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on October 11, 2011
I recently converted to a standing desk from IKEA (the Fredrik) and I had been searching for a really small and lightweight treadmill that had handlebars that I could easily disassemble. When I saw this inexpensive and really compact option, I was hoping it would fit the bill - and it did! Not only that, but it was super easy to setup within 30 minutes once I received the shipment from Third Party Vendor, Golf Outlets of America (located in CA).

I've been using this treadmill for over 2 weeks now and I must say - for the price I paid - it's everything that I hoped for and more for my treadmill desk setup! It's very small and very light, so a petite woman such as myself can easily move it around (although most of the time, it's so compact that I just leave it under my desk as is). In order to remove the console from the handlebars, I just had to get handy with a screw driver. I opened the console, unlatched the wire (use a little Exacto knife to cut around the glue), slipped it out of the handlebar poles and attached it back to the console. As you can see from the picture I posted on Amazon, the setup looks quite minimal and not big and gaudy like other larger treadmill consoles - no handlebars to mess with either (no need to assemble them).

I've been walking while working on the computer about 3-6 hours a day, and I'm hoping to work up to a full 8 hours. You can start at a very small and manageable pace - 1.0mph, but I like to go as fast at 3.4mph when I'm surfing the Internet and doing non-work related tasks where my concentration doesn't have to be as focused.

The great thing about this treadmill is that similarly-sized setups cost anywhere from $820 (just for the treadmill) to $4000 (for the standing desk + treadmill). Why spend so much when you can easily make your own? Plus, compared to the TreadDesk, I like that this treadmill goes up to 10mph (as opposed to a max of 4mph).

The only downside to this treadmill is that it automatically stops after 30 minutes of activity. I've grown to like this "feature" though; that way, I can remind myself to take a break from walking and I could also tally up how many "30 minute sessions" I've done for the day.

So, if you're debating whether you should transition to a standing/treadmill desk, or if you're already shopping around for a suitable treadmill that is proven to work, don't hesitate to get this product!

SIDE NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: UPS delivered the box damaged with a gaping hole in it, and there was definitely some cosmetic damage to the treadmill. Golf Outlets of America was very pleasant to deal with - they were super quick to respond to my issue and offered to replace the product right away. However, I did not mind the cosmetic damage, and received a generous discount instead. Kudos to their customer service department! UPS however, always leaves much to be desired.
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on October 2, 2015
I just received my Confidence tread mill yesterday and used it probably six times already. As a 74 year old lady I took out the 3 year warranty for the affordable extra cost as it would be hard for me to package up and send out in the mail. My Fed Ex man brought it right into my living room for me. I live in a mobile home and needed something small. I did not expect to receive a "cadillac" model for the money so I was pleased with the quality for the affordable cost. Yes, the directions are sketchy, but in truth it's rather a "no-brainer" to install the three knobs and four screws that come with it. At first, I couldn't figure why there would be a knob on the side bar, but then I read another comment and realized it's there to lock in the bottom of the tread mill when you fold it up.

I have had not issues with the belt slipping as long as I keep an even step and don't try to get ahead of it. Perhaps jogging might induce belt slippage? I'm not sure as I just walk.

What I like best about my treadmill is the fact that it's a no-nonsense operator. All I wanted was the ability to walk without bells and whistles which only serve to confuse me.

I did find the handle bars a bit low, but I need them only for balance, so it's no big deal. I am 5' 4" tall if that gives you an idea. I wish the manufacturer had added an adjustable bar.

I found my Strong's Concordance to be just the right size to place under the back of my treadmill. (it is also Strong enough :)

I assumed the flat piece of flooring, that was included, was intended for underneath the tread mill, which you can see in one of the photos.

I am adding some photos that might help when installing the knobs and screws. I gave my review four stars instead of five, only because it's a no-nonsense, uncomplicated, easy install treadmill as opposed to a more expensive model.

I may post an update later should I encounter any potential problems. Otherwise, I am looking to use my treadmill for some years or the duration.
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on January 27, 2017
Product decent but WATCH OUT FOR SHOP 247 USA!!! (Reading through the rest of the reviews it looks like this is a common issue)

I started out loving this treadmill. I easily converted it for use into a standing treadmill desk, price was great and it worked almost daily for more than three years. The motor started to burn out and the deck wasn't moving as smoothly as before. After hundred and hundreds of miles walked, it was understandable and I decided to purchase a new one.

