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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

VINE VOICEon July 5, 2009
Who would think we would need a book about bullying and stopping bullies from antagonizing our kids? With bullies and mean girls in schools, playgrounds and neighborhoods everywhere, this book can help you with a bully or a child who is being bullied. With this book you will learn who the bullies are, who gets bullied, what happens to kids in these situations, and what teachers and parents can do to help bullies, their victims, what red flags to look for and steps they can take to stop it.
Learn how to help kids deal with being bullied, how to help them stop the bad behavior and prevent it from happening again. Read how to deal with a bully and nip the behavior in the bud. This book explains what causes a child to become a bully and how can you help them stop being a bully. Schools and staff can learn what specific steps they can take to curb this problem and help prevent it from happening over and over again. How long can a child be bullied before they snap?
This is an important book that covers every aspect of bullying, a desk manual for parents, teachers or anyone dealing with kids who are bullied or who are doing the bullying.
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on March 14, 2008
With chilling, real-world events introducing each chapter, "Bullies & Bullying" hits home in its telling of circumstances that surround bullies, those being bullied, and those that witness the bullying.
Margaret Kohut gets to the heart of what drives these victims of bullying to take such ruthless action and what parents, school teachers, and fellow students can do to spot such behavior and stop it before it goes too far. She also expertly explains the differences between harmless teasing and bullying, which is essential when trying to identify the severity of a child's actions. For those who think bullying still exists just on the school play yard or in the hallways, Kohut sites the different types of bullying that exist today, including cyber-bullying.
In addition, she lists the signs and symptoms of a bullied child as well as the warning signs to know if your child is the one doing the bullying. She addresses each situation with sensitivity but drives home the harsh reality of this topic by offering case studies that delve deeper into the personal side.
Ultimately, the book leads to a discussion of what necessary steps need to be taken to bully-proof children. While communication is key, she notes that it takes everyone's participation to help raise a child, and everyone's role plays a critical part in their development.
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on June 22, 2009
I found this book to be extremely informative and useful; not just for teachers and parents but for students as well. Well written and easy to follow; the author gives examples in each segment such as the difference between bullying and teasing, cyberbullying, and red flags to watch for.
There are specific situations given, such as bullying at school and bullies on the bus, as well as concrete solutions to each situation: what the parent or teacher should do and what the victims should say. This book also delves into adult stalking, gangs and hate crimes as forms of bullying and gives a "Safety Checklist" for the reader to easily assimilate the information into everyday practice.
A must have for every educator, and a great book for the parent of a bully or victim.
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on December 21, 2007
The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling and Stopping Bullies and Bullying: A Complete Guide for Teachers and Parents by Margaret R. Kohut, MSW, is a powerful examination of an issue that is impacting every school in the world and has profoundly been felt in cities like Littleton, Colorado and Blacksburg, Virginia. More importantly, the book acknowledges that when bullying of children does occur those people often ignore it that youth are supposed to depend on for protection - teachers, parents and authority figures. Yet, because a prevailing philosophy exists that bullying is a part of childhood these individuals have grown accustomed to looking the other way, which Kohurt examines in relation to numerous cases in which the students that were bullied eventually seek retaliation, causing all of society to ask "why?" This book is highly recommended reading for anyone that works with children and that is interested in altering a child's life so that there will be no more retaliatory acts against bullies and those that appear to support them. Kohur uses her professional experience to examine the law, case studies related to bullying, the affects of bullying on children (short and long term), as well as the teacher and parental role in addressing bullies and aiding children that are their victims.
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on November 28, 2007
It is time to take the blinders off and confront a problem that every school in America is struggling with. A must read for every parent and teacher, this complete guide is an eye opener. It reviews all aspects of the issue from the bullies themselves, their audience and the victim. When you are done reading this book, you will have a greater understanding of this nationwide problem.

