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This Coleman 4 person tent kept us warm and dry on our camping trip this Memorial Day weekend. This was my very first time setting up a tent and camping out with 2 kids and 2 dogs in tow, and it took me just 15 minutes to set up the tent.

Set up took 15 minutes from start to finish for a tent newbie like me with some help from one kid. Based on forum advice I got some tent pegs that were easy to drive into the ground so I did not use the ones that come with the tent, so I had a very easy time setting it up. The poles were already connected by a string and I had to thread them through and clip them on with the attached clips. I also got a heavy duty tarp for the bottom of the tent based on advice on some reviews posted here. I had to fold it slightly to make sure it stayed under the tent. then once the tent was all straightened out I drove in the pegs into the ground. The rain fly was easy to install too and the included cords helps make sure the rain fly is stretched out away from the vents.

The 4 person tent is 9ft by 7ft and it fitted an Intex Queen Mattress that I inflated in 15 min with a handpump. There was a little room on all sides of the tent after fitting in the mattress. If you push it to one side then there was place for one small person. We had 1 adult and 2 teenagers in the tent and our 75 lb lab and we were pretty comfortable with room to turn while sleeping. There was not really room for more than one small duffel bag after packing in 3 people and a dog, so if you're using this as a backpacking tent and plan to store your gear you can only fit in 2 people. I was glad that I had got this size compared to the 3 person tent (7ft X 7 ft) as it would have only fitted in a queen mattress and no more, and we ended up needing more room. I think the 4 person is a great size for 2 people to sleep in comfortably and have a bit more room to bring in a kid if needed.

I had carried a seam sealer but reviews advised not to use it as the tent remains dry. There was no rain that night, just a little moisture in the air. The tent is very well ventilated so it got cold and airy in the tent in the night. Next time I may carry something to cover the vent on one side or maybe a warmer sleeping bag as the night got colder than we had anticipated. This would be a great tent for warmer summer evenings.

The white walls of the tent reflect light well and there are 2 pockets on the side where you can put a flashlight facing upward to illuminate the whole tent. Another feature I liked was that the bottom of the tent comes up all around about 4 inches which helps keep dirt and water out. It's also advisable to pitch the tent on higher ground slightly sloping downwards so that the water flows downward away from you.

The pull down was just as easy as the put up. It was easy to bring down and fold up the poles. However, I could not fit it back inside the bag. How did they manage to fit it inside that tiny bag in the first place is a mystery. I put the pegs, poles and my extra tarp inside and will find another bag for the tent itself.

Now that I've learned that's it's not too hard to set up a tent, I plan to go camping more often with this Coleman Sundome tent.

Update 7/9/2015 -
The 4 person tent held up well and has been put up and taken down about 5-6 times already. It takes just 15 minutes to set up and is very comfortable in 45 degrees plus weather with a warm sleeping bag. For colder temperatures, I wouldn't recommend this tent. It's very airy and the 2 side windows that zip down made it comfortable even in 70 degree weather. For even warmer days you can leave the rain fly off if there is no chance of rain. I figured out finally how to roll it back tightly so it fits back inside the bag with all accessories. You just need to make sure you have the door and window unzipped so you can let all the air out and then it rolls up tight.

I also purchased the Coleman 3 person tent, it is about 7 ft by 7 ft inside and just about fits an Intex Queen size air mattress. On a recent camping trip the 3 person tent worked for 2 teenagers and a dog inside the tent. It is a compact tent for 2 people, you can fit in 2 adults but there won't be any room for bags. It's not the lightest tent I've seen, but it's fairly small and fits back easily into the bag it comes in. We set up this one about 4 times and took it down in different camping grounds. The pegs did not hold up well in hard ground but I'd purchased a set of better pegs from Amazon.

I am really pleased with both the tents and will be using them for many more camping trips.

Update 9/29/16 - This tent is still going strong, I had my daughter put it up by herself and took a time lapse video. With a little help, it's even easier to put up, but she wanted to demonstrate putting it up with no help. It took her about 20 minutes, if there is someone to hold and align the poles it takes less time.
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on April 13, 2016
Great tent. I set it up in my backyard, to give it a trial run (and seam seal) before taking it out camping. There are pros and cons...

Carry bag - the tent comes neatly packed in a carry bag, with tent, poles, rain fly, ground stakes, door mat, and instructions.
Setup - Easy. Set up by myself, with rain fly, in under 15 minutes. Didn't have to look at the directions. Only suggestion would be to put the word "front" somewhere on the rain fly to indicate which way it goes. However, a quick glance at the packaging will tell you.
Materials - the tent material seems to be of good quality, and should hold up well when taken care of. The zippers are not heavy duty, but i see no issues with them. The floor is heavy duty tarp material.
Screens - the tent has large screen panels on the "ceiling", which makes for a great view when the rain fly is not on. There is an additional window, and screen on the door for extra viewing and airflow.
Floor Vent - there is a vent near the rear of the tent, which allows for additional airflow.
Cord access - there is a small zippered panel in the front corner, that let's you run an extension cord into the tent.

