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on September 5, 2015
This is an awesome tent. Stop reading this review, put it in your cart right now and buy it. Then come back and I'll tell you why it's a great tent. I'll be right here.

Okay, Done? Good.

You are gonna love this tent. It is full of awesomesauce. It is easy to put up, my wife and I did it in about 30 minutes the first time closely following the directions in our backyard. Why put a tent this size up in your backyard you ask? We'll get to that in a minute. Anyway, it took about 30 minutes to put up and when we had it up, we sprayed it with Atsko Silicone Water-Guard 10.5 oz. Yes, I know it's supposed to be water repellent but if you don't coat your tent with something you're an idiot. Just do it and stop whining. It took two cans to thoroughly treat the tent and rain fly. Drop those in your cart as well. Prime. It's a wonderful thing. Anyway, we took the thing camping and it was great. Yes, it has a power port. The room divider is nice, it's split with a zipper down the middle so you can tuck it out of the way. There are little tabs to hang lights from. We used a iRainy 60 LED Portable Outdoor Indoor Camping Lantern With Lampshade Circle Tent Light Campsite Hanging Lamp For Outdoor Camping/Hiking/ Mounting/Reading/Hunting/Fishing hung in the center and it did a fantastic job, adequately lighting the tent without being obnoxious.

The doors are great, easy to open and close, the main door has velcro that is outstanding for the "In and out" during the day and then zip it up at night. I'm not sure what some folks' major malfunction is that are complaining about the zippers. They're tent zippers. Don't yank on 'em like a gorilla and they will do fine. Over the course of four days, not one of our zippers bound up. Not even once.

The one thing you will want to do is order up a couple sets of Coleman 9-In. Heavy Duty Aluminum Tent Stakes. The stakes that come with the tent don't really amount to much more than a good idea, but that is the way most tents come.

Now, a lot of folks have complained that this thing barely fits back in the provided bag. Not so. When we packed ours up we fit the tent (With the fly and the two useless little "Foot mats"), an 11' X 23' tarp for a ground cloth, all of our tent stakes and a 4 lb hand sledge. It fits. Pay attention, think about it a bit and it'll go just fine. We folded along it's long axis in thirds and then folded it just shorter than the length of the bag and it popped right in.

As far as setup and takedown go, it is a snap. The first time took us about 30 minutes, the second time took about 15. Takedown is just as simple. When we broke camp, my wife took it down by herself in about 15 minutes and when when we got home she set it up herself in about 10 minutes. BAM! DONE!

All in all this is a fantastic tent and is worth every penny you pay for it. Buy it now, and thank me later.
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on July 11, 2015
I'm typically a Coleman fan. They usually make dependable "car camping" equipment. We own sleeping bags, lanterns, stoves, air mattresses, air pump, etc and no problems. I wish I could say the same for the WeatherMaster 10.

After doing much research, we bought this tent for our family because it was called the "WEATHERmaster" 10. Per the name, I assumed it would be weather resistant. Not the case. Just got back early from a camping trip in the Sierra Nevadas. I assume a tent will have some leaks if exposed to enough rain, but I had high hopes that a tent names WEATHERmaster would be able to handle traditional afternoon thunderstorms in the Sierra. Unfortunately, the ten leaked right through the rainfly. Not the seams, not the edges, not the bottom, but through the very material designed to keep us dry. And all over, not just one or two spots.

All of our equipment was soaked, forcing me to drive the kids home late at night and return the next morning to break camp. Disaster. Other tents in our group, including a Coleman dome tent and a REI cabin tent all did perfectly fine, causing us to be the butt of many jokes for having the WEAHTERmaster that leaks.

The only reason I give two stars is due to the space, ease of putting up, and sturdiness of the poles. I really want to like this tent, but if you name it the WEATHERmaster it should hold up to rain, no excuses and no exceptions. And it should do it right out of the box, no rain guard needed.

I am now pondering buying a 20 foot tarp to carry around or buying the same REI brand tent that our friends had and didn't leak. Buyer beware if you ever have to camp with ANY chance of rain.
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on April 18, 2014
Well this is my initial review. I plan to come back and do another review after we have used it more than once.

First off photo 1 shown on amazon is the front of the tent. The door shown in this first photo is the front door that is hinged. The second photo is of the backside of the same tent but the back door is just zippered. Photo 2 also shows the little diagonal light color tent material close to the bottom on the left that conceals the little zipper to allow cords to run in and out of the tent. The tent I received did not have the little dog door show in photo 3 on the amazon page. Photo 4 is pretty accurate of what it looks like all set up. In my opinion photo 4 shows the fabric more realistically. It is thin shinny tent material not flat thick material the way it appears to me in the other photos. Now that we got that out of the way on to my experience of setting it up and using it.

