Customer Reviews: Computrace LoJack for Laptops: 3 Year Subscription
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on July 30, 2009
I am an IT consultant and in my life time have never come across and more disreputable company. I spent the money for 3 year protection, premium level. My laptop was stolen from an hotel in Florida, Feb. 09. Police report submitted with 2 hours of theft and reported to LoJack. I had to contact them 9x over the next 2 weeks with different paperwork, police reports, etc. One thing after another. After no luck finding the laptop after 30 days, they did not refund the $$, they extended it another 120 days. After the additional 3 months, they did not refund the $$. They wanted to extend it another 120 days. I contacted customer support and no refund will ever be coming. LoJac customer service rep: "The laptop is still trying to be located." and the ever famous, "we reserve the right to keep looking for the laptop." They never refund the money you spent even if the laptop is never recovered. After 6 months I realize the theives took my laptop, but I willing paid LoJact to take my $110. for absolutely nothing. Do NOT recommend. DO NOT BUY, EVER. Lojack For Laptops Premium - 3 Year
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on April 6, 2009
I recently had a laptop stolen December of 2008. I was ready for my peace of mind experience that supposedly came with the purchase of this software. The good news is they can track when the laptop is used unless the thief is smart enough to disable it. It will ping the lojack server when the laptop comes online. However, you need to keep in mind that LoJack is only going to request your local detective do something about it. You have to ask yourself, "If the police know the phone# that is calling in are they going to act on it?" Their thinking is, "Even if we do we cannot make a case on who exactly is using it so why put any effort forth." As a result, I had to really push to keep LoJack communicating with the detective and push the detective to look into it. There was very little will to follow through on either party. In addition, you have to fight to get your money-back gaurantee dollars. To this date I have received no money and no piece of mind.
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on July 10, 2010
After having a laptop stolen, here's the catch:

They will only honor their money back or service guarantees IF your computer calls their center within 60 days of being reported as stolen. However, once you report it stolen, they block your access to see if the computer is actually calling in or not.

If your computer does call in, then they're on the hook for a refund or replacement. If it doesn't ever call in, they don't have to pay. But, since they've blocked you from seeing the call-in logs after its reported stolen, you have to take their word for it.

I have no direct knowledge that they have withheld information to avoid paying claims, but the way it is set up provides every incentive for them to do exactly that and no way for you to verify what they're telling you.

Based on my experience, I'd say save your money.
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on March 7, 2010
I bought the three year contract for my son's Mac laptop, It was stolen at a New Year's party and so far there hasn't been much support from Absolute or the police. It looks like there no hope at getting the computer back and I suggest keeping your money and buying a good lock for the computer. As far as I can tell it doesn't work!

Good luck.
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on September 6, 2008
I wanted LoJack for my new Sager NP9262 notebook running Vista Ultimate. It wouldn't install. Customer support sent me a customized installation package, which worked okay.

After installing LoJack, I began to notice mysterious problems. My Sager would sometimes freeze in the BIOS during boot. After a 3 minute delay, it would then proceed and boot normally. Other times Vista would freeze during startup with a blank screen, and I would eventually have to force a power-off and reboot (which usually worked fine).

I had numerous contacts with LoJack's customer support. They did their best to be helpful, but could never determine the cause of my problems. I eventually gave up and returned LoJack. (Amazon accepted the return without any problems, which is why I always try to use them, even when other vendors may have a cheaper price!)

When I asked LoJack's customer support how to uninstall LoJack, they sent me a procedure, which I followed. Unfortunately, this seems to merely have disabled it, rather than uninstalled it. Its files (rpcnet.exe, rpcnet.dll, rpcnetp.exe and rpcnetp.dll) are still on my hard drive, and I still occasionally have these mysterious hangups.

