Customer Reviews: Comotomo Silicone Replacement Nipple, Clear, 6 Months, 2 count (Pack of 1)
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on May 3, 2012
I was confused as to the difference between "6 months," "FAST FLOW (6 MOS. AND UP)," and "Variable Flow," "VARIABLE FLOW (6 MOS. AND UP)." After much googling, it turns out Comotomo has exactly four model numbers on sizes:

* NT1H - 1 hole, slow flow (0-3 months)
* NT2H - 2 holes, medium flow (3-6 months)
* NT3H - 3 holes, fast flow (6 months)
* NTVF - Y cut, variable flow (thicker fluids)

So some of the same "sizes" are listed under different descriptions for some odd reason. Hopefully this'll save someone from wasted time or from ordering the wrong nipple.

A note about flow rate. The Comotomo nipples do seem "slower" than nipples of other brands. I don't find this a bad thing, as it seems that the flow is much more consistent than the nipples of some other brands. Will report back once I get the variable flow one and do some comparison against the fast flow.

-- EDIT 01/10/2013 --
Meant to report back earlier about the variable flow vs the 3 hole, but... Either way, unless you're actually using the variable flow for thicker fluids, I'd recommend using the 3-hole instead as it's more consistent. The speeds are fairly similar otherwise.
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on January 25, 2012
I love these bottles since it's the only thing my baby would take (we tried MANY bottles before the Comotomo ones). I ruined one of the nipples because my nipple brush has the twisted wire end and I didn't realize it had come undone... VERY sharp point on the end of that metal! It poked a hole through one of my nipples, but it's totally not any flaw of the nipple - it was my mistake for not realizing the nipple brush became sharp.

I was glad to see I can get replacement nipples and that they have a variety of flow levels. That way I can increase the flow without having to necessarily buy the bigger bottles! YAY!

They don't have markings on the nipple indicating the speed (at least mine don't), but it's not that hard to figure out.
1 hole is slow flow (0-3 months)
2 holes is medium (3-6 months)
3 holes is fast (6 months)
Y cut is variable

I don't pay attention to the ages though - my 5 month old still uses the slow flow nipples at this time (0-3 months). I don't want her to get used to the bottles being "easier" and then no longer take the breast. She only eats from bottles 3 times per day, 5 days a week and the rest of the time she's breastfed. I may get faster nipples later on as she gets older so it won't take as long for her to eat. It definitely won't be until after she starts solids though.

***************************HERE'S MY FULL REVIEW OF THE COMOTOMO BOTTLES(since Amazon won't let me link it!):********************************************

We tried to introduce bottles around 10 weeks but it didn't work, even when I left the house for 20-60 minutes. Since I wasn't going back to work until 14 weeks, we didn't try too hard since it didn't seem worth it to upset her so much when she didn't NEED to take a bottle yet. Luckily, my husband took 6 weeks off work after I returned to work before we started her in daycare, so he would be the one trying to introduce her to bottles instead of a stranger.

I prepared for my first day back to work by purchasing many, many different types of bottles for my husband to try. On that first day, our daughter did not eat for 10 hours. My husband tried many different bottles (but not all) by the time I got home. A nurse at her doctor's office said to NOT offer her the breast when I got home, because she would learn that if she held out long enough she would get mommy's breast. So when I got home I tried two more bottles, the Comotomo one being the second. She sucked down 3 ounces! And I was the one feeding her! Two hours later, she took another three ounces. When my husband tried to offer her the Comotomo bottle the next day she refused it at first, took a 30 minute nap, and then she accepted it and drank 3 ounces. We tried SEVEN different bottle/nipple combinations before this one: Dr. Browns, Avent, Playtex (3 different nipple types), Medela, NUK. We were going to try some others but I noticed their nipples weren't TOO different than what we already tried... and the Breastflow bottles I didn't think would make a difference either.

I felt like it was the nipple base size that didn't work for her with other bottles, and I was right. I have very large breasts, and the Comotomo nipple pressed against her nose and cheeks like she is used to while feeding. I swear that is what made the difference. I immediately ordered two more. I don't care about the price - if you feel it's too expensive, either you have a baby that WILL take another bottle (and then you don't HAVE to use this one), or this is the only thing that works and you are actually so cheap that you put a price on getting your baby to eat. Maybe after she gets used to bottle feeding, a normal less-expensive bottle will work.

I do like a lot of things about this bottle:
- It works!
- The nipple base is very large so it presses against my baby's nose and cheeks like a real breast.
- It allows baby to latch on the same as with a breast.
- It doesn't leak. You have to squeeze it to get some out... it won't even drip if you don't!
- It's squeezable.
- It's only 3 parts.
- It fits in my Munchkin bottle warmer (the 2006 model... a hand-me-down that works great!)
- It's durable - I've had hard plastic and glass break on me when dropping a bottle. This doesn't break.
- Easy to wash.
- Even at 3 months, the baby can kind of hold on to it. I think it will be easy to use for self-feeders.
- My daughter can get every last drop out of the bottle - no breastmilk wasted!
- It's cool looking.
- It has air vents.
- The lids are secure and hold the nipple in place so even if you squeeze the bottle, nothing comes out in the lid.

