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on February 18, 2015
Great lubrication and glide, great smell, lathers pretty easily, washes off easily, inexpensive. Top notch glycerin soap that performs as well as far more expensive soaps. I'm a shaving geek, it's become something I actually look forward to, and I've used high end soaps and creams like Trumper's and Taylor's, and I find this is better than many at a fraction of the price. Some have complained that the smell is like a lime life saver, and, yes, it sort of is, but I like it, it's refreshing, not cloying, and not overpowering and when you wash the lather off, the scent goes with it, leaving your face neutral for aftershave or balm or nothing.
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on July 11, 2011
The small compact size of the Colonel Ichabod Conk's Famous Shave Soap-Lime is what prompted my purchase. I travel often, many times w/out checking in baggage. Using this type of shaving soap prevents less problems w/ airport security agencies. On many long trans-oceanic flights I make an effort to clean up before disembarking. Having a nice clean shave helps with my overall mood and experience when passing through port of entry. After cleaning up the planes sink bowl for 3 minutes or so with sanitizing wipes, I'm able to have a decent comfortable shave so that I'm fresh on arrival.

I understand that many users of this soap will elect to use a shave bowl and brush. An adequate lather can be achieved w/out the brush and bowl, but it requires more patience - hot water as well. For the price I paid, I get a 2.25oz bar of glycerine soap, a plastic bin, and a sticker. Obviously this product had developed a reputation at some point to keep its customer base satisfied with that. I'm a new customer, and while I did like shaving with the soap I felt that I paid too much.

The lime scent was faint and not overpowering at all - I like it.

If you are new to this type of shaving soap, I suggest that you experiment in different ways before passing judgement. Many will advocate the use of a shaving bowl and specific hair shaving brush and that's fine. Just know that with those larger boar hair brushes you are more likely to have your soap cake disappear faster.
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on October 26, 2012
Col Conk always makes a good product.
The soap is easy to lather as are the other soaps from this product line.
The protection you get depends on the amount of product you use. For a super slick shave, I swirl my brush for about 45sec-1min and then lather with a good amount of water for about 1min-1min30sec. To produce a nice yogurt like shave lather. (But most of the time a 20second load and a 45sec bowl time to produce a decent shave lather.)

Lime aroma dies pretty much after you rinse your face.
Nothing special accept the color.

If you want a different color (lime green translucent) puck to melt into a cute bowl to make your den look a bit more cool, this is a 5star product. Else, it's just another shave soap. I will be trying other Lime Shave soaps because of this one (It was a good Lime starter for 5 bucks.)
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on January 27, 2016
I'll be honest with you. The smell of the puck does have a decent sent, but it doesn't last long at all. I can barely smell it as I'm shaving, and the scent washes away. It has glycerin in it, so it leaves your face nice and dry. I know many people who dont like that because they have to put more suds on, but i prefer it since it allows me to stretch my skin and shave at my jawline and behind the jaw withought having to dry my face first. For the money, I'd say it's a great product and I highly recommend it if you're in a pinch or want something fruity for the summer.
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on June 3, 2015
For the money this stuff is awesome! This is the first time I buy shave soap from this company. It seems to be a simple compound, that gets the job done and lathers well. The scent is a wonderful light-lime, with a hint of Apple in it, making it awesome for a shave during a hot summer. Although personally, I would prefer if the scent was a bit stronger because once u was ur face after the shave, u can no longer smell it.
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on February 17, 2013
At first, I really liked this. After I used all of it and switched to proraso I realized how crappy this one is. Yes it smells good and lathers up, but its not the most comfortable shave. Im looking for comfort and this is just okay. It excels when it comes to holding in heat. Very easy to produce a nice hot lather, but I feel it dries out my skin. I will stay away from glycerine shave soaps in the future, but I would try other Colonel Conk shave soaps provided they are not glycerine. I liked the scent but after you wash your face the scent is gone anyways. This lasted me months of daily shaves.
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on January 31, 2010
This soap makes a decent lather and serves it's purpose for shaving well. I personally like the fragrance, but some people have compared it to cleaning products because of the citrus scent. It doesn't leave much fragrance on the skin after rinsing, so it probably isn't an issue either way. The lather takes a little longer to build, but I discovered the time can be decreased by using a touch less water. That makes it creamy sooner, although you do get slightly less foam overall. Still seems to be plenty left over when I'm done, so it's all good.

One other issue, these soaps are larger than some of the other brands and varieties out there. They fit well in one of my mugs, but not so much in my smaller bowls - lather just spills over the edge.

The cake does seem to be holding up very well, I have been using it daily now for a couple of weeks and it is still almost the same size. I think this is a decent soap for the price, and I will continue to work the other "flavors" into rotation. I only wish Amazon stocked this directly so it arrived with my other products...
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on February 4, 2016
This soap performs fairly well. I don't have much experience with glycerin soaps, but this one is certainly up there. The only two downfalls were the scent (smells just like lime Jello), and the fact that the lather dissipates when left on the brush for too long. I couldn't recommend this scent (unless you love Lime Jello), but the soap is nice.
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on June 8, 2017
Very decent Clycerine shave soap. Not the best, but for the money, very decent indeed. Not much lime scent, so don't expect much of that, but it gets the job done. Good lather and smooth shave.
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on March 1, 2014
I'm new to the straight/safety razor shaving so I have been trying out different soaps and creams. This is a good soap to try out, it smells good and lathers pretty decent. The slickness is ok unless you have a pre shave cream to make it a little more slick, so far I keep going back to the prorosa green formula just because its more slick and lathers up faster for me but this soap is good it might be better when I have more experience lathering up from a soap
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