Customer Reviews: TripIt: Unsupported Version
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on December 5, 2011
It's nice to have auto-update for your car rentals, future flights, to have your confirmation numbers readily at hand, and quickly be able to get directions to the airport. But I really would expect "info on flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes" to be part of a paid app... but you have to upgrade to a yearly subscription ("pro") to get that. That's the kind of info that's key to have while travelling.
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on July 25, 2012
Just a warning to current tripit users. This apps service has changed with the latest (current and last) updates.
Found out the hard way after using tripit (website) to set up my latest trip that the app after updating to current version will no longer let users track flights from the app.
When using the app before, when going to the flight itinerary it would connect you automatically (through the web browser) to flightstats for flight status information. However, they've decided to stop providing this feature through the tripit app by itself. Users can no longer access flightstats through the tripit app.
This is extremely frustrating.
Now it will only offer text or email alerts if you pay for the tripit pro plan.
I understand they want to make money. But I have been using the phone app mainly for the convenience of getting flight info on the go. Now the app is useless. They charge for the (Pro version) app. And now pay for a web subscription too? And only for alerts.
Flight tracking can still be done conveniently from the website itself. It's just terrible that the app is now useless for that.
On the website, it's showing offers for the free flightstats app. But have to pay $1.99 for the tripit sync upgrade after the free app is installed. That might be fine. But considering the tripit policy change, I would worry that they will require a site subscription to keep up this function as well. Very poor customer planning. Reminds me of Netflix.
I have used tripit for a long time and found the service useful. Was grateful for the app for the same reason. But now it can't do anything more than I could do myself by importing my flight information into my calendar. And my calendar has an alarm.
So what good is the tripit app now. Not any real good that I can tell.
I'm planning on uninstalling the app and simply sticking with flightstats mobile for free through my mobile browser. If tripit is going to make it cost more (with no guarantee they won't come up with another fee in the future for something already paid for) then I will no longer use the service.
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on December 5, 2011
This app is very good at organizing flights into a simple itinerary. The reason it needs Google access is because it scans the email for itineraries automatically. If you get a ticket and send it to your Google address tripit will send you an email shortly after with your new trip.
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on December 5, 2011
First of all this thing is an ad-free app. That's where it ends though. The free functionality is useful. I was able to import my Itinerary for my trip to Atlanta into this. It picked up my Continental, Orbitz and Priceline information. Another reviewer stated I can do the same with Kayak. Gonna try that to and if I like that, I am gonna uninstall this application. I dont travel enough to pay $49 to this guy.

UPDATE: well, Kayak does in fact do the same thing. The only thing it had issues doing was my Milage-paid trip to ATL. I had to manually input that on my laptop. However, it was still preferable to this app, and my itinerary can be shared with my fiancee. So as promised, I uninstalled this app as well as revoked Tripit's access to my Google account (was never too keen on that anyway.)

If this developer wasn't such a money-hungry guy, I would have kept this app. But when there are others that can do the same for free (even if I have to do a little email forwarding), it's pretty much alright.

Seriously, even for free, it's just not worth the download. I'm even gonna downgrade the rating from 2 to 1 star. Get Kayak. Much better.
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on August 12, 2016
This"unsupported" version used to be the ad free version and is currently still being sold. Those who paid so they wouldn't have ads are now being forced to see them again. Not to mention that this app used to have many more"bells and whistles" that were previously taken away. Update after update continues to remove features.
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on December 5, 2011
I've used this several times, and even the free version is useful for aggregating multiple itineraries. For example, my last trip involved 3 rentals from 2 agencies, 4 flights over 2 airlines, and 3 different hotels. Tripit aggregated all of that into one simple list format, complete with confirmation numbers, gate numbers, addresses, etc.

As for the permissions complaints: It has contacts access because it lets you share your trips with contacts. This has been helpful as I can simply share my trip with people at my destinations, and they know when and where to look for me. Similarly when I am meeting a coworker for travel it gives both an idea of when each will be arriving, and how tired they might be.

The Google thing is so that you can sign in with a Google account, instead of creating a new account; it updates your password with Google, if you use the Google auth thing that comes into play, etc.

To people complaining about not getting all the cool, updating don't get something for nothing. If you want constantly-updated info, you won't get it with a one-time fee.

My complaint? It doesn't seem to be well tabletified (heh), which would be nice. instead of sliding open or taking full-screen, follow the GMail app design.
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on March 21, 2012
I first got tripit as the free app and figured it was another "make an agenda" type of an app... Wrong! You email your confirmation email to your tripit account and it automatically updates all your information. It puts all your flight information including booking number, ticket number, phone numbers of airline and who you booked with, seat numbers, and most valuable that code you need to type in at the kiosks in order to claim your tickets.
Now I personally set it up so it scans my email and uploads my plans automatically. A little much perhaps, but it also uploads all my dinner and other hotel reservations.
My only complaint, is that if you have it on auto scan, it may pick up the same trip 2 or more times because your booking sure sent you multiple emails.
Overall, this is a valuable tool, a great app and a must have for anyone who travels!
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on July 24, 2013
I used to travel a great deal and after I made my reservations, I would get a confirmation from the travel agency, hotel, rental company or airline. I would simply forward the email reservation confirmation to TripIt and nearly instantly it would be incorporated into my itinerary. My only down side is that it is no longer keeping track of my frequent flyer miles and other points. A very good app. I highly recommend it. If you only travel once or twice a year, not really worth buying but the free version would be good for you.
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on February 4, 2016
When it worked, it was great. But now I get a message when I try and use it on my Kindle saying 'It has not been updated to the latest compatibility or security standards'. So this app I paid for is worthless due to this nonsense. I have the same problem with several games so I'm not going to dock TripIt for what seems to be Amazon's weirdness.

For the app itself, you use the same account on your tablet/phone that you can use to sign onto their website, which is often easier to use to type in details. The changes you put into the website will be updated on your tablet/phone app. They also show on a map where all your destinations on your trip which is helpfull to tell if a place is close to where you're staying. If you sign up for it to scan your email for changes or additions, it will automatic update with the new info when it pertains to your trip. You can include others to alter or just see the scheduling if you're planning for a group trip. All in all, a handy app. When it works.
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on January 14, 2016
Crashes every time I open the app now, even after clearing data and uninstalling and reinstalling.
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