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on April 10, 2017
We were so eager to receive this Inflatable Hot Tub that once it arrived we started setting it up immediately. I'm so pleased with it I just don't know where to begin. My husband went to the Coleman website and watched an installation video. We pretty much put it together step by step watching the online video. Yes.... we had to set up our laptop outside to put it together but it was totally worth it. All in all, it took about 45 minutes to put together from start to finish including filling it up with water. Once it was filled, we let it sit for the recommended 24hrs for the temperature to reach 104 degrees. This took about a day and a half. When we were finally able to get in, we pressed the button for the jets to come on and we were totally mesmerized and i t was actually too hot! Also, when both my husband and I got in, the water rose almost to the top wanting to spill over, so my husband got a bucket and took some of the water out. I'm so pleased with this purchase I feel it was definitely worth the investment.
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on January 18, 2017
EDIT: Cost analysis and advice on the bottom.

I got this tub for my fiancee for Christmas to put in our backyard on a covered patio. She absolutely loves it.

Setup is super easy, and I had it set up and inflated in about 45 minutes. Many boxes inside boxes, but not that many parts. Once inflated, it was time to put in water. Now the tricky part here, is if the water is below I believe 40 degrees, the pump won't turn on to prevent any ice from entering it or the water seizing it. So I ran a hose from my basement sink and filled it with hot water. Being that I only have a 40Gal hot water heater, and the tub is well over 200 gallons, the end result was a chilly 64 degree hot tub, but it was warm enough to start heating!

It took about two days for the hot tub to heat up to its' max temp of 104F. When I unveiled it to her on Christmas Eve, she immediately put on her bathing suit and went in it. We've been using it every couple of days since.

I live in North Jersey, so it has been very cold on some nights (down to about 10F). As long as the pump and heater stay on, the temperature stays toasty.

I've had it now for almost a full month, and there's not really any noticeable amount of air pressure change that wouldn't have been related to lower temperatures.

We keep it clean with these bromine tabs in a little floater that comes with the tub.

A true highlight was a very snowy day when we relaxed outside in it with drinks in hand, and Netflix on a tablet.


So after the first full month, January, I noticed on my electric bill what I had feared. After keeping this thing cranked at 104 degrees consistently (and using it a lot) in very cold temps, my electric bill was about $150 higher than it was the year prior. I decided to leave it at 99 degrees the following month, only cranking it up to 104 on mornings when we knew we'd use it in the evening. Being that it was winter, it took about an hour per degree, sometimes more. That got the bill down to about $80 over normal.

While $80 a month is steep, keep in mind that this is only a $350 hot tub, and it was the dead of winter.

ALSO: I keep reading about how the pump is crapping out on people, and they're getting errors, etc.

MAKE SURE you are not using an extension cord with this thing! If you are, make sure it is a VERY heavy gauge! If not enough power is going to the pump, it'll do one or more of many things.

DO NOT OVERFILL IT WITH AIR. There were times it was visibly low on air (especially when the temp got really cold) but it was still fine with the water in it. Definitely better to have this thing underfilled, rather than overfilled with air.

Use the bromine tabs (one in the floater will last a few days) and shock it like once a week. The water wasn't smelly or cloudy for me, and we ran it consistently for several months.
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on July 7, 2016
My husband and I began dreaming about comfortable stargazing and relaxed muscles near the end of Autumn. We like to research things thoroughly before committing, so we began the search. Traditional hard-sided hot tubs are so astronomically priced that we were a bit put off of the hot tub dream until we stumbled upon this inflatable hot tub. We were both very skeptical at the beginning. How could it be rigid enough to feel like more than a kiddy pool? Where would you sit if there were no formed seats? How could it possibly retain heat without a full body of insulation? We purchased it based on the positive reviews and have loved it ever since.

It is rigid enough to sit on the side and hang your legs in.
It is comfortable, and the edge of the tub is a perfect height to rest our necks on.
Two people can easily relax in it together.
It is much cheaper than a hard-sided tub.
It is easy to clean; simply drain the water and turn it on its side to spray or wash out.
It can be disassembled and stored when not in use (during warm months or when you aren’t as into it).
It keeps the water above 100 just fine when the outside temperatures are near freezing.
The bubbles are fun and relaxing.
The unit that sits outside the tub functions as a heater, pump, air infater pump, and bubble pump.

