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on April 27, 2016
Tough to review this film. It is a love story at the bottom of it and definitely a "chick flick" in more ways than one. At a human level it portrays the complexities of our emotions and desires. A woman in what appears to be a loving relationship with another woman is offered an opportunity to become a prostitute to other women. There is a hint of her becoming simply morally corrupted, but there is enough thoughtfulness to not allow her to completely degenerate as a person. The story moves slowly never devolving into actual pornography but does include some rather graphic intimate scenes. It all turns out fine at the end as true love triumphs, in a mature and caring way. It may well serve as a guide to real adult emotions that can too easily become negative and ugly.
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on January 4, 2017
I was pulled in until the end. I thought this was a very adept profile of American life. I appreciated the characters' expressions and am disappointed in the people complaining about unsophisticated dialogue and lack of character development. It gave the movie room to think and breathe. It wasn't designed to be "West Wing"-style machine-gun conversation, and I liked it for that. Speaking of American life, I thought the entire premise of the movie was "the illusion of choice" (yeh, it was there, hidden). This is a pretty superficial existence. The poignant sequence of perfect, high-end artwork and furnishings on the walls while she's crying was the crux. We're in a damn cage socially, politically, economically, culturally...and if you're not careful, maritally. The sex was just sex; she wasn't looking for love. She was looking for freedom. Yes, the main character did a poor job of communicating needs to her spouse. And she was deceitful. That she tried to relieve her frustrations in other parts of her life with creative sex is an allure many hard-working but bored people experiment with. It's better to pair up with someone who is compatible that way, or not pair up at all. The worst, however, was the ending -- completely unacceptable and uninspiring. "Stay on your hamster wheel and shorten your focus to the little things" seemed to be the message. Maybe that's the disappointment we were meant to feel. But I think it could have been expressed some much more artfully like the rest of the film managed.
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on March 10, 2017
This is an edited update of my review below. (2nd review)For reasons unknown I've come back and watched this film again and again and again. Five times since my first review. I'm liking this film more and more. Perhaps I'm seeing myself in here, in Sam's role. (Maggie) Maybe my life has gotten this boring as well, and I need something new. I agree with everything I wrote before but now I really like the film. The situations are realistic in that they are a view of Robin's character's boring, going nowhere life. Therefore, the film can seem boring. Her everyday life is on a timetable of boring....exercise class now, spin class, yoga class, work from home, gather up the kids, boring stupid little parties with the same friends....
Abby / Eleanor decides to become an escort and meets the same type of women but all are looking for some sex, some excitement, some ANYTHING other than what they have been doing. But when 'Eleanor' get a new client, Sam Bennet, a casual acquaintance who she already thinks is cute, and straight, things change. Sam is also bored, and bi, and lonely. They hit it off and find they have much in common as lovers and the rich-wives-of-hard-working-spouses.
I keep thinking about this film, and the filming, and the acting. I finally get the film and I like it. It is not for everyone but try it once or twice. Nyms

(1st review) I really looked forward to getting this because I really like Maggie Siffs. First of all, after the opening credits, the movie fizzles, sputters a bit, and dies. The R rating should have been PG. I wasn't looking for porn but this is quite mellow. If anyone is looking for full frontal nudity of Maggie or Robin, it ain't gonna to be here. What WAS good was the filming is exquisite. Soft, almost old fashioned colour. Staging is great. There are some truly funny scenes in here. Everything in the film is most likely more true to life than most stories where everything goes along perfectly. I wish I could live in the area of NYC that they do...the old lofts and buildings are as I remember them from years ago. I may watch this film once more, since I bought it used for $9.95. I may like it more, or perhaps I'll just use it as a coaster. I don't think Maggie had a full screen time of more than twelve minutes or so. So, if you really like Maggie Sifts and her acting, you will like Sons of Anarchy because of seven seasons of her in a number of emotional scenes. And ...I'm jealous of her lovely dark natural lashes when she closes her eyes.... I'm very light blonde and even mascara doesn't help... Nyms
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on May 1, 2016
I found this movie rather sad. It told a great story, but it was very sad because it's relatable - there's a couple going through the exact same thing at this very moment... which is disheartening. It's disheartening to know there are so many people who were once so madly in love with one another, they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. Only to fall out of love later and attempt to fill the gap with the most meaningless base thing ever - random sex with strangers. Very sad. I gave it 4 stars because my personal feelings don't detract from the greatness of the film. It is still a very good movie.
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on May 13, 2016
It was different and interesting. Usually infidelity movies are made mostly based on male lives. It was refreshing to see a movie based on a females life and how she had mostly all she wanted but a dry love life. I liked everything accept the very end. I was like well,"I guess thats it." If possibly there was a different type of ending than I would have gave it a four star or even a five star. All of the actors get a five star from me. Loved the story line and acting, the ending was just dry like the main characters love life.
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on May 3, 2016
Very interesting take the actions of a bored wife. In the case, the wife has a wife and two kids. Pays for another woman, doesn't like her. Spends more money for another. Has a great experience. Goes into the business herself. Fun and interesting, and shows that lesbians in a marriage have many of the same problems as straight folk.
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on October 22, 2014
It seems to have been the goal of the writers to make an art film, which sometimes consists of "meaningful facial shots but lacking dialogue.” The dialogue in this film was not only sparse, but also very uncompelling (poor writing). The main drawback, to me, is that the film features very little realistic affection between the characters. The film has no "heart." It does not lead the viewer to invest in the characters. As another reviewer noted, there is virtually no character development. If I do not get to know this character, Abby, and she is as remote as a zombie, why do I care about her? I don't.

I like the premise of the film: an affluent married woman tries something very risky and out of her comfort zone, becoming a female call girl catering to female clients. But the fascinating plot developments which this scenario could potentially generate never come to fruition.

In Abby’s relationships with her clients, the audience is given hints that one client or another is helping Abby to gain some sort of self-insight, but this is given tepid effort by the writers. It is never really believable. The level of communication between the characters is reminiscent of Asperger’s (no offense to anyone). I liked the tad bit of tenderness in Abby’s relationship with the heavy girl ... probably the only thing I liked about the film.

I dislike how the children are in the background as seeming "plot decorations." Abby seems to have no real relationship with them. Both parents are so unengaged with the children that frankly I thought, “I don’t give a *&^% about your narcissistic journeys. Be with your kids or give them up.” Or take them out of the film because they have no meaning here.

One final note: For a film that contains so much sex, it is remarkably devoid of sultriness & passion.
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on May 4, 2016
i was having an amazing night and then i came home and my roommates started this movie and i immediately became so depressed i wanted to get very drunk and die
luckily it started loading at some point and my friends were asleep because it was so sad so i snuck away without making a scene
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on March 15, 2016
Nice production values and psychologically engaging, but not complete in character development. I did not dislike the movie. I just did not particularly care about the characters and what they were doing. Some elements, to me, also did not sound very plausible (like how The Girl was so successful in her sideline business). It was a good tonal piece, overall, but not a good story.
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on March 13, 2016
Pretty much what might be expected from a recent examination of a same-sex relationship. The characters deal with most of the same mundane problems all couples face, plus a few others that are unique to their situation. All-in-all, a fairly honest treatment of a subject that is too often soft-pedaled and glamorized unconvincingly. Well done and compelling.
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