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on January 6, 2013
1. If you don't know if you want a bush crafting blade, or a combat blade, or a blade to beat on and abuse all day long. Then buy this blade.

2. If you don't know whether you should spring f0r a Kydex sheath on one of your other knives, buy this blade to see how you would like a Secure-Ex knife. I love that sheath by the way. I took off the belt loop by just unscrewing it. Now it just sits in the sheath next to my computer.

3. If you like your Ka-Bar Fighting knife. but want something with a better blade shape, then get this knife.

4. If your thinking of getting a Ka-Bar Fighting knife, then get this one instead.

Are there better blades out there? Of course, but this one serves so many purposes. Combat, Chopping, Splitting, inexpensive. It's just the most usable mid sized blade I have ever bought.

For $50 I have never been happier with a purchase of my knife.

Edit: Amazon is confused about their description confirmed by Cold Steel. All Full Flat Ground LeatherNeck's are in fact SK-5. I might order myself a second one of these bad boys. The Hollow Ground version's are all 4115 German Stainless Steel. For clarity, there is no such thing as SK-5 high German 4116 Stainless Steel, amazon in it's confusion has list both metals together as one name which is incorrect.

Edit: So sad, I think that all the Amazon sellers are advertising Sk-5 steel and selling only 4116 Crap steel.......Just a heads up, the knife I reviewed is not the knife that is being sold.
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on September 9, 2014
Would be five stars if they made it in 440C (Ok, its Cold Steel, they buy their higher end metal from Japan so I guess I meant AUS 10). This is an excellent design (its Cold Steel's take on the original KA-Bar fighting-utility knife, and of course its very similar) and very well executed. The knife is sturdy, well put together, nice evenly ground edge, solid butt cap and with a much wider (semi) hidden tang than the Ka-Bar. The blade comes quite sharp, and is easy to touch up and make still sharper. The kranton handle is comfortable, easy and natural to hold (though as one previous reviewer noted it would be better without the flattened out sides where Cold Steel embossed their logo on the handle). The blade comes in a locking tactical style kydex sheath which is both practical and fits the style of the knife quite well. My only complaint is that the blade steel could be better. Krupp 4116 sounds great at first because, hey its German right? Well, the fact that its made by Krupp does mean a little something (presumably the metal's stated formula is consistently accurate, and maybe they even applied the heat treatment themselves which would be nice), but it doesn't mean the formula is ideal for a knife. Though I've heard claims elsewhere that Krupp 4116 is comparable or even superior to 440C stainless, I'd put 4116 about on par with 420HC or 440A steel. It's got almost the same carbon content as 420HC and a little less than 440A (they're roughly .45% .5% and .6% respectively), and Krupp uses less than 1% Vanadium and Molybdenum as alloying agents whereas 420HC uses a small amount of Nickel and 440A uses Molybdenum only. 4116's chromium content is halfway between 440A and 420HC as well, and its allegedly developed as a marine and surgical steel, and both of those applications imply corrosion resistance but not incredible performance as a knife or tool steel. I'm not metallurgist, but I don't see how that half a percent of Vanadium is going to magically translate to a temper equal or better to 440C which contains more than twice the carbon of Krupp 4116. Anyway, my personal experience is that this is a much better blade than the cheapo Winchester Bowie I've reviewed here (on soft 2x4's, plastic milk crates and an empty 5 gallon paint bucket, it easily outcut the much heavier bowie). The steel is fairly durable, but can dull and chip if it accidentally comes into contact with a tile floor (bent the tip), or a metal can (chipped the blade, took a few hours on an oil stone to work that out). That being said, for a knife I paid $45 for the Krupp 4116 was more than adequate. The Ka-Bar "fighting-utility" design gives you a very durable knife that's a sort of jack of all trades master of none, which is exactly what I was looking for. Also, I'd say it compares quite well to its nearest competitors in its price range. Personally, I'd take this over the Ka-Bar itself in 1095 carbon steel (I guess this depends on the user, but if I ever bring this backpacking, I don't to have to think twice about how to keep it from rusting), and its easily a much more durable design than the classic and much loved Buck 119. I just personally wish there was an AUS 10 / 440C option (which would, to be fair, probably double the price) because that would take this from a well executed "good enough" knife to a superlative knife. Meanwhile, at $45 its almost impossible to go wrong with this if you want a well made beater that can do a little bit of everything.
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on March 23, 2016
Great knife and sheath.
The knife is a bit big for everyday carry, but still possible, sometimes I do carry it.
You can even strap it to your belt and slide the sheath in your pocket, concealing it pretty well.
Great for camping, bug out bag, etc...

