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on July 23, 2015
After a lot of research, I ordered this grill.
I had a Coleman tabletop grill for years but I was looking something with its own stand and this is exactly what I had in mind!

Mine arrived today and I had it assembled in about 20 minutes.
Very easy assembly and they even include the one tool you need. (To attach the two wheels.)
It would have actually been a 5 minute assembly but I spent most of the time tugging on the grill to remove it from the very carefully packed and protected shipping box. But that's actually a good thing.

I have a small patio at my home and I didn't want a typical, large propane grill.
I also wanted to store it in my garage when not in use to protect it from the elements.
This grill fits the bill perfectly.
Very ample area on the grates to grill.
Seems like it can accommodate anything from a quick lunch to a small dinner party.

I've got a couple of great books on grilling and have been watching YouTube videos to learn more.
While I have grilled in the past, I want to kick my game up a notch!

Despite being made in China, this grill has a quality feel to it.
Coleman has been around a long time and clearly set the bar high for Chinese manufacturer to keep their brand reputation.

It has been a while so I started very simply for my first attempt.
Hamburgers with only fresh ground pepper and sea salt and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
After 6 minute cook time, I let it rest in a plate covered with aluminum foil.
Result, hands down the best burger I have had in years!

I also separately purchased an instant read digital thermometer (only $10) for food safety and control over how well cooked I wanted my food. I gave some thought to analog thermometers but I am glad I chose this digital model. Far easier to accurately read.
I went to a store that sells, among other things, quality cooking accessories.
This one looks solid as opposed to the cheap looking ones at the supermarket for the same price.
This cool model snaps into a case that has a lanyard you can wear around your neck while grilling so you don't have to put it down.
A meat thermometer is a must, IMHO. I know a chef and he always has one in his uniform shirt pocket at work.

Brought the burgers up to 160 degrees F and perfection.

Needless to say, tomorrow I will not be going out for lunch or dinner.
Nor will I be heating up my house cooking indoors in the middle of the very hot summer here in South Florida.

P.S. Two easy tips to make for easier cleanup.

1) Line the metal bottom of the grill (a few inches below the grates) to catch any drippings or bits of food.
Cut out circular holes to fit the foil around the burners.
Be careful not to block the opening that leads to the grease drip tray.

2) Cut a small piece of aluminum foil to size to line the drip tray.
Cleaning it then consists of just disposing of the small piece of foil.
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on June 21, 2016
Obviously this isn't going to be as good to cook on as a full blown grill, but for its size and weight it's a neat grill. The heating is a little uneven, you have to be careful around the area where the solid section of the grill plate over the burner ends. At higher heats this tends to be quite a bit hotter than the rest of the grill and things will burn.

I adapted this to work with a quick connect fitting on our travel trailer and it works great. It folds down small enough to fit in one of our external storage compartments and is light enough to lift in and out without too many hassles. To do the adaption you just need an adjustable wench and some basic practical skills. I used the following parts to adapt it (see photos for detailed steps):
Anderson Metals Brass Pipe Fitting, Forged Reducing Street Elbow, 1/4" Female Pipe x 1/8" Male Pipe
Camco 59903 Propane Quick-Connect Fitting - 1/4" NPT x Full Flow Male Plug
Rectorseal 31551 1/2 Pint Brush Top Tru-Blu Pipe Thread Sealant

I used the liquid sealant because I had it from working on natural gas lines in our house. If I didn't already have it, I would have probably gone with thread tape instead - LA-CO 44080 Slic-Tite PTFE Pipe Thread Tape, Premium Grade.
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on July 9, 2015
I wouldn't trade this grill for the world!! This grill is reliable & rugged and cooks better than any grill I have ever owned and I take it everywhere I go!! This grill it easy to clean and the whole thing is just top notch!!
review image review image review image
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on April 6, 2009
I am a died in the wool griller and Weber guy. We currently have three grills around the house; a horizontal smoker/charcoal grill, a Weber gas Silver C gas grill (10 years old, the best!!) and the Coleman Roadtrip. I bought this grill because I get stuck doing the cooking at other friends and relatives and always had to load up the Weber. This Roadtrip is the cat's meow for this type of grilling road show.

I was going to get a Weber Q but it doesn't have the cart, at least not at a sub $200 pricepoint. This grill does the job and then some. I used the grill five times in the last two weeks, trying different approaches and methods, and have come up with a few tips and tricks to make the grill work it's best. Please note that this grill is one of the best I have ever used and certainly better than the majority of gas grills I have used. It's no Weber, but then, it ain't 500 bucks either. So, on with the tips.

1. The burner has a "low" to "high" settings. The high settings are ONLY and I mean ONLY for using the burner attachment or griddle attachment. There is no need to use 20,000BTU's of heat on a grill this small. These guys that are melting handles and such are also ruining food with entirely too much heat. They ought to put this in the book, but they don't. So you read it hear first, been grilling for over 25 years, do NOT use the high setting for grilling...PERIOD! Think about Weber, which is almost twice as big and has enough clearance built into the cover for a turkey or upright chicken, only has 40,000BTU. So 20,000 for a grill with a three inch clearance cover and burners less than an inch away from the food is way too much. NO HIGH!!! PERIOD...there, now I feel better.

2. Properly preheat the grill. Fire up the grill, set it to "MED", no higher (READ # 1!!!), close the cover, and let it run for 10 minutes. This will get the grates properly heated as well as everything else. This will allow for even heat for cooking.

