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on July 15, 2016
Okay so yes within the past few weeks we purchased all of these to try with our two-month-old breastfed baby. Short version: every baby is different and Lansinoh won for ours.

But here's some additional comparison points on all of these to help others decide and maybe avoid buying so many :)

Background: our baby is now 2-months old, but we started trying bottles around 6 weeks. I stay home, so the goal for us is just occasional bottle feeding so I can have a little time away.

Munchkin Latch: this is the bottle system we used with our now 2-year-old and he adapted to it well from around 6-weeks old. It's easy to clean, interchangeable with sippy cup parts, and has an adapter for direct pumping. Problem is our new baby just cried whenever we tried putting this bottle in his mouth, so we started looking at other bottles...

Comotomo: super easy to clean with just your hands, looks awesome, feels nice and soft. Our baby was able to latch on to the large nipple surface, however, the nipple itself is very long and he seemed to be struggling with this. He drank from it the first time we tried, but wasn't HAPPY and was squirming and joking a bit. The nipple is also very slippery, unlike some of the others with a matte finish, and the super wide bottle makes it difficult to fit most bottle warmers (didn't fit our boon orb or Intel-a-temp). Lastly, no breast pump attachments.

MAM: this nipple looks completely different from comotomo so I thought it'd be worth a try. Our baby wouldn't even drink from this one unfortunately- he just cried and made a face like "what's this foreign object in my mouth" :( Also, I didn't like the complexity of the bottle - there's a bottom cap, a bottom rubbery insert valve, and then the nipple, nipple ring and cap. And the bottle just looks unattractive in my opinion compared to competitors - not that it would've mattered if he liked this one :)

Breastflow: our baby drank an entire 3oz the first time we used this, WITH a smile, and fell asleep after. I thought this would be the one! But the next two days he refused in and just chewed on the stiff inner nipple. The outer nipple on this one is very thin and fully collapsed when he drank from it. And milk gets stuck between the two nipple prices and you have to squeeze it just right to get it to go back down into the bottle where your baby can drink it or you can save it. (A feature that's a little complicated to show a baby sitter, etc) Honestly the double nipple seems to be a waste because it only slows the flow for your baby's FIRST suck - after that, milk goes into the outer nipple and comes out just as easily as any other bottle. The idea is to simulate the natural let-down of breast milk, but it only added a 1 second delay.

Adiri: so we never got to use this one because our baby loved Lansinoh. But I did provide a picture of the nipple and wanted to mention that the nipple had a wonderful soft, matte finish that seems would be easier for baby to latch too. It also looks the coolest of all the bottles. Downside it had a lot of parts to keep track of and clean.