The handle is a bit uncomfortable at first, but once it's worn in some it's great.
Provides a very nice, slip resistant grip.

The sheath is awsome.
Its can be change to hang vertical/horizontal and also left/right side.
Or reversed for a knife fighting type draw.
It also can be strapped to a pack easily.
The knife clips into it very securely.

Over all I'm definitely happy with it.

I've used it a good bit now.
I don't suggest hacking with it...but other than that, it's great.
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on November 29, 2016
What a great Blade! First of all, the design is stellar. I love the ergonomics of the handle, and the rubber is very nice. The blade itself is long enough for me to get done what I need to do. I have taken this knife on a few backpacking trips, and the cutting performance is great! This blade batons very well, and is an OK chopper. I like that I can also get into intricate work with this blade. I have chopped many branches, anywhere from 4 to 8 inches in diameter, and the blade held up well. I have batonned through the hard woods of the Ozarks with no problem. The coating will wear off, however, I personally like that!

Now onto the sheath. The sheath system is the reason for this knife's 4 stars instead of 5 stars. The Secure-Ex sheath is of high quality, and works wonderfully. However, this sheath comes with a belt loop system, and it is secured to the actual knife sheath with two phillips head screwdrivers. While on a backpacking trip, I noticed that the screws had FALLEN OUT, and it was a matter of a quarter mile of me walking that the knife would had fallen off of my belt, sheath and all. This of course, freaked me out, and I had to carry the blade by hand or in my pack (weighing me down an extra 12 oz.). I have not found the screws, or replacements, and the blade no longer is able to be carried in such a fashion.

All in all, the sheath failure is made up for with the performance of the knife, rendering it a 5/5 on the knife, and a 2/5 on the sheath, effectively giving it a 3.5/5 star review, however I can only give it a 3 or 4 star, and it deserves the 4.

I would recommend this blade to anyone who wants a cool knife that is highly effective in the field. However, locktite those screws in, because they will come out!
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on April 30, 2013
As an owner of the Kabar and Ontario versions of this knife I was a little reluctant to try Cold Steel but wanted a stainless steel version of this size and style of knife. The Cold Steel Leatherneck is impressive, and in some ways outshines its Kabar and Ontario cousins. From a quality of workmanship perspective the entire knife appears flawless. The edge grind is the best I've ever seen and I own knives from Kabar, Ontario, SOG, Kershaw, Gerber, and Buck. Super sharp from base to tip with perfect bilaterally symmetric bevels. Trying to improve upon it on my own would be like taking a magic marker to the Mona Lisa. Don't do it! Sure, there are lots of knives out there with great grinds and superb edges, but for a reasonably priced production knife this is an impressive specimen. The rest of the knife is just as nice as the blade. The handle has an excellent feel and is is very grippy without being uncomfortable. The forward bent quillions are very sturdy. The end cap is solid for pounding on stuff, and the full tang is extra wide for greater strength and durability. The knife feels great in the hand and has a nice heft to it without being heavy or awkward feeling. And the knife just looks great. It also has a very secure and not overly large sheath making it easy and comfortable to carry or pack away. .

As with some others I to wish Cold Steel still made this knife with its original full flat grind and carbon steel. If they offered both I'd probably own both. I live near the ocean in a pretty damp climate and stainless steel certainly has its advantages. While 4116 stainless may not hold an edge as well as a carbon steel blade, I've learned it has good strength, the ability to obtain and keep excellent hardness, has a fine grain structure for creating a super sharp edge, and has good wear resistance. Besides cutting tools of all kinds 4116 is used for ball bearings and races, gage blocks, molds and dies, and valve components. And as alluded to above, it's got good corrosion resistance.

This knife is impressive. Solid and well made. Highly recommended.

