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on May 13, 2011
Cake's style is the definition of quirky, and it hasn't changed at all from their first album: monotone-ish lead singer vox, acoustic and electric guitar, a small brass section and an enthusiastic drumbeat underpinning it all. There's a supplement of background chorus shouts every now and then, putting me in mind of a Punk influence. The lyrics are smart, more coffehouse-style poetry than anything else, and each track covers a wide variety of subjects from romantic musings to Austrian noblemen. The ironic served up with the sincere -- yep, that's Cake all right.

Comfort Eagle has a few standout tracks and a lot of milder ones which grew on me. Short Skirt/Long Jacket is the big hit that first grabbed me, an upbeat tribute to the modern dream girl who is "touring the facility and picking up slack" while her nails "shine like justice" and she "uses a machete to cut through red tape". The title track Comfort Eagle is a strange compare/contrast mashup of religious cults, the music business, and television shopping channels--but it was absolutely useless to resist that beat, and I was chorusing along with it and stomping my heels in time on the second listen. I would have clapped my hands, too, if I hadn't been driving. Love You Madly is a bold declaration of love exactly as the title suggests, my third favorite track for its fast pace and tuneful sincerity. Subtler tracks such as Meanwhile, Rick James..., Shadow Stabbing, Arco Arena and Long Line of Cars took a few more listens as they were slower and more thoughtful, but still quite well-crafted. In a more mellow mood, those are my tracks of choice. Commissioning a Symphony in C is an unusual track about the patrons of the arts way back in the days of Mozart, nice enough but I never go out of my way to seek it out. The only track I can honestly report as an "avoid" is the first one, Opera Singer. Please don't let its bad placement in the lineup discourage you from the rest of this fun and intelligently made album!

Consistency of style and great musicianship: if you have enjoyed any of Cake's radio hits in the past (Never There, Going the Distance), you will know exactly what you're in for when buying Comfort Eagle. This album is IMO their overall best effort to date, showcasing the band's personality and independant flavor to perfection. Do try!
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on February 3, 2011
I love this album.

I'm not that familiar with the band, which members left, who wrote which songs and if the earlier stuff is better (their previous hit "The Distance" is not nearly as strong as what is on here). All I know is that this is a really fun cd that warrants repeated listenings.

This music is quirky, very funky and danceable and there are some interesting instrumental phrasings. The bass is prominent and mixed out front, horns are used as lead instruments, guitars are used to texture and punctuate and the vocals teeter between [almost] rap, detached and traditional singing. The tone coveys a strong sense of hip-ness. These are not serious songs intended to offer some type of a message but this is simply a party for your ears.

"Long skirt/short jacket" is a fabulous slice of funk that dares the listener to not move. If you don't automatically start to bounce when you hear his, you may want to check your pulse. "Comfort Eagle" is another shake-a-thon that utilizes an odd time signature but nonetheless, as the strange song proceeds, still maintains a danceability. "Meanwhile, Rick James" is the opposite, a song that starts out very funky but then transforms into a beautifully melodic singalong. "Commissioning a Symphany in C" is very reminiscent of 70's new wave and sounds like it could have come from the Cars...which is a good thing. "Shadow Stabbing" likewise has a new wave/power pop sound with a variety of guitar tones and lines snaking throughout the tune. They end the cd with a nice, funked up cover of "guitar man".

Cake definitely is very eccentric yet the songs nonetheless retain a strong sense of melody and funky bottom end.

I have had this cd for almost a decade and it still gets regularly played. This is a winner.
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on August 20, 2001
I had very high hopes for this album. I've been a cake follower for a long time, and have all the previous albums.
Lets start out by mirroring what at least a couple other reviewers have said: There really isn't much wrong with this album. It's standard Cake fare.
It is perfectly produced and sounds all "shiny." Somebody put a lot of work into it.
But it lacks the _soul_ of the previous Cake albums. There isnt a "sad songs and waltzes" track on this record, and it's sadly missing feeling.
That having been said, I like four of the eleven tracks. But I like them because theyre catchy and cheer me up at work. Not because of the biting wit and clever musical tricks.
Cake is a great band. So when Cake produces an album that (ahem) [is not as good], it is still far better than 85% of the stuff you would find yourself listening to on any given day.
I told a friend of mine he could borrow my CD (another Cake fan) if he wanted to listen to it, but that he would probably be rather disappointed.
So four stars because its a great album, and -1 star for not being as good as Cake can be.
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on January 25, 2016
Wow, just ralized that this album is already 15 years old. However, Cake is one of these bands that don't sound "old" even after several years. Love to hear this again every once in a while (mostly in the car). If you're new to Cake, get this album, plus "Fashion Nugget", "Prolonging the Magic", and "Motorcade of Generosity". Best Cake starter pack! ;)
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on July 7, 2013
Bought this sometime ago but just getting around to reviewing it. I thought I had done it already.

If you like Cake - this belongs in your collection. If you are not a fan - then you came to the wrong page on Amazon. Not sure if you are a fan? Then get this and you will be.

Others have already said pretty much everything there is to say about the music and lyrics. This is about as good as it gets insofar as musicianship is concerned.
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on August 17, 2014
Comfort Eagle is a great song, one I've always loved. It was a treat to hear it on this album, which I bought for "Long Skirt, Short Jacket." I listen to this album all the way through, not skipping to my favorite tracks, and I love it! I love Cake. Big fan- plan to purchase all of their music and hope to see them live one day!
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on June 18, 2014
The opera singer, the girl with the short skirt and the long jacket, the religion, the dude, the long line of cars. Once you've heard it, you never forget. How many things can you really say that about. If you have never heard this yet, ( doubtful ) get it. Fits with everything. You've just found a truly great band.
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on September 20, 2014
Good cd from start to finish. I heard "Short skirt/Long jacket" on the radio when I was searching for stations on a road trip. I was impressed so I scribbled it down (while driving, not advisable) and ordered it when I got home. Good stuff. I'll be getting more of their music. For sure.
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on February 23, 2014
I purchased three Cake cd's for my wife's birthday and Comfort Eagle was one of them.I've owned Fashion Nugget for a while now and really like that cd.we tend to play this cd overe and over as we really dig ''short skirt,long jacket'' and ''comfort eagle''.and when you listen to it as much as we have you'll enjoy it also.
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on September 21, 2012
ok, a couple tracks are not "love it" quality, but like most all of cake's work - at least for me - i can listen all the way through without skipping tracks. over and over again, too. the set is a collection of driven beats, clever lyrics, and that funky rock that is cake. a must have since many of these songs never got nearly enough air play (esp. symphony in c and long line of cars). at $5, it's a super must have.
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