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on March 22, 2013
So we were a little hesitant on making this purchase after reading the 3 star and below reviews. However, some close friends and camping partner family own this tent. Here is what we did:

Step 1- Order the tent
Step 3- Order Rain Fly (no brainer people)
Step 4- When tent arrives excitedly open box, and set up in the living room (optional, and be sure to check with your spouse first as this did not go over well with mine)
Step 5- Take down tent from living room and set up again outside....Use the seam sealer around ALL seams inside and outside the tent liberally (or follow directions on sealant product)
Step 6- Put rainfly on tent
Step 7- Connect garden hose and prepare leaf blower for weather simulation testing.
Step 8- After waiting desired time for sealant to set, simulate various types of rain storms from gentle drizzle to driving hurricane force rain (do this at your own risk and be sure to roll up windows on your spouses car when aiming simulated rain in that direction)
Step 9- Now using your leaf blower blast your tent with simulated wind levels from gentle meadow breezes to Hurricane Level 4 winds if you have a 4 speed leaf combo snow blower (again, do this at your own risk)
Step 10- Stake down your tent THEN redo step 9, then apologize to your spouse for crushing her flowers.

During all the simulated test I found that the tent is NOT made for 50+ psi garden house spray down at full forces.... However, there was minimal leaking, and I think that was from spraying right at the zipper. When using in a true rain fashion there was no leaking after a 10 minute soaking. The blower was a little over the top, but even after rolling my unstaked tent into my wifes flowers the tent took all I threw at it. I was going to repeat all the test and make a video to attach with this review but was advised (told) by my wife that I wasn't going to do that....Argh!

Thanks Coleman for a great tent! Set it up in less than 30 seconds and take down was just as simple, and I had a blast with my homemade weather simulation testing.
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on June 28, 2016
I had high hopes for this tent after reading reviews and watching videos. It does set up as easy as advertised, less than a minute and it is ready to stake down and use.
Problem was the tent leaked badly during a thunderstorm. One entire wall section had water droplets leaking through, all 4 corners near the floor leaked, and it leaked in the top center. We had several cups of water in the tent, and much of our stuff got wet.
review image review image review image
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on June 5, 2011
Who likes complicated and confusing?
When I go camping, the "setting up & taking down" of my tent is the part that sucks. Really sucks.
This tent is amazing. The day it showed up, I took it out of the box and set it up (just me - no one helping) in under a minute (not counting the stakes)!!
You just unfold it, extend the legs, and walk in. How awesome is that?
Don't believe me? Check Youtube. Type in "Instant Tent", look for the one with a girl in a bright yellow KOA shirt. That's the video that sold me on this tent.

It has LOTS of ventilation. the 2 sides have a large window, the back has a HUGE window. The front has a window in the door, and a window next to the door. Did I mention there are two roof vents? Yup. The roof vents have zippers on them, and a rigid "prop" thing. There's velcro on the top flap, on the top of the prop, and on the bottom of the prop (the bottom of the prop is sewn to the tent as well). You can open the roof vents from the inside by unzipping the screen and raising the prop. To close it you simply lower the prop, and velcro the top flap to the bottom of the prop.
I know, that's alot of info for something as trivial as a vent. BUT, I thought it was a very nice feature, and haven't seen it mentioned in any reviews or videos.

The windows. HUGE! I mean huge in a HUGE way! You can get plenty of air flow. When you open the windows, it's like having the whole top half of your tent as ventilation.
A note about the windows - when you open them, the flap hangs inside your tent. I've read reviews where people complained about this. Well guess what. If you leave each zipper zipped up about four inches, rather than fully open, you create a pocket of sorts, between the mesh and the fabric parts of the windows. Just stuff the flap into this little pocket, and call it good.

NO RAINFLY. I sprayed the tent with a garden hose. I mad it "rain" on top of the tent, and it also "rained" sideways all the way around. No leaks. I was concerned about the top vents, but no water got in.

When it's time to take down your tent, fold it up as instructed, then roll it, on the ground, just like a sleeping bag. Just keep rolling it until you get the air squeezed out. Not only was it easy to get this tent back in it's storage bag, I was able to put THAT back in the box that it came in!
And the carry bag. Even the bag is well planned! It has a full length zipper (think of your standard gym duffel bag, only longer). It's bigger than it needs to be, so it's easy to get the tent back in. And, if you have a hard time getting the air out of it, and CAN'T zip it, there are straps with buckles, so you can strap the top, then cinch down the buckles to tighten the bag enough to zip it up.

I chose this tent for 3 reasons: 1) it sets up easily. 2) it's tall (I'm six feet tall). 3) it doesn't cost an arm & a leg.
This is my third - or maybe fourth - Coleman tent. I've never had problems with them leaking, never had a zipper fail, never had broken poles.

