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on September 25, 2013
Okay, this here book does the right thing by vampires. These vamps aren't hiding out and away from the human world, oh no-they're running it. When people are bitten, they turn Cold, and if they drink a human's blood within eighty-eight days then the infection turns them into a vampire. Video feeds within Coldtowns show these walled cities within cities to be places where vamps and infected and even humans all live harmoniously in some high profile, glamorous lifestyle. But when Tana, her infected ex-boyfriend and a mysterious stranger all find themselves running and are faced with entering Coldtown as their only option, they'll find out that things-and people-aren't always as they seem. Dark, tense, and endlessly entertaining, this is a vampire story unlike any other I've read. I LOVE that the vamps are out there in the open and owning it, tempting humans into really wanting (not fearing) a lifestyle of the undead. Original and twisted, I give it a 4.75/5 stars ;)
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on April 6, 2016
I was unsure how to rate this book. While I did not love the first 75% of the book, I do have to admit that I did really enjoy the latter portion. There are some slow portions in the beginning but I kept coming back to it because I enjoyed the writing. While I did like the new take on turning into a vampire (getting bitten, going cold), I do have to say that the cliché vampire stereotypes (garlic, holy water, sunlight) were a bit disappointing. All that said, if there would be a sequel, I would pounce on it.
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on November 15, 2016
I really enjoyed this book. I loved the suspense. I loved the sexually tension between Tana and Gavriel's characters. I loved the concept and I even enjoyed the ending. Most books pull me in and then I get disappointed in the ending. This one I wanted to go another way but was still satisfied with the way it ended. I spent the whole time reading it wishing I was Tana. I would've much rather seen this on the big screen then Twilight.
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on December 3, 2013
In general, I am so over vampires, especially in YA. But I love Holly Black, which was more than enough to make me pick up this book. Especially since I suspected that there was going to be some subversion and/or commentary on the traditional tropes, which there were!

Tana is a great protagonist with complicated emotions and motivations, far from perfect. In another character we also get an archetype of the tortured vampire, but since I rather like that archetype I didn't mind it at all.

The worldbuilding is excellent, especially with the interspersed history and reality television throughout the book.

There is some excellent writing, nice turns of phrase, evocative horror. I read chapter 32 twice. Shuddering.

I love the ending. I think that some might be begging for sequels, and whereas I'd like to see more from this world, I do like where it was left.
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on November 7, 2013
I loved this book, I will say the title is a little difficult to recommend to other people,
it kind of throws them, but I saw the review in Entertainment and decided to give it
a shot.
The main character reacts and acts like a typical Teenage girl and it was fun to see
her stumble and pick herself up after each incident.

It is a Young Adult book and definitely I would not let my child under 14 or 15 read it.
Otherwise its interesting and other than some blood and guts toward the end its not
to bad. She learns about people in general and their weaknesses and strengths.

The thing I enjoyed the most is that she stays true to herself which a lot of main
characters don't do anymore. Your teen may even learn something about human
nature from reading this.

If you aren't sure about it, try reading it yourself and you might be surprised.
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on March 4, 2014
I have been a fan of this author for many years. Her Modern Faerie Tales series is one of my absolute favorites, so I was very excited when I found out she would be writing a new book, this time with vampires. While the vampire romance genre has been greatly overplayed, "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown" is a wonderfully unique twist on the average vampire/human love story. The book focuses less on romance and more on a world plagued by a vampirism virus. Holly Black's writing style is edgy, snarky, and just a bit dark. Settings are described in vivid details ,and the characters are interesting and believable. I honestly couldn't put it down!
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on November 30, 2013
Where to start???...this book is the title for my review states...simply amazing!!! I have read many vampire books...and I hope to read many more...I just hope the others that follow are as well written as this one!!! Each and every character...each and every word...each and every page...were perfectly created. Holly Black did an amazing job telling a story about a seventeen year old girl...who lived in a world of madness, and yet, kept it together...and knew exactly what she needed to do...to keep living...to keep being human...while at the same time falling in love with a vampire. The words she used...were perfect...and with each step of the story...her words drew you on...wanting more!!! I truly recommend this book to everyone...especially those that love a good love story...but also to those who know what it means to be human...in a world full of monsters...lol
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on October 9, 2014
So vampires exist in walled-off quarantine zones to prevent further spread of their "disease". Throw in a damaged young heroine with a crappy childhood, and a full-blown denial of her own personal death wish, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster (I mean that in the best way, of course). The main plot & storyline is a bit muddled; however the author, Holly Black, does a great job painting a wonderfully gruesome world where Vampires coexist with humans... she delves into the reality of what the ramifications of these Vampire containment/concentration camps would really be like. I really enjoyed The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Any vampire enthusiast would love it.
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on January 23, 2014
This was the ultimate kind of read for me -- a new world, interesting characters, a little romance, and a few shivers. I loved the main character and didn't once find her too "cold." I loved the mysterious boy she rescues and even her ex-boyfriend. It was a real pleasant surprise for me, being my first Holly Black book.

If I had to pick out something I liked less than the rest, it was that about every other chapter jumped back in time. Getting scenes from other characters' POV starts near the middle or end, and I liked it mostly (could have done without some of the sister), even if it surprised me.
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on March 18, 2014
I got this book based off a recommendation and wasn't able to put it down. When I first started reading it I thought maybe it was going to be another twilight I would rather be with this main character any day of the week! She's not all whiney and mopey. The exchanges between the characters especially the main character and her ex made me feel like something that would actually happen. I was able to see different sides of just about all the characters and it was a fun read. I don't know if these characters are done or not but I look forward to picking up the next book from this author
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