Customer Reviews: Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand, Original (RED)
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on May 30, 2010
I was anxious to try this curling iron after reading about it in a magazine. Couldn't find it in local retail/beauty supply stores so went to trusty Amazon and got it. (Now there are several of these on the market, but this was the first out.)

Spiral curls that start wider and taper to smaller, like an inverted triangle, are much more flattering than uniform ones, and this curler can create those.

I have fine, wavy/curly hair, chin length, and alternate between flat ironing and going 'natural'. I have used 'regular' curling irons with mixed success, because I like the spiral effect and more lift at the scalp, so I thought this cone shape would help accomplish a better look. It works best on me when my hair is not too clean (and has some product in it.) All I have to do is a few strategic sections, and my hair looks wonderful, and I get lots of compliments on it vs when I just 'let it go' and its more frizzy and helter skelter in appearance.

It has no clamp, nothing to hold the hair on the surface, you just take a piece of hair and twist it around the barrel, twisting down toward the narrower tip, hold for a few seconds. (It is best to have protective product in your hair).

It does heat up quite quickly, as advertised.

A minor negative is that the on/off button was placed in a poorly planned position on the wand, and the button is too sensitive, a mere touch and you have shut the thing off mid curl. I have done that several times.

It was fairly easy to master on my left side, as I am right handed; when I got to my right side, and have to 'twist' with my non dominant hand -- I am finding it really tricky. Forget about doing the back, that is just too hard. I suggest using a different method for the back, another curling iron or hot curlers, or whatever, if your hair is shorter particularly.

It did create a wonderful lift at the scalp and the nice spiral shaped curl I was looking for. I have burned myself twice (they now include a glove, always use it!).

Another thing that should have been included was a heatproof sleeve, like my Sedu flat iron has - but I guess they opted not to as I guess this is a lower priced mass market item.

Overall I recommend - provided a heatproof glove is used, if you are patient enough to handle the learning curve with using it on your non dominant side. Creates really pretty curls.

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VINE VOICEon September 17, 2010
Color: Original|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I think this curling iron is the best curling iron I have ever used! After reading some of the other reviews for this item, I have come to the conclusion that there ARE some cons with this curling iron, but I also think that your success in using it depends on your ability level.

The issue about your hair slipping on the curling iron:
A way to stop that from happening is to point the tip of the curling iron at an angle up to the ceiling and as you start wrapping your hair, turn the curling iron so that it is tight to your head, then wrap the hair. Even if your hair slips up the barrel a little, each piece of your hair doesn't have to be actually touching the iron, you can overlap the hair and it still really curls.
I noticed in the video posted by one reviewer, that she was lifting the hair but putting the curling iron on top of the hair and wrapping it backwards. This adds to your hair curling unnaturally. I think it also makes it harder for the hair to wrap around the curling iron (which would then cause it to slip more). If you hold your hair up and put the curling iron in front of your hair, (towards your ear, under the part you are curling and wrap that way around and down), I think it stays better this way.

Here is a walk through of what I did to have a great experience:
Before blow drying, use a texturizer. This will help make your hair a little more sticky as well as add a bit more volume. I use: Osis - Tex It Bodyfier Gel 8.81 oz.. You can also use a texturizer made for dry hair, check out your local drug store for those.
After blow drying, you'll want to heat the curling iron. I have thin hair, but I have a lot of it and my hair usually does not hold curls very well. I put the setting on the second to highest setting. I noticed right away that the curling iron heated up almost instantly. It got hot the second I turned it on. If you are in a hurry it is great that it heats up so fast, definitely a pro.
I have long hair and I only sectioned my hair in half (bottom and top)this divided my longer hair from my layers and bangs. I started on one side and worked to the other. After you wrap the hair section around the barrel (the correct way, see above) then you need to hold the last little piece of hair and pull it tight while you also turn the curling iron tight to your head. I held it in place for 20-30 seconds a section, depending on how much hair I was curling (more time for bigger sections)
When I started, the curls I was getting were complete spirals, I was a little worried at first because they were really tight and spiraly. After I did the whole bottom part of my head, I used a really good hairspray, the best hairspray I ever used in my life: Tri Aerogel (10.5 oz). It has amazing hold and volume but never gets sticky, it dries soft. It's amazing!
I sprayed the hairspray all over the really tight curls and then I went ahead and curled the top of my head. After I finished curling my whole head, I went and the sprayed the top of my head.

