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The coffee maker itself feels surprisingly cheap. I was a little worried about the fact that it is predominately made of cheap feeling plastic. Shouldn't be a surprise as when you get your box you will notice MADE IN CHINA, Glass made in Germany in bold letters. I purchased this after reading all review types, positive, neutral and negative. I'm not willing to call anyone out like some reviewers have and state things like "They don't know what they are talking about", "They OBVIOUSLY are doing something wrong", etc.

IMPORTANT: The first pot of coffee I brewed wasn't a pot of coffee at all. It was just plain water to make sure the device functioned and to help "clean/cycle" the unit of any possible contamination. Some people have claimed that the device overflows, backs up and pours out all over the place. Mine did too at first and here's why:

You MUST ensure that the top portion/basket is swung closed PRIOR to inserting the coffee pot. This is due to the design of the pause and serve lever. I tinkered around a bit with mine because I thought that it wasn't closed all of the way because there is a gap on the left side of the plastic facing you when brewing. If you play with the swing out basket AFTER you place the glass pot the device will back up and leak!

Not sure if its everyone's coffee maker or just a defect in mine but mine does in fact make it look like the filter basket is NOT closing all of the way. Poor design, if so. If your coffee maker does start leaking my best advice is to turn off the fire and leave it be. Don't try to stop it or you WILL burn yourself.

Brewing Time: I was a little taken aback that my coffee wasn't as instant as I would have liked to hope for. However, I think many people living in todays age of drive through's and K-Cup single serves would in fact be surprised at how long it takes to brew. Not sure I'd go ahead and be braisen enough to claim that it takes as long as a household coffee brewer would or not, as its been a LONG time since I too have used home brewers. Some brew faster than others. Especially the expensive models like Keurig, BUNN, anything that has a heating element for pre-heated water.

The product however does NOT lose a star due to the brewing time. After all, coffee after while when camping IS better than no coffee at all, or percolators that give you a cup full of grounds that take equally as long.

A lot of people have claimed that the usage of aluminum for a heating element was a poor decision. While I have not had a problem in this area, I'd have to agree. I have pretty much learned to HATE anything made of aluminum as the melting point is much lower than solid steel and heavier metals. Ever throw a soda can in a camp fire? Watch it melt sooner than later. Ever use one of those pie irons that arent actually made of iron, I did, and it melted the first night! The instructions DO however specify to use nothing more than 15,000 BTU's, so, with that being said; I have seen at least one reviewer state theirs melted with a 20,000 BTU unit, which definitely does denote USER ERROR.

Unfortunately, to many, fire is fire and when you advertise that it's for a camp stove, a lot of individuals won't mind to pay attention to things like BTU's, etc.

Overall: I highly appreciated the fact that I was able to have quality coffee at my disposal. The unit loses a star for its overall build quality as I question how long this will truly last. I've been really careful in between brewing pots to let the unit cool for a while, etc. I'm afraid just one simple mistake will leave me without my morning and evening cup of coffee, and hunting for a replacement. Coleman, if you're listening, people associate your name, or at least once did with QUALITY and RELIABILITY. I'm sure i'm not the only one willing to pay a few extra bucks to an extra $20.00 for heavier metal and some quality materials, overall.

I will update after my next time using it to update how well it's held up. I may even poke around and see if I can remove the pause and serve lever somehow without breaking the unit, as I have no use for it.
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on December 17, 2017
PERFECT! This is our 2nd one. We love it for when there's a power outage or if we're camping without power. Unfortunately I broke the first one after using it for 2 years by not adding the water first one morning and burned up the elements. I only did so because I had not had my coffee first. Seriously, this coffee maker is the best. Just read the directions first.
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on May 1, 2018
This thing rocks! We live completely off grid. Running an electric coffee maker in the morning is a fairly terrible idea as it draws down the battery bank at the worst time of the day. We had been using a percolator on the stove for years and it works but not as well as this baby! As noted in earlier reviews, take the burner grate off your kitchen stove to use it. I'll add to make sure the lever is up and away for the pause n serve before putting the pot on it, otherwise things tend to fill up and overflow. Many reviews said it takes about 10 minutes to run, we're between 15 and 20 minutes. That said? I hope to use this for quite a while, it's a lot less messy than the percolator, and faster. Might even take this glamping next time we go.
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on August 3, 2016
This coffee maker is perfect. I wouldnt change anything on it. It's simple to use and easy to understand how to use. From opining the box to having coffee it took us about 10. We used to bring instant coffee with us camping and it sucked. This year I decided to see if there was a camping coffee maker and I ran into this product. Freaking awesome! This thing is very simple. Just set it up exactly like you would for your counter top coffee maker except set it on a camp stove. Then light up the stove. After I light up my stove it takes about 2 minutes to for it to start working. I didn't time it but it seems to be about 10 minutes for a full pot. We actually had 3 other families go camping with us and all the parents came to our campsite in the morning to drink coffee. We ended up brewing 2 pots every morning because all the other adults brought the instant coffee.

I like that the box has a plastic handle on the top of it. We stored the coffee maker back in the box after the camping trip. It's a sturdy box so why not? I want it to last as long as it can.

I did notice that if I turn the stove up it brews faster and slower if I turn it down. This might be in the directions but I somehow lost them before we took off for the trip. I think I accidentally threw them away before I had a chance to look at them. Ops! That goes to show how easy this thing is to figure out.

If you love your coffee this is a must have. The heck with the instant coffee. It's for the birds!

Helpful?...............Thank You!
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on May 12, 2018
I got this for our RV, for those days I get up at 6am and can't start the generator until 8am.