Other "Pros":
I got the Navy/Grey tent, and the colors are cool. Got some compliments from the neighbors on it. I like that the rain fly comes with the guy lines already attached. The interior gear pockets are fine, good for holding your phone. Wouldn't stuff them with anything heavy. There is a little "ring" at the center of the ceiling, to hang a small light. While you could technically fit 2 queen air mattresses, I would not. It leaves no floor space for gear. I will put in one mattress, and leave the other half of the tent for my kids Pack n' Play, and gear. It will fit the 3 of us comfortably. However, unless you intend to get cozy, I wouldn't advise this for 4 adults (but it could be done).

Stakes - the stakes are just ok...they are the generic skinny steel ones. I would recommend spending an extra $10 bucks and buy some good ones.
Footprint - the tent doesn't come with a footprint, though I imagine this helps keep the cost so low. Not a big deal, I use a tarp anyways.
Door Screen - the upper half of the door can be unzipped to reveal the screen window. I really would have liked if the entire door could be screen, not just the top half.

I also purchased some Coleman Seam Sealer, and sealed all the seams inside the tent, and the rain fly. Some of the seams are taped, but it's just good practice to spend the time to do this, no matter what brand/cost/etc tent you have. It saves headache down the road.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the tent, and the cost. It will work well for short camping trips with a small family, couple, or individual.
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on September 5, 2016
Great for all-season camping! Best price as listed. Others from Target, Walmart, etc. are about double the price for the same exact thing.

I use this to stay upstate for "glamping" if you will. We use a Coleman Queen-Size mattress, and is pretty much at capacity along with you/partner's belongings (backpacks/duffles). They say 4-person tent, but they never actually mean it.

Would recommend for those who like camping leisurely, none too serious like myself, since the assembly/disassembly was simple and fast. Great for couples. Has hanging pockets to store car keys, cell phones, sunglasses and small essentials. The roof part is not required but keeps out the sun in the morning and light rain. Provides a nice sunroof when off. Very breezy.

Looking into getting the camping tools set next summer.
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on June 6, 2016
I purchased the Green version of this tent for my twice a year weekend camping trips to replace the Taj Mahal sized hand-me-down tent I had been using previously. What struck me about this tent at first was how much smaller it was than I was used to, which was a good thing. Even better, I could set it up fairly quickly with an incredibly minimal amount of cursing and stomping. It rained moderately that weekend and the fly worked as advertised and I had zero water inside the tent. It also came with a small rectangular patch of tarp material that I can only assume is supposed to work as a Welcome / Door mat. My guess is that it would work great as a place to take your shoes off before you get into the tent, but only when it isn't raining. When it is raining or has rained, it really just becomes a convenient place for water and mud to collect right outside your door. The interior is spacious and vented incredibly well. I had no issues with condensation inside the tent and I was fairly comfortable the entire time. At the end of the weekend, taking down the tent was just as easy as putting it up. I was able to break it down, fold it up, and even fit it all back into the bag it came in, which is something I've never been able to do. I usually revert to a nice trash bag for storage.

I have to say, for a weekend camping experience, this tent is hard to beat for the price.
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on January 12, 2017
Love this tent! We're not big "outdoors" people, I needed a tent that's easy to set-up and comfortably fits a queen size air mattress...this tent exceeded my expectations! The last time I set up a tent was in the 80's (and the tent was from the 60's)...this is a dream to set up. I put the tent together in our backyard by myself and inflated the air mattress within the tent. I also hung a little LED lantern from the center inside the tent. We had some extra room along the side of the mattress, but I wouldn't recommend this tent for more than two adults. Enjoyed our night under the stars with one adult, one 9-year old and a French Bulldog. Breaking everything down was a breeze too!
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on October 3, 2016
Needed a slightly smaller tent for outings with my husband or my children (but not both, we have a Coleman Red Canyon for whole family excursions). Took the kids up to northeastern PA for a quick run, and this tent performed flawlessly. I'm not a very experienced camper, but I realize that setting up a new tent in 1: the dark, 2: the rain, 3: with tired/hungry kids is surely not the best way to test out new gear. However, that's how it worked out, so I want to let you know this tent is legit! It's easy to set up (only three poles and one of those is a fly. The stakes are a heavier metal (not plastic or aluminium) and it took me and a friend under ten minutes to get it up and with rain fly on. Speaking of rain, I added a footprint tarp and a groundcloth inside the tent, just in case - and we were bone dry through three days/two nights of steady showers, mist, humidity, and puddles. The rain fly guyed out beautifully and kept great air flow. Two gear pockets and a center hook kept our stuff neatly off the ground. We had room for two Alps lightweight pads and a Lightspeed XL - there was a little less than a foot of space down near the door edge where we kept our boots, bags and other stuff. I don't know how long this tent will last, but it was inexpensive enough that if I get a couple years out of it (my children will probably abuse the tent more than myself), I'll consider it money well spent. First trip was flawless, despite not optimal conditions, so I'm a fan.
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on December 22, 2014
Update 4/2017