(While curling, I found that the curls had a great flexibility about them. If I messed up or if my hair got stuck to the curling iron handle, it was easy to unravel what I had just done and redo it. I feel that when I have used a curling iron with a clamp, it causes kinks and if I mess up I can't ever get my hair back to a place where I can fix it. This iron, with no clamp and only a barrel, works wonderfully and is very forgiving if you want to make a section have more tightness or just redo it).

Okay, after I hair sprayed all over, I gave it time to set. I ended up doing part of my makeup while my curls set really tight with that hairspray to help lock it in. Then after my hairspray (which dries soft!) set, I used a paddle brush or flat brush with large bristles to *gently brush out some of the curls. I left the underneath part pretty curly to keep a lot of body, but softened the top layers and bangs to give it more cohesiveness. Brush only a little at a time, it gives your hair these really nice waves but be careful! Only a little at a time! Make a couple brush strokes then stop, run your fingers through it, move it around and see what it looks like.
After I brushed it out in a way where I was pleased, I decided to add a little more body to my roots to lift my hair and make it even poofier. You can skip this step if you don't want big hair. I use a technique called "backcombing" (or teasing). You start by taking a section of hair, horizontally across the top of your head (from ear to ear) and lift it, spray hairspray on the roots, let it set, then use a teasing comb or paddle brush to backwards brush the hair towards your roots. Only do a little as not to make a mess of your hair. It gets kind of knotty. Then flip the hair over your head (against the way it naturally falls) so it is kind of in your face or hitting your eyes. Continue doing this 3-4 times. After you are done flip your head back. Use your fingers to position the hair how you want it. Brush out a little of the knots if you want a smoother look, and if you don't like it at all, you can continue brushing. This technique is great if you already have some layers, as it really defines it, but if you don't it makes it look like you have layers which is neat.
I ended up having huge volume with huge waves. I again set it with hairspray, crinkled my hair with my hands and moved it around to be really poofy. I ended up going and getting dressed for the day and yes, one more time set it with hairspray all over.

I posted some pictures of it really curly (before brushing) as well as after brushing it. I think if you follow these steps, you should be successful. With the hair slipping... it only did slip a couple times for me and I probably had about 12-14 sections so that's not too bad. I think it's about your technique and if you're afraid to burn yourself I could see how you wouldn't be holding the hair as tightly. I actually did not burn myself once, which is a miracle since I usually always do, :) If I felt like the hair was slipping, like I said earlier, just let it go and redo it. It does not make you have crazy kinks anywhere. Also, practice! Spend some time messing around and figuring out what works and what doesn't. If you have a good skill level with curling irons, I would not shy away from this one. If you are a beginner, I think you would still be fine.

Great price, great product. 5 stars!
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on July 18, 2010
I have medium/long straight hair, and I have tried to achieve curls (or at least waves) for YEARS with no luck. I can't seem to figure out hot rollers to save my life, and I always get weird kinks in my hair when I try using regular curling irons. Plus, that just gives me tight "Shirley Temple" curls which isn't really the look I want. Recently, my boyfriend suggested that I start wearing my hair curly, so I looked online for tips on how to get waves with a curling iron since I can't figure it out apparently. I found a suggestion that wrapping your hair around the barrel might work better, so I went to the store in search of a curling iron since I no longer owned one. Then I saw this one, and even though I am a broke college student, I impulsively decided to drop the 40 bucks on this since it appeared to be what I was looking for. I AM SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THIS. I get the prettiest, softest wavy hair with this curling iron. It's actually really easy to use, and the more I use it, the better I get at it. You could definitely get really cute tighter curls with this too, but I choose to use larger chunks to get a wavy look. I have seen people suggesting that you use a heat glove, but I'm fine without one. I suppose it would help if you want the curls to go all the way to the end of your hair, though. Another thing I like about this iron is that you start curling your hair closer to the scalp so you get a lot of volume. The curls let out a little throughout the day, but I think they look even better after they relax a bit. I would (and already have to several people) suggest this curling iron!!!
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on January 15, 2013
I tried both the regular You Curl and the XL size, so this review relates to both. Yeah, I'm wordy but I'm giving all the info I would have liked when I was deciding what to buy!

