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on September 24, 2015
Columbia makes some fantastic shirts, but make sure to order the appropriate size. I am 5’10”, 195 lbs, and would typically wear a Large in most similar styled (button-up) shirts, but I have to get a Medium in Columbia PFG shirts. (The Medium is still a moderately loose fit, as the Large is like a tent on me). Tip number two is that because these shirts are on different sizing scale, many get returned to the Amazon Warehouse, so keep an eye for Amazon Warehouse deals on these shirts (see tips to finds the easiest way to compare prices across sizes and colors at the conclusion of this review). I have tried the Tamiami II, Bahama II, and Bonehead (AND new Blood & Guts III – see below for updated comparison including the BG3 series) versions of the Columbia PFG shirts, and have been mostly pleased with all of them. Below I have noted the differences in these styles, for those trying to decide which shirt they may prefer.

The Tamiami II (T2) and the Blood & Guts III (BG3) are my favorite of the aforementioned PFG styles. The main difference between each of these styles is material. The T2 & BG3 are 100% polyester (liner and exterior), the Bahama II (Ba2) is nylon (with poly liner), and the Bonehead (BH) is poplin cotton (with poly liner). The T2 is the thinnest/lightest (most breathable) material of the three styles, has a slightly shinier appearance, and is probably the most wrinkle resistant of the three (as the fabric is less rigid that the nylon Bahama II or cotton Bonehead). (Update 7/11/16 – The Blood & Guts series is also breathable polyester similar to the Tamiami with a slightly different styling, and stain resistant fabric. See update at end of review for full comparison.) The T2 has a snap button pocket on top with Velcro pockets underneath on both sides, which I also prefer over the pocket style on the other two (Ba2 & BH have identical pocket styles). The synthetic T2 and Ba2 both wick moisture and create a cooling effect better than the cotton BH, but the lightness of the T2 makes it by far the coolest wearing of the three. For outdoor activity in the heat and humidity of summer, it would definitely be my preferred choice. The long-sleeve version is fantastic for offshore fishing when lightweight sun protection is essential. The Ta series also does not wrinkle as badly as the Ba and BH series shirts do. (The PFG apparel which has an SPF rating, such as the Tamiami & Blood/Guts series, has an open fabric weave which is “lose” enough to allow some penetration of UV through the material itself; which means the material is much more breathable ergo cool feeling, although technically you could get some UV exposure through the shirt.)

The Bahama II is the middle ground between the T2 and the BH. It is synthetic - similar to the T2, but is nylon exterior shell with a polyester liner, without the cooling open-style weave of the T2 & BG3. The pockets on the Ba are the same traditional Columbia PFG look as the pockets on the Bonehead. The slightly more rigid feel of the nylon, also gives the Bahama a more traditional (cotton-look) appearance than the T2. In a certain respect, the Ba nylon manages moisture better than the BH cotton version – i.e. it evaporates sweat more quickly. On the other hand, the nylon does not absorb moisture, so if you do perspire heavily, it gives the material a slimy feel that I do not enjoy. The Bahama also wrinkles worse than any of the other PFG series shirts, so it is my least favorite series.

Most everything has already been covered. The BH and the aforementioned Ba styles look virtually identical. Essentially, I like the Bonehead for cooler weather, so I prefer these in long sleeve for fall and winter wear. I also like the traditional appearance of the Ba and the BH for work wear, but the T2 look I like better for casual. (The newer Blood & Guts series has the comfort of the Tamiami series, but has a look similar to the Bonehead, so it is my new favorite summertime work shirt.) The Bonehead long sleeve also makes a great layering option for hunting season, and Sage is a great natural neutral (earth tone) color for this purpose.

When this review was originally posted, I only contrasted the Bahama, Tamiami, and Bonehead series shirts, but recently I have found a new favorite – the Blood & Guts III (BG3). While the name may not be all that appealing, these are really great shirts. They have an SPF rating, therefore breathable/open weave, similar to the Tamiami, with a styling that more closely resembles the Bahama & Bonehead series. The BG3 is also treated for stain resistance, making it a great shirt for fishing, work, and outdoor activities. Finally, the BG3 does not wrinkle nearly as severely as the Bahama nylon or Bonehead cotton shirts do. Out of the four PFG series shirts discussed, the BG3 series probably have the tightest fit. I still wear a medium in the BG3, but the series has a slimmer type cut than the previous versions discussed.

I found myself getting very aggravated at the way Amazon lists apparel items with multiple colors, as it can take forever to search through multiple color (and size) options to see the cheapest offerings. On my iPad version, the color prices are displayed in a list style automatically, but on my PC desktop I would have to select each color/size to see the price options. I finally found a simpler way.
Follow these steps:
>Select a color and size option for the shirt.
>Look on the right hand side of the screen to see if there are multiple offers for this garment. If so, select the “new and used from” (or “new” if no used offerings available) icon, which will take you to a list view screen. (There must be multiple offerings for the exact size and color selected for this option to appear, so if you do not see the “new and used from” hyper-link, then select another size/color combination till the link appears.)
>In the list view screen, select your size and click the “lowest offer for each” icon beside the color selector. This will display the cheapest offering for each color shirt in that size, so you can quickly see which colors are the cheapest. Also, this view will show any Amazon Warehouse Deals available. As mentioned in the first paragraph, these shirts get returned often due to sizing issues, and many times the Warehouse deals are shirts that were tried on, then immediately returned for a smaller size.