Ours has a slight leak in the main body of the tub and is less than fully inflated after 2-3 days. This began after about 2 months of use. I just have to re-inflate every week or so.
It is not really big enough for more than 2 or 3 (max) people to comfortably relax in.
The thermostat doesn’t kick the heat on until it drops 2 degrees below the set temperature. So, if you set it at 102, it won’t kick on until it drops to 100 and it will heat until it is 104. This is our greatest annoyance since 100 degree water feels warm, and 104 is quite hot. We can’t effectively set the temperature and trust that it will be at our desired temp.
The bubbles are quite noisy (sometimes I’m afraid it will wake the neighbors).
It does raise our electric bill about $35 a month during the winter months (I admit, I don’t know how this compares to hard-sided tubs).
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on March 21, 2017
Love this tub. I've had it two months now. Electric bill barely budged $10 a month even the first month when I filled it with 39 degree water and it heated for 4 days straight !! I set it up pretty quick, maybe an hour but I was in no rush. Filled up within 20-25 min tops. It was about 0 degrees out and the pump wont run below 40 so i had to fill the tub while keeping pump inside house until full then had to connect pump and remove stopper caps (not easy reaching into 39 deg water with 0 deg outside temp). Then let it begin heating. It took 4 solid days running 24/7 to heat up to 104. Took me a few days or weeks to get chemicals under control. Had to buy many accompanying items to the tub such as chlorine tabs $18, chlorine shock $18, water conditioner $18, test strips $8, hand skimmer $18, spare filter cartidges $20, rubber ducky $2 lol. I set up on my porch and to be safe bought 4x4 girders with deck support blocks since tub is well over 2000lbs full with a few adults in it (see photo) $75. This turned into over $500 venture by the time I was done. The first time i sank into that hot water it was all worth it. Its perfect size for 2 people to stretch out nicely. 3-4 people is a stretch unless you dont mind touching each other or sitting indian style. I love the tub overall. Easy set up, great price, comfortable to sit in, easy to maintain, cheap to run.

The only bad part is in winter if you run bubbles the water temp nose dives and takes a day to recover. I dont really mind because I just like hot water to relax my muscles. Bubbles can be annoying in my humble opinion. Another pain is the pump and heater shut down after 72 hours if not reset. I dont really care about that as I check on it daily.

Highly recommended for people who want a hot bath without the huge $5000-$10000 price tag.
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on June 9, 2016
Ordered and arrived in very good time.

As others have said, the instruction sheet leaves much to be desired so we watched the video on the supplied CD and all was made clear and understandable. Assembly was very quick.

As we are in Florida the ambient temperature is very warm at this time of year (summer) so getting up to useable temperature only took overnight. I tried it at 5.30 am the next day, we are on Well water but I filled with water through the treatment system.

I am going through Chemo therapy at the moment and this thing Rocks for relaxing.

The wife and I are in our 70's and love this. I set it up on the concrete patio right outside the kitchen door the first time we used it together the daughter turned up, we had a good laugh as we were enjoying skinny dipping.

I would recommend this to anyone.

So far so good, I will update if there is anything to report.



Still enjoying this fabulous tub. Still on a learning curve with the chemical balancing act but I know we will get there eventually

I am intreagued we haven't had to top it up, my guess is the Florida summer storms must be doing it for us even with the lid always on.

As others have said the automatic turning off is frustrating but we use it almost every day. So it's not really a problem. I guess the Florida weather helps a lot, I am looking forward to our winter to see how it performs, but to be honest I am sure it will do very well.

I can still highly recommend this tub.

Update as of 3rd Jan 2017...

First let me say this is a first class product... however...

This spa has worked fantastic since we bought it until about a month ago. First we noticed that it was getting quite noisy,, and then we noticed water leaking out from under the pump. Initially we didn't do anything but then realized the water level had dropped considerably. I opened the top where the control panel is, and noticed a drip coming from the heater area. so I did a quick search on YouTube and discovered a video that explains a number of services for the DIY enthusiasts. Well worth the effort, especially the ones showing pictures of water leaks around the heater unit. you will be amazed at the tear down of this unit.

I realized that it was still under warranty so my wife rang up Bestway. A very helpful woman told us to take a number of photos of the pump including one of the power cable after it had been cut close to the pump carcass. (WARNING make sure it is unpluged from power soket befure cutting) i also took photos of the aerial number and they wanted images of the batch number located on the handles. Unfortunately ours didn't have a batch number but i did take pictures of the blank handles. All these pictures had to be emailed to Bestway. The day after my wife got a call from them and they confirmed we would be getting a new pump in about a week. in fact it arrived a lot sooner.

The new pump is now installed and running a lot smoother and quieter and the wife and I are enjoying our laz y spa once again.

here is a little tip... while the pump was down and the spa was empty, I took the oppertunity to give it a good clean inside and out. I had at my disposal an 8'x4'x1/2inch sheet of polystyrene loft insulation, the type with a silver foil backing. Now I only Had one sheet and after much cutting and fiddling i managed to lay it all out with the bubble wrap mat on top. I used a stanley knife and cut the insulation around the mat using it as a templet. I finished up having to use lots of bits and pieces to fill in the whole mat area with no gaps. May i suggest that if you wish to go this ruite then purches two sheets to do the job. They are about $11.50 each from Home Depot. Let me tell you it is so worthwhile. Our tub is on the supplied mat then on the insulation on the concrete patio, it is now winter in Florida and the concrete is quite cool. At night the wife and I enjoy a nice hot tub and we sit on our patio furniture well after dark here in mid winter Florida. Enjoying a glass of wine a full moon and a stary stary night, often scantly dressed even in winter.

As others have said, it still gets to 104% but will cool off to about 100% while we use it. But having also used it in hot Floridian summer when it does seem to be hotter longer, we must say we love our inflatable hot tub which we use almost every day in all seasons. Highly reccomended and a lot of Kudos to Bestway for prompt warranty replacement.