We all have different hair, so the same item won't work identically for each person. Me, I have fine hair (as a kid it was somewhat wavy, but now is fairly straight after blow drying) that curls fairly easily and also damages easily. Due to coloring, my hair is fragile so I've always avoided hair tools like this that apply direct heat. I always dry my below-shoulder length hair with a dryer, and curl the ends a bit with a hot air brush. But I really wanted beach waves, so I bought the smaller size Conair You Curl as my first attempt at this. I kept the heat on the lowest setting and only did about 5-8 seconds, but the curls were too small and tight. The wand tapers quite a bit at the bottom (1/4" perhaps??), so you really get a small curl down there and the hair does tend to slide down the wand, so no avoiding that. I wasn't totally happy with the effect as it was just too tight for my taste. I read reviews like crazy but in the end, the Conair seemed to have the most enthusiastic reviews, and frankly, I couldn't see anything to justify paying a hundred or more for pretty much the same technology with a fancy brand name price bump: Let's face it, there isn't much overly special about curling wand technology, the thing heats up. I think it might be the other features that determine what you like. Some of the more expensive wands seemed to lack good features that I liked on the Conair.

I decided a larger barrel might work better, but the question was how large to go. Since I liked the basic features of the Conair and they had a larger model, I ordered the XL on Sunday, and with Prime it arrived Tuesday. BINGO! The larger barrel size on the XL is just what I needed to get the effect I wanted. Perfect beach waves and I did my whole head in under 5 minutes. Since I'm not a fan of the tight curls, I'm not keeping the smaller one. Other people who like Taylor Swift type curls would like the smaller size.

Features I especially like and which are not necessarily on other brands:

1. One button to turn it on or off. Second button to click thru the four labeled heat settings, 310 to 400. I stuck to 310 due to my fine hair, it's plenty hot. I liked having temperature choices rather than just "on" and "off" as is the case with some wands. It heats up really quickly, which is great (under 30 seconds). I really don't get the complaints about accidentally turning this off or changing the heat, that has never happened to me. On the heat button, you don't press straight down, you press to one side (with a +) to move the heat upwards, and the other side (marked with a -) to reduce heat, so it would be hard to accidentally change the setting. You have to push the on/off button down enough that I don't think you would accidentally turn it off, either. It needs to be a deliberate action with the tip of your finger.

2. Ceramic wand surface: Seems fine, although I would actually doubt that any of the hype on "special coatings" for any of the brands means all that much. I suspect this type of "ceramic" surface (feels like Teflon) might be a bit better than the shiny metal that older curling irons had, but perhaps not, they all get dang hot, that's how you get the curl. The smaller size wand tapered quite a bit starting at the middle and was quite small at the tip, whereas the XL didn't taper so extremely, and from that standpoint I had less hair slippage with the XL The XL box stated that the wand size was 1-1/4" down to 3/4 inch. I don't know what the smaller one is, the box didn't give this info, but the tip in particular is much smaller on it. I found the XL much easier to use, actually, and it seemed somewhat quicker to use overall by a few minutes. When I was reading reviews of various brands, I noticed some went as large as 2", but from my experience with the XL, I know I wouldn't like one that large, I don't think I'd get the waves with it.