Thanks for reading my review.
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on September 21, 2015
He loves, loves this shirt! It is his closet go-to with his favorite jeans.

The Sunset Red is more of a dark rich salmon color. I say this as I was expecting a deep Moab, Utah rusty rock look and instead it is less rusty with a bit more pink. However! It is still a gorgeous color! Looks great with a dark grey t-shirt: Gildan DryBlend 50 Cotton/50 DryBlend Poly T-Shirt-XL (Dark Heather)

Hubby also has the Commando color, it is a blue-fir green, not teal and not evergreen. He loves it, too. Both mediums fit exactly as a large should fit. Not too snug in his slightly bulging belly, not too tight on his medium framed arms.

It is a lightweight shirt, with vents for cooling. Great pockets to hold his field work items, like sample bottles, cell phone, note pad/pen, and easy access emergency kit essentials (bandaids, fire starter, etc).

Tip: Roll up the sleeves and secure them BEFORE putting the shirt on. Much easier!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 10, 2017
COMPARED TO BAHAMA II SHIRT (I purchased and wear both)
> The Bahama ii Shirt from the same manufacture is VERY similar, almost identical except for the fabric.

> The dense weave of both are very good at blocking the UV rays, but the Bahama II is better.
> The ventilation flap in back of both helps to keep you cool in the sun.
> Both have 4 major placket pockets, albeit in a slightly different arrangement. Both arrangements have shortcomings.
>> The deep closable placket pockets are very handy.
>> The smaller pockets (in front of the big pockets) of both are very handy for cell phones, MP3 players, or small radios. For example Kaito KA200 Pocket AM/FM Radio, Black. Especially around water, you want your wallet and electronics to be as high as possible---not in vulnerable pants pockets.
> Both have skinny "button down" collars, except that the Bonehead uses velcro patches rather than buttons.
> Both have special straps to hold the sleeves rolled up, when desired.
> Both have other loops from which you can hang things (e.g., using small carabineers), which are very handy for many purposes.

The Bahama II is all nylon; the Bonehead is all cotton, as a result:
> The Bonehead wicks moisture well; the Bahama II, not so much. So:
> The Bonehead is more comfortable in hot humid conditions; the silky Bahama II is more comfortable in moderate dry conditons
> The Bahama II dries quicker
> The Bahama II offers the maximum UV protection

> For all day, every day, in full bright sunlight, particularly in the tropics or high altitude, or for individuals who are unusually sensitive to UV, I'd recommend the Bahama II.
> For up to 6 hours or so once or twice a week in full bright sunlight, or longer in weaker or broken sunlight, I prefer the Bonehead.

> Both are designed as fishing shirts, and are no doubt "fashionable" and functional for the purpose.
> Popular with the "boating class"---I saw many on Barbados, St. Kitts, and at the exclusive Friday Harbor resort on San Juan Island in Washington State this summer (and no, I'm not "boating class"---those were business trips).
> I use the shirts for doing yardwork and outdoor photography (for both purposes the multiple big pockets and loops to hang stuff from come in handy)
> I would never wear one to a party because the intended fit is unflattering, and the shirts wrinkle easily. But I've seen them at some fashionable parties where they are apparently worn to make a "class" statement.
> The Bahama II might get uncomfortable for activities such as hiking, yardwork, or playing tennis, in which case the Bonehead is recommended.
> The Bahama II is more comfortable for "sitting around" in the sun, such as fishing, lounging around the pool, watching a kid's baseball game, etc., especially in low humidity.

The shirts are tailored for men with relatively broad shoulders. Since they are meant to be worn outside pants, they are looser in the chest and waist than corresponding dress shirts.

> I normally wear a men's medium (a little snug) to men's large (a little loose). The "men's medium" fits me exactly like the model in the photos. The chest and waist are loose, which is good for a casual shirt which is not meant to be tucked into pants. The sleeves are a little long (by dress shirt standards), but again, that is good for a casual shirt. The shoulders are several inches too wide (as in the photos), but the shirt is apparently designed to fit this way.
> CONCLUSION: Order according to your customary size (not the size chart, which is very misleading), with the caveat that the shirts are intended to fit very loosely. If if you can't decide which size to order, err on the small side. Amazon accepts returns, and you don't have to pay for return postage.

Check out the prices of different colors. On Amazon, some colors are half-the-price of other colors. Get two shirts for the price of one (if you aren't too picky about the colors). Since the fit is an issue for many purchasers, Amazon gets a lot of returns---which are bargains as "Amazon Warehouse Deals" (I got one for $14)---the links are variously listed on the page as "new and used" or "other options" etc. if any are available.

