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on December 4, 2015
I am on my third one of these now. I really like the product, especially the ionic aspect. Since I started using one of these about 13 years ago my hair has never suffered from static, which used to happen frequently, so I can't say enough about that aspect of it. As some have mentioned, the heat level is not as high as you might expect for an 1875W dryer, but for thinner or shorter hair it dries very well. My wife has relatively long hair, though relatively thin/straight, and she has never complained about it taking too long to dry. I find the sound level to be quite acceptable, and much quieter than some other dryers I have had in the past.

Here's the rub, and it's a significant one... the fan blade is of very poor quality plastic. The reason I am on my third one is because the blades, after time, will begin to tear away from the center hub. When this happens you will hear a loud noise as the fan blades rubs against the plastic housing. Initially it will only happen occasionally, but will become more frequent and louder with time. I managed to coax about 10 years out of the first one by repairing the blades a couple of times, and wondered if it was just a fluke. Since I liked the performance and overall style, I took a chance on a replacement which only lasted about 2 years before it suffered the same fate.

This truly is a case of you get what you pay for. I'm just not sure if the higher priced hair dryers are any better for the money. Buy cheap, get cheap; however, spending more does not ensure quality. This could be a really good product, but it has an achilles heel.
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on November 13, 2015
I initial gave this great reviews. I liked the model because it moves a good amount of air, has adequate heat, and wasn't annoyingly loud. Conair has been selling hair dryers forever, and this specific model for a number of. I have to change my review because 2 have now failed due to the same mechanical weakness. I consider this a major design flaw in the unit, and even though it's a really great price, won't buy another. That's a shame since the unit otherwise worked well and at a nice price.

So what happens? The blades on the molded fan start to crack where they meet the hub. This results in the affected blade pulling away by distorting as spinning puts force on it. As the blade pulls away and distorts, it's spin diameter increases and it starts to hit/drag on the wind tunnel the blade resides in. Sometimes it just makes noise as it scrapes, plastic against plastic. More recently the motor starts to slow down due to the interference. I've considered trying to glue it to reinforce it, but don't have much hope that anything will stay in place with the forces applied while spinning. Plus, if not done consistently to all fins it will also create further imbalance potentially causing even more separation. I'll try to post a photo later but having 2 of this model fall apart in the same way tells me it's an inherent weakness that Conair should be aware of -- and should fix. My second unit failed in just over a year, and that's only using it probably less than 5 minutes a day.. 365 days in a year means it's failing after about 30 hours total use. Pretty poor. True, this is a low priced unit. Assembly is otherwise good (some clever means of holding it all together). If I'd paid over $100 I'd really be ticked off. It's difficult to find a customer service contact method on the Conair website, and even if they agreed to replace it, it would probably cost me half the cost of a new one to return it. As with so many things, this is disposable tech and ends up being more fodder for the landfill. Sad.
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on January 8, 2018
This is my favorite blow dryer but it comes with a caveat.....It's quite hit or miss how long lasting it is. The power begins to decline until it reaches a point where only Low Speed works even in High Speed mode. The Cool Shot keeps most of its power. But seriously, if I didn't like this blow dryer I wouldn't keep buying it. At 15 bucks, you're getting an awesome blow dryer. It will not burn your hair or blow it away as you're styling like others do, but it does have power on High Speed. I usually curl each section twice with a large round brush on the medium heat then curl it a 3rd time on cool shot for 6 seconds or longer. Your curl will be so smooth and shiny and set from the cool shot. Keep the filter pad clean (traps dust) and it'll last longer. I'd say they last a good year. I'm so happy to still find this, but have a feeling they've discontinue since I don't see it in the drug stores anymore. It's worth every penny and does a far better job than a 100 dollar blow dryer.
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VINE VOICEon January 29, 2017
I have owned this hair dryer for almost 2 years. Before that, I had the same Conair model (different color) that I had bought about 8 years prior. I just realized I need to leave a review about how awesome this thing is. It is relatively quiet for a hairdryer, and even though it seems like it isn't blowing very hard, it miraculously dries my hair in just a couple of minutes. (Bonus: my hair isn't all tangled after drying since it doesn't blow so hard on my fine, easily-tangled hair.) I have bought hairdryers that are 5x the price of this one that are heavier and take twice as long to dry my hair. I have had no issues so far with this one, and don't expect to for at least another couple of years (since my last one that was essentially the same lasted 8 years).
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on August 26, 2016
I bought this to replace my old Remington that finally died after many years. I tried it once and sent it back. I have long curly hair but I only dry it completely in the winter, bangs only in the summer. My old one had no problem doing a quick and great job, but not this thing. I don't think it could dry a crew-cut in less than 30 minutes. It does not blow very much air even on high. The heat settings were a joke. The hot setting was more like luke-warm and the lower heat setting gives nothing but cold air, no need for a cool shot button! I have ordered a new Remington and I'm sure it will last me for years.
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on February 13, 2015
I never spend more than this for a hairdryer, and I've had many different brands over the years at this price. So, there are always a mixture of pluses and minuses to them. My last $20 hairdryer was a Remington. Powerful at 1875 watts & lightweight & easy to hold because of the short barrel. I would have been very happy to replace it with another of the same, but wasn't finding one online. It lasted about 4 years, as all of them seem to have. This Conair is a little heavier due to being bigger. I'm glad I have extra long arms, or it would be cumbersome. I like the ionic benefits, and have had that feature before. I must have the hanging loop, so that's a big plus - it's hard to find. My only real complaint is that it's awkward to hold because of the power & heat buttons. Not only are they inside the handle under your fingers (which is common on most dryers), but they are butterfly switches that are WAY too soft. They teeter so easily that I'm constantly turning the dryer off/on or from high to low heat as I'm trying to use it. All other dryers I've had have a tighter "click" to the buttons, or they've been sliding buttons, so this doesn't happen.
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on May 6, 2014
I ordered this a few weeks ago... and am not really thrilled with the product. Part of it, is because I really, really liked my old hair-dryer, but it's slowly dying. This is the version that Conair recommended to replace the model that I have, which was discontinued for "marketing purposes". Whatever in the heck that means. This one is bigger and feels a lot more awkward in it's handling. It's supposed to be a "quiet" drier, but I don't feel it is so... I don't quite feel the need to break out earplugs when I use it, but it's close. Also, I have long hair and it's gotten caught in the back of the drier twice now. On that basis alone, I will probably be returning this product - or at least buying yet another drier in the hope that one will please me better.

