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Come Away with Me
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$8.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

This was the breakout album by Norah Jones that took the world by storm in 2002. I have so many wonderful memories from that year, set to songs from this album. Norah's fresh, new voice was arresting and almost confusing - how could such soul and wisdom be encapsulated into the voice of a 22 year old? It was magic.

While "Come Away with Me," the album's signature track, is known the world over, my favorites were actually some of the songs that weren't promoted as singles, such as "Feelin' the Same Way." The sexy jazz songs on this album are perfect for falling in love, mourning a broken heart, and feeling the full realm of all the feelings in between.

I love this album so much that after I lost this original CD, I purchased it again, and then when music moved to the digital world, I bought it again on iTunes. This album is a classic.
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on March 29, 2017
She's the real deal. Norah is the original of all the new fab sultry singers that are copying her velvet voice these days, well I know there were many before her but I'm speaking of in recent times. What can you say?- she has one of the most beautiful singing voices you'll hear. Now this is her first album and many say her best and I like it - if you like jazzy soulful lounge music than this is perfect, for me I'm digging her side project with Puss-N-Boots a little better, I like the country/70's classic rock feel better, but with her voice everything is better!
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on February 13, 2018
The LP arrived in good condition. After reading the horror stories of other unfortunate reviewers, I guess I am fortunate that my LP has no defects. The LP I received while perhaps not 180gr audiophile preimium vinyl is still better than average. I thoroughly cleaned the disc and while there were some pops and surface noise evident, it was not enough to distract from the listening experience. Overall the recording is quite good. The soundstage is not quite as wide or distinct as other recordings I've listened to in the same category, but still quite acceptable and enjoyable. My equipment is a Technics SL1200 MkII turntable with a Denon DL110 cartridge mated to a Musical Fidelity V-LPS Phono Stage into an Oddwatt Alpha tube amp through a pair of Klipsch KG3.5 speakers. Definitely a "mid-fi" system that still manages to sound quite good.
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on July 6, 2017
Norah Jones is another singer that has that "bluesy" voice that just draws you in. Once the song begins, you are pulled into the lyrics and feel what she is feeling. She glides, effortlessly through her song and it just sounds so good to me.
I like to put on her CD at work when things are getting a little hectic and I feel almost instantly calm. I like to play her music at home, while having a glass of wine and cooking and it's a good end to the day or to start a weekend. Her music makes you "day dream" a bit, which can always be a good thing.
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on December 7, 2016
I am strolling down memory lane and introducing music to a 24 year old. This is such a fantastic album and she has not sounded as good and done any better than this album. Every song is exceptional. To call it a, "one hit wonder" is correct if you are referring to this album. I encourage anyone to visit or revisit this album!
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on February 17, 2014
My twenty one year old daughter was once late when called to dinner. When I went down to the family room to see what the delay was I found her staring at the classic 50s reproduction record player I own. When I asked her what she was doing she replied she couldn’t find the pause button. After I stopped laughing, crying, and pulled myself off the floor. I showed her how to lift the needle.

This album was a gift to that young women who has enough of an ear to know that vinyl has a better sound than the compressed electronic formats that kids download today. This album is great music for serious fans, competitively priced, with a seller who delivers on time with excellent packaging.
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on February 3, 2003
Being a bit of a jazz fan who looks down upon pop-jazz artists as sell-outs, I was initially a little be apprehensive about this album. Sure she was beautiful and sure the lead single was immensely popular, but so many jazz singers turn out to turn more mainstream (as is the case of the latest work by Diana Krall).
After listening to it at first, I thought what just about any jazz purist would say: "this is not jazz!" And that is the point; this should not be compared to jazz music. Krall's music DOES fit more in jazz that this album; in fact this album is a little of a classification oddity.
Most listeners simply say it is a bit of a cross between pop, jazz and country. This is not too far off from the truth. One thing that I think people have failed to notice is just how much the songs could fit easily on an album by one of the greatest singer/songwriters that ever lived; James Taylor.
In fact, it should be noted that this album is almost definitely more suited to fans of Mr. Taylor than perhaps fans of Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald or Lady Day herself. The classification nightmare is due to the fact that she is signed to Blue Note, a label that is almost exclusively jazz. Yes, it is jazz tinged, but so are some of James Taylor's songs such as "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight".
The album is a very mellow experience and is a perfect showcase for her exquisite voice (another thing she has in common with James Taylor). It is unique in that it has been released by a new artist in a climate where most songs are created by people who deserve more credit than the singers themselves. It harks back to the simpler times of the Early 1970s when James Taylor and groups like Bread were in their prime. Admittedly, the best tracks are "Don't Know Why" and "Come Away With Me", but all are enjoyable and we must remember that this is her first album; even artists like Stevie Wonder, Prince and Marvin Gaye didn't hit full stride until a few years later into their career.
In closing, this is an album for fans of that kind of music. If you are looking for jazz, go by Kind of Blue or something like that (just stay away from Kenny G).
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on January 5, 2012
After playing this SACD, I know what Nora Jones means by the title of this adventure. Her vocals really stand out vs. a regular CD. The instrumentation is something else also, it's amazing how SACD brings out all the subtle background sounds and effects you do not hear on regular CD's. As soon as the first track starts playing, you get swept away and before you know it, it's over. You can really tell both the artist and musicians cared about what was laid down on track. I really wish music companies would just sell hybrid SACDs, at current prices you can't tell me that each layer of a musical release from the artist, musicians, and management can't make a profit with a release selling for $15 per copy. Got distracted away from Nora, if you like pristine sounding music, get this SACD!
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on October 29, 2017
This is a beautiful recording. I got this SACD at a great price and am extremely pleased. Her voice sounds even better than ever in this format. It's definitely a mellow CD. If you ever need to calm down or just take a break from everything, this is a great CD to put in your player and relax. You'll find your stress melting away. The sound of this disc is incredible. It has a large openness. Every instrument is easily heard in a way that's enveloping. The combination of her voice and this music, along with the spaciousness of the sound, make for a great SACD. Do yourself a favor and buy this. You won't be disappointed.
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HALL OF FAMEon November 19, 2003
Norah Jones' biggest accomplishment resides in her ability to blend musical styles in a way that is mindboggling. Her songs, depending on "where you come from" might sound as anything ranging from Jazz, to Country to pop. The album as a whole has songs that outweigh the over-promoted "Don't Know Why" and "Come Away with Me" in many ways, such as the closing track, "The Nearness of You".
'Come Away with Me' (the album) conveys the work of a veteran producer (Arif Mardin, responsible of landmark recordings by Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Roberta Flack, and Willie Nelson, among others) with his artist in front of the mic and playing piano, accompanied by a load of talented session musicians, in an effort to establish her as a ruler within a specific segment. In trying to do that, they've succeeded in my book.
As young an artist as she is, she has many years ahead of her to continue to bring out all her musical talent and background. As a side trivia piece, Norah is the daughter of legend Ravi Shankar, the sitar virtuoso who influenced The Beatles, among many other musicians of the 20th and 21st century, so it's no surprise that she's got the talent she's shown so far: it runs in her veins.
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