I gave it four stars instead of five for two reasons. If not for these two (albeit rather insignificant) little details, I would give it five stars and then some.
FIRST: 2 storage pockets. It's a 6 man tent (in theory). Why only two measly pockets? There is a hook sewn into the peak, to hang a lantern, which is nice.
SECOND: the door is square at the bottom, creating a "corner". Since zippers don't like corners, they used two zippers. One zipper goes across the bottom, the other zipper goes across the top & down the side. Well, there's a gap. It's a tiny gap, but how much room do spiders, ants or ticks need? Where I camp, there are plenty of ticks & poisonous spiders. My new tent has a spider-sized doggy-door.

All-in-all, I have to give Coleman a thumbs up on this tent. In fact, I've already talked two people into buying this model tent, and I've only had it for 3 days.
And to whomever designed the setup assembly, a high-five, hug, and dinner :)
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on September 20, 2016
Purchased for car camping in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. Lots of room for two adults and a toddler. Us on a queen air mattress, little one on her own camp pad; still plenty of room for gear and a path to the door.

The Good:
It is VERY easy to set up. Anyone who can carry it would have no problem setting it up by themselves in practically no time.

Once seam-sealed, the tent by itself is waterproof enough for a typical afternoon thunderstorm. For prolonged rain, you WILL need the rain fly.

When fully staked out, it does a fine job of standing up to wind.

The 'meh':
It is heavy, and is quite bulky when packed up.

The top vents did a reasonable job of preventing condensation, never had problems with droplets landing on us. However, anything touching the side of the tent at night would be damp by morning. Bear in mind, this is in a relatively dry region.

The Bad:
Only lasted three summers before the door zipper completely failed, and a tear developed in one of the walls.
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on October 15, 2015
I bought this tent less then a year ago. Already the seams at the bottom and the actual floor of the tent leak. It was barely raining and I have puddles on the floor. I bought the separate rainfly hoping something like this wouldn't happen, but the leaks aren't at the top. I had to emergency patch holes on the floor....count so far.....15. I always have a tarp under the tent, i clear away debris, I take off my shoes and don't drag things inside. I took every precaution and the floor still leaks. Not very durable.

UPDATE 10/31/16: I have now had 3 of these tents through warrenty replacement with Coleman and all of them have had problems. the last one they sent me looks like it was sewn together by a blind person. the seams are coming unstitched and zipper get caught. DO NOT BUY THIS TENT!
review image review image review image
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on March 1, 2016
I just got this tent today, so of course I haven't actually camped in it yet, but I went right out and set it up. It went up so fast, and it was almost accidental...just by handling the poles, it almost set itself up. If it took a full minute, it didn't take a second more than that, and I wasn't even trying to see how quickly I could do it.

Because the tent doesn't come with a rain fly, I also got a 12x14 tarp to go with it, and I hung that over the tent when I set it up today. With guy lines holding the tarp nice and snug and draped down over the tent, it looks like I will be able to keep the windows halfway down in a rainstorm and still be fine. That's a lot better coverage than the official Coleman rain fly for this tent.

I wish it had a floor vent, but with four huge windows and a ceiling vent, I think it should be more than fine. I have a standard issue U.S. Army cot that will fit inside with plenty of room left over (I'm using this tent to solo camp).

Do yourself a favor and buy some good quality tent stakes. My tent didn't come with any stakes (and I'm not sure if it was supposed to), but I've read a ton of reviews that said the Coleman stakes are garbage, so I ordered some good metal official issue Army tent stakes. If I end up bending those, I must be talented.

The tent is very roomy inside, and I love being able to stand upright in it - that was one reason I chose this model. It's called a six-person tent, but don't kid yourself. Six people would have to really, really, really like each other to squeeze into this tent. I do think it could fit four without their gear, or fewer with some gear. Two people would love this tent and have plenty of room. Since I'm camping solo, it's like a small house for me.

Recommended? Absolutely.
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on August 30, 2015
After reading hundred of reviews, we decided this was the tent for our young family. We live in the western Washington and needed a tent that would keep us dry, and specifically chose this one because of the "guarantee" that we would remain dry. We went camping at family friendly campsite at Mt. Rainier. The temp was in the upper 50's, and it didn't rain the first night, but the tent walls were soaking wet on the inside the next morning because of the dew and general moisture in the air. Everything in the tent was damp, our sleeping bags, our back-backs, our shoes... everything. My kids (4 and 7yo) were troopers. Then the rain came. We are from the northwest and camping in the rain is just part of the game. Our tent was worthless. It was raining inside the tent, the walls were saturated, and there was a puddle. I don't think a rainfly would have prevented the situation. It's not worthy of a 3-season rating. I will be returning this tomorrow, and buying another tent.
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on August 31, 2015
I just got back from 2 nights of camping in a storm. "Gale force winds" according to the park rangers, rain so heavy that it scared my dog, trees falling down, etc. Amazon was sold out of the rainfly for this tent, so instead I bought a tarp on amazon and used that (10' x 12' Dry Top Heavy Duty White Full Size 10-mil Poly Tarp item #310122) which didn't need any additional ropes to attach, I just used some rope that the tent had attached that I assume was for the rainfly. The tent help up extremely well, there were two adults and a large dog in it and plenty of extra room. The floor stayed dry (despite pools of water underneath tent all night, so yeah, floor is waterproof), there was some condensation on the walls but that was probably partially due that we had all the windows closed. Pretty neat that it can be set up in 30 seconds too. I definitely would recommend the tent, unless you have to carry it a distance hiking beforehand, but then you really should be looking at smaller tents anyway.
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on May 1, 2017
The main reason I bought this tent is because of its size and ease of setup. I am 6'6" tall, so smaller tent shared with anyone else makes for an uncomfortable night. The length and width are long enough to accommodate me, even when sleeping at the edges. It is tall enough that i can at least stand up while leaning over just a bit. I cant fullt stand up in it, but i dont have to crouch down on my knees to move around in it.