NOTE: The cover for this grill (I am referring to the lid that covers the grill during cooking) is durable as long as you (say it with me, folks!) DON'T USE THE HIGH SETTING FOR GRILLING!! Now given that, even on the lowest of heat setting the lid will "warp" when heated. I would bet that even a good dose of sunlight would do this. It's no worries, but it does cause a potential issue. This happens to most grills but it's so little you never notice it. But on this grill, the lid lock pin slides down into a slot that only has about a 1/16" clearance. The cover then heats up, moving the lock very VERY slightly but just enough, causing the grill not to open easily because of the pin catching on the slot. TO avoid this, after unlocking and opening the grill cover, just turn the lever to the "lock" position prior to preheating. ADVANCED FIX: I think utilizing a bit of backyard engineering IE tinsnips to open up the slot for more clearance while still being able to lock the lid may do the trick. IN the interim, just flipping to lock will still allow the lid to close, but the lock pin won't slide into the slot. As far as the highly reported melting lid handle, I have made attempts to get the handle hot enough to melt with the grill on medium and have determined that it simply won't happen. No concern, as long as you FOLLOW RULE#1!!

3. Once preheated, do what you would do with a normal gas grill heat control utilizing the "Coleman Roadtrip Medium" setting as "HIGH." Most folks go to Medium on a gas grill, so that would be half way between MED and LOW on this grill. Make sense? Good. I usually cook a tick above halfway.

4. Now just use like a normal gas grill, keeping the cover closed at all times. I will state that even at these supposedly low heat settings, this grill does cook faster than my big Weber, so keep an eye out the first few times you use it.

5. Foil for cleanup of the drip pan? I don't like that idea. The shiny drip pan cleans up so easily it's not required. Also, there is a problem if the foil is wrinkled at all you won't have proper draining of the grease, resulting in flair up and fire. I use hot, soapy water and let the excess water go to the drip pan. It cleanse up very easily.

That's all I got. If you follow my rules, you will love this grill.
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on October 8, 2017
I would recommend this grill to anyone. We originally purchased one for a pontoon boat at our cabins in the north woods of Wisconsin and it was absolutely perfect. It’s small and compact, but large enough so that you can cook enough food to feed a good-sized group. The fact that it folds in and rolls on wheels is great. It makes it super easy to get it from one place to another. It’s also very easy to clean which will save you some time. It’s a gas grill that is compatible with the small propane cans you get at the gas station or local hardware store. I like that much more than having to deal with getting coals started, keeping them burning evenly, and then having to figure out what to do with them afterwards. We liked the grill so much that we actually purchased a second one for the patio at our apartment. This grill is PERFECT for a day at the beach, small apartments/condos, tailgating, etc. Coleman hit a home run with this one.
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on October 4, 2017
I have a love hate relationship with this grill. I like how it cooks & it's pretty easy to clean (I do use grill mats, but liquids still make their way down, so it still has to be cleaned.) What I hate is, every time my husband pulls this thing out or puts it away, something falls out of it or the legs drop prematurely. The first time he pulled it out, (I think he grabbed it wrong by picking it up by the leg handle & one grill handle) & it completely fell to the ground (fairly low fall, though). The paint completely chipped out all the way to metal in several places, so be sure you grab it properly. We were camping at the time & in one night those chipped spots started rusting from moisture in the air (it was under an rv awning). I think that was user error, but I feel it is awkward to pick up, so could happen easily to anyone. Even when it is picked up by the handles on the grill, the leg tends to release from its bracket, so we tend to fumble a little. The drip pan & grates always fall out when loading & unloading or transporting, so those have to be put away separately. All in all, I find this thing to be a big pain in the behind & I would have returned it if it hadn't been dropped.
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on October 18, 2017
A very handy grill.
We use it every trip in our motor home.
Seems to get dirtier than most other grills but it's not hard to clean.
Knocked off 1 star because the propane bottles do not line up correctly with the bracket that holds them.
I'm not going to use the expensive small bottles after I run out so it won't matter.
I bought a hose so I can use a regular propane tank.
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on August 12, 2015
This is our second one, now have one at our lake house. It is the most versatile gill I have ever owned. Whether making pancakes in the morning, the steaks in the afternoon! Easy to clean and move. The photo was from our first one that I still carry with our RV.
review image
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on January 15, 2015
I bought this specifically for a 6000 mile road trip my teenage son and I took this past summer. I needed something powerful enough to cook our preferred source of food, RibEyes, something that would last a lot of in and outs of the trunk, and something that would fit well in to the trunk. This semed to fit the bill. And it delivered!!! It does an excellent sear and the temp can be controlled pretty tightly. Plenty of rooms for more steaks than we could eat. Also easy to clean.
Some comments are about the darkening of the paint if you leave the top down when on high heat. Yea. Mine darkened, but the paint didn't peel or any other way damage the lid or food. That's why most grills are black or stainless steel. Keeping the lid down creates an even cook at med to high.
I actually ran out of propane at home this fall and didn't have time to run and get a refill. I had a house full of hungry people and so I pulled this grill out, cranked her up and fed 8 people hamburgers and sausages in one cook. 4 burgers per side, 4 sausages per side. Cooked a few more burgers and all were full. I actually wasn't in a hurry to get propane for the big grill. I would highly recommend!!
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on August 10, 2016
We have not used out on the road as yet. However, I read and noted for my husband the cons as listed in the reviews. We did not encounter any of those issues. However, our "pull handle" was pre-installed backwards. It kept pulling out and would not latch. There is a small round latch that has two screws, so my husband just reversed it and now it catches so the unit can be pulled. We did note the small clearance between the grill surface and the inside of the lid. We will not know until we use this, if it presents a problem when cooking. Also, we did not clean the grill surfaces yet, but noted the easy exchange process from a previous reviewer, should that be a problem. We did fire it up with no problems and did have a flame that adjusted to varying flame heights, so possibly this problem as noted in one review has been fixed.
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