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on September 24, 2011
First off the package arrived a day before the actual delivery estimate began.

The knife and sheath are both extremely durable. Its nice they even coat the edge of the blade with some sort of water proof goo, just as extra protection. The knife comes very sharp, I can't imagine how sharp it's going to be after I sharpen it.
It has a nice weight and you can tell its a powerful knife when you hold it. It's a great buy and I would recommend this to anyone that wants a very strong knife for a great price.
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on October 13, 2015
Great knife that feels natural in the hand. You're not going to find much else with this quality for the price that can also take a beating. This will be replacing my previous ones for outdoor/hiking/camping use.

5/5 I'm not going to subtract a star because the main product itself is great. My only complaint is the sheath it comes with has a semi annoying belt loop. The loop assembly itself can be detached from the sheath. The old one is made of a tactical strap that moves around too much for my liking. The button to strap the knife down is a little inconvenient too. Would suggest just acquiring some black leather and fashioning your own to the likings and needs you prefer.
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on March 7, 2016
Okay, first, I'll admit that I'm a HUGE Cold Steel fan. Second, I prefer Bowie/clip point style blades to almost any other style. Third, I like a knife that just works. I don't need super steels, fancy grinds, exotic handle materials, or swiss-army-knife sheaths. I'm the kind of guy who is still driving an original Jeep Wagoneer... because mine has never broke down or given me any trouble... so why change? The Cold Steel Leatherneck SF with the plain edge, clip point blade is a perfect example. Super durable, great for just about any cutting task you'll run into, really comfortable grip... even after really long sessions. It. just. works. The sheath is super durable as well, positive retention, and is easily modified if you want to go that route. I generally wind up strapping a small pouch with a diamond sharpening rod, ferro rod, and a multitool in it to the front of the sheath.
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on July 1, 2014
When I got this, I had a big box outside that was being recycled anyway, so I used it for a target to get a feel for the knife's balance and feel. The center of mass on this knife is around the first trough in the handle behind the quillions, which probably has something to do with the heavy tang. This makes it a bit unusual at first and probably takes some of the power away from slashes, but on the bright side it is very easy to control. The weight helps give it back some power - it is surprisingly heavy at over 10oz - but at the same time that weight can be a disadvantage when carrying it.
After testing it on that end, I used it for various bushcrafting tasks which is my intended use and found that it does well. The heavy tang lends it strength and durability, and the quillions don't get in the way.
Cold Steel has made some changes to the steel over this knife's run. Originally it was SK5, which is reputed to perform comparably to 1095 and if so is a good steel for a knife like this. After that they switched to 4116 stainless, which less than ideal for the application, but they gave it a good temper and as such the edge retention isn't bad. 4116 is also hard to break, and it's pretty easy to sharpen as well. The new version is D2 tool steel, which I don't want in a knife this size because it is more brittle and can chip more easily.
I paid $40 for one in 4116 a while back and I liked it and used it for some time, but now use a more expensive knife.

The handle is oval-shaped, so you always know which way the blade is facing, and the texture makes it easy to grip in wet conditions. Those indents on the sides are completely unnecessary, but they never got in my way.
The sheath is a tad loose on the blade, but it secures very well at the quillions and it draws almost silently. It is only equipped for belt carry, which I would never use, but as you can see from the pictures it has slots and a bunch of grommets that can easily be used for wrapping paracord to attach it to your leg, pack strap, or webbing. Some reviews I read before buying the knife complained that the sheath was terrible, but I like it. Just make sure the blade is snapped in.

I'm not really sure what to say about this knife overall anymore. The 4116 version was alright, but I don't think I would recommend the D2 version. Ontario Knife Company's prices dropped since I last checked and their SP1 is now a sub-$40 knife, so I think I would recommend that one instead.
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on November 22, 2016
I love it, its pretty big but a good size if you know what you are getting. It came with a partial ground blade instead of full ground like many pictures i had seen had shown. apparently it was originally full ground but after users complained about it, including some big youtubers, they seemed to have change it. the partial ground seems to give a big more strength when going through hard materials as not all the force goes into the edge. i am not an expert on knife/blade edges tho, this is just what i learned from my research and the logic made sense so i am happy i got one with partial ground edge.
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