I ordered this for a Cub Scout campout. I went (5'4 female 30's) with two kids under 10. My husband had to work. The tent arrived on Friday thanks to awesome Amazon Prime shipping. We were leaving Saturday for the campout. I opened the box and went right to work. I set it up in the backyard all on my own (with help with one step from a 5 year old). The instructions were pretty clear. They are included on one white sheet of some sort of waterproof paper or material permanently attached to the tent bag. It was a windy day not heavy winds but gusty. It took me about an hour to unpack it for the first time, read the directions, watch a few seconds of a you tube video (while I was stuck), and set it up. Actual work time could have been greatly reduced but I made on error and it ate up a LOT of my time. So here is the error.

On the instruction sheet it clearly says to put the pole marked with the red tape in the slot on the tent that is sewn in red...easy. Next put the remaining poles in the other slots at the top of the tent. Well here is where I had trouble. The tent was laying on the ground staked out at the corners but the bulk of the tent fabric was all piled up in the middle. I found another slot that looked just like the red one but it was sewn in black and put in the tent pole in and connected all of the pieces and tried to stand it up. No luck it would not stand up and fit in the pin-and-ring thing AT ALL it was like the fabric was two small or tight. I worked and worked and worked with it before I figured out that there was one slot sewn with red, two with black, and two with silver/gray (harder to see in the piled up mess of tent material). That important bit of information (that there were two other sets of slots and not just one) was not in my instructions so basically once I realized there was another choice it went right up. The black slots are not for the metal poles at all but are used later for black fiberglass shock poles. So that was my error and maybe it will save someone else some trouble for me to admit my silly mistake.

Once the tent was standing I finished up the last bits of initial set up and it was done. Now I wanted to try to put of the rain fly myself. Remember I am going with just the two kids no hubby this time. The tent is very tall and I am not very tall. So I tried and tried to put the rain fly on but with the wind gusts it just kept blowing off before I could get it all the way on the tent. So here is were I used the 5 year old. She is very helpful but not very tall and we were able to get it on with only a few attempts working together. After it was "on" I still had to stake it out. Then it was done!! It is very nice and big!! So my intention was to go ahead and apply to Camp Dry and Seam Grip that I purchased. Because we were expecting rain. Well once I read the can it said it took 24-48 hours to dry WHAT? Oh not I didn't have that much time. I called Kiwi (SC Johnson) to ask them if I should spray or not spray and we decided together not to risk it not being dry in time. So off I went to camp without camp dry in the rain. Now I have to tell you that last Cub Scout campout we barrowed a tent and it rained a LOT and we got wet. So knowing it was going to rain again and I was going to be in a new untested tent with two kids this time not just one was stressful. I took the tent down packed it up with a tiny bit of help from hubby (not needed just nice to have :)). The next morning we headed to camp.

Once we arrived we found a spot with the least rocks, put down the tarp, and set up the tent. I had a little help from some of our Scout family and we got it up pretty quick (wish I would have timed it). In the night there was wind in gusts and some rain and we stayed dry and the tent held up great! Now this was light rain and not sustained. I was pleased. I took down the tent (again with scout family help) packed it up wet in the mild rain and headed home. We set it up in the backyard with the intention of cleaning it and then applying the Camp Dry and Seam Grip. I was able to clean it but the next few days were VERY windy so I couldn't spray the tent. We did get to see how it held up to more rain (harder rain this time) and pretty beating winds. We finally took it down early on day three of it being up in the yard. I wish we would have taken it down earlier because I am sure all of that wind was not good for it. It took a beating and was still in good condition. I gave it the once over and found one small spot I would call a stretch mark that might leak at one of the tent bottom corners that attaches to the ring for the stake. I will be sure to apply Seam Grip there.

We are planning to put it up again when it is not so windy to apply the Camp Dry and Seam Grip. I will update this review when we try it again.

I just wanted to mention one more thing. I went to Home Depot and got some free sample squares of carpet (they were discontinuing this carpet) to put under the bottom of each camp cot leg. I plan to really protect the bottom to try and keep it in good condition. I do not want to get wet again like I did in the barrowed tent. No shoes and something under heavy objects. Hoping that helps.

