Enjoy the Basics and Beyond with Automatic Drip Coffee Machines

Automatic Drip
Let's start with the basics. Automatic drip machines are the basic coffee making machines you find in most homes. They vary in brewing size (typically between 4-12 cups) and are popular for their ease, convenience, and programmable features. There are many different features you will want to consider when buying an automatic drip machine. Consider a manual machine if you want a less expensive machine and don't mind keeping an eye on your coffee, vs. a programmable machine if you don't mind a slightly higher cost and want the ease of being able to set and forget. If you don't want to deal with grinding your beans daily, consider one with a built in grinder. Lastly, consider an auto shut off feature if you tend to forget to turn off appliances!

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Experience the Versatility of Single-Serve Brewers

Single-serve brewers are the perfect machines for those who want a single cup of coffee, flexibility in their flavors, and a highly consistent flavor every time. Single-serve is the way to go for those who want a versatile machine that will go the distance, allowing you to brew coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or various ice beverages. Most single serve machines require pods or cartridges, but some allow you to simply scoop your favorite coffee grinds. There are also some combination machines with both single-serve and full pot options, as well as others that will allow you to choose between using pods or regular coffee grinds.

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Be a Traditionalist with the French Press

French Press
Traditionalists who are looking for a less expensive, more traditional method of brewing might want to check out the French Press. When using a French Press, simply combine your grounds and hot water and let sit for a few minutes and then press the plunger to trap the grounds at the bottom of the beaker. The French Press method keeps the beans' essential oils in the brew to create a stronger and more pure flavor.

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Enjoy a More Robust Flavor with a Percolator

Percolators are another traditional brewing method perfect for those who want a richer taste and a hotter cup of coffee. Percolators work by continuously reheating and filtering the brew, extracting essential oils to produce a more robust flavor. There are two basic types of percolators: stove top percolators and electric percolators.

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Master the Art of Espresso

The uninitiated might be tempted to lump espresso machines in with all other coffeemakers, but to purists, espresso is not only a separate category of beverage, but an art form. Espresso is a thicker version of coffee with a layer of cream at the top, known for its high caffeine content. It is also the base beverage for many popular drinks including caffè latte, cappuccino, caffè macchiato, cafe mocha, and caffè Americano. Visit our Espresso Machine Buying Guide for more information about this complex brewing method.

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