First morning, I filled it with a filter, coffee and water. Lit the burner and put over the top. In no time, the smell of coffee and the sound of percolating coffee filled the trailer. I kept looking at the machine, and nothing was going into the carafe. Soon, the sound of sizzling and water trickling filled the RV. It was overflowing. I pulled the empty carafe out and pushed it in and out, nothing. I turned off the burner and opened the filter compartment and burned my hand, because the coffee was overflowing. Grounds and coffee everywhere. Eventually when I closed the coffee compartment, it started draining into the carafe. Ok, lesson learned, put the carafe in after closing the coffee drawer. Next day, more coffee...and after ensuring that I put the carafe in after putting the coffee in and closing the door, still no filling in the carafe. So, I opened and closed the door for the coffee and filter and finally it started draining. Next day...started making coffee and something happened where I had to leave the RV and when I came in, coffee all over the counter. UGH.

I finally figured out that the machine is poorly made and the little carafe sensor in the back needs to be pulled out and then close the coffee and filter drawer with it held out. Doing that, and then putting the carafe in, ensures that it will drain properly.

Do I like the machine...YES! It is quality right up to the cheap plastic piece in the back that is the sensor for the carafe. So, if you buy one, and I do think you should if you want coffee without a generator, just remember to always pull out the plastic sensor at the back before closing the coffee and filter drawer and then put the carafe in every time, and it will work for you. Don't do what I did...or you have a lot of cleanup to do.

Shame on you coleman for making a quality coffee maker and putting such a cheap piece that is so critical to coffee making in the back. Spend the couple of dollars and put a weighted metal plate in there that the carafe can trigger to open the flow of coffee into the carafe.
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on March 16, 2018
My life will never be the same. Constantly ran this bad boy while camping. I love it. Works just like the one at home (minus the fire you have to put under it) and cleans up easily for storage. Almost TOO civilized for camping! Takes up more space than my percolator did, but I lost a part for my perc and replacing it was not a lot less than buying this so I figured I'd give it a try. Can't imagine life before this now :)
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on July 6, 2015
If you do any camping of any kind, and you like coffee, GET THIS PRODUCT !!! We had a 3 family 4th of July weekend camping trip, 6 adults, 5 coffee drinkers, this worked AWESOME. It's just like a regular drip coffeemaker at home. I used this on my Coleman 2 burner propane grill. I did not time how long it took but it did take a while. However, it does have the pause feature on it. I was the first one up so I was able to pull a cup off and put it back to finish so it was all ready when everyone else got up.It made perfect coffee. Of course, just like at home, if you have poor water you have poor coffee. We brought water from home. I typically only buy Coleman for most of my gear and I had high expectations for this unit. It surpassed my expectations by a mile. I can't speak of durability as this was this first time. I had no issues at all that other posters may have had. Make sure the pause lever is in the right position though. I can see where that could cause an issue. Follow the instructions, use quality water, if you can, and you will not be dissapointed with this product. I have Coleman lanterns, stove and other gear that is 20 + years old, I'm not sure this will last that long but I hope it will.
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on July 13, 2017
I ordered this to take on a 2 week camping trip to Yellowstone/teton to replace my percolator. It worked great and made coffee as good as my drip coffeemaker at home.I also got the Quikpot stainless Carafe to take along instead of the glass one. There's a small metal tab under the carafe handle that I had to bend out of the way to make it sit on the hot plate properly. The coffeemaker worked perfectly on my propane camp stove and made perfect Sumatran every time. It was also faster and required less attention than my percolator. If you know how to use a automatic drip coffeemaker at home you should have no problems. Just center it over a burner and go. The problem with people who cannot make it work is not with the coffeemaker. It is simple.
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on September 16, 2015
We had the earlier version of this coffee maker for years and used it on many camping trips. It was easy to use (easier than a percolater and way less messy) the flow interrupter is great for those who can't wait for the whole pot to be done, and it is surprisingly tough, even though it was occasionally left to boil dry (by fellow campers, not me!) and the coffee grounds cup melted a little when it was left out to the side with the adjacent camp stove burner still on (again, by fellow campers, not moi). The new one is ALMOST identical - the difference is critical though, and if you aren't careful, you'll end up with a mess and no coffee! With the earlier version it didn't matter if you put the pot in place before or after adding the filter and coffee grounds to the filter cup. With the new one IT MATTERS - you have to put the pot in place as the LAST step because of the way the flow interrupter has been redesigned. If you put the pot in place and then swing the filter cup closed, the flow interrupter will not open and the coffee will back up into the filter cup and overflow, making a mess, and leaving you with no coffee - which is just too horrible to contemplate when camping. Took me a few tries to figure this out (and a rereading of the directions) because after the first mess up, I happened to put the pot in place last and it worked fine. Altogether a first rate camping must have!
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on April 13, 2016
I have had three of these Coleman coffee makers. The first one lasted several years, purchased in 2003, finally starting to leak, so I replaced it. When they work they make excellent drip coffee just like home. Both the second and third makers purchased 2014-2015 only lasted for some 10-20 pots. The metal that is used to cover the underneath portion of the maker just above the stove flame has melted twice. Apparently since making them in China, the base plate alloy is liberally full of lead. The bottom melted out just as if I had melted a whole roll of solder, the burner is now ruined. I only use a medium flame on the stove when brewing the coffee. The stove is the same Coleman camp stove I have had for over 35 years. Apparently Coleman quality has gone downhill since China is making their products. The Coleman company is also receiving this review via email.
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