07/08/14 - update. This hairdryer is the pits. It's finally quiet. Why, do you ask? Because it's sucked in my hair so many times, I'm sure it's clogged and that is making the dryer more quiet. This product does not dry your hair well either and takes twice as long as my old dryer. It also seems to have uneven temperatures. It'll run hot and then cool off, then get a bit warmer. I purchased this a few months ago and it's probably too late to return, so to Goodwill it will be going. Thankfully, my old dryer still works and I was able to find a replacement on eBay to hold me over for when it finally gives up the ghost. The old dryer that Conair discontinued for "marketing purposes" is a far superior product to this one - this one is for the birds.
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on December 1, 2016
I had a similar Conair model previously, which lasted more than 6+ years. I've been using this new dryer for about 2 months now, and its doing actually what I'm expecting. This is a good dryer at a good price.

Sept. 5, 2017: I'm updating my review and changing the 5 stars to 3 stars. The dryer worked great for 8 months. Then I noticed the dryer getting noisier and finally one day, I hear a pop or crack sound while using the dryer and it stopped working totally. Afterwards, I could hear a loose part rattling inside the dryer. I suspect a part of the mounting bracket that holds the dryer motor broke off and got jammed in the motor. There were a few other reviewers that reported similar issues previously, so I have to believe this is a designer flaw. Basically, this model of the dryer is good for about 8 to 9 months, and there a piece of plastic will break off and that's the end of the dryer.
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on January 12, 2017
I am on my third generation of this dryer. The diffuser that comes with it works perfectly for my coarse, thick, curly hair. And I especially like that it is quieter than my past hair dryers. Some have complained that it lacks power, but that has not been a problem for me.

Well, I'm taking a star off because it lasted exactly 9 months before conking out. Disappointing!
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on March 12, 2012
I went ahead and bought TWO of these through Amazon, because the model description had almost every feature I was looking for, and was at a great sale price (thanks Amazon). They both arrived quickly and in perfect working condition (thanks again Amazon). My wife is the more discriminating user, and has used this model for about a month, and the following review is mainly from her experience. She has long hair that's been permed for loose curls. Her hair is not thin nor thick, but average. She does color her hair, and uses good quality conditioners and leave-in treatments as needed. Here are her comments (compared to other hair dryers she has used):

** PRO'S
1. This dryer gets her hair dry quicker.
2. It leaves her hair softer.
3. It "may' leave her hair shinier, but she's not sure since she also uses conditioner and/or leave-in.
4. It is quieter (fan).
5. It has robust air movement (fan).
6. It comes with 2 accessories (concentrator, and diffuser).
7. She thought she would use the concentrator more, but the two built in air flow settings are so nice, she rarely needs to use either accessory (though they both work as intended to expand dryer functionality).
8. Visually, it looks very nice, and appears to be high quality workmanship.
9. It feels solid, not too heavy or too light in weight - it's shape/weight is comfortable to use.
10. Having separate controls for fan speed and heat is very handy, giving easier control while drying.
11. It has a perfectly positioned cool-shot button button that is easy to hold down. We recommend holding that button at the end of styling to lock in your style, but also to cool down the heating coils before shutting it off (which we believe may prolong the working life of the dryer).

** CON'S
1. This is a complaint that will not matter to everyone, but is a pet peeve of mine, and seems to apply to every hair dryer I look at. I may not be the only consumer looking for this feature, so manufacturers..listen up. This unit has a button to switch between Hot and Warm heat settings, and it also has a cool-shot button. My wish is for Hot/Warm/Cold switch settings (with or without a cool-shot button). Ie, I'd like the dryer to be able to blow cold air without having to hold down a cool-shot button. There are just times when it would be great to use the unit for tasks needing prolonged cool air blowing. Alternatively, perhaps having a cool-shot button that clicks on/off when pressed rather that being a hold-down button would also suffice.

2-15-14 Update: Been using this dryer daily for 2 years so far, and it still works like new. Good quality.
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