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on March 24, 2015
Well, well, well---another piece to the puzzle as to what constitutes the United States of America!
Besides the curse of blood-stained hands from endless wars of aggression there is another sinister side to this country's quest for empire and world domination--the enslavement of countries and peoples through cleverly devised debt imposition--the same method our government uses on its own people. This debt imposition on foreign countries serves to enrich foreign rulers and US corporations while impoverishing the common people.
Perkins was one of the people--a cog in the wheel --that made it all possible and when his conscience finally got the better of him he wrote a book about it.
Students will not read about these economic hit men ion any American textbook. Nor will they, as adults, read about it in any periodical or hear about it on any newscast. Politicians will not tell them about it nor will their religious leaders. Yet there is this book by John Perkins describing the process in detail. But those in power--those responsible for this immoral conduct--will allow it to be published and made available to the public without fear of reprisal or consequences--just as they have the countless other books that have spoken truth to power detailing corruption, war-making and deceit by those in the highest offices. Why?? Because the average citizen in this country doesn't care one iota about anything that he perceives as not directly affecting the welfare of himself or his family. That plus the fact that very few people will ever hear of or read this book. People don't read any more--they are plugged into their machines of instant gratification and get the bulk of what they think is news from inane sources such as the Letterman show. Even if some do read it, they will soon forget and move on--continuing with their mundane lives completely oblivious to the world that is suffering and burning outside their doors.
And me?? I know the truth--but even those who know the truth, they are powerless. There is nothing that can be done to stop the insanity. It is like death---Death eventually smiles at us all and the best a man can do is smile back.
I give this book 5 Stars not because it was particularly well written but because it informs in a world desperately in need of being informed. Read it if you will but with the understanding and full knowledge that the truth shall not set you free.
"And There I Was" by DH Koester
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on November 23, 2014
The only reason I bought this book was for a Argumentative Writing class. This book did not teach me how to write a argumentative paper. It did however, open my eyes to a world I knew nothing about. I normally only read paranormal romance but this book I actually wanted to read and finish!

Even if what Perkin's says is the truth or a lie, it does open to some great debates. I never heard of the Panama Invasion in high school. After reading and doing a paper on it for my class I learned there are a lot of cover ups for what was really the plan. Thousands and thousands of innocent people died during the invasion. It was said they were going after one guy but a few days before Christmas thousands of people, men, women, and children were murdered. Some even had their hands tied behind there backs. Why, because they said they were going after a man who was dangerous. When in reality the U.S. was losing there grip on Panama and needed it back.

I always wondered why people around the world hated the U.S so much. This book is worth the read. If you want to educate yourself, I suggest you pick this book up and start reading.
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on January 19, 2015
The very way the book was written lead one to wonder after reading the whole thing, "Was this a true account from someone who actually experienced it OR was it well-written fiction designed to match the times and events that occurred in the periods and nations represented." The whole idea of being a hit man is to do your job and move on to the next one anonymously, leaving no traces, ideally with a different M.O. to the extent possible. Perkins seems to have done that ... IF he really did anything ... IF he actually existed. IF, IF, IF ... the book left me plagued with doubt which is the best job a hit man can do, The most heinous crime is most successful when the authorities cannot determine whether it was a crime or an accident. The economic hit man can plant a seed and be two continents and a year or two away when the fruits of his labors emerge in the intended (or unintended) results.

The book is definitely fascinating - a page turner. You have to decide whether it is real or fiction.
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on September 11, 2014
I am from Nicaragua and breathed and lived the consequences of the acts of these Economic Hit Men. We had a dictatorship put in place by the US, Inc.on my country for more than 40 years. 'Americorp" had the full access to our resources, one of them gold, we never saw the benefits of this gold. Americorp and the dictatorship kept us illiterate and very poor. We also lost many young lives fighting this dictatorship because it refused to give us the choice of electing who we wanted to lead us. It was until 1979 when the USA finally gave up supporting the dictatorship, not because of our lost of lives but because the dictator became an embarrassment to US, Inc. just like Noriega, Saddam, etc. Very true though is the fact that the opposition was mostly supported by the USSR and Cuba. Also very true is that the Sandinistas did not believe in property rights and believe everything belongs to the State. we went from Satan's arms to the Devil's bed. Sucks being a poor underdeveloped nation with vultures waiting to pounce around you and tear out your eyes. Love the American People, hate its foreign policy which they are mostly kept blinded by propaganda.
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on March 5, 2016
This is a powerful book which offers substantial evidence for fighting the corporatocracy in all countries. It has strongly molded my understanding of hostility toward American foreign policy from the viewpoint of developing countries. The depicted abuse of influence over the world bank to encourage developing nations to virtually take on US loans for use on projects with inflated economic projections was astonishing. The author bluntly admits that these loans are never meant to be repaid, as all parties involved know the economic projections accompanying these infrastructure loans are bogus. Instead, it is a tool supporting US political power in international negotiations.

