Customer Reviews: Coming Back STRONGER: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity
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VINE VOICEon July 7, 2010
Just read this book today and wanted to quickly share a "two thumbs up." This is the inspiring true story of Drew Brees' life, including being injured and having a comeback in professional football. Not to reveal the whole story, it is inspiring and involves a lot of courage and stamina on Brees' part as he faces challenges throughout his life, including a lengthy physical rehabilitation. The book is current and tells of the ups and downs, laughter and tears, victories and defeats of his life. Very interesting read for sports fans, and terrific read for teens whether they follow him or not. I have a couple of teen boys in mind who will love receiving this for a gift. I know teens aren't always keen on reading about adversity, but it's a great reality check and good book for conversations over dinner or a campfire.

If you want to read about a positive example, role model, mentor, or hero for young men today, Drew Brees is a great one!

one quick correction: the audio version is read by Chris Fabry and would be terrific for a car trip/vacation)
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on July 8, 2010
This is an enlightening well-written book for anyone! One lives through some days of adversity with Drew from a high school injury, college, draft, and the San Diego injury. These moments all played a role in preparing for his opportunity to play for the Saints. I began to see how his attitude, focus, preparation and team spirit has brought him to where he is today. I've been drawn to Brittany as I've seen her on television and was happy to see how much credit she is given as part of this story of success. This is definitely a very special family! Some incidents were quite amusing when the "idiot quarterback" at Purdue meets Brittany and his first thought is "I'm going to marry her" and she won't even talk to him and for good reason as Drew freely admits. I laughed out loud when Drew six months later is trying to get acquainted with Brittany and offered to drive her home in her car with a stick shift. Also special were Drew and his brother Reid as kids, the birth and naming of Baylen, and the weeks in the New Orleans home with a mattress on the floor and two camping chairs to sit in at night. We've all taken a turn at "camping in" in an empty home but it was just surprizing to see one additional revelation I could strongly identify with in the book. Finally reading about their Foundation and the enormous accomplishments to help others - children with cancer, schools and parks in New Orleans, Purdue Sports and the other ways Drew has helped in the community and supported our military. Adversity knocks on everyone's door and Drew offers some great advice on how to get yourself through it.
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on July 9, 2010
What an incredible book. I have been a Drew Brees fan since he first stepped foot on the field for Purdue. This is an incredibly well-written and well-detailed account of the different points of adversity he has had to overcome in his life. I've met Drew a few times, and let me tell you, he is just about the nicest and most personable man in such a high position that you could ever meet. He has a chapter in the book titled "A Few Good Men" and in the chapter he explains how one day at church as a teenager he was listening to a pastor talking about how God wants 'a few good men' to "carry on his teachings and walk the walk with Christ." I can honestly say that Drew is certainly one of "A Few Good Men", not only in athletics but in the world today. The book is a must-have, whether you are a sports fan or not.

Oh, and I got my copy autographed today at his book signing at Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana. :D

Drew, you're the best!
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on August 10, 2010
I live in Northeastern Ohio but have been a Saints fan since the "Dome Patrol" Era in the late 80s. I have always been my own man and I did not want to be like my father and like the teams he liked (he is a Browns fan). Fast forward to this past year. We (as in the Saints) won the Super Bowl and The Browns are looking for their first trip.

When I was exercising at my local Natatorium and saw the interview with Drew Brees about his book, I knew that was my Summer read. Right before my family went to Canada for vacation, I got the book and in record time, finished it in 3 days.

I didn't know much about Drew Brees up until his injury. I knew he played for the Chargers and that he was a decent Quarterback hidden in the shadows of Tomlinson at the time. When Katrina hit the Gulf and destroyed New Orleans, I was scared for the team and the 3-13 record reflected that. I loved Drew's upbringing, his discussion of his birthmark, his college days, the passion he had for winning and the struggles to not only impress his wife Brittany but to impress the Saints and the people of New Orleans. One negative side was that he had his team chants in there. The entire 2009 season people wanted to know what that was and he always told them that it was a team thing and he would not disclose it. Now, if other teams wanted to use it, they can since it is spelled out in the book. Although I wanted to know what they said, I think that he gave away a part of their success in the book.

