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on December 22, 2016
Bought this for use in a tent and a pop up camper on chilly nights. Works well to knock the chill off with temps in the lower 40's. Never used it at temps colder then that. One can did not last through the night, but I think we get a good six hours of run time out of a small cylinder.
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on November 21, 2013
I needed something to heat my small pump house during deep freeze power outages. This thing is perfect. Won't overwhelm with too much heat and works for a long time on one canister. Can set it up and get some sleep! Lit it off when I got it and the much first-burn-off fumes went away after about 30 minutes. The wife loves its ease of operation and portability. She already swore by a Mr Heater Buddy but says this is great too. I luckily ordered a second one as she has stolen this from being my pump house solution. I can see where two of these will be all we need in the house for most power outages where it's not that cold out and we expect the power off for only a few hours and don't want to haul out my beloved(!) kerosene heaters or the mid range Mr Buddy which is expensive to use for long time frames. Bottom line is that this will nicely round out our options and is so very easy to use. For my pump house no-power scenario the Sportcat really is my only option. Very stable feet design too. Aside from camping/fishing scenarios which we don't do and keeping water liquid in the pump house, this is also a great home small heater option/supplement. For home use it probably would not be satisfactory as the only heat source for most people. By the way, those duck feet things rotate under the base for easy storage, and the base can be used of course for other propane cylinder uses like lanterns. The top part is a little bigger than the picture would suggest although it is in correct proportion to the std cylinder
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on April 7, 2013
I had bought the larger version of this heater before. The Coleman Black Cat. However, it gave off such great heat that I wanted something less powerful. I read a lot of poor reviews regarding this heater, the Coleman Sport Cat.

Regardless I just could not believe why there where so many complainers. Looking at the BTU output of this heater, it is close to the output on the larger Coleman Black Cat when you turn the Black Cat setting knob to low.

However this heater was listed with a longer run time on one 16.4 Oz Coleman Propane Cylinder or the Worthington 16.4 Oz Propane Cylinder which is almost exactly like the Coleman one and attaches perfectly to everything the Coleman cylinder attaches to also.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this heater. It came in very fast, was excellently packaged, and took me less then 5 minutes to set up. It has a base support to hold it upright that comes with 4 large swing out "fins" that once they are extended makes this heater so stable that even bumping into the table I had it set up on by mistake did not move it at all.

The heat it gives off is very strong. Much stronger then you would expect. We have no heat or gas in our building for the last ten days due to a Con Ed emergency pipe repair out in the street, and it has been cold almost every night. Temperatures outside dropped to 35 degrees F. I set up this little heater, using very adequate ventilation of course, and it kept the two rooms in the front of the apartment nice and warm.

You can't go wrong with this excellent product. It lasts for at least 15 hours or so on only one 16.4 Oz Propane Cylinder.
Which is a really amazing runtime. It can heat up to 300 Sq. Feet nicely. It is the best heater I have ever bought. I highly recommend this item.

If anyone is complaining about it, then they are generally trying to take this heater outdoors with them to golf courses with low temperatures and wind as well, and of course, nothing short of a blazing campfire could ever possibly make the slightest difference to their highly sensitive needs for additional warmth.

I liked this heater so much I ordered a second one. I already had two of the larger Black Cats but one got dropped while carrying it ( empty of course ) and started leaking Propane. I must have cracked the catalytic heating plate when it fell.
So no way was I going to use it again. When I went on Amazon to order another one the prices on the Black Cat by Coleman had gone crazy! I had paid $50 each for my two Black Cats, and now I was seeing them being sold for $90,
and one guy selling the version that has the insta-light built in was actually asking $359.00 for 1 Coleman Black cat heater! Absolute price gauging in my opinion.

So that's when I opted for the smaller sport cat. I love it, I am using much less Propane, and it works great! I can pick up Coleman 16.4 Oz Propane Cylinders at any Target store for only $5.49 for a PAIR of bottles. Less then $2.50 per bottle. It works out great!
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on June 15, 2017
saved us from freezing our nuts off once. drawback: stinks.
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on December 7, 2014
The SportCat lasted the advertised 14 hours and provided excellent heat. I was in the field during a Live Fire Exercise in Rocket Valley Korea in the month of December. I bought the item used so the oils that have to burn off were not present. I kept it inside an Armored Personnel Carrier during operations and it kept us warm. Anyone who has run the heater in the M1068 knows the thing is loud and sometimes smells bad. This little gem is of course very quiet and did not smell at all.
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on January 18, 2012
This is not a large space heater, nor does it need a large space to be packed away. I tried this in an old military circus tent with a stove (didn't use the stove for this experiment of course). The tent probably has 100 square feet and the roof is probably 9 feet tall at it's one point. The sport cat will not get the tent warm, but it will take the chill off allowing you to sleep (tied to the pole so it won't tip over). The long burning time is very nice as well, even though I use it with a large propane tank and adapter. Seems easy enough to light so far, as long as you have matches or fire. I think it would only need temperature adjustment if it was hotter, doubtful I would ever use this on anything but high. The housing seems rugged enough without being heavy.

Makes a nice addition to my disaster preparedness stash.
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on October 14, 2013
I purchased this Tent heater in hopes of extending the camping season for myself. It worked like a charm! The interior of my 10 x 10 tent stayed about 60 degrees despite the 40 degree temperature outside overnight. The only problem was that I stayed up so late around the campfire that I slept in the next morning. As soon as the sun hit my little tent the combination of the sunlight and this heat shot the inside temperature to almost 90 degrees in a few minutes! Over all very satisfied with this purchase and this heater. I should be able to get another one and a half to two months camping this season.
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on October 30, 2013
I was a bit hesitant and didn't want to appear the "wimpy" camper despite having backpacked all over the world. But I've got a kid now and a non-camping husband so I was attempting to make everyone as comfortable as possible on our little overnight camping trip.
This thing was everything I had expected. It had a little odor upon immediate use but because I had read it in the reviews, I turned it on outside the tent for about an hour before heating up our six person tent.
It worked perfectly to take the chill out of the tent for changing before bed. I left it on for a few hours and then shut it off before I finally went to sleep.
Would recommend and will definitely use again!
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on January 5, 2014
We just returned from a cool weather tent camping trip. We used this heater extensively during the night hours. The specs. indicate that the heater will run for fourteen hours on one can of propane. Ours ran for seventeen hours before running out of fuel. For our tent, which is a four person tent, with the coldest temps at 29ºF, this heater kept the chill off. One word of warning is to be sure to have an ignition device: match, lighter or other ignition source available. This unit does not have the auto ignition. For us, it does not matter, since we carry four different types of ignition devices in our backpacks anyway.
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on October 21, 2013
This is a great idea and works great. I was in Banff in Canada in the snow in my tent in shorts and a t-shirt because I used this heater. It is great because it has adjustable heat, it isn't fire, although it will burn you since it is hot, and the stand is ok too. I like the one that angles the heater better but this is probably safer.
The only draw back is the heater uses about 2 propane canisters a night, which means you have to get up and change it, or do what I did and buy 2. Can get kind of expensive.
Great deal highly recommend.
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