Aside from these problems, LoJack did work as advertised. While it may work just fine for you, I advise caution with this product, as it may modify your BIOS, and it does not seem to be easily removed. I found lots of information on the web, but too late.
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on March 24, 2011
Lojack For Laptops came pre-loaded on my computer, so after my initial subscription expired I decided to renew, and was informed by them I would have to go through the entire process, including downloading the software again. After doing so, I was assured by them I was protected, and sent confirming e-mails, however the service failed to activate, and wouldn't recognize the account registration. Once they had my money suddenly the customer service literally became non-existant, and after 5 days and sending 4 requests to customer support, they have yet to provide the tech support they promised twice to send. I have threatened to go to my credit card company and dispute the charges, and that appears to be what I'll have to do. Now I'm faced with how to remove their software from my machine, and I've read numerous instances of that being very difficult to do. Worst customer service I've ever had....or should I say never had? DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT-THEY CLEARLY PUT THEIR RESOURCES INTO MARKETING AND NOT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!
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on November 13, 2011
We purchased a three-year Lo-Jack contract on a Mac Laptop. It was stolen in the third year. A report was filed with the city police department immediately, submitted to Lo-Jack / Absolute Customer service, and a confirmation with all relevant details was emailed from Absolute. We spoke often with the city police detective assigned to the case, who reported that, in his experience, this service has never proven helpful in recovering a stolen laptop. We contacted the website often and the status was always "in progress". Because recovery seemed hopeless, we had to purchase another laptop. It has been almost one year since the theft and Absolute is doing everything possible NOT to honor their commitment. They are requiring all sorts of documentation which had already been filed at the time of the theft. As far as we are concerned, the ads are all hype and no substance.
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on September 3, 2013
I purchased Lojack for Laptops for my Lenovo T520 running Windows 8. Immediately after installation I decided to test the service.

My first disappointment was that it geolocated my laptop to Glasgow, Scotland, which is over 300 miles from where I was sitting with the laptop. Even IP geolocation gets the right town. It's clear that their recovery service was never going to be useful.

My biggest disappointment, however, was when I decided to test the lock service. I sent a lock command to the laptop. After a period of waiting with nothing having happened, I sent it an unlock command. A few minutes later, my laptop rebooted and locked itself. I checked the website: it was definitely supposed to be locked. I waited a while, then sent it another lock command, and later still another unlock command. Still nothing. The lock screen presented did not present me the option of entering my PIN number. I was not able to unlock it manually, and it was clear the agent checkin process had failed. This was a Sunday, so Lojack customer services was shut.

On Monday I called customer services, only to be told I had uninstalled the agent, so nothing could be done. I argued that the agent was presenting me with a lock screen (not an Intel AT lock screen), so this was very clearly not the case. I ended up emailing them a picture. It was escalated. At the end of the day, after 2 calls to customer support, I received an email from tech support explaining that there's a hidden mechanism to unlock the screen with your PIN.

In 48 hours I demonstrated:

* The geolocation service is worthless
* The agent's connection to their servers is not robust
* The software is poorly designed
* Their customer service doesn't have even basic product information
* Their customer service may well not even be open when you need it

Their last opportunity to redeem a shred of respectability will be by honouring their 30 day money back guarantee. I don't hold out much hope.
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on December 13, 2013
Save your money and purchase a replacement warranty. My laptop was stolen from my hotel room and I contacted the Absolute Monitoring Center within 90 days and completed a police report with the local police department; however the company refused to uphold their marketing gimmick that states they will find your stolen laptop or pay you $1000. They informed me that they would not pay me $1000 because in the Service Agreement within Section B number 7 it states that the customer must submit a fully-completed Theft Report no later than 14 days after the Theft Date.

I offered to supply an affidavit of extenuating circumstances, but they refused the offer. The result is that a $3000 laptop was stolen from me and I willingly paid Absolute LoJack to take my money.
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on July 18, 2013
After my previous laptop was taken, I purchased a 3-year subscription to LoJack with my Macbook Pro. What a waste of money. The money-back guarantee issues are well documented in other reviews, so I'll emphasize my problem; the software doesn't stay active.
On three occasions in the last 6 months, the software stopped reporting back to the LoJack server. The service eventually sends you an email, but it is long after the software has stopped the signal. In other words, the software may not even be working when your computer is stolen, and the only way you'll know is if you are checking onto the LoJack website regularly.
When I called tech support, they send you some generic instructions that essentially involve uninstalling and installing the software. So... exactly how useful is tracing software if a thief can uninstall it in 2 minutes? When I asked this question to the tech support rep, they assured me the software was still running in the background and could be traced. Yeah, so that's why there is no record of the computer communicating to the server in the last 6 weeks, right? Give me a break.
Ultimately, I was left to my own devices to try to fix the software. Sure enough, a month later I received an email saying the computer was no longer communicating to the LoJack server. Software has absolutely no value if you need to keep reinstalling it, and it is evident that they are not interested in actually improving the product.
I agree with the other reviewers that this is a huge waste of money. There are many other better products on the market.
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