The confusion came in the form of the author's insistence that corporations, left alone, are hurting foreign interests with or without government protection/assistance. He claims that corporations opening foreign factories and paying workers low wages hurts those people...that you'd think $1 a day is better than $0 a day, though in fact this is not the case. However, the author never supports this claim the way he supports other claims. While the support for corporatocracy hurting indigenous cultures was lucid and apparent, the damage done by corporations alone was not. This seems to highlight an internal struggle the author may have. On the one hand, he makes very clear that corporations' use of government to exploit other nations is a staggering problem, while on the other hand he seems to imply that government needs to be more involved with activities of corporations. See the contradiction here? Without further support, it's not clear that corporations, void of government partnership and subject to competitive market forces, are in any way unfavorable from either a production or consumption standpoint.
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on June 18, 2016
After reading this book, this work gave me a totally new perspective on the halcyon period of my life growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia in the early 1980's. My father was a Vice President in finance credit & lease lending for the once bank Manufacturers Hanover (later merged to Chemical bank and finally to Citibank to grow its monopoly on banking), where he lent money mostly to the oil companies to finance their exploitation of the island's oil resources. Once where I viewed the exclusive private school I went to JIS (its where President Obama also went to when he grew up in Jakarta), the exclusive expatriate suburb Pondak Indah and the expensive American club, I now see as places to exclude and get away from the native population and their culture albeit the American embassy did at times have the occasional presentation on Indonesian culture. Since I was very young, I had a very dissembled view on the Indonesian native population. I also lived like the author for six months in the Hilton Hotel (though he stayed at the Intercontinental) paid by Manny Hanny and had the most fun eating all the food you can eat, play all the tennis & bowling you can. I know now I see a different take on the servants we had and the driver we had to drive our family all around Jakarta. What was their life like and what was their families like that had to do to sustain our lifestyle?

Its the central theme in John Perkins book. The exploitation of the many as indentured workers to serve the very few special rich. Its an intertwined web of corporations, governments and NGOs (Perkins calls this web the Corportocracy) to produce non-sustainable debt in third world countries that they can never pay off to eventually give our Country's corporations eventual exploitation of their resources as an ersatz for payment of their debt.

Perkins cites many other third world countries besides Indonesia like Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela,..etc that America has used this method of entrapping and having influence over using the EHM method of debt piling a country's balance sheet. Its very intriguing to read about if the politician does not go along with this and is assassinated by jackals hired by the CIA to overthrow that leader and to install a puppet leader to be used by the United States. This is not a spy novel but this is all common knowledge and Perkins is great in assembling and bring together all the knowledge that is out there on American global manipulation and putting it together in this book.

Perkins makes a good point that all this debt riddling of countries will eventually come to an end when the US dollar no longer is the world's reserve currency. As this debt would eventually need to be called and repaid. I do think Perkins should have mentioned that not only does the USA debt burden foreign countries but the US debt burdens its own citizens domestically also. American savings loans, US bank bail outs, QE1-3,..etc have also enlarged out domestic debt. So not only doesn't the American government do not really care about foreigners living off in far off lands, it essentially doesn't care about its own citizens. Add that in with State and municipal governments with huge pensions and debts it cannot repay, America is on the verge of bankruptcy. So this corpotocracy system seeks to exploits its own citizens may show that end is very near. Only at the end does the government animal cannibalize its own population.

Perkins does not explain why the EHM model changed from his time in the early 1970's with a NSA liaison training him specifically to exploit countries by fudging economic statistics to the time in the early 1980's when NSA government help was no longer needed. The new fresh graduates were somehow automatically brainwashed in the money Perkins was making to just accept the fact that to make a lot of money this is how to play the game. I really don't find that plausible and Perkins doesn't really clearly explain this in a cogent fashion for me to accept his explanation.

In summary a sublime work on the nature of empire building by the USA corportocracy in the 20th & 21st centuries. Of course the USA will fall inevitably probably in the next 10-20 years and we will be watching the rise of China take over the hill as the big dog and Mr. Perkins thesis that the US dollar will lose its status as the world's reserve currency will come to fruition and the USA global empire will crumble. Read this book now before the USA corporate empire becomes a memory in books about empires like the British, Ottoman & the Roman.
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on October 15, 2013
Reading this book has made me see the negative impact that the western world and Globalization has and continues to have on the rest of the world. People and animals are starving to death and being murdered, our oceans are being depleted and polluted, our rain forests are being chopped down and burnt at alarming rates and the people and animals who rely on them for survival are being murdered if they get in the way. Anyone that stands up for the rights of their country and countrymen are snuffed out as warnings to anyone that dares to think of standing up against the raping of their countries natural resources. So many countries are being sucked in to selling off their utilities and natural resources to overseas corporate giants and the profits go with them. Every page is gripping but at the same time makes you feel sick to the core about the worlds future. Books and teachings similar to this should be compulsory in schools so that the younger generation dont have the wool pulled over their eyes like the ours.
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on April 22, 2017
I am only in the preface, and I can't help but feel as though I am stupid for reading it. Or trying to. This book doesn't hold my attention. It's like a guy in a bar that won't stop talking to you about how he used to be a spy.
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on April 6, 2017
Brilliant book. This has enabled me to make sense of so many suspicious events over the years. I recommend this to anyone who wants to know how the world works.
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on February 17, 2014
An inside look at how our government really works. Takes a strong stomach at times to digest what we have done to maintain our position in the world. You need to read the this book so that you understand our foreign policy better.
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