Unfortunately, there was a new (and only) vendor selling them now - SHOP 247 USA. The first model they sent me started smoking after two days. The company itself ignored my emails about the issue so Amazon got involved directly after hearing the specific problem. After hearing from Amazon, SHOP 247 USA sheepishly agreed to finally ship a replacement. After a delay, it arrived and began to exhibit the same burning plastic smell (along with a slowing motor) only a few months into use. I contacted SHOP 247 USA again and told them vapors from the replacement unit were making me feel ill. They ignored my emails until I dug their actual phone number out of the internet.

HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: SHOP 247 USA told me it didn't matter. They already replaced one unit and company policy forbids any other replacements. Their CSR said he wished he could help - that, of course, I shouldn't continue using a burning motor. But "SHOP 247 USA wasn't going to send me a brand new machine every year." I tried to explain I didn't want a brand new one - just one that didn't make my children feel nauseous.

He said my best move was to go buy another one from them on Amazon. Until this product is available from a company that stands behind what it sells (and considers a burning motor something they should replace), I'd highly recommend you find a similar product elsewhere.

...and make sure to see if a smoking product will be considered replaceable. That's not the case at SHOP 247 USA.
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on June 15, 2016
I'm not familiar with treadmills, so I am not going to commend on the instructions for assembly and for adjusting the belt. The equipment is solid and secure, but the instructions are poor--and out of date for the equipment, and the photos are black on black on grey with a white background. The notorious Ikea does a far better job. Since I have a white treadmill, and experience leading students through laboratory assignments....
1) unwrap the equipment carefully, on a flat surface. Make sure that you can read 'Confidence' on the motor cover, as that is the side which should be 'up' (this is not marked on the box).
2) lift the handrail (tubing) so that it is 90 degrees/perpendicular from the belt/base.
3) take the plastic-handled screw with the wide-but-short metal screw, and insert and secure this into the hole at the base of the handle where it meets the main frame of the base (see pictures 3, 4, and 5). Tighten it firmly but only hand tight--don't use a tool, as this will be what you loosen to fold the treadmill for stowing.
4) Go to the control panel, and look at it from the back. Re-position it until you can see the hole in the back lining up with the screw-hole underneath. Insert the plastic-handled screw with the short-and-narrow metal screw, and tighten it hand-tight. (it is NOT a hex screw, unlike what the instructions say) (see picture 9)
5) Align each the plastic toe caps with the 2 (not 1) screw holes, and insert and tighten the all-metal screws into position, using the T-shaped screwdriver. (you can also use your own hex or flat-head screwdriver, but the provided one works). (see pictures 10 and 11)
6) Screw the plastic handled screw with the long-and-narrow metal screw ('locking pin') into position about 1/2 way down on the left side of the hand rail. You will use this to hold the treadmill in the folded position. (pictures 6 and 7)

In the instructions for turning on the treadmill, they neglect to mention that there is a power switch now. This is located next to the entry of the power cord (see picture 8)

You will need to lubricate the surface between the running belt and the base of the treadmill. There is a small bottle of lube/oil included. Pierce the bottle tip (under the cap--although the cap may have come off) with a thin pin or needle. Then apply under the belt, and let the machine run to distribute the lube.