Bullies are a fact of life in every school and I believe we would be hard pressed to find a person that did not experience bullying in one form or another; even if it was just witnessing it. As explained in more detail in this book, the consequences of bullying can be devastating and we as a society are paying the consequences; not only with school shootings and teenage suicides, but with bullies that have turned into adult criminals. Teenage bullying can also lead to workplace bullies in the future.

Witnesses to bullying behavior and bully victims suffer the consequences of the tormenter for the rest of their lives. As explained in this guide, bystanders and victims may develop self-esteem issues as they grow older. They never fully get over the effects of the bully.

When reading this book, it brought back the memories of my school days and made me understand what my kids may be going through today. Schools always preach about bringing the bullying activity out in the open, but this book explains why this is so important. It will also give you strategies to recognize if your child is suffering and explain how you can help them. Bullying has always been kept quit, it is time to shout about it through the rafters and shine a light on this problem. Share this guide with every parent and teacher; spread the word and increase everyone's understanding.
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on February 12, 2008
After reading Margaret Kohut's, The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying I feel awakened to a new wave of crime in the form of bullying. Its poignant excerpts serve as a reminder of how ignoring the danger that bully's pose all too often bring only tragedy and death to our doorstep. Inside its pages is a detailed explanation of how bullying occurs, what to look for, and how to prevent it. Having read this book I now feel better prepared to protect my own children, as well as how to stay vigilant against bullying of others children.
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on November 20, 2007
I am surprised not to see a single review on this book. I usually read such books in one or two days...
When I was a child, I changed four schools moving from city to city. I had never seen any bullying there, though there were lots of `cool' guys. As a teacher now, I see no signs of bullying in the school I work, and I am happy with that. But I know it's a social scourge and this book is a very nice try to look deep into the issue and try to find a way-out.
The book terrified me right from the beginning! It is written as a warning and keeps you attached to the problem! The book is full of CASE STUDIES, which provide lots of examples of how this or that case was handled, the aftermath and the lesson we all were taught. The author describes the methods parents and children can use to escape the burden of bullying. Making our children `bully-proof' is very necessary and only then we can start eradicating the bullying itself. Whether it is possible or not depends on us, the adults.
My zest for the book was immense. At first, I couldn't stop reading it, but then my only thought was to finish it as soon as I could! From chapter to chapter, I saddened more reading of neglect, indifference, and bystanders. One thought struck me most. Why so many bullied guys committed crimes, not just injuring but KILLING people?! Is it because this offence is so hard to tolerate? I guess so. Children's spirits are weak and not all of them become stronger with age. That's why the author thinks so much depends on teachers and parents, and I fully agree with her.
You know, I recall Forrest Gump's story... He was an idiot, he was bullied as well... But he survived! And the reasons for that were the phrases his beloved people would say: "Run, Forrest! Run!" and "Life is not a box of chocolates..."
As a final remark, I'd like to say that this book just has to be read, even at publics meetings, to raise people's awareness of a terrible incident/accident we all have to get rid of!
Perhaps, while you are reading this review, there's another case of bullying is happening in the neighborhood...
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on December 14, 2007
Bullying is on the rise in our nation's schools, yet little has been published about how to deal with it. That is, until now. "The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling and Stopping Bullies & Bullying" gives parents and teachers a tool to tackle the issue. In a no-nonsense and straightforward manner, the author identifies warning signs - "red flags" - of both the bully and the bullied. Included is a section for parents on solutions, such as how to create "bully-proof" kids and "bully-busting" in your home. For school administrators, a chapter is devoted to the law regarding bullying. And for everyone who is or may be affected by bullying, this book provides template "anti-bully pledges" in an appendix, as well as safety checklists - real musts for meeting this challenge in the real world.
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on January 25, 2008
This book posits that recent school shootings such as the incidents at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech University were partially caused by society's tolerance of bullying. This book is full of case studies about people who have been bullied and people who have bullied others. I found these case studies to be a thought-provoking method for presenting the book's argument. The author does a very good job defining the types of bullying and suggesting new solutions to this ago-old problem.
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