The progress of success continues throughout the book and his faith maintained as well. I am always a little skeptic when reading about someone's faith because it turns into preaching and it is always forced. Drew never did this. He told about how faithful he was to his religion and that he always knew he was destined for something through God's will. In the end, he His love for his faith, wife, team, city, child culminated in Superbowl 44. Even after the climax of the Superbowl, Drew gives one more surprise at the ending and it gave me tears in my eyes because how similar his life and mine are in regards to his thoughts on his family.

I completely recommend this to any sports fan even if you are not a fan of the Saints. In a world of sports stars who are using PEDs, involved in scandals, always surrounded by shootings, robberies and drugs, Drew Brees is a role model for anyone and I truly wish there were more sports figures out there like him. After you read this, you will be in complete agreement with me.

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on October 14, 2015
First off,

I'm not a fan of the Saints but I had heard enough about Drew Brees and the struggles he faced in his career that when this book was on sale on amazon kindle...I bought it to read

I have to say, I enjoyed the book for the most part. A bit of it was repeated in various chapters and that got old rather quickly. Since I read the book in only a few settings I felt like the reiteration of stories that had been mentioned in previous chapters was just too much. It was almost like a page count had to be obtained because a LOT of these pages could have been edited out.

The story itself of his career is encouraging. I never knew he faced so many personal injuries in the beginning of his career. It was neat to read about this and how he overcame those.

What I liked the most about this book is how he doesn't shy away about talking about his faith in God and his Christianity. In the world we live in it seems that society frowns upon anyone being vocal about their faith. I do wish he had expounded on that aspect a bit more rather than a brieft mention here and there. Granted it is an underlying theme...through out the book... I just would have liked to have read more about that aspect of his and his family's life in depth
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on July 7, 2010
already liked Brees - this just reenforces my belief that he is a stand-up guy. wish we had more athletes like him for our kids (and us) to look up to.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon May 4, 2015
I love Drew Brees and I love this book about him. It isn't the most fun read just because there are some dry spots but it honestly is so cool to read about his life and everything that we don't learn from just watching him play football.
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on March 19, 2015
An exceptionally well written memoir, COMING BACK STRONGER kept my attention throughout and made me admire this decent, driven athlete and family man. It has enough football for a fan like me, but not too much for the non-fan, and enough religion for the mildly religious like me, without too much. Hats off to Super Bowl Champ and MVP Drew Brees and his collaborator, Chris Fabry, for this fine contribution to inspirational nonfiction literature.

Drew and his wife, Brittany, agree: the blow that doesn't crush you makes you stronger.