Also, to adjust the position of the running belt. You will need a hex-bolt adjuster--but the side handles of the 'screwdriver' are the right size for this. Go to the back ends of the side-rails on either side of the belt. You can loosen both to adjust, or loosen one and tighten the other, depending on what is needed. (pictures 1 and 2).
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on December 3, 2014
Works pretty well for the money. I have one in my home office. It is just narrow enough to fit behind my desk chair in a normal size bedroom without making me feel claustrophobic. Being narrow is a tradeoff though. As others have said, you have to mind your foot placement while using it because it's easy to drag your foot on the edge outside the belt. If your foot overlaps the belt, it can snag on the non-moving edge strip and throw you off balance. I like to use a tablet to look at websites while I'm using it, and it takes some practice to do it smoothly.
I have also found that the screws that adjust the belt tension (on both sides, in back) have to be adjusted very carefully to keep the belt from creeping towards the left or right as it runs. I moved it from one room to another, and was careful not to drop it or bump into anything. It still caused the belt to start creeping to the right. It cut a notch into the plastic trim piece on the back on that side. I had to adjust the tensioning screws to fix this, and it took five or six tries over the span of a few weeks to get it to stay centered.
As far as noise goes, it does not seem particularly loud but you won't have any trouble knowing when it's running. The controls on this unit are very minimal, it tells you how fast you are going but not much else. It claims to tell you how many calories you have burned, but the number is worthless. I recommend using an HRM if you're keeping track.
UPDATE: I made a treadmill desk for mine, using 3/4" MDF, a commercial keyboard tray, a swiveling monitor stand and some plumbing. Quite happy with it so far. I would like a slower walk setting than 0.6 MPH, but can use it while stopped (as a standing desk) too.
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on July 2, 2015
This is a awesome machine Actually use it for my beagle dog he just loves it and goes on it about 30 mins a day @3. speed . This is coz i have bad knees and cant take him for long walks but only short sniffing walks . he adores it Its soundless and easy to move around .
I had issue with the machine and was surprised that 724 shop sent me a new replacement even though they did not have to.
I thank these guys as i can see online that the parts(circuit board etc) for these treadmill are not avlible as yet
But if anyone has knowledge please do let me know for the future Thanks
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on January 29, 2015
Let me start off this review by saying that I am 6' 2" (188cm) tall and weigh about 190 lbs (86kg), so this review is written from the viewpoint of a tall person. I purchased this machine for a treadmill desk.

First off, if you are buying this treadmill for running, forget about it. Not only is the tread space too small to run on (your stride will be longer than the whole machine), but it really labors under my 190lbs of weight. I can't imagine trying to run on this thing. It slows down with every step as the motor tries to overcome the friction from the weight of my steps. Running would only exacerbate this situation into a non-functioning pile of melted metal and rubber. But, since I purchased this for a treadmill desk, I only plan on walking on it, at very slow speeds. For that, this thing is perfect.

The relatively short tread belt doesn't really matter much with a walking pace, except you must be perfectly centered on the thing, since my average gait is almost exactly the full length of the belt. The belt is also very narrow, so proper centering is a must. If you end up sliding off onto the roller at the end, woe unto you, since it will cause the belt to slide off center, but once you get a rhythm down, there's not much problem at all.

Out of the box, this treadmill's rollers were not properly adjusted and it required some adjustment of the two hex-head screws on the back of the machine to center the belt, so it would not continually slide off to the left or right while walking. This can be a real pain and is a lot of trial and error and minute adjustments. The unit came with no instructions, so it was all guesswork and internet reading.

To start off with, be sure you liberally apply all of the silicone that's included to the belt... it probably won't be enough, so I hope you bought extra. Once you are sufficiently lubed up, you can start walking on it and watch which way the belt slides and proceed with the long adjustment period to get it to be even and not slide. As a side note, be sure to buy the mat with this, as you'll have silicone all over your floor as you continue to use this and every time you re-lubricate the unit (which should be about every 30 - 40 hours of use).

As others have written, to convert this treadmill into a desk type treadmill (assuming you already have the desk), you need to remove the support bar and the control panel. To do this, it requires a socket wrench and a phillips screw driver.

Step 1: Unscrew the control panel from the handle bar.
Step 2: Unscrew the back from the control panel to expose the circuit board.
Step 3: Unscrew the cord retaining clip to let the wire move freely.
Step 4: Unscrew the circuit board and turn it over. Gently wiggle the wire connector until it separates from the socket.
Step 5: Pull the wire through the bar until it pops out of the bottom of the bar.
Step 6: Remove the two large bolts with your socket wrench and remove the support bar.
Step 7: Plug the control panel cord back into the circuit board.
Step 8: Put the wire back in the wire retaining clip and screw it down.
Step 9: Reassemble the circuit board to the housing, the back of the housing together and the bar cover to the housing.

You're done! Now you can set up your treadmill under your desk, plug it in (make sure the safety magnetic clip is on the yellow circle.) and hit the red power button. It will count down from 3 and start moving a 0.6 MPH. As others have noted, this unit will automatically shut off every 30 minutes. This is presumably to prevent the motor from overheating. Time will tell on that.

