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on May 10, 2017
America's Test Kitchen has the most reliable, error proof, tasty recipes. I highly recommend this book BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET THE LATEST PUBLICATION which (as of the time that I'm writing this review) I think now includes 17 seasons worth of recipes instead of 10. I ordered this book several years ago, and I would purchase the new volume if I didn't already have access to all 17 seasons via my subscription to the website.

As a side note, I basically learned to cook from watching this show. My mom gets so mad that I cook more with their recipes than with hers. I recommend subscribing to their website so that you can have access to their recipe videos. Aside from recipes they also offer great product reviews for cookware, knives, gadgets, kitchen appliances, etc. They'll tell you which ones work the best at the most affordable price. Affordable meaning that, in contrast to most cooking magazines which get paid to promote the priciest products, they only recommend products that the average consumer can afford. For example, they will tell you why the $50 dollar toaster they recommend works better than the $200 toaster with all the bells and whistles that nobody needs on a toaster and that don't help it toast bread any better anyway. But they'll also explain that you should avoid the temptation to buy such and such brand $20 toaster because it only toasts one side of the bread. I don't think I've ever been disappointed with one of their recommended products that I have purchased. They also do taste tests and determine the best brands of prepared food products. So you don't have to try 5 different brands of hummus, or brownies, or broth, or curry powder to find a good one.

I highly recommend all of their cookbooks and website subscriptions.
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on March 14, 2017
My favorite cook book of all times. It has a section that covers the cooking gadgets that they test on the show. Each recipe has an introduction explaining why the recipe works and it is full of hints and tips that make food taste better. It is our Go-To book before cooking anything. You do have to learn the lay out of the book though. It is helpful to go straight to the back and look up the main ingredient to see if it is listed there. For example: Look up "banana" and it will list all the recipes with banana as main ingredient such as Banana Bread. My husband had some trouble finding the meatloaf recipe. Sure enough, go to the back and look under "meatloaf". In other words, ignore the contents page and go straight to the index.I highly recommend this book. I paid full price for this product. My review is completely unbiased.
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on November 21, 2015
ATK has made me a darn good cook, and here's why:

Every recipe begins with a foundation. For example, instead of just laying a recipe for meatloaf, they'll tell you what they like and dislike about meatloaf in general, and make it clear what their idea of a "good" meatloaf is. Then they explain what worked and didn't work to achieve that meatloaf. Why does that matter? Because that understanding helps you to tailor recipes as you prefer, and will inform whatever else you make.

After a few years of learning from this ATK cookbook, I'm amazed how easily I can now whip up a meal without a recipe. The recipes are terrific, but the book itself is an education. Also, if you're like me and like to read cookbooks, you'll really enjoy this or any cookbook from ATK!
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on March 29, 2017
I first got this book from the library, and decided I needed to own it - it has SO many recipes, and almost every single one I've made has been delicious. I find the directions very easy to understand and I like the explanations before each recipe about what the test kitchen tried before settling on a certain method. I liken it to the Joy of Cooking, but way more beginner-friendly. We made the mistake of trying recipes in the JoC before we knew what we were doing and they were disastrous :) Not as comprehensive, of course, but has a huge range of the basics.
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Enthusiast: Cookingon December 28, 2011
I have to admit, that I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to my cookbooks. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I love to watch ATK and follow right along with them with my cookbook on my lap. I have many cookbooks, however, it his the the one that gets the most use in my kitchen. This book is fantastic! I ordered it from ATK when I received a postcard in the mail. I lent it to my father for Thanksgiving so he could roast his turkey perfectly. It took a while to get the cookbook back from him as he fell in love with the book! This book contains every recipe done on the ATK TV show from beginning to 2012. The recipes always come out perfectly. You may use every pot and pan and cooking utensil that you own to make one of these recipes, however, you will always get a perfect product when you are through. I ordered this book from Amazon for my father for Christmas. I had to give it to him early as he was cooking Christmas dinner and he asked to use my cookbook again! He used it to make prime rib, green beans almondine and sangria. He also only got 3 hours of sleep that night because he stayed up reading it. It's an interesting read as the book also contains all of the equipment ratings and taste tests done on the television show.
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on October 6, 2016
I bought this as a gift for my grandma's birthday, as she is a big fan of the America's Test Kitchen TV show, and even though she doesn't use it as much as I thought she might (it is extremely heavy and is difficult for her to carry around and use), I like to open it so often and flip though the recipes and the ingredient and kitchen appliance/ utensil review section, which is one of my favorite parts (hello amazon wishlist!); I'm almost tempted to buy my own copy of the book for my boyfriend and I to use to together. It has a plethora of recipes throughout, and it has greatly detailed explanations on how to make each dish, when you add certain ingredients, when the best time to add other ingredients, substitutions, etc. It's like an encyclopedia of cooking! (just as heavy as one too)
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on January 2, 2013
A couple of months ago, I decided I was going to learn to cook for real. I'm in my late 40s, and have only ever made fast-and-easy recipes, if I cooked at all. My mom turned me on to the America's Test Kitchen television show, which hooked me immediately, and I ordered this comprehensive cookbook from Amazon right away.

