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on October 12, 2016
My husband and I are not serious campers, we really only get out maybe once or twice a year. We wanted a simple and roomy tent (he is 6'3) but not so big finding a spot for it is difficult.

We recently purchased and used this tent on a 4 day trip. It is tall enough for my husband to stand in with a little head clearance. We had no problem with moisture or bugs or whatever...but we were camping...water and bugs are is not a big concern of ours. The ease of putting up the tent and comfort is. This tent went up in maybe 2-3 mins. We were comfortable on a queen air mattress with plenty of room for our bags and backpacks. We did purchase and use a rain fly. We had a fun four days and packed up and left in record time. The tent was just as easy to collapse and roll up and setting it up. We loved it.
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on September 18, 2016
I loved this tent on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, the weather was sunny and warm, it was the PERFECT tent!
Sadly it rained a little on Wednesday, by a little i mean sprinkles, in the woods, very little water, very little wind and
IT LEAKED, A LOT! at the two side window botton seams. puddles of water inside our tent!!!
we are very disappointed by the performance of this tent, oh and yes we did also buy and use the rain fly

I filed a complaint with Coleman about this tent the same day I wrote this review. I heard back from them today and they have offered me a different tent. We feel they are really trying to resolve this problem for us. I will update this review again as we progress.
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on August 3, 2015
So this tent seems to be a love it or hate it affair for people on here. I can see how some people would like it but it really was not for me and it does leak some and gets you wet with condensation in any case.

I took this tent to Maine as we were car camping and then day hiking Katahdin.

1. The tent is huge. You can stand up in it and the floor space and vertical style walls make it feel very big.
2. The tent does set up in 2 -5 minutes.

1. Water Water Everywhere: You get wet. The first night camping it was going to be cold so I closed the windows but left the top vents open. I was awoken an hour into my sleep with cold wet water dripping on my face. I immediately sprung to action thinking i needed to start sealing the tent up as it must be raining. Well it was not. The tent is so airtight that I was having the condensation from the roof dripping on me. This occurred with the top vents open and with only 2 people in the tent. I then half opened all the windows. This made it quite cool and still did not solve the condensation issue it continued to drip all night waking me periodically. The next night we were hit by a rainstorm. There were several leaks that I had to fix. I also had nearly a cup of water dumped on my head but was quick and caught it. On the top of the tent near the vents a puddle had begun to form I was able to guide it to the side of the tent before it came through the vent screen. Since it was raining all the windows had to be closed so I still got very wet from condensation. There are several hooks to hang things inside the tent on the center of the walls, these seemed to wick water in from the outside.I therefore cannot recommend this tent based on the fact that no matter what you will get wet. But wait there is more...
2. Weight and Size: The tent is very heavy and the bag it comes in quite large. You could have trouble getting this in some vehicles.
3. Breakdown: While set up is breeze breakdown is not. This took almost 20 minutes to break down. Also make sure you open all the vents as this is a big plastic bag and if you don't you will never wrap it up unless you reset it up climb inside and open them. It took 3 people to do this task and we still had a hard time getting it back in the bag.

Overall this was just too bulky, too wet, and too difficult to pack and travel with. I learned a lot from this tent.

My tent advice:

1. Get something smaller and lighter. Even when car camping set up breakdown and packing your car will be easier with something smaller. Plus you can take something smaller on a hike as well.

2. Get something that breathes. There are tents that keep the rain out and don't drip condensation. A dome with a rain-fly will allow humidity out through the mesh onto the rain-fly and then down the side of the rain-fly. This is a better design than a one for all "water-proof" tent like this.

3. Set it up and break it down before you need it at home. This was you know all the ins and outs ahead of time. It also allows you to test for missing or broken parts.
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on August 20, 2015
I'm not a tenter! I used to have both a van set up for camping, and an old Dodge Champion motorhome. I'm too old to mess with a tent! However a bluegrass festival came up that I did not want to miss, and my Coleman tent trailer wasn't available so I took a chance and bought a Coleman 6 person tent. First off, this tent would comfortably hold no more than FOUR people. I can't imagine 6. Secondly this tent should NEVER be purchased without a rain fly!!! SHAME ON COLEMAN AND AMAZON TOO.......for letting this happen. That's the reason for the four star rating.

