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on September 11, 2017
The interviews of Andrea Peron on Gaia with Regina Meredith are great, to get the true story behind the film. The film was not over horrorized except for casting Lily Taylor, who is frightening in any genre. They should have cast an actress to play the mother that had some charm, warmth, likeability and actually seemed like a loving mother. Lily Taylor made the difference between the horror scenes of the mother not seem too big of a leap.
Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson were great casting choices.
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on July 26, 2017
This film single handedly brought me back into the horror film genre. After so many disappointing attempts by Hollywood, they finally knocked it out of the park again. Not only is the story so eerie and pulse raising, the actors such as Vera Farmiga are so brilliant. This is great all around. Recommend it for everyone, especially those who don't watch horror films anymore.
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on September 4, 2016
One of the better horror movies. Wasn't too corny and knowing that it's a true story makes it much more creepier. It's a fun ride with surprise jump out of your seat, heart attack moments. Love whatever Vera Farmiga is in. Spoiler alert: kind of a corny way to cast the devil out of you though. Didn't ruin the movie, and I could brush it off and not mind it at all. Only reason a 4 and not a 5. Can't wait to see the 2nd Conjuring.
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on December 8, 2016
Great spook story, really scary...until the last fifteen minutes...then, either the director ran out off well scripted material, and had to just finish the movie, or they ran out of original ideas, or the whole thing ran out of money...doesn't really matter, because the result is the same...the whole thing went flatter than day old beer...which is too bad...really scary movie, but then every single hackneyed and worn out cliche is tied into the storyline in the last quarter hour, which left me about as flat as the aforementioned beer...momentum is such a tricky thing...
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on October 27, 2014
I'm not normally a fan of horror/thriller movies, but I watched this in preparation to go see Anabelle with a friend. This movie was actually done very well I thought. They have a very good base story line with a few other subplots that all get a decent amount of screen time such that everything fits together very well and none of the story threads feel like they're just left unfinished.

I will admit that this movie made me jump twice, and that is not easy to do. For me that means you have to give me a story that is interesting enough that I quit trying to pay attention to whats going on in favor of following the story and trying to put myself in the character's shoes. And as far as the "lets go down in the dark basement by ourselves with no light where we just heard a strange noise" scenarios go, (which are something that I really dislike in movies), this movie doesn't really have them. In fact, there is one moment early on in the movie that almost seems like a nod to this or poking fun at this where one of the characters starts to go into the dark basement by himself, goes down like two steps, then stops and ask for a box of matches. While not a whole lot better, this at least made me feel like the character was TRYING to think before he acted...
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on June 6, 2016
Good movie and I liked that it was based on a true story, that leads to more believability. It had many scary and intense parts. Overall a good movie with a good story line.
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on November 3, 2015
First off, I do not believe there is enough scientific evidence to prove the existence of demons and evil spirits capable of infiltrating homes and bodies to induce the blender to spontaneously make milk shakes or stimulate hall clocks to reset themselves to a particular time. So I view The Conjuring as a great story, inspired by and loosely based upon a real case study of a "haunted house" which Lorraine and Ed Warren investigated and eventually interpreted as demonic possession. (Their other famous case, the so-called Amityville Horror has been under much dispute and scrutiny since their original investigation, which may have been an elaborate hoax.)

Without having done any background research, I hypothesize much of the events as depicted in The Conjuring were exaggerated for dramatic affect. If you can put aside the idea that this is a "true" story, there is much to enjoy for supernatural horror film buffs. Carefully timed scenes make you jump from your chair, similar to "The Shining", which is something I haven't experienced in a horror film of this sort since "The Sixth Sense". Also, the film is not too "bloody" but relies more on its scare tactics.

The story is loosely based upon the real-life investigation by the Warren's of a house owned by an American family, the Perron's, in the early 1970's. The film begins with one of the Warren's other cases, the so-called Annabelle doll case, before cutting to one of their lectures on paranormal investigations at a university. The main story thread focuses on The Perron's, a married couple and their five daughters, who move into a house in the countryside in New England. Almost from the beginning, they experience some strange occurrences in their house. The first tip-off is an incident with their dog, who doesn't wish to enter the house. Then creaking doors, strange knockings, and glimpses of apparitions terrorize the family at night, which also fosters the somnambulism (i.e. sleepwalking) of one of the daughters.

When the house becomes nearly unlivable because of the nightly disruptions, the mother Carolyn Perron (Lilli Taylor in an absolutely convincing performance) tracks down the Warren's. They agree to investigate employing a combination of ESP on the part of Lorraine Warren and technological tools via cameras and tape recorders. As they continue to learn more about not only the recent history of the disturbances, they learn the history of the house which tells many secrets. In particular, two supernatural centers for the unrest are unused basement filled with antique furniture and an old tree near the creek slightly away from the house.

While I don't think the Conjuring should be taken seriously as a true-to-life story, it's a horror-fest roller coaster ride. The directing and camera work create the perfect balance of frights, suspense and horror to keep you watching to the next door creaking, relieved when the "thing" appears then vanishes. The supernatural malevolence is only gradually revealed, as it should be, until the final denouement. As a horror film, it works well and deserves a place alongside some of the other films of its type, such The Exorcist (still the best film in this genre), and Poltergeist. Simultaneously, is this really how the incidents unfolded in real life? I doubt it.
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on October 27, 2013
Dear The Conjuring,
You scared me. But I'm beginning to understand why... here's a list of everything you "sampled" into your movie:

An old scary Victorian house, a scary tree, a scary pond/lake, scary children in white nightgowns, scary children that sleepwalk, a scary basement, scary hidden spaces, scary antique furniture that moves on its own (like multiple rocking chairs that rock when no one is in them), doors that open and close on their own, clocks that stop at 3AM, a scary TV that comes on with static, a scary children's toy that plays creepy music and has a spinning mirror and a clown that pops up, a scary life-size doll that moves, a dead dog, birds that fly into windows and die, spirits that grab your feet when they aren't covered with a blanket, a steady-cam-scene, a scary girl-looking-under-her-bed-scene, a scary scene where the lights go out and all you have is matches, a scene where a team sets up their paranormal surveillance gear, a scary children's game involving clapping, murder-suicides, a priest, someone speaking Latin, multiple exorcisms, a noose, a creepy locket... yikes.

I could be mad you stole these things, or that you packed some many cliches into one movie, but you reminded me why they were scary in the first place. And for that I thank you.
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on January 11, 2014
A very good movie horror.Probably the best new movie with all the visual effects.And the music of the movie is perfectly synchronized with this kind of genre. And the actors played very well in special Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the roll of Ed and Lorraine Warren but also Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston in the roll of Carolyn and Roger Perron. This movie should be awarded with an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Patrick Wilson in my opinion.

And the director of the movie is also the one who directed Insidious,both chapters is also good at this job in this kind of genre. My vote for this movie is 10 out of 10 because i think that is a very good movie.
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on March 28, 2015
I watched this on my laptop with the lights on and it was till pretty damn scary. It was much more bloody then I thought it would be. I usually steer clear of demon possession flicks because it's such an overdone theme and it's hard to do them well but this one scored with good acting (especially Vera Farmiga), decent script, and a genuinely creepy atmosphere. I'd also add that the sound effects really took center stage in this film and made it as scary as it was. I do wish they'd do away with the "based on a true story" angle though; it's just become such a hokey gimmick. If you're a hardcore horror fan--which I am not-- The Conjuring should score at least an average rating. I can only handle a horror film once and awhile because I do scare easy. So from me, an above average rating. Now time for a comedy but nothing too juvenile because those are a dime a dozen. Anyone have any suggestions?
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