I find the "tent pole sleeve" design to be a huge pain compared to other tents that use plastic c-shaped fasteners to secure the poles to the body. With sleeves the poles always catch so you spend time pushing, wiggling, pushing, wiggling, until finally you get both poles through. Then repeat that annoying process for teardown. With c-connectors you can connect the poles to the corners and start connecting clips in whatever order you feel like. This is probably the #1 reason I won't buy this tent again.

On the plus side, this tent has held up well in numerous heavy rainstorms. One time there were several inches of water outside but nothing came through!. The floor felt like a waterbed with the inch or so of water UNDER the tent. Quite impressed. However, 2 sides of the tent are screen mesh without any ability to close. In heavy storms with wind some mist will get inside. I got a little damp and it kept me from sleeping well, but I was mostly dry and plenty warm.

In heavy wind at Big Bend and the beach you will need to tie additional guy lines to keep the tent from caving in. Unfortunately there aren't any connection points for this on the rain fly. I ended up looping rope under the fly and inside some of the tent pole sleeve openings, but it was far from perfect.


This ok tent is overpriced. My previous car-camping tent was the 9'x9' Timber Creek Cumberland II Dome Tent that cost $35 from Academy. It worked great for about 5 years until the door zipper blew out. I could probably get it fixed but I decided to "level up" and get this coleman tent. I figure it costs 2.5x more, it must have great zippers, seams, design, etc. Well I must say I'm disappointed. I should have just bought another Timer Creek.


The Coleman tent BARELY fits my queen airbed. It has to go in sideways (long direction faces the door), which means one person has to climb over the other person. In this configuration one of the handy storage pockets hangs in your face, the other gets whacked by your feet. My Timber Creek tent had a clever "attic" mesh storage that was great for things like a headlamp, glasses, etc. The Coleman has a small round plastic loop that could be used to hang something, if you remember to bring some string or a very small carabiner. "4 person" is a HUGE stretch, it is really a 2 adult tent, and even that will feel a bit cramped.


Very easy to set up. I like the way the rain fly cantilevers over the front and back using a pole, providing good rain drainage for the screened windows, as well as shade. The rain fly system seems to be well designed to make minimal contact with the tent for maximum time before "wetting out".
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on June 24, 2016
The parts are delicate (pls. Find attached imgs). So you need to be extra cautious in the middle of the jungle. I thought this may be the quality for the price. But I saw a similar product in target for half the price.
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on June 5, 2016
I am in love. Coleman never lets me down and they didn't start with this tent. The last time I slept in a tent, I was sleeping next to three guys in a one person tent in some desert for some training event in the Marines ha - ha needless to say I was already excited to only have to share a four person tent with my wife. We live in Montana, we need tough and weatherproof basically. This exceeded my expectations and we camped for two weeks straight. EXCELLENT shelter and its so easy to pack, unpack, and setup. She's 140lbs, 5'4 and thin, I'm 240lbs 5'9 and muscular and it fit us with adequate spaciousness with our two great dane/pitbull mixes. If it can stand up to Montana weather, you're in good hands people.
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on April 18, 2017
It's a Coleman. Great entry-level tent that's easy to put up, even for a 10-year old. Love the bathtub floor (I sure wish tents had that feature when I was a kid, it would have saved me many nights of gear getting soaking wet). I also love that the pole sleeves are as small as possible and that it relies on pole clips for most of the length of the poles. That makes getting the poles in and up so much easier than a full-length sleeve. I wouldn't exactly call them snag-proof but they're a notable improvement over full-length sleeves.

I like the fly on this model, it has one pole that goes front-to-back and does not require much bending. Similar Coleman models have a smaller fly pole that you have to bend into a U-shape, putting tremendous tension on the fiberglass and subjecting it to splintering. This model's fly pole is thicker and only has a slight bend so I expect it to last longer.

Biggest complaint is the zipper gets caught in the "zipper cover" all the time and for kids who don't know any better, they just keep pulling until it's completely jammed. This is not a great design and needs to be revisited.

As with all tents on the market, "4-person" means 4 people sleeping right up on each other with no room for gear. So this is really a tent for 3 people at most. We've slept 3 in it comfortably (1 adult/2 kids, 2 adults/1 kid) although we did start to run short on room for gear at some point.
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