I decided to try the tent out for the first time this weekend while taking my son on a boy scout campout, without having ever taken it out of the bag, and without previously watching any videos or reading instructions on set up. It still was a very quick setup. It took about 2 minutes to set up and get the 6 stakes down, and that was with a lot of wind (this did not include the 4 support stakes for the cords. It took me another couple of minutes to get the knots undone and stake those down). Takedown the next morning was just as easy. There was a bit of struggle getting it rolled back up to fit in the bag easily but that is the case with any tent ive had.

The main reason i am giving it 5 stars though is because it actually made it through the night. We stayed at the very tip of Dauphin Island in Alabama. Inside Ft Gaines to be exact. On a weekend with a pretty big storm rolling in. Although it did not rain while i was there, the wind was blowing at 35+ mph for the entire night. I set it up around 6pm, and took it down the next morning around 7am and it stayed standing the entire time. This was not just an occasional gust of wind coming in. It was a steady 35mph, nonstop, the entire night. Occasionally there were some gusts that reached 50+ mpg. Every now and then, the top of the tent would shift and i thought the arms were going to give out, but they never did. I left all of the windows open throughout the night to keep some of the pressure of the wind off, but i think it would have stayed up even if they were closed.

I did not have any leaks on mine, but it did not rain on us while the tent was up. There was a little spray from the ocean, but the wind was so strong it did not have time to sit on the tent and get in.

Because of the design, its not a light or compact tent, but i would not expect one like this to be, so that's not a problem or negative to me. It will still fit in the trunk of a small car, so its not terribly long. I intend on using this on typical campouts with the family and do not intend on hiking long distances with it.

There is only one negative thing about it to me, and that is the stakes that are included. They are the typical L shaped cheap tent stakes that come with every tent. I forgot to bring my good stakes with me, so i had to use these. Several were bent or pulled half up the next morning, so i will be buying another set of good ones to keep in the bag. I am not removing any stars from my rating just because it did hold up after all, even in the very sandy terrain i had it in. But it is worth noting that you should purchase a decent set, and that goes for any tent you buy. While you are at it, go ahead and buy a small cheap mallet to keep in the tent bag too. Then you never have to remember to pack one, or have to hunt for something hard enough to drive them down.
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on September 20, 2016
I bought this tent with full faith in the Coleman brand. There were some negative reviews, but I disregarded them. I bought this tent for a trip to Hocking Hills with my girlfriend, as well as the proper rainfly, which is not the 4 person rainfly they suggest. Along with the tent and rainfall I bought seam sealer and two cans of camp dry. The tent is extremely well designed and tall enough to stand and move in. All the internal seams have some sort of tape sealant on it so you won't need seam sealer. The zipper is flawless and is usually a 1 handed operation. I set the tent up for a trial run and sprayed it with both cans of camp dry for good measure. It rained at home and I went out to find water inside the next day. I really wasn't that concerned because I didn't have the rain fly on it and I figured it was necessary as some of the reviews said.
It rained our first night at HH, for several hours, but slow enough that I could count the raindrops hitting the top. Rain began seeping in through the CLOSED window flaps, and only the window flaps, and grew worse the more it rained. It eventually escalated into steady drips all throughout the tent and standing water. I'm extremely dissatisfied as this is not a cheap tent. I have a feeling my tent my be a "one-off" bad quality, based on all the other good reviews. If it was waterproof I'd give it 6 stars, but mine was not.

Other stuff:
Can be assembled by one confident camper in a literal minute. Tied down in under 5.

One of the plastic feet in the 4 corners that holds the loop for the stakes broke on 1st use. I was not being rough on the tent. It's just a shortcut in material quality, the rest of the tent and components seem great.

Fits in bag without wrestling and even had extra room for a tarp in the bag. BUT the bag is huge. As a result of the quick and easy setup it doesn't break down very small. Probably 4.5" tall and 9-10" tall/wide. It's a knee banger if you don't wear it like a backpack.

I'll be contacting Coleman to see if I can get some resolution on the tents quality.
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