I don't like:
- It's hard to read the ounces... but on the other hand, the markings can't wash off!
- I can't pump directly into it - but honestly they are so expensive and I produce so much that there's no way I could use these as storage containers. I use Mother's Milkmate.

I don't know if our Inchbug labels stick to it yet. Those are supposed to stay on even through the dishwasher, but I'm wondering if that will work on this material. I will update when I find out. I might just buy an Orbit label instead (also from Inchbug) if it doesn't work.

UPDATE: I've used the Inchbug small rectangle labels and affixed them to the collar of the bottle and they have not worn off. The two teachers in my daughter's daycare room really like the bottles because they aren't breakable, don't leak, and look neat. We still love these bottles and I have yet to try regular ones again since these are working so well. I still only have 3 bottles, which is exactly how many she needs for a 6 hour day.
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on February 28, 2015
We started off with medela and Philips natural bottle. The medela was fine but I found the flow is a little too fast for my baby and the bottle has a small thread so it is hard to wash. The Philips is a hit or miss... Sometimes it will flow nicely without collapsing and other times it will collapse and leak. I followed the instructions to massage the membrane but that didn't help much.

Then I switch to Como tomo and found the baby seems to eat better with this nipple. I didn't have any leak since we switched and I only had the nipple collapsed once, and I know it was happening cause I could feel the bottle was collapsing too. And the best part is my baby burp a lot easier with this nipple. I don't know why but before it was very hard to burp my baby, but after we started using Comotomo my baby always burp within a min or 2, sometimes she burp on her own just by sitting her up. This to me is an unexpected benefit and one that make me decide to keep using this nipple.
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on January 8, 2016
ComoTomo is the only brand that was accepted by my daughter. She was a breast fed baby and these bottles were the only bottles she accepted. She hated Tommee Tippee and Dr Brown. I believe it's because ComoTomo bottles are soft. Even the bottles were soft, like a breast. The quality of these bottles are HIGH end. I've compared them to Tommee Tippee (which I thought were supposed to be amazing) and there's no comparison. ComoTomo, hands down, the best bottle for breast fed babies or any babies in general. You get what you paid for, amazing quality for your baby.
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on January 25, 2015
Perfect for our 3 month old! She's much happier with the medium flow bottles and we don't have to squeeze the bottle to help her finish it. Definitely upgrade your bottle speed if you have a 3 month old and you're still on a the slow flow nipples.
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on August 18, 2015
Went up to medium flow shortly after 3 months and it didn't lead to any preference over breast feeding for my baby. She just gets bottles while I'm at work. I was nervous about switching but I knew breastfeeding was a way better flow than the slow flow bottle and i didn't want her to dislike the bottle any more than she already did!
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on February 3, 2016
I read a lot of articles and did a lot of research on a bottle that my breastfed baby would take. With my first baby, she took a bottle with no problem so we just used all the free ones we got from baby showers and samples. However, my second baby refused the bottle every time we tried. We tried several different brand and different flows to try and find something she would take and nothing we had worked. I came across these and decided to try them in the hope that it's shape would be more comforting and familiar. I can't even describe the relief we felt when she finally took these bottles. I had gone back to work and my baby wouldn't take a bottle from my husband which was extremely frustrating for him. These came in the mail and for the first time she took a bottle from him! Tears were literally shed. These are dishwasher safe which is so nice to not have to hand wash bottles like we did with our first baby. I will say you have to be careful what else is in the dishwasher with them. We had spaghetti and put the bottles in with the pots and dishes and it stained our bottle and nipples an orange tint. We have had a problem with the nipples/lids tightening too tightly and being a little difficult to unscrew. These were a little pricey for a bottle but I would recommend them to everyone in a heartbeat, especially if your baby is picky with bottle/ refuses a bottle!
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on November 28, 2012
My baby will not drink out of anything else I had to buy the replacement nipples for him they NEED to make a sippy cup also PLEASE !
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on August 5, 2015
Easy to wash nipples for Comotomo bottles. Despite what the brand says that you don't need to use a bottle brush, we use a nipple brush to wash this. Also, you'd need to invert it to dry the colic vents properly.
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on August 13, 2013
I have spent close to $75 and tried over 8 different nipples for my breast fed baby and this is the only one he would take. He refused to eat for 2 months while at was at work from 7-3 daily. After trying this nipple for a week he finally took it and he hasn't stopped. I can finally go to work without worrying if he will eat or not.
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