> On one hand, the thin fabric (especially of the Bahama II) is easily pierced by small needle-like thorns (e.g., many cactus thorns), and provides little cushioning against scrapes. On the other hand, the dense weave prevents penetration by blunt objects, such as broken ends of branches, and branches slide off the "slick" fabric of the Bahama II rather than jab or scrape. So, the shirt is pretty good for light yard work. With a heavy long-sleeve tee-shirt (or sweatshirt) underneath, you have excellent protection from all kinds of scrapes and scratches. The shirts probably resist deep penetration by fish hooks.
> The smooth almost-slippery fabric of the Bahama II does not readily hold dry particulate "dirt", such as soil or leaf fragments often encountered in gardening.
> The Bonehead has characteristics of an ordinary cotton shirt, but tougher.

If the temperature is moderate, a light cotton tee-shirt can improve comfort, and (with a tee-shirt) you can wear the shirt like a jacket, unbuttoned.

> Click on “Stoney” just below the product title to see my other reviews, or leave a comment to ask a question.
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on June 29, 2015
The Bonehead cotton shirt is a south Florida icon, acceptable for both work and play as well as fishing. Almost a uniform in the Keys; in fact you see a lot of professional fishing captains wearing these. Bought a bunch for onshore field work a few years ago and they are still going strong.

Overall quality: These are expensive shirts but the quality is evident. Almost too nice for dirty work but they wash well; the cotton is fairly tight weave. Cape back gives good ventilation but not really needed since the cordon breathes well. They dry fast when wet, not as fast as the all nylon or microfibers but these cotton shirts are more comfortable. If Columbia would make the Bonehead in a simple 60-40 cotton-nylon I would try that but the high-tech synthetics don't work for me.

Fit: I am 5' 11" ~175 lbs medium build, 42 reg suit jacket, and have these shirts in both medium and large; both fit well with the medium looking more tailored and large being very roomy. Sleeves are gorilla length in large but I usually roll up part way so no problem. Button through loops hold sleeves up if you roll past elbows. Chest pockets are deep enough you do not worry about losing sunglasses or notebook.

I buy these when they are on sale during off season; this classic will never go out of style in my lifetime! Hopefully Columbia keeps on making them.
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on August 17, 2014
My husband likes these shirts so much, and it is so difficult to find lightweight longsleeve outdoor shirts that are 100% cotton, that I bought him 5 shirts in different colors. These are the best shirts for him to wear outdoors, since he's a redhead and sunburns easily. We go to Baja a lot, and they are great for the desert and ocean. His first Bonehead is about 10 years old and still going, if a bit sun faded.
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on October 20, 2015
I'm a girl. I needed a comfy, lightweight cotton shirt but the women's shirts have sleeves that are too short on me. Instead I opted for the men's Columbia shirt and I'm so glad I did!

First let me warn you that the "Sunset Red" shirt is actually FRUIT PUNCH RED. It's a coral-red shade that is very feminine. I love it but my husband would never wear something I don't have to worry about him stealing it! The material is lightweight but also thick enough that it's not see-through. I anticipate getting a lot of wear out of this during hikes, outdoor activities and as a summer camp counselor.

The sizes run HUGE. I ordered a size Medium, which fits like a women's XL or 1X size. Plenty of room for shrinking. I can wear it as a long sleeve jacket over a tank to keep the sun off.
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on June 11, 2017
Bought the 5x. I have bought Columbia branded clothes for years. The past two or three have seen their quality go into the toilet. Last year they changed the material of their printed tees which used to be thick and held up for years. The first of the newer shirts I bought was returned in less than 30 days with a seam separation. As for this shirt as I said I bought a 5x long sleeve. I have lost weight and am writing this review wearing an older 4x size of this same shirt. Not only are the materials better but it actually fits LOOSER than the 5x! So save your money and find a different brand as Columbia has gone into the toilet.
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on March 10, 2017
I am very impressed with these shirts. Lightweight and comfortable while protecting you from the sun. The size is a little big so if like me your are in between sizes go with the smaller and it will fit perfect. The only negative I can see is they wrinkle terribly. Even fresh out of the dryer didn't help.
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on May 24, 2017
Great shirt and reasonable comfy considering its cotton but as someone noted the quality is a tad lacking being made in India as other Columbia shirts are made in Vietnam. I have a 45 inch chest and usually get x large but opted for large, even this size is a tad large for me and the cut is odd as i think they make it baggy for men with pot belly's. Best thing about the shirt is all the pockets and versatility of storage.
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on June 19, 2017
I have purchased three of these for a vacation. While the quality appears to be excellent, the size is comically big. I'm 6 foot 190 pounds and usually wear a medium or large depending on the shirt style and brand. As my vacation is to a hot climate, I wanted tops that were loose and flowing, and thus I originally ordered larges, thinking at most they might be slightly too big, based on the reviews I've read here. Upon receiving, I immediately returned the larges as they are ridiculously big (including the length). I will be keeping the mediums, but even those are too big, in my opinion, and again I remind you that I wanted something loose. Perhaps people ordering these shirts enjoy the vanity sizing, but I definitely urge people to drastically size down when they order this shirt.
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