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on July 19, 2008
Having just read back to back Pregnancy for Dummies and Idiots Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth. I thought I'd share some thoughts on one vs. the other, seeing as they are so similar.
Dummies good: Chronology of pregnancy process week by week. I am referencing this now as my friends are going through their pregnancies to get an idea of what they are going through at whatever week they are at. Goes over common pregnancy myths.
Dummies bad: "Daddy Alerts" totally belittling of men. No discussion of mother/parents relationship stability or network. No mention of home pregnancy tests.
Idiots good: More information in more detail. Just simply covers more ground. Also has week by week chronology section, it's just not wholly structured that way as Dummies is.
Idiots bad: Same absence of relationship/network or over the counter tests.
Hope this helps someone along in comparing the two. If someones attention span is shorter go for Dummies. If you want a little more detail, Idiots is better. The Mayo Clinic guide seems to be the most highly praised overall pregnancy book out there, and I'll get one for reference, but as a cover to cover book, I wasn't that brave. Both of these are decent for what they are, intros for the clueless.
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on December 26, 2006
I really enjoyed this book and of all the books I bought during pregnancy, this is the one I referred to the most. I've even passed this book on to pregnant friends and recommended it to others as well. I've seen some of the other reviews here, and am wondering if we read the same book! It has wonderful information with humor and wit. It has a special section on complications that was easily paper-clipped together so as not to read and freak myself out unless I needed to refer to the section. It has helpful hints for the dad-to-be, and a fabulous reference list for everything from doulas to renting maternity clothes! If someone is basing their review on typos, which bug me incessantly, if you can overlook that (though I never found any myself, but maybe I was too excited about being pregnant) then this is a wonderful resource book. I also feel that people buying pregnancy books should take what they read in the books with a grain of salt, because your best resource during pregnancy should be your doctor.
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on May 11, 2010
I bought this to help me through my first ever pregnancy. However, I couldn't even finish reading it. I have used other books in the "Complete Idiot's Guide" series, so I thought that this would work for me. However, I felt that the author was talking down to the reader. I would not recommend it unless you like being made to feel stupid for not knowing the things discussed in this book. However, I guess it does serve as a guide to pregnancy, so I guess if you feel like the author's tone of voice wouldn't bother you, then this isn't a terrible product.
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on January 6, 2013
I had this book when I had my 1st child and I remembered and repurchased it 13 years later for a young soon to be mother in our family. It is easy to follow if learning about Pregnancy and Childbirth for the first time. You can read in small sections and learn what you need to learn quickly. It reads like a magazine with short articles that will keep a young mom's attention long enough to get the information. I was a young mom and I really loved it, regardless any mother at any age would appreciate this reference guide.
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on August 11, 2013
Like the informative section on fetal development but wish it had more about labor. Overall, it appears to be a good book for people who know very little about fetal development.
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on February 25, 2004
OK - so its called the Idiots Guide, but who knew they would literally write it for the simpleminded? But before I go on to detail my problems with this book, I will say, the sections where they go week by week, detailing whats happening with the developing baby are good - nice illustrations and lists of development milestones. The section telling you what to expect at the doctors is good.
However - the diet and nutrition section - uugh! Here's an interesting "fact" - if you can cut something in half, it counts as two portions" huh? Or "did you know you can buy measuring cups in kitchen stores" - no, really? Then they also resort to the usual scare tactics - telling you that babies have been born "addicted to caffiene" - "it's true" and basically come up with a "reason" for cutting out practically all drinks but water. There's lots more but I think I've made my point.
I really dislike books that treat pregnancy as an illness. While expectant mothers should be aware of the new restrictions they face, most healthy people need make only relatively minor modifications during pregnancy, and don't need the added stress of worrying if they feel like a diet soda on occasion.
For a more relaxed view, try Vicki Iovines book, the Girlfriends Guide.
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on February 3, 2004
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, unfortunately, is a poorly-written and edited book. Although the information contained within is crucial, the author's writing skills need work. The text is often confusing and occasionally misleading. Occasionally, statements in the main pragraphs are contradictory to the factoid windows peppered on the same page. Likewise, important information found in the factoids are often missing from the main text. Sentences are often repeated in the same paragraph. Grammar is poor - for example, 'You're' and 'Your' are often mis-used. Frustratingly, a large number of grammar errors seem to have been addressed too hastily by the editor, which just makes matters worse.
While the book contains a wealth of useful information, it is a chore to read. Pregnancy is an important and busy time - no point wasting any trying to decipher poorly-written paragraphs.
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on June 6, 2006
I realize that women are either more liberal or more strict during their pregnancies these days, however after only spending about 15 minutes with this book, I realized that it wasn't for me. Some of the advice given in this book is just bad if not blantly dangerous. As if giving women permission to do things like smoking and drinking indirectly. And obviously women will choose to do what they wish with their bodies, but if you're like me and try to take really good care of yourself by not practicing the above listed risky activities it's hard to take this book seriously at all.
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on October 21, 1999
If you can't be fortunate enough to have Dr. Gliksman as yourOB-GYN (as my wife did for both our son's births) this book is thenext best thing. We can tell you from first hand experience what an aside from being an outstanding clinician and top-notch OB-GYN, Dr. Gliksman is a warm, caring and extremely funny individual. Through 2 rough pregnancies that had some unexpected twists (a deep-vein thrombosis and a subsequent hospital stay) her presence, support, and experience (both as a physician and a mom herself) made it all much more bearable. If you can't see Dr. G in person (or even if you can) get this book to get a feel for what having her on your "team" is like!
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on May 9, 2002
This book tells you all - from insurance to first weeks of your baby.
I and my husband both are very happy with this book.
It provides summaries, key points etc. which makes it easier to get to the core of the issue/problem in mind.
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