So far, I have made several recipes ranging from cookies to crab cakes to pork chops to fettucini alfredo ... and my family has loved every single meal. My husband, having developed a discerning palette from eating at restaurants so frequently, has decided that the ATK recipes are as good - and frequently better - than restaurant meals.

The best part of this cookbook is that they don't assume you know everything. Each recipe is preceded by "why this works" which is helpful to someone like me to learn the basic ins and outs of preparing foods in the best way. They describe why certain ingredients or processes tested poorly or well, which helps me to understand the chemistry of how ingredients behave (although their "Science of Good Cooking" probably goes into more detail).

These are not recipes for busy people - I can easily spend a couple of hours preparing a meal - they often provide alternate recipes or techniques to make a dish easier or faster. You have the option of going "old school" or trying the easier route, but both taste great.

Most importantly, though, the dishes tastes really good. This is also not a cookbook for dieting or health-conscious cooking. It's all about what tastes the best, regardless of what ingredients were required to get there. So you won't find any nutrition metrics because ... well ... it's just better to appreciate the great taste than worry about the calories.

I now own several cookbooks, but I keep coming back to this massive, in-depth collection from ATK. It has become my go-to cookbook. I highly recommend picking up this cookbook as the backbone to your recipe collection
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on April 9, 2014
I must start by addressing the mockery of those who state the book is too heavy and defend ourselves. If you are elderly, but an avid follower of Chris Kimball and his kingdom, buy the on line version. With less upper body strength it is an unwieldy book to read comfortably and I love to read every word in all of the volumes from ATK, CI, etc. I found the same problems with the Science of Cooking. Who know what the answer is. Mine is to buy the on-line and tablet versions which is so much more manageable in the kitchen.

My Irish immigrant, domestic mother happened to be a natural cook scientist. It was in her genes. She just "knew" how to cook and bake and taught me much. Give her some flour, butter, and ice water. She was like a magician or a shell gamer. Two seconds later, there was the most exquisite pie dough imaginable.

Although I learned much from her, Chris Kimball is my mother leaning over my shoulder or looking at the results in my bowl and passing both directions and praise.

If you are a good cook, you will become a great one. Every recipe has been tested until the best method and ingredients produce the best results.

I have all of the ATK cookbooks and they are all dog eared and stained as I like my cookbooks. You will never have to buy another author (except for Silver Palate, Joy of Cooking and Fanny Farmer.).

I love everything about Chris Kimball. As we hippies said about Clapton, "Chris Kimball is God."
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on December 28, 2013
When I first purchased this book I had absolutely no clue what I was doing in the kitchen! This book is a must have for any kitchen! I have made about 30 recipes from this book and all of them have turned out perfectly. The recipes can at times be labor intense but the end results is well worth the effort. My family now loves coming over for holidays because they know the food will be great!

Another feature I love about this book are the side pictures. The pictures are extremely helpful because they walk you through difficult tasks like butterflying a steak/pork chop, forming a lattice pattern for pies, carving a turkey, etc! The book is also amazing because the authors actually tell you WHY you are doing something a certain way or why you should not substitute another ingredient.

I also really enjoy the section of the book where the chefs list their "favorites" of each cooking ingredient/item. I have used this a number of times when looking to buy new gadgets like potato ricers, knives, and even melting chocolates. You doing have to spend hours reading online reviews, because you can trust the guide at the end of the book.

The book has recipes for just about everything-Mexican dishes, Italian, cakes, cookies, grilling favorites. you name it and they most likely have a recipe for it. This book is my first stop for new recipes!
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on September 29, 2012
While it says it is "Every Recipe from the Hit TV Show" from 2001 to 2012... it isn't. OK this has been said by other reviewers too.

I deducted 1 star because of this, I never did like false advertising. Would have been better named "most" or "Best" instead of "All".

On the other hand there is still a huge selection of recipes in the book and if you haven't bought any other "America's Test Kitchen TV Show" cook books from the series before then this is a real bargain over buying each year's cook book separately.

Was disappointed that while watching old shows of the TV series I would repeatedly see something being prepared and cooked on the show I would pull out the cook book to look for the Recipe only to find it's not in the cook book. So I still had to go online and search for it and if I could find it then download it and print it out to add a page to the cook book (just placed it loose in the back cover).

Wife complains Recipes are too "complicated"... which means need more then one step and more then one pot...

Something I have always done when cooking something like Italian sausage with onions and peppers is to cook the onions and peppers separately from the sausage, then place the onions and peppers on the sausage on the rolls. This gives distinct flavor contrast instead of having everything tasting the same if cooked all at once together. To me this is not "too complicated".

From the stand point of having something cooked consistently and tasting good I don't see any problem with the recipes. It does tell you why the steps are needed, the "why it works" intro to each recipe to have something that would be "fool proof".
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