Lansinoh **THE WINNER**: our baby instantly latched with this bottle and it just felt "right". He's drank from this easily with mom, when sleepy and fussy, with dad, etc - some of our key test times, and it past. The bottle design is wonderfully simple and the nipple has a very nice feel - it's very thick, but soft and partially matte finished. I love that I can direct pump with the very affordable Lansinoh manual pump (comes with a free bottle too), and the design is super simple and easy to clean. The air vent for this one is in the nipple, just like Comotomo, which is great because there's no worries about leaks from a bottom plug, etc. But my ONLY complaint is 1) the air valve can sometimes make a loud noise which I worry will startle the baby (so far he hasn't seems to notice it) and 2) it only comes in purple.
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on October 7, 2016
I have prematurely-born 2 month old twin boys who have acid reflux, colic, and are poor feeders due to poor sucking reflexes. After weeks in the NICU on tube feeds, they were inconsistent with bottle feedings (and combined breastfeeding) and had distended abdomens, crying bouts, spitting and occasional vomiting.
We tried:
-Dr. Browns - the twins did not like the narrower nipple, but I think they did have less gas with Dr. Browns bottle. However, the cleaning drove me nuts with Q2-3 hrs feedings x 2 bottles each time (some days 24 feedings per day!). I was constantly taking them apart and cleaning them with a pipe cleaner then the dishwasher then putting them together. Plus more than 60 cc it may leak more (it even says on instructions).
-Avent - liked the blue and white cute bottles to differentiate for twin A and B and easy to heat in the Avent bottle warmer, however 14 of the 20 slow flow size 0 nipples cracked with dishwasher and Avent sterilizer uses and the milk would spray over the babies' faces and cause wailing. We inspected the nipples and were shocked (contacted Avent with photos). Also, the babies don't usually perfectly latch on every feed, usually a lot of wiping milk off their faces and leaking around their mouths. The other annoying thing was having the line up the vents on the nipple to the white mark on the ring every time before sterilizing them. We wanted to stay with Avent but it wasn't working well enough. Otherwise, the bottles are a good size, easy to wash, well priced and heat quickly.
-MAM (energetic prints!) bottles were definitely great with less gas and less burping, however a few times per week at night the bottle or the top of bottle would leak majorly (pouring formula or breastmilk onto the babies' clothes). Plus, I had to heat the formula or breast milk in a different container (usually Avent bottles with Nene caps) then pour it into MAM. We got tired of disassembling/assembling the parts (same complaint for Dr. Browns) and not being able to heat the bottles in the warmer without leaking water when we pulled them out of the warmer and the occasional milk/formula leaking that ruined the pajama and the bed. I didn't feel as confident at 2 am/4am feedings and would triple check the MAM bottles. The babies also didn't always latch on perfectly, they love the MAM pacifiers but didn't always want to drink from the MAM bottles.
-Comotomo - After a while I decided to try Comotomo. It had the advantage of Avent bottles that I could pre-measure and store sets of ready bottles with formula or breast milk in the fridge and I dropped them into the Avent warmer and heated them (yes, it fits! It leans over but it works! SEE PHOTO HOW THE COMOTOMO BOTTLE FITS INTO THE AVENT BOTTLE WARMER! It takes maybe 1-2 minutes longer). CT bottles had less gas than Avent bottles, plus, no leaks from the bottle and rarely any leaks from around the babies' mouths. They both seem to like the nipple a lot as they took to drinking from it immediately. Over and over they would drink happily every feeding and not leak around the milk and have less burping or hiccups afterwards. I still breastfeed daily 1-2x with each twin, but they switch from BF to the bottle and back without issues. I was pleasantly surprised. Because I needed 2 bottles per feeding for my baby boy twins, I ordered BPA-free stickers to label the bottles (instead of the blue vs white bottles we used to use). (I cut out the animal parts of the stickers and decorated half the green bottles for 1 twin to differentiate whose bottle it is as they drink different amounts). Why don't they make Comotomo bottles with another gender neutral color like white or yellow or orange (only pink is available aside from green)?? We also like that it isnt plastic touching the formula or milk (silicone - but glass would be great). Did I also mention that now at 3 months they both love to touch and grab and hold the CT bottles?

I am in no way associated with any of the bottle manufacturers, and would have preferred the least expensive and most convenient option, but 1) easy cleaning/washing 2) easy heating esp at night 3) less gas and colic 4) easier latch / feeding, less spit ups were priorities.
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on September 9, 2016
I really really love this bottle. I have a fully breastfed and lip/tongue-tied baby who I wanted to make sure would take a bottle while I work and instead of trying a bunch of different bottles, I asked around about breast-shaped bottles for breastfed babies and the Comotomo was the most suggested. My baby took it no problem from the first time! I know all babies are different but I love the soft plastic body and the slightly harder plastic nipple that acts just like a breast. It helps with gas which is usually a huge problem with lip and tongue tied babies, but not with this bottle!

I recommend it and if you are looking for a bottle for the same reasons, I would give this one a try! I really love it.
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on June 18, 2017
When my little babe was around 6 weeks I practiced bottle feeding which worked without any issue. I stopped pretty quickly thinking I had an easy baby and i continued breastfeeding. At about 9 weeks it came time for grandma to watch for a couple of hours and suddenly my babe refused the bottle completely.

It wasn't until comotomo that we were able to get back on board the bottle feeding train. The nipple on this bottle is the softest out of the other bottles we have (Tommy tippee, dr brown, nuk) and the wide neck portion helped mimic the breast the best.