I am going to pull the old one appart one day and may update this with a report of my findings

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on June 28, 2017
We've had this for over a year now and are more than happy with it! We really wanted a hot tub but were not willing to spend thousands of dollars on one. This one is very easy to set up, take down, clean, and maintain. Very comfortably fits 4 normal sized adults. Recommend the optional chairs but NOT the optional headrests. We use a waterproof floating light show that takes 3 AA batteries and bought all of our chemicals and testers at a local hardware store. We clean the filters every few days to a week depending upon use, and change them out when they no longer come clean, and change the water out completely about every month and a half. At that time I also wipe out the interior and exterior of everything as well as re-inflate the cover and tub as needed We set ours up in mid May and take it down in Mid October. You also have to remember to reset the GFCI switch every two days since it has an automatic shut off. We let it run non stop and don't use a timer or anything. I even built an enclosure for it!
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on May 25, 2016
UPDATE: 10-18-16
I've now owned this hot tub for over 6 months now, and have had no issues whatsoever: I have added air to the hot tub once, but understandable considering this is an inflatable structure. Very satisfied with it, very grateful to Amazon and Coleman. It's made a lot of difference to my physical well being and my mood!!!
I've only had it for two days, but from set up until now; this spa is totally worth the money.
The setup was extremely simple and effortless. Took about 20 minutes by myself - minus actually filling with water of course. The fittings are very easy to hook up, and the pump unit itself is very simple to operate. The spa itself it made VERY well. I can't stress enough how well built this whole system is, and extremely user friendly. The part that was most impressive during setup was how you actually use the air pump on the unit itself to inflate both the spa and the cover! Very cool. And the amount of bubble the pump generates is very impressive. I can't hardly wait to get in this thing! But after hearing for two full days now, the water temperature is now at 89 degrees. It likely won't take most people as long, due to the fact that my well water comes out at 56 degrees. So you do need a little patience when it comes to heating the water, but after seeing all the features this spa has - it's worth it!
End comment - it's heavy duty constructed, very simple to setup and use, sold at a very low price, and built by a terrific manufacturer. You can't hardly go wrong.
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on April 20, 2016
I've had my Lay Z Spa for one month now. I have it in my garage for now until weather is nicer. I can't imagine having this out in the winter as I don't think the heater would ever shut off. It took three days for mine to reach 104 in 55 to 60 degrees in my garage. I haven't seen my power bill yet and I've kept it around 102 degrees. The temperature does drop by 5 degrees when you turn on the jets but it's still hot enough.
We have very hard water and it's taken three weeks to get my PH down and alkalinity down to normal. Every day I'd check it and put a half a teaspoon of PH down in and ues bromine and non chlorine shock. The levels have stayed good for a week now and I test it every day. Some people talked about it hybernating if you don't use it but I use it every day! I love this thing and although it's not like a big hot tub on keeping the water hot while you are running the jets it still has an amazing amount of power with only bubbles. It definitely has helped my arthritis and stress levels and I sleep so much better after using it.
Saying it will fit four people is a joke to me. Your legs will be on top of each other and if that's okay with you then go for it. My husband and I can stretch our legs next to each other but it's not as comfortable as just one person sitting in it.
All in all it was the best purchase I've ever made and has reduced my pain and stress more than I could've imagined. I've only had it a month so will update after six months.
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on May 17, 2016
So far, this is very worth the money. We use it almost every night. It actually gets too hot for me sometimes. The shell is rigid enough to sit on and the bubbles are strong. Using the bubbles is about as loud as a vacuum, so we usually just sit in the tub at night. Be aware, you will need to become familiar with a variety of chemicals to keep the water up. We had been using it for a few weeks at night. When I looked at the water a couple days ago in daylight, I noticed a lot of debris, and a moderate amount of hair etc. Pretty gross. The water was not growing any algae or anything, but the filters do not seem to have a lot of power to pull that stuff out. I wound up draining the whole thing, and am looking at nets and maybe some other manual spa cleaning tools. Make sure your feet are clean when you get in, and make sure the cover isnt dirty when you pull it off, because it can dump stuff into the water too. All worth it, I love this thing, and I sleep sooo good.
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on June 23, 2017
My husband and I have experienced hot tubs in 5 star resorts all over the Caribbean. We both agree that even though this looks different, it feels the same. I'm kind of a particular, so I had my reservations. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. My sister is the one who encouraged me to buy this inflatable tub because she had one and loved it. It broke after 2 years. We put this on our little private patio and had just the right amount of space, then we added some multi-color Christmas lights. This is our new favorite spot. We are both on our feet at work all day, so being able to soak our feet and the rest of our aching muscles is a delicious treat.

All that said, it does require a little maintenance, but not too much. My husband uses a little Chlorine and some shock treatment. One package contains a year's supply and it was less than $20. We also keep a tarp over the cover because we live in Texas where it gets super hot so we wanted to take extra care. Also, we don't keep it on all the time. It's summer now so we just turn it on a few hours before we want to use it and it's the perfect temp. Take my advice and do it!
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