In the tent's favor, it really is "instant." A fellow camper insisted (curious about the tent,) on "helping" me set the tent up. The tent was up BEFORE EITHER OF US KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. True! You take it out of it's carrying case, spread it out on the ground, and as soon as you start walking around it and erecting the tent poles.......the tent just sorta......happens, no kidding. This tent went up so fast, I'm still not sure how it sets up, but it does.

Come time to take it down, it also was easy. One tip I got from reading another review, was to half open the windows, leave them zipped half way and tuck the flap between the tent and the screen mesh, in order to let the air out, when rolling the tent up. Worked for me.

We had weather.......unbelievable! Up in the mountains, in upstate New York's Lake George area and one minute there'd be sweltering heat, and the next minute a HUGE dark grey cloud would show up, and a DROWNPOUR would happen. At one point, I ran to check the tent and the water around it was shoe top deep! No kidding!!! And, nothing and I mean NO WATER AT ALL, inside........except for a corner of the window I'd left down, unfortunatley close to the air mattress, (not good,) but all in all the tent did fine.

Wind......incredible wind!!! Thru all of this, this tent stood up very well, the only water inside would come from condensation because NO WAY could you leave a window open even the slightest! Water would run down the sloping side of the tent and RIGHT THRU THE WINDOW SCREEN, and the reason I think it's a shame this tent is allowed to be sold without a rain fly. I just ordered mine! I'm hoping that with this tent fly, I'll be able to at least partially open the windows if it's raining. This along with that clever top vent should help a lot.

Hope this helps but again, this tent should never have been sold without the rainfly. Shame on you Coleman.
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on March 31, 2016
I haven't used this tent yet but I did set it up in my front yard to see if the setup was as fast as they claimed it would be and I'm impressed!

I was able to set this up quickly and I even had my two-year-old climbing on me begging "mommy up" the entire time. I had it up in under a minute amd it was just easy to take down! I can't wait to take this camping!

I definitely recommend this tent!
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on November 14, 2015
Poured down rain for three days. The only water was condensation and what I tracked in. Setup minus stakes? 60 seconds. Omg! Worth every penny. As dry as my $899.00 tent! We had two new ones! Neither leaked a drop!
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on October 21, 2015
This tent was a breeze to set up. I set it up previous to going camping and waterproofed, or so I thought, by sealing the seams and spraying the outside. First day, during a light rain it did well, but still leaked some around the windows. The next day, when it poured down rain, it poured in the tent. I am going to try waterproofing again, but have little faith it will work.

A lot of money for a fair weather tent.
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on August 24, 2015
The "1 minute setup time" might be an exaggeration... It's more like 30 seconds. This tent is seriously awesome. There are only two negative things I can say about it.
1. It does not come with a rain fly.
2. When it's packed away, it's still huge.
But honestly, if you're car camping with the family, who wants to camp in the rain anyways? Also, you probably are going to have a ton of other stuff taking up room in your Prius anyways, so the large dimensions don't really matter that much.
I really like all the venting and the interior height. I'm 6'1" and I can stand up fully inside the tent. It's a super nice feature that I've never experienced before. Normally I have to bend over at the waist and fall directly onto my face while I change into my pj's at the campground. Never again! I hope this was helpful to all you glampers (like my wife and I) out there!
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on April 4, 2017
great tent, i needed a tent to take my dogs in, did not want to tear up my more expensive tents, and it is so easy to set up and take down. i camped in 2 days of rain and it did not leak. definitely get the 6 man at least. my friend bought the 4 and it is way to small. update. i just got back from wv mountains and we got hit with a monster storm and this tent did great. side ways rain, high winds and not a drop of water inside. i am going to purchase the rain fly though. the top of the tent where the vents are is kind of flat. the water never leaked but it puddled up there. the rain fly will fix it
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on September 19, 2016
This is first review that I ever wrote because this product is a terrible product list Tent leaks water terrible I woke up with puddles of water inside the tent do not buy
review image review image review image review image
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