really a shock to people who knew her from Sailor Moon.

I would say this is a definite must for fans of Sailor Moon.
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on May 21, 2012
I recently ordered Sailor Moon 1-5, as well as Sailor V 1 & 2, and if your an original Sailor Moon manga fan, I recommend it! The bindings, unlike the orginal English release, are well made. Everything is printed beautifully, so the artwork is unobstructed by the binding. Everything is left in it's original format, from the way it's read to the Japanese names. It even has translation and explanations (a mini-reading guide) in the back.
My only problem with the books, is that there's a couple of mis-printed words. Like the words "the the" or instead of "this" it's printed "tis." I've also heard a few of the translations were wrong. That I can't confirm though. ;)

If you haven't read Sailor Moon/V before, what's wrong with you? Lol. If your a fan of manga/anime you have to read it. It's what originally made manga/anime so popular in the states. If you have a child, it also has a great life lessons about love, friendship, never giving up, etc. And if you just want a feel good read, well, I can speak for my self when I say Sailor Moon and Sailor V mangas make me feel good. It's heart warming. <3
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on February 12, 2012
The sailor moon series has returned! This time focusing on the missing and long awaited chapter of the previously unknown origin story of sailor V. Finally the sailor moon saga is complete. The story and illustrations still keep to the old feel and flow of the original story line. This I found to be both good and bad, by keeping the feel familiar older readers and followers of the series are not left with the feeling of too new to be a prequel. The bad news is it follows the same story line structure of the original sailor moon series causing the eventual feel of repetition and the story becomes "been here read this". However overall the story was still enchanting and the cameo's made by sailor moon and her friends throughout the book I found to be a little hello to all the loyal fans. The story does indeed fill in all the little holes that were previously left in the series. I am glad to see the revitalization of this series it was beautifully done and I would recommend this series to both old and new members of the series it is a timeless classic and a great introduction to the anime/manga world.
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on September 2, 2017
Awesome Manga!!
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on October 21, 2011
Indeed I found Codename Sailor V very enjoyable and I tip my hat off to Naoko Takeuchi! While her Sailor Moon series is my most favorite, I do have a special place for Sailor V in my heart. To be honest I feel Sailor V is more informative and detail especially in the depth of character to Sailor V. While in Sailor Moon, character depth is missing somewhat. Of course this is understandable since in Sailor Moon there is more than one main character. Sailor V is indeed an amazing heroine and took the mantle with ease (however in this case I like Sailor Moon's way of taking the mantle, it felt more real) But Minako Aino did show us the struggle it is to be a magical girl. It aint no walk in the park unlike other Magical Girl series where everything is easy! So if your a Sailor Moon Fan like me, before you crack open any SM books these upcoming holidays, check yourself a copy of Codename Sailor V. Its the best prequel you cant miss!
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