Final comment on size: I saw a major difference in the type of curl I got with the two wands, both in 5 to 8 seconds for my fine hair. Less time with the smaller wand didn't mean a looser beachy wave, it just didn't look all that good, it wasn't shaped very well. A bit more time made a tighter ringlet type curl (again, on my hair) if you want that and all the fullness that goes with it. I had to mess with my hair more afterwards, trying to loosen up the curls, and I really couldn't ever quite get the look I wanted (loose, flowing beachy type waves).

I felt I had more control with the 5 or 6 seconds I got I nice loose beach wave that looked right, and a bit more time gives more of a curl. So I feel I get the best of both possibilities with the XL. Overall, I want to get the look I want with the least possible time of hair around the hot wand. 5 seconds seems pretty good to me.

3. Ease of Use: Ladies, there's maybe a three or four time usage learning curve, that's it. I never even bothered with that mini-glove and I haven't burned myself. I've used the wands maybe 5 times now and it's easy as pie, you get the hang of it pretty quickly. I'll add that I'm pretty much a hair moron with very little experience doing special things with my hair, I've always been a dry and go type of girl. With this wand, you just need to be careful as you use it, watch your face and ears and finger tips, and that's it. I don't really see how you could use this wand with that silly glove on anyway. It gives a false security, and you don't need it.

The key to doing the waves is hold the wand with your left hand when you are doing your right side, and vice versa. You can hold it somewhat horizontal when wrapping it, then point it down, and this minimizes the slippage people complain about. If you try to wrap your hair with the wand in the vertical position, yes, hair slips down a bit too much, but mostly it doesn't matter. You figure out how to hold things and how tight to wrap your hair, it all becomes natural rather quickly. Don't totally wrap the end of your hair, you hold onto that while and after winding the strand of hair around the wand. Then release. Really, it's all quite easy to do. For my fine hair, smaller chunks of hair make a tighter curl/wave, and more hair makes it looser. You figure this all out quickly, what you like. Coarser hair might need higher heat or more time than I use. Also, I'll mention that after washing and conditioning, I apply a Tresemme split end remedy leave-in cream and a bit of something like Pearatin's Fortifyiing Repairative Serum (love this stuff!!), then blow dry, curl up ends a bit with my hot air brush (so the ends aren't straw like straight). THEN I use the curling wand. When done, I leave the waves alone for 5 to 10 minutes before messing with it.

It sounded like I needed a heat protectant spray to protect my hair if possible due to the heat of the barrel touching my hair, so I tried the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. It's great, doesn't gunk up the hair, and smells nice and not overpowering. With a light hand in the spraying of it, when you are done you can't even tell it's on the hair, no stickiness or stiffness at all, so I like it. I hope it protects well enough. I'm still trying to decide the best time to use this: on my wet hair after applying my Pearatin etc. but before blow drying, or whether to blow dry and then put it on before using the You Curl. Not sure yet on this.

4. Cord: plenty long enough, with a swivel feature that is nice. Regular plug, not one of those block things.

5. It seems to cool down fairly quickly, and has a little stand type thingy on the barrel handle so when you lay it down on a surface, the hot part isn't touching anything. (tip touches, but it doesn't get hot)

6. Five year warranty, but be sure to register with Conair.

7. Finally, price: Hands down Amazon has the BEST price I found anywhere. There may be sales here and there, but I looked all over and couldn't find the XL in any store. Lots of places had the smaller wand for nearly twice Amazon's price and in the usual pharmacies it ranged from ten to twenty bucks more than Amazon. The price differences are amazing, I was quite shocked. A few dollars I'd expect, but twice the price in a couple of places! Yikes! And some online places charged ten bucks more for the XL than the smaller size, whereas on Amazon there is only a one dollar difference!