Over all, for the price of this unit and for the purpose I purchased it for, it is perfect. You can't beat a sub $200 treadmill that fits under the desk and is so lightweight that it's easy to move around. It's small and compact. It's a little hinky due to my weight, but since I only plan on walking on it, it's not a big deal. It was packaged well for cheap Chinese equipment and arrived quickly. It was easy to set up and works just as described. For it's intended purpose, I couldn't be happier and I think it's worth the money.


I compared the speed setting on this to my treadmill upstairs for running, which is set to MPH and the speeds are the same. So at least for the unit I received, the control panel is definitely in MPH, not KPH as others have suggested.
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on June 30, 2011
The product was ordered for my circumstance based upon space saving qualities.

Upon ordering, the product arrived w/in the week. The package was easy for me to manuever by myself, 57lbs in box-53 lbs out of box. It is around 4 feet tall and 4 feet long.

Assembly was SUPER easy. The treadmill was practically put together in the box. I had to insert a screw here and a knob there but no problems and it was assembled in a matter of minutes.

The treadmill's controls are very basic. No levels/intervals or incline adjustments. You have speed, calories, time, and distance icons on a central interface.

When actually using the treadmill, I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it runs. Compared to other treadmills I have owned, the speed on this one seems a little slower i.e. going 3.5 seems faster on other treadmills as compared to this one. To compensate for that all you have to do is speed it up. I have used it up to speeds of 4.7 for speed walking purposes and it runs great.

Here comes the wonderful part, when I am finished, I pick up the walking portion of the treadmill and snap a knob---instantly compacting the treadmill and getting it out of the way. It does have rollers to roll it around if needed.

All in all, it is a nice basic treadmill that I would recommend to those of us who have limited space.
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on January 6, 2015
This is the perfect little treadmill if you want something compact, easy to move, easy to set up. I was able to get this out of the box all by myself, literally pulling it up and out of the box (I am 5'3, weight 140 lbs). It was assembled in less than 15 minutes. I wanted a treadmill that I could walk on while I studied in school and this fit the bill perfectly. I was able to make a contraption to tie my ipad to the little monitor and watched my lectures while I walked. Not to mention, I bought the white one and it looks adorable in my girly room. :)

The ONLY thing I can complain about with this treadmill is that it isn't 100% smooth, but its not enough to make me give this less than 5 stars. This thing cost $200. Its not going to be as smooth as a treadmill at the gym that cost over 2 grand. It does a perfect job of giving me a workout, a comfortable walk, for a small price.
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on December 23, 2014
I bought this treadmill to exercise two dogs, a beagle and a german short-haired pointer. I thought it would work out better because I thought I read a short review from an owner of a German Shepard. Anyway, it is much shorter than I need/would have liked but I'm still happy with it.

Our dogs get a minimum of 3-4 miles a day with us outside but they are young and high energy and could use the extra energy release. Also, when it rains for a couple of days, we can really see a difference in their manners. For example, our cats that they usually leave alone (98% of the time) start looking like prey to chase.

The Pros:
1. Great price
2. Light enough for my 5'2" self to move around
3. Easy to store
4. Not too loud

The Cons:
1. Short belt is only good for walking dogs unless you have a small breed
2. The narrowness of the belt could be a problem for some dogs. They really have to keep a pretty straight path.

The beagle can walk comfortably. We have only had it a week so we have not moved up from slow walking (1.5 mph for both dogs) but it looks like he should be able to do a brisk walk. He would definitely not be able to do a jog comfortably/safely because there is not enough room to extend his gait much; he is taller than average.

My GSP, does not walk completely comfortably. She has to take shortened steps and really concentrate on the task or her back legs fall off.

Although the belt is short, I have decided to keep the treadmill for exercising the dogs because while they may not be able to jog on it, the extra effort it takes for my GSP to concentrate is enough of a brain workout, which she could definitely benefit from as much as walking faster.

if you have a dog <25 lbs, you should be able to use it up to jogging.
if you have a dog 25-40 lbs, you should be able to do a brisk walk.
if you have a dog 40-60 lbs or they have long legs, you can probably get a slower, concentrated walk.
Our GSP is 55 lbs with long legs, and her stride is actually too long for this treadmill.

Hope this review helps, there were not any real dog reviews when I ordered ours.
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