Drew sums up this way: "Finish strong. It is not where you start in life, but rather how you finish. It's that last play that can make all the difference in the outcome."
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on June 18, 2015
I enjoy reading biographies/memoirs. It usually gives me greater insight into a persons make up. This book caused me to look at Drew Brees in a whole new light. It deals with his on field exploits of course, but it deals more with the off the field details and what kind of person he is. Much time is spent detailing his religious faith and the role GOD plays in Drew's life. I found this book very fascinating. While I respected him before, I admire Drew Brees much more now. Even though I root for a different team, I will find myself pulling for Drew and the Saints when the balls start flying in the fall. I reccommend this book very highly. It is encouraging and uplifting as well as inspirational. The book is written in a style that just seems to flow. At night I would hate to put it down for fear of missing out on something. Two thumbs way up on this one. Read it my friends---you'll be blessed.
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on July 11, 2010
This is the autobiography of Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees... and though he is currently sitting on top of the world of football... and I am a sports fanatic... I think it would be a disservice to tell someone this is a football book. What this is... even to a person like me whose whole life has revolved around sports... is a book about *FAITH*... *BELIEF*... *OVERCOMING-ADVERSITY*... *CHARITY-FROM-THE-HEART*... and ok... it is about football. But what is so refreshing is that Drew's story is the antithesis of today's athletes whose stories fill police blotters as much as they do sports sections. You can't turn on the news or read a paper today without being deluged with athletes busted for drugs that range from marijuana-to-cocaine-to-all-types-of-performance-enhancing-drugs-to... *ILLEGALLY-OBTAINED-PRESCRIPTION-COUGH-SYRUP*. A day doesn't go by without an athlete being arrested for domestic abuse... DUI's... bar fights... gun possession... even money laundering and fraud. But Drew's story is filled with belief and faith in the Lord. He openly shares his epiphany along with the challenges... setbacks... and accomplishments he faced and overcame... from the bitter, emotionally crushing divorce of his parents... to high school sports... to Purdue University... to the NFL... first with the San Diego Chargers where he faced a career threatening injury. "AN EXAM WOULD CONFIRM A 360-DEGREE TEAR OF THE LABRUM AND A TORN ROTATOR CUFF. BASICALLY, EVERYTHING THAT HELD MY SHOULDER TOGETHER WAS SHREDDED. I WOULD LEARN LATER THAT ONLY ONE OUT OF FIVE HUNDRED SHOULDER DISLOCATIONS WERE LIKE MINE. THAT TRANSLATES to 0.2 PERCENT-ALMOST LIKE WINNING THE LOTTERY. BUT WITHOUT THE CASH."

When the people who "count" on the Chargers gave up on him his drive to recover and come back to prove everyone wrong was like a tsunami. Both physically and spiritually. Drew constantly reaffirms to himself and the reader that the Lord puts these obstacles in your way for a reason. His beliefs are interwoven with his football life in a way that is motivating... yet not so overbearing that a football fan who doesn't have these religious beliefs would be turned off from this book. He pulls no punches in what he went through as a free agent deciding between signing with the Miami Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints. He links his coming back from a potential career ending injury to a Pro Bowl player and Super Bowl champion... with the refusal to quit by New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina... and the rebirth of the New Orleans Saints as a World Champion after over forty-years of losing. To Drew all of this was not just happenstance.

Brees as an author and as a person... has an almost disarming and unarguable presentation format that even if he's taking a stand on what may be considered a controversial subject... combines a right-between-the-eyes-strength... and a soft dignity. Being that I'm an Honorably Discharged Viet Nam Era Veteran... it always infuriates me when so many athletes use terms such as "going to war"... and we're "warriors". Drew struck a very special chord with me when he wrote: "I WILL NEVER RELATE FOOTBALL TO WAR, NOR WILL I REFER TO FOOTBALL PLAYERS AS SOLDIERS. THE MEN AND WOMEN OF OUR MILITARY RISK THEIR LIVES EVERY DAY IN THE LINE OF DUTY, AND WE PLAY A GAME."

For potential readers who may not be looking for spiritual faith and belief within a football book because of contradictions between "words-and-actions" they may see and hear from other athletes... Drew couldn't have expressed himself any clearer or more poignantly than when he said: "THE CHALLENGE OF A CHRISTIAN ATHLETE IS TO LIVE THE LIFE THAT WE PREACH AND UNDERSTAND THAT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN A PLATFORM TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT IN THE LIVES OF MANY PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY KIDS. WHAT BUGS ME MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IS SEEING GUYS PROFESS THEIR FAITH ON GAME DAY WITH A POINT TO THE SKY WHILE THE CAMERAS ARE ROLLING AND THEN WALK OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM INTO A LIFE OF SIN.

This is a tremendously motivational and inspirational book that not only a parent will enjoy and appreciate... but it's one that a parent can feel very comfortable about giving to their children. Drew stresses that he like all others is not perfect... and even shares his anguish when his estranged Mother commits suicide. As I said earlier... there is plenty of football in this book... but it is sooo much more than a football book.
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