My ONLY thing I don't like about this bottle is it's not very stable when you set it down. It tips over easily. With breast milk, the fatty portion can be sticky so it causes the fatty portion to stick up on the nipple when it tips over and is hard to get off. Not sure if that makes sense! But I've just stopped pre-preparing breast milk bottles with this and only use with pre-warmed breastmilk.
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on March 1, 2017
I bought this bottle for my 4th baby... All my other kids never took a bottle well as I exclusively breast fed. They fought every bottle I tried. It was rough because occasionally I needed them to be able to take a bottle. I decided to try this for my 4th baby. He took it perfectly the FIRST time it was offered. He was about 2 months old and exclusively breast fed. He obviously likes me to nurse him over the bottle and he doesn't always drink a lot, but he takes it! It has been a lifesaver when I've had appointments and am unable to feed him. I rarely use it, but when I do, he always takes it! I definitely recommend this bottle, especially if your baby is exclusively breast fed and you need them to take a bottle occasionally. Best bottle I have tried, and I think I've tried most out there!
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on July 22, 2017
Our baby refused to drink from a bottle right as I had to go back to work after maternity leave. We struggled for awhile, it was so frustrating, I was so worried about returning to work and my baby starving and crying the whole time. We tried different bottles including kiinde bags and nipples, spectra bottles and etc... nothing helped. I did research online and settled on the comotomo bottles. I bought the small one first. We had a little trouble with it, baby was accepting it 50% of the time at first, but we kept at it and after 2-3 days it started working. Within a week or two our problems were forgotten and this has become our favorite bottle. I ended up getting a larger 8 oz bottle and we have been using these bottles constantly for 4 months now. These bottles were so natural for our baby, she started holding the smaller bottle at 4 months. I also got the handles for these which work great as well. I also got faster nipples as baby got older. The only issue I have with this bottle is the lids don't fit well, they are hard to snap in place, but other than that it's easy to clean and convenient to handle.
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on May 3, 2017
My daughter refused to take a bottle for a couple months until this one! She would scream as soon as the other ones would touch her lips. She drank out of it after the first try with NO screaming, which was a HUGE achievement. I would highly recommend trying this bottle if your baby is refusing others. I like that the bottle is soft so you can squirt milk into their mouth to encourage them to drink and it's big for a more natural like latch. I think she also liked the texture of the nipple better than other ones.
Another tip that helped us was having my husband put her down for her nap and then he went to get her up to feed her. This way she never saw me at all from the time she was getting ready to sleep.
I would try other bottles first just because these are a little more expensive and harder to travel with bc of their width. But I do highly recommend them to anyone who's baby is fighting the bottle!
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on July 19, 2017
I love this bottle. At first I was using the Tommee Tippee First Feed bottles as my daughter is breastfed and I wanted as slow a flow as possible when she started daycare. I do like those bottles, they do the job. However, I am in love with how much easier the comotomo bottle is to clean. The daycare also informs me that she doesn't leak milk out the side of her mouth with these like she did often with the Tommee Tippee. I'm not sure why. I also like that the measurements are imprinted in the silicone so there isn't any fading with the massive number of washes the bottles receive. The silicone also makes the bottle easier to grip. I don't think the slow flow nipple for this bottle is any faster than the first feed nipples on the other. I tried testing it by filling the top with water and pushing my finger into the nipple to force it out. I will be replacing all of her current bottles with these.
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on January 26, 2015
First off let me say that I am a stay-at-home dad. Our little one was breastfed-only for 3 months then Mommy had to go back to work. Unfortunately the baby was not drinking from our Born Free bottles from our previous children. We tried Playtex, Tommee Tippee, Adiri NxGen, First Years Breastflow, and a few other standard bottles. He wouldn't drink from any of them. We saw the Comotomo on Amazon and had never heard of the brand but we're willing to give it a try as all others weren't working for him. To our gracious surprise he willingly attached to the bottle. The bottle is silicon and super easy to clean. Because it's small, light weight, and textured he was able to easily grip the bottle. We used this bottle exclusively until he was old enough to drink from a sippy cup. If your desperate because your little one is not latching onto a bottle, give Comotomo a try! It worked well for us.
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on December 22, 2016
The ONLY bottle my EBF baby would take! The hospital gave him a bottle because he couldn't figure out how to latch/breastfeed, so at first we had a hell of a time getting him to nurse. In turn, now he will only breastfeed. It has taken months and a ton of money trying literally every other bottle, to find this little godsend! My biggest advice is to slightly squeeze the bottle, it seems to mimic the breast a little more if it "sprays" and that was the trick for my little dude to finally latch.
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