Update May 2016 we have been camping many times and this tent has held up so well. We have not had a really good hard rain yet to review the tent in hard rain.
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on November 15, 2017
This tent is HUGE! It was fairly easy to set up. We were able to fit 4 twin size air mattresses, our clothes/bags, cooler and tub of pantry foods and we STILL Had room. The D door is a great feature -especially when you have kids. The wind picked up our last morning and the tent held up! We didn't have time to seal the seams -yet when the morning dew covered our tent and dripped from the trees -out tent stayed DRY.
For storage, the bag expanded on the bottom (you have to rip the seam/tag).
Recommend that you buy heavy duty stakes -the ones that come with the tent are not very sturdy and bend easy. We purchased 8 to start -and plan to buy at least 4 more.
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on June 18, 2017
The hinged door is PERFECT for our fam of 5 in & out endlessly. Easy set up & I like that the main body has metal sturdy poles. Roomy inside for my tall husband, me, & 3 kids. It'll hold 6 adults comfortably! We also camped in a thunderstorm and in the morning our campsite was a flooded muddy mess while inside the tent was incredibly dry. We've never had such a high performing tent. So affordable for a family with a bunch of kids.
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on October 19, 2015
I like this tent -- roomy, easy to put up (with two people, as indicated) but there are a few issues we had.

When we were taking down the tent, and removing the pole for the door "hinge" and the curved door pole, the small plastic "caps" came off the ends of the pole and stayed inside the holder that is attached to the tent. Luckily, we were able to get the caps out and put them back on the pole, but it happens each time we take down this tent.

Also, the hinged door is a nice concept, but each time you close it, you have to fiddle with the small "overhang" that goes around the door in order for it to catch on the velcro. It's certainly not as easy as just walking out the door and shutting it behind need to carefully slide that small lip of fabric so that it sits outside the door and exposes the velco.

It rained on our camping trip and I loved that we were able to leave the side windows open without letting in any water. Tent floor also stayed dry - no issues. Overall, great tent.
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on June 29, 2013
My family of six (my wife and I, 10 yr old, 8 yr old, 6 yr old and 6 mo old and a giant dog) have taken this tent out twice now. Once for just the weekend and another time for three days. It has been a really great tent. I have always been an outdoorsman and my wife as well and we have used many types of tents in the past. It is very well designed and easy to put up and take down. We were camping in the high country where it can get pretty chilly at night. I needed something that could fit our whole family (including our big dog) and fit a propane space heater as well. This tent was great. My wife and I slept on a queen sized air mattress. Baby was in a "Pack-n-Play", my oldest was on a full sized cot and the two younger ones slept in bed rolls next to the cot. I don't bother with the room divider.

We loved the hinged door that closes on its own and fastens with velcro (until you want to zip it up) because the kids never close the door. Also loved the hinged door because, the zipper on the door is always the first thing to break on any tent. It never rained on us unfortunately, so I cant attest to its rainworthiness. I am not worried though. I did waterproof it with two cans of camp dry spray just because it was easy and a cheap insurance.

I would highly recommend this tent especially if you have a large and active family. I cant wait to use it in some weather.
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on September 21, 2013
This tent met my expectations. It was extremely roomy with 4 people and a dog to sleep, walk around beds, and for luggage (we had a queen size air mattress and two twin size mattresses). It did rain off and on for 4 days and the tent did not leak at all until the finally night we had a really bad storm and it leaked a bit from the rain fly in the back center above the back door. I do have to say I could do with or without the D frame door. You are constantly dealing with the zipper cover getting stuck in it if you are not careful. with kids they are unzipping the wrong zipper and the frame falls out. The door does not stick shut unless you move the rain guard over the zipper and tuck it in. But the idea is kinda cool and i liked it when I was carrying things in and out cause i can prop it open and it stays. Overall I would recommend this tent. I really enjoyed it this summer and look forward to many more uses.
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on August 7, 2014
After years of camping with a pop-up trailer, my husband and I decided to purchase a tent. We researched several sytle and brands and chose to go with Coleman because of their reputation and positive reviews we read. This was an amazing tent. So easy to put up! Took us both about a half hour, but it was our first time. Going forward will be much quicker. So much room, we felt it was our own little cabin. Loved the door! Never had to fuss with the zipper. We only had one night of rain and never had a drop leak thru. For future use, we will however, weather proof the seams as other customers have suggested. Just for extra protection.
And Coleman did a great job with all the poles that are connected. Easy to understand directions that were supplied to us on fabric-like material sewn in the storage bag. Great thought...never have to worry about loosing the paper directions!
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on October 27, 2015
This tent had more than enough room for our family of 5. We fit a queen air mattress on each side with lots of room in the center which we placed rubber mats so the baby had somewhere clean to crawl.
I set the tent up myself before our trip to seal the seams and waterproof the tent. The directions are fairly clear, but I still messed up and just attached the poles without paying attention that they needed to make an "arch" shape. It took me about 1 1/2 hours on the trial run by myself. Once I had it figured out, my husband and I had it set up in half the time on our camping trip. We were also able to pack everything back into the original bag.
The hinged door is awesome.
***My only complaint is that it is sooo roomy on the inside that there was so much negative space which made it more freezing at night than being in a smaller tent. I had to keep my face under the blanket to keep warm which isn't ideal for small kids.
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