Overall, excellent, and I'm quite happy with the XL. I really don't see how anything at a higher price point could be better.
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on February 23, 2013
This curling iron was perfect for giving me instant curls! I thought it wouldn't work with my super soft and straight hair. But I tested it and the curls can last up to 3 days! It is really amazing and it took like 10 seconds for it to heat up to 400 degrees. Also, if you forget to turn it off, it turns off on its own automatically, and it even comes with a feature that makes it prop up. I love it!
review image review image
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on October 9, 2015
Love this curling wand! I had such a hard time finding something that would and could curl my hair and now I did! Just be careful you don't burn your hands like me!
review image
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on September 26, 2016
I love this curling wand. It did take some time to get used to curling my hair with it, but once I figured it out, it is wonderful. It comes with a partial glove, which is really all you need, and it is very helpful. It has options for different temperatures, which is nice because I haven't seen many others with that option. My hair is thick and straight and needs the middle temperature setting, while my daughters hair is thick, coarse, and wavy and needs the highest temperature setting. It heats up quickly and maintains the temperature well. My only complaint is that the cord isn't very long, it works fine for my plug on my wall above my counter, but when I used it at the gym, the plug was near the floor and I had issues with it reaching. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and would purchase it again. Since my daughter loves it so much, I'm going to buy her her own for Christmas. I think it is a great value for the price!
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on May 5, 2016
I have extremely thin straight hair, which never holds a curl. EVER. I have had this wand for about 4 years and it's still going strong! It's still the only thing I use to curl my hair. My hair is very lifeless so whenever I need a boost this wand gives me such great volume. It works amazingly for any look I'm going for. Either the tight (Shirley Temple like) curls where I grab small pieces, or soft waves where I grab bigger sections at a time. The curls are always great.
Also to note, my hair never use to last with curls and when I use this wand it does ALWAYS! I usually try to make the curls as tight as the style will allow because I do have thin hair and they'll fall eventually but they don't fall completely where my hair is once again straight. Especially when I use a good hair spray (which is an entirely different issue). I always think about switching to a regular curling iron because of all the youtube videos I watch, but that's just because I'm a beauty product hoarder. I don't think I'll ever stop using this wand.
I see other reviews saying how you have to become to use to actually using the wand. I don't remember if it was tough for me but a good tip is to try to figure out the angles before you turn it on. That way you can familiarize yourself (and your arms) with how to use it. I also ALWAYS use it pointing down. I realize that's how I get the best curl, no matter what look I'm going for.
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on July 20, 2016
Ahhh!! I love this curling wand and get so many compliments on my hair when I use it. I have very fine, limp hair and this gives me the most wonderful oomph. Easy to use and it takes just minutes. I've slept on my curled hair and was able to tousle it the following morning and it still looks great. I bought it for a friend for her birthday and another friend bought it based on my rec and they both loved it!
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on June 19, 2011
Though the Conair You Curl has a bit of a learning curve, it is not that hard to operate at all. You simply have to put the wand in the opposite hand of the side you are trying to curl. For example, if you are trying to curl the left side of your head, I suggest holding the wand upside down in your right hand and using your left hand to wrap your hair around the barrel. If you want small, tight curls, use small sections of hair and tightly wind them around the barrel--for big, looser curls, use a larger section and don't wrap it as tightly. Once you use this iron a couple of times, it is easy to get used to. I'll admit that my hair was a big hot mess the first two or three times that I used it, so I don't recommend using this for your first time right before a major event. But practice makes perfect, and once you get adjusted to it, I promise that this will be your favorite styling tool. However, I did have to take off one star for the "heat glove" that is included because it only covers the thumb, the middle, and the pinkie finger. Even if the glove did fit properly, the material is very thin and not at all heat resistant. I was considering adding back the fifth star for the amusement that the glove provided me--but for $29.95, it really wasn't that funny. Unfortunately, you don't get to choose the color of your iron if ordering on Amazon, but I was pleasantly surprised to get one in a light pink chrome finish in honor of breast cancer awareness. But I would expect to get